Issue - meetings

Consulting with residents on traffic proposals

Meeting: 02/05/2007 - Beddington and Wallington Area Committee (Item 440)

Consulting with residents on traffic proposals

Verbal report - deferred from the meeting of 10 January 2007 (Minute 07/07 and 244/07).


Further to Minute 07/07 and 244/07 where members had requested that residents associations might be included in consultation on traffic calming proposals Alan Carroll explained the statutory process and Sutton’s consultation policy and that any changes to policy would need to be referred to the Strategy Committee. 


It was explained that frontage properties are consulted along with those that may be affected by displacement.  Whilst including residents associations may lead to wider community engagement, diverse views and diverse approaches, the negative aspects would include; dilution of solution for those affected, increased costs and delay in implementation, possible community division and residents associations are not always being identifiable.


There was much debate about the representation of residents association as there were some that are registered with the council and others not.  Some consisted of few members for many households and it was not always clear how they gain views from members or households and whether or not they provided feedback.  There had been examples of members representing self-interest rather than those of the whole. 


Resolved: (i) To not make a reference to Strategy Committee.


(ii) To request a report for information on the regulations for residents associations registering with the council.