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Meeting: 16/01/2020 - People Committee (Item 28)

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Ambitious for Sutton sets out our vision to make Sutton a great place to live, work and raise a family. There are a range of priorities which cover keeping residents safe, healthy and resilient and investing in young people. A key part of this ambition is that children and young people in Sutton will have the right opportunities to be educated and to thrive in their local area.


Indicative timing: 10 minutes


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Sam Barker, Interim Assistant Director, Customers, Commissioning and Governance presented the report and reported that the lessons learned listed in appendix A are being acted on and updated.


Members clarified that KPIs are a part of the contract arrangements, and that as commissioners the Council would work with providers if issues arose.


Members asked about communications with parents, it was confirmed communication was via secure email and hard copy. Ongoing work with schools continues to ensure that parents are aware of the communication systems in place.


Members noted that communications with service users’ parents was a key issue.


The Interim Assistant Director, Customers, Commissioning and Governance explained that robust contract management arrangements were in place as part of this contract and that key performance indicators could be included in the cycle performance data reported to this committee. It was noted that data about the effectiveness of the DPS could be provided to members of the Committee and this would include information such as the numbers of providers being used and passenger transport spend. The reported transport passport scheme was noted to be in the pilot phase which remained under review.


The interim Assistant Director, Customers, Commissioning and Governance would provide an update members to the committee following the further roll out of the system at a later date. 




1 that the benefits delivered from the re-procurement of Assisted Transport be noted.


2. that the Assisted Transport lessons learnt review completed in early November be noted and the action plan at appendix A of the report be agreed.