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st helier estate - box bathrooms

Meeting: 10/02/2009 - St. Helier, The Wrythe and Wandle Valley Local Committee (Item 108)

st helier estate - box bathrooms

Further to minute 1049/08 Andrew Chalk, Head of Project Delivery – Sutton Housing Partnership will be attending the meeting to explain the project and answer questions.


Indicative time 15 minutes



Further to Minute 1049/08 Andrew Chalk, Head of Project Delivery for Sutton Housing Partnership (SHP) gave a verbal presentation on the box bathroom project for the St Helier Estate.  In the 1960s timber box bathrooms were installed to houses built in the 1930s on the estate.  These were now in need of replacement due to years of irregular maintenance.  Over the last 15 years various methods have been tried with different pods and construction methods.  Initially the cost and disruption were too high and alternative construction methods have needed to be sought.  It was found that few organisations were willing to provide a pod bathroom specifically for the needs of the residents so a team had been set up to design, manufacture and install a further pilot unit.  Initial cost predictions for this new pod were favourable and lifting them into place did not appear to be a problem except for a handful of properties.


Resources have been allocated for 2009/10 to continue the project on a further 10 properties.  If this is successful the project will gradually accelerate to around 3 units per week from 2010/11 over a 5 year project.


In response to questions from residents Andrew Chalk explained that the priority of SHP was with its tenants and homeowners needing a new bathroom would need to take this up directly with contractors and estimated the cost to be around £18K-£20K.  He also confirmed that there were no plans to install toilet facilities or hand basins upstairs. 


Councillor Colin Stears stated that he was also the executive Member for Housing, and as such would need to take legal advice on the specific questions regarding homeowners and the council’s policy for contractual arrangements with homeowners.


Resolved: (i) To thank Andrew Chalk for attending and giving his report.


(ii) To note that Councillor Colin Stears would take legal advice on policies regarding contractual arrangements with homeowners.