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Q3 Performance and Finance Report

Meeting: 11/02/2019 - Strategy and Resources Committee (Item 41)

41 Quarter 3 Performance and Finance Report pdf icon PDF 397 KB

This report provides an overview of the Council’s performance and finance during April - December 2018 as reported through the new Corporate Plan and financial monitoring arrangements. The projected revenue outturn position for General Fund services is for a £1.1m net overspend representing 0.8% of the approved budget. The report also sets out the financial position on capital spending.

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The Assistant Director - Customers, Commissioning and Governance and The Assistant Director - Shared Finance Service introduced the report.


Members commented on the improved performance, particularly within the People Directorate in responding to complaints within deadline. Members also asked what the difference was in who deals with stage 1 and stage 2 complaints, which officers clarified.


Members asked about the figures reported on domestic violence offences in terms of levels reported and what percentage of cases were repeat incidents. Officers clarified that data only meant that targets wouldn’t be set but information was logged for monitoring. In terms of repeat victimisation reports, this currently affected approximately 20% of victims.


Members questioned the impact of rephasing of capital budgets following delays to Ludlow Lodge, Richmond Green and for the New Hackbridge Primary School. In regards to Ludlow Lodge and Richmond Green the Interim Chief Executive committed to providing further information to members. In terms of the New Hackbridge Primary School Officers explained that the impact of notice of termination of the contract was not fully known at this point, but a new contractor has been appointed to assess the level of work still to be carried out and will work with the existing sub-contractors progress this.


In addition Members discussed the arrangements for the Better Care Fund and how services can be effectively commissioned with partners jointly to maximise public service budgets and the impact of funding from central government on fixing potholes.




1.    That the indicators for Strategy and Resources as provided in Pentana (Appendix A) be confirmed.


2.    That the projected revenue outturn position be noted.


3.    That the one-off use of reserves to fund the estimated costs of unlawful traveller encampments at £0.150m for 2018/19 be agreed.


4.    That the projected capital position be noted.


5.    That the capital programme adjustments shown under Appendix B be agreed.


6.    That the list of capital schemes approved through delegated authority for month 7 and 8 since quarter 2 shown under Appendix C be noted.