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Meeting: 18/11/2010 - Sutton South, Cheam and Belmont Local Committee (Item 910)



St. Dunstan’s Primary School had been invited to nominate a few pupils to give their views on issues affecting young people in the local area.  Angus Ford, Annabelle Couchman, Kit Ames, Abigail Fraser, Ben Porter and Maddie Biggs submitted the following points and questions:


  • The speed humps in Chatsworth Road, near Cheam High School, have the knock-on effect of many drivers using Stoughton Avenue.  This road does not have speed humps and is on a hill; drivers sometime speed and/or use it when Malden Road has heavy traffic. Could traffic calming measures be implemented in Stoughton Avenue?


  • Scotsdale Close – the alleyway (public right of way no. 18) between here and Station Way has become very untidy over the years.  It is poorly lit, there are some overgrown bushes and a wooden /wire boundary fence is damaged – dangerous to wildlife and people. 


  • It is good that there are many successful businesses in Cheam but there should be a limit on the number of cafes and take-away outlets, and promotion of healthy eating with more salad bars.  Could we encourage greater diversity and more businesses to the Village?


  • More frequent collections from recycling bins in Cheam car park [Kingsway].  Also provide more bins including dog waste bins/ pick-up signs in parks with heavier penalties for those who do not clear up after their dogs.


  • More Police in Cheam – although we did notice more Police in the park over the summer, which was good.


  • Most St. Dunstan’s pupils walk to school and have noticed problems with the traffic signals in Cheam Village.  Outside Dragonfly the green man light comes on but there is no bleeping sound.  Also the wait light at the signal crossing outside John Ford does not come on. 


  • Have food deliveries to supermarkets during school time so that the heavy lorries are not around during school drop-off and pick-up times.  Also the traffic lights near St. Dunstan’s could be on pedestrian phase for slightly longer given the large number of children and parents who use it.  Stop people in the Village crossing the junction diagonally as this sets a bad example to school children.


  • Welcome re-painting of the underpass within Cheam Railway Station (this has covered over much graffiti) and CCTV.  Other areas have been covered by graffiti such as St. Helier skateboard ramp and Sutton Cinema – one solution is art boards allowing people to show off their artistic skills.  This could be located in a park/open space.


  • Cheam Park – we like the new play equipment, football goals and the café.  Skateboarding in Sutton High Street / library area has become a problem – could there be an area for skateboarding/BMX/roller-skating in Cheam Park?  Also more benches are needed.


  • Cuddington Way is a very good area for wildlife and dog-walkers/ residents.  Unfortunately people misuse it, e.g. start fires.  The vehicle exit from Cheam car park directly opposite our school entrance is in constant use.  Could the flow be  ...  view the full minutes text for item 910