Issue - meetings


Meeting: 10/12/2008 - Equality and Diversity Forum (Item 79)


Information Bulletin


Oral presentation by the Project Manager.


Estimated time: 5 minutes


Sutton Carers


Summary by the Chief Executive of Sutton Carers Centre and CEN and Transitional LINk Representative for Carers of the work done by the Sutton Carers.


Estimated time: 20 minutes



Information Bulletin


Linda thanked everyone who had sent items for the last edition of the Bulletin and highlighted that it was hoped to be able to make this as interesting as possible.  Linda stated that the Bulletin could be used to spread good news, or letting people know what their groups were involved in or to advertise future events.


Linda asked if items or information for the next Bulletin, despatch date 23 January 2009, could be forwarded to her in the first instance by e-mail at or by post to the 2nd floor, Civic Offices, Sutton SM1 1EA.


Sutton Carers


Rachael MacLeod, Chief Executive of Sutton Carers’ Centre (SCC) circulated information and gave a presentation on the workings of the Sutton Carers centre and explained that speakers were invited to their bi-monthly meetings.  The centre is situated at Benhill House, 12-14 Benhill Avenue, Sutton which is the headquarters of SCC, the buildings also serves as a drop-in centre as well as providing meeting rooms for carers and their family, as well as for other organisations.


The formal mechanicisms for carers in the Borough is through the Carers Forum, comprising carers, those being cared and their family and friends.  Carers’ issues formally feed into the work of the Sutton Partnership through the Carers Partnership Board.


Rachael informed the Forum of some of the facts related to carers:-


  • In June 2008, a 10 year National Carers Strategy was launched to support carers and the cared.


  • Carers are significantly at risk of health inequality.


  • Carers are more at risk of slipping into povery.


  • It is believed that there are over 16,000 carers in Sutton, but only 3,000 are known to the Carers Centre.


  • The Carers Centre helps people who identify themselves as carers/cared by:-


  • Helping their health and wellbeing.


  • Providing support during the process of personalisation of care.


  • Providing support through an outreach worker.


  • Combating cultural stereotyping.


  • Taking a holistic/whole family approach to support.


  • Encouraging neighbourliness in the Borough, we are all going to be cared for at some time in our lives.


  • Working in schools to spread information and to support young carers, and


  • Maximising the self-care potential.


The next meeting of the Sutton Carers Centre’s Open Forum will be on the 19 December 2008.