Issue - meetings

Declarations of Interest

Meeting: 13/07/2015 - Council (Item 12)

Declarations of Interest

Councillors to declare any personal or prejudicial interests that they have on matters to be discussed at this evening’s Council meeting.


Councillor Hamish Pollock declared a non pecuniary interest in item 4b) Questions from Councillors in relation to question 4 and item 6b) motion 2 One Planet Sutton as he was related to the Director of Bioregional who created the One Planet Sutton concept. Cllr Pollock stated that although not required to he would leave the room for these items.


The Chief Executive declared that in relation to item 6f) Local Authorities (Standing Orders) (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2015, the three statutory officers of the Council had an interest and so himself, the Strategic Director of Resources and the Monitoring Officer would leave the meeting for the duration of the item.