Issue - meetings


Meeting: 10/12/2008 - Equality and Diversity Forum (Item 80)


Questions and answers session and presentation.


Estimated time: 10 minutes presentation, 10 minutes of questions and answers.


Mr Phil Butlin, Executive Head of Group Finance explained the process for this year’s budget consultation and explained some of the proposals for extra spending, i.e. waste disposal and areas for budget reductions.  Mr Butlin stated the proposals consulted on would result in an increase in council tax of 3.4%.


The consultation period ends on the 27 January 2009.  The Executive would take representations at their meeting on 13 January 2009.  The Executive would then consider the council tax and budget in February 2009 which would then go on to full Council on 1 March 2009 for approval.


Rachael MacLeod raised the issue of the principal savings proposals for 2009/10 especially with regard to “continue to manage contracts with external care providers to achieve efficiencies” and the Sutton Carers Centre.


Councillor Ruth Dombey advised that she should write to Adi Cooper, Director of Adult Social Services and Housing in the first instance to obtain further information, following which Rachael could submit a full letter to be considered as part of the consultation process.


Ms Fisaya Fadahunsi queried the support for youth clubs/organisations.  Mr Butlin advised that he would contact Ms Fadahunsi as to how funding could be obtained.


Resolved: (i) To thank Phil Butlin for presenting the report and responding to questions.


(ii) Completed feedback forms should be returned to Sutton Council by the 27 January 2009.