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Introducing the Review of the Cumulative Impact Policy

Meeting: 03/10/2016 - Licensing Committee (Item 6)

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This report seeks to introduce to members a review of the special policy on cumulative impact contained within the Licensing Authority’s Statement of Licensing Policy under the Licensing Act 2003.

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David Kingstone presented a report to recommend the introduction of a review of Sutton’s Cumulative Impact Policy. Councillor Mary Burstow reminded the committee of the Public Health agenda to discourage binge drinking. Councillor Jean Crossby proposed that the details of the review could be better discussed as part of a working group [post-meeting note: a meeting open to all Councillors will be arranged with Officers in order to outline the desired outcomes of the review]


Councillor Samantha Bourne was concerned that the Police had not been involved in recent licensing matters and wished for them to attend to advise on the policy review. Councillors raised the matter of enforcement by the Police where the current Cumulative Impact Policy resulted in granted licenses subject to a lot of conditions. David Kingstone confirmed that the review would allow Councillors to be more specific about certain aspects of concern. Councillors discussed the desire for more up-market licensed establishments such as craft wine shops and micro-brewery bars, and to avoid exhaustive availability of low-cost alcohol sold for consumption off the premises. This was in line with other policy areas, and the Sutton Town Centre Masterplan. Councillors agreed that it would be beneficial to work with the Planning Committee, as conditions implemented on planning applications would cover concerns linked to licensing.


RESOLVED that the Licensing Committee:


1.    Agreed to the review of the current special policy on cumulative impact; and

2.    Agreed to form a group for a detailed discussion on the scope of the review.