Issue - meetings

ANY URGENT BUSINESS, including that of members, brought forward at the direction of the Chair, who has approved the reason for the urgency.

Meeting: 19/03/2018 - Licensing Committee (Item 22)


brought forward at the direction of the Chair, who has approved the reason for the urgency.


An urgent verbal update by was given by David Kingstone, Licensing and Environmental Compliance Team Leader on l the Cumulative Impact Policy.


It was highlighted that:

  • The Licensing Policy requires the Cumulative Impact Policy to be reviewed in March 2018 and therefore this update was required to be taken under urgent business
  • Due to the upcoming elections the committee is now unable to review the policy
  • Officers therefore suggested to the chair to delay the review until June which will include the Cumulative Impact Zones, so only one round of consultation is required
  • Officers will prepare a draft policy to be presented to the committee in June.


Nick Cloke, Lead Licensing Officer, provided an update on the upcoming amendment to Animal Welfare Legislation due in October 2018. The amendment will include major changes covering pet shops, boarding and breeding establishments and riding centres.


Members discussed the option of developing a Council Animal Welfare Charter, which could include issues outside of the remit of the Licensing Committee.


Members asked about the regulation of live animals at events. The Licensing and Environmental Compliance Team Leader informed the committee that hire agreements of spaces include regulations relating to animal welfare which must be followed. The Licensing Team ensure that animal welfare checks are completed if they receive information via the events management process. Concerns relating to animal welfare at events should be raised with the Licensing Team.


Councillor Whitham proposed a vote of thanks to the Chair for her attention to detail and the able way she has chaired the Licensing Committee during this term. This was seconded by Councillor Court .


Members asked if there would be any additional issues for Licensing during the Football World Cup, The Lead Licensing Officer informed the committee that the Licensing Team will be in touch with establishments via the Pub Watch scheme.