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Corporate Parenting Strategy and Children in Care Sufficiency Strategy

Meeting: 16/01/2020 - People Committee (Item 34)

34 Corporate Parenting Strategy and Children in Care Sufficiency Strategy pdf icon PDF 144 KB

In Sutton we have high ambition and aspiration for our children and young people, with an agreed vision that; ‘Children and Young People in Sutton live with resilient families, are happy, safe and healthy and grow up with the skills, knowledge and attributes to be confident and independent; ready for adult life’.


Indicative timing: 25 minutes


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Michael Taylor, Head of Service Corporate Parenting, and Jonathan Williams, Assistant Director, Children's Social Care and Safeguarding presented the report.


Members welcomed the Corporate Parenting strategy and the Children in Care Sufficiency strategy.


Members acknowledged amendment to council tax payment arrangements for care leavers was complex and included issues such as care leavers living outside of the Sutton Borough. It is planned that a report will be presented to the Housing Economy and Business Committee in March or July 2020.




1.         That the Corporate Parenting strategy be approved.


2.         That the Children in Care Sufficiency strategy be approved.


3.         That an analysis of costings of a change in council tax for care leavers aged 18-24 to determine the extent of any cost to the council and inform how that might be funded be approved.