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Guy Road youth shelter

Meeting: 02/05/2007 - Beddington and Wallington Area Committee (Item 439)

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Report of the Head of Parks Service.  (Minutes 13/07 and 244/07 refers)


Mr Kellaway, local resident, attended to ask a question regarding what the council were doing to curb anti-social behaviour as residents were expecting an increase due to the improving weather.  Mr Kellaway, at the invitation of the Chair, stayed at the table and took part in the discussion of the report.


Further to Minutes 13/07 and 244/07 Mark Dalzell, Head of Parks, explained the various options and recommendations as given in the report.  Inspector John Pendleton, Met Police, broadly supported the recommendation to take the shelter away for a minimum of three months in order to gain some statistics and have an informed discussion and ultimately an informed decision.  Apologies were given to Mr Kellaway for the problems which residents are experiencing.


It was pointed out that residents in the ward had benefited from the installation of the shelter as statistics had shown.


Members discussed other options of moving the shelter as well as whether or not to have a shelter at all.  Following a vote the recommendation to remove the shelter and wait for the statistics to have an informed discussion was carried. 


Resolved: (i) To agree to dismantle the shelter and put it in temporary storage.


(ii) To allow the Safer Neighbourhood Teams (SNT) to undertake a full audit over three months of all the anti-social behaviour incidents related to youth disturbance and identify the locations of any such incidents and report back to committee on their findings.


(iii) To note that following the SNT’s report area committee will be able to make an informed decision about whether there is still a need for a youth shelter in the ward and the location most likely to meet any need.