Issue - meetings


Meeting: 09/06/2016 - Sutton South, Cheam and Belmont Local Committee (Item 4)

Update from the Safer Neighbourhood Team


Police Sergeant Anna Smith provided the Committee with a verbal update on current issues, successes and activities within the area. This update included:


·         A slight spike in burglaries within the area in recent months, however the team had put measures in place, and had leafleted the area, which has lead to a decrease. PS Anna Smith reminded the committee to keep an eye on their own properties and their neighbours, and that it is always better to check if you are concerned. It was noted that the crime is still comparatively lower than neighbouring wards and boroughs.

·         The police reminded those present to lock their vehicles, and to keep valuables such as sat navs and coinage hidden from view or removed from the vehicle to prevent thefts from motor vehicles.

·         There is currently lots of building work going on in the area, and builders and residents are reminded to not leave tools and deliveries unattended.

·         There have been Crime Prevention Days taking place in Belmont, and there are more to come, as well as police visiting schools to speak to year 5 and 6 children.

·         School parking is being looked at across the borough, and officers are visiting sites and moving on vehicles who are parked incorrectly or inconsiderately. The police are continuing to look at ways to resolve this borough-wide issue.


Keith Percy, Highfields Residents’ Association, asked if there is any data showing the number of burglaries at properties with and without burglar alarms. PS Anna Smith answered that she would check if this data was available, as it was dependent on whether residents detailed this when they reported the crime. It was noted that there is a slight delay to the contact from the alarm reaching the police, but that they do act as a visual deterrent.

It was asked if there was anything that could be done regarding a car for sale outside Avenue School which had not moved for several weeks. PS Smith advised they would check the insurance details for the vehicle.

A question was raised in regards to the traffic implications for the proposed new Sutton school. As this proposal is not definite it is not possible to comment as yet.

Councillor Burstow raised a number of issues in Nonsuch Park Gardens and presented photos to the police of the incidents. PS Smith advised that this area comes under the remit of Surrey Council and they will ensure they have the information passed on to them.