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The Growth Agenda: London, the South London Partnership and the London Borough of Sutton

Meeting: 11/04/2016 - Strategy and Resources Committee (Item 65)

65 The Growth Agenda: London, the South London Partnership and the London Borough of Sutton pdf icon PDF 167 KB

The aim of this report is to give members an update on our work as members of the South London Partnership (SLP); alert them to current and proposed streams of work; to note the overall direction of the devolution agenda in South London; and to agree our continued approach to working within the SLP and how we might prioritise it across the council. In addition, the recent peer challenge review of the council conducted by the Local Government Association (LGA) suggested that the council needed to foster a greater understanding of sub-regional arrangements and priorities amongst members, and this paper aims to rectify that.


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The committee considered a report updating on the work so far in relation to the South London Partnership (SLP) and seeking approval for the Council’s continued approach. Members discussed how member oversight of the SLP would be effective and how this would fit with the Council’s current committee structure. Officers highlighted recommendation 2.5 which sough authority to review what change would be required to pursue the devolution agenda.




1.    That members endorse the current and proposed streams of work undertaken by the SLP.


2.    That the council continues to investigate the possibilities raised by sub-regional working - in particular, the ability to unlock money and explore deepening partnerships with public sector (and other) bodies.


3.    That the council undertakes a review of scrutiny committee responsibilities to ensure that members can better oversee and scrutinise the work of the SLP.


4.    That, working with the SLP, the council reviews the sub-region’s working with the relevant Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) and proposes a strategy that optimises future collaboration between the council and the business community.


5.    That members authorise officers to review the institutional changes that may be needed to better equip the council to pursue this agenda and to bring back proposals as appropriate: e.g. reconfiguration of committees and internal officer structures; extended opportunities for members to engage in the sub-regional agenda; extended delegated authority to senior officers on partnership bodies; extended remit for the corporate core to coordinate and drive the council's corporate priorities; greater emphasis on place-based outcomes across the full remit of council and other partner responsibilities; reconfiguration of the existing Corporate Plan.