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Air Quality Report

Meeting: 02/05/2007 - Beddington and Wallington Area Committee (Item 441)

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Report of the Executive Head of Environmental Sustainability.


Martin Easton, Environmental Protection Manager, presented his report, which highlighted failed air quality objectives for the Beddington Lane area.  Blame for this failure could not be attributed specifically to any of the businesses operating in the area, of which many were big dust producers.  Officers were working with the Environment Agency (EA) with regard to enforcement as part of EA waste management licenses to operate.  They were also working with businesses with an aim to educate and are considering enforcement action where appropriate.


Councillor Jenny Slark requested to meet with Martin Easton outside of the meeting to discuss concerns of residents of Oakmead Road, and others, and how to increase the involvement of the Environment Agency.


There was much discussion about enforcement and the inclusion of planning officers.  It was explained that all are working to capacity and there was a need for additional resources.


            Resolved: (i) To note the report and thanks to Martin Easton.


            (ii) To note the need for additional resources.


            (iii) That an annual report come to committee.