Agenda and minutes

Sutton Area Committee
Wednesday, 21st March, 2007 7.30 pm

Venue: Civic Offices, St. Nicholas Way, Sutton

Contact: Angela Guest 

No. Item




Apologies were received from Councillor Ian Chapman. 



Minutes of the meeting of 24 January 2007.


The minutes of the meeting held on 24 January 2007 were agreed as a correct record and signed by the Chair.


Further to Minutes 1176/06 and 92/07 it was noted that Councillor Tony Shields had received a written response.


Further to Minutes 1176/06(iv) and 92/07 it was noted that drinking zone signs are ready to be installed.



Fifteen minutes are allowed at this point, if required, for questions from members of the public about items that are not on the agenda.  The detailed rules regarding questions are set out on a preceding page.


A member of the public asked a question and a written response sent as set out in Appendix A of these minutes. 



This will be an informal session set up in the audience gallery prior to the formal agenda items taking place.


The following topics will be covered:

How to set up Friends of Parks Groups –

            Invited speaker, Councillor Hamish Pollock – Carshalton Park

Parks Service –

            Mark Dalzell, Head of Parks

Parks Security –

            Invited speaker, Chief Inspector Dave Gair  – Safer Sutton Partnership


Indicative time: 45 minutes.


This was an informal session to which community groups had been specifically invited to participate in discussions of parks in the Sutton area.


Councillor Hamish Pollock, also Chair of Friends of Carshalton Park, was invited to present his experience of setting up a friends group.


Mark Dalzell, Head of Parks was invited to present different kinds of project that friends groups could be involved with and gave a brief explanation of types funding.


Chief Inspector David Gair was invited to explain the new parks security.  He explained that there would be more staff looking after parks and those staff will have a direct link to the metropolitan police service.


Residents were given the opportunity to ask questions.


Resolved: (i) To thank the speakers for their presentations and the residents for attending.


(ii) That any unanswered resident questions would receive a written response.


(iii) That the Area Co-ordinator arranges for any further information, requested by residents, to be sent to them.


6 monthly update from Safer Neighbourhood Team

Verbal report from Safer Neighbourhood Team.


Indicative time: 5 minutes


Chief Inspector David Gair gave a brief update from all five safer neighbourhood teams based on their priorities.


            Resolved: To thank Chief Inspector David Gair for the update.


Sutton Town Centre

a) Town Centre Partnership

Report of the Town Centre Marketing and Strategy Manager.


b) Sutton Town Centre Area Action Plan - Issues and Options

Report of the Executive Head of Planning Transport & Highways.


Indicative time: 40 minutes


a) Bob Gordon, Principal Planning Officer, presented this report on the Issues and Options stage of the Sutton Town Centre Area Action Plan.


Councillor Dombey requested that recognition for the North Sutton Study be written into the report.  Whilst the outcomes of the study had been incorporated into the action plan there should be some recognition because of the amount of work that was involved in conducting the study.


Various suggestions were put forward by members, which included:

  • Residential provision above shops where possible,
  • a survey to see what is in the High Street now,
  • filling of commercial vacancies,
  • cycle storage facilities should be encouraged,
  • no loss of employment provision, and
  • that the boundary should include Sutton Green.


Resolved: That members expressed their views to Bob Gordon.


b) Alanna Coombes, Town Centre Marketing and Strategy Manager, tabled a presentation paper entitled ‘Progress so far and next steps’.  It was emphasised that the action plans represent the aspirations of the Town Centre Partnership and where funding is required, approval will be sought from the appropriate council or other body.


Various suggestions were put forward by members, which included:

  • To hold a large annual antiques fair or other type of fair,
  • cleaning of the Millennium Gardens,
  • to hold more sponsored fun days,
  • to get back a high quality environment,
  • hawk noise, as a pigeon deterrent, for the Millennium Gardens, and
  • a food festival.


Resolved: To note the report and to thank Alanna Coombes for attending.





Sutton Garden Suburb Conservation Area Management Plan

Report of the Executive Head Planning, Transport and Highways.


Indicative time: 10 minutes


Sally Blomfield, Principal Planner, introduced this report, which was for information and comments.


Resolved: (i) The Committee wished to record their thanks to the Sutton Garden Suburb Residents Association for their active involvement in this draft Plan.


(ii) To note the content and consultation arrangements for the draft Supplementary Planning Document.


(iii) That members would forward their views on the document to officers.


(iv) That members be sent a map of the specific area.



Report of the Traffic and Highways Works Manager.


Indicative time: 20  minutes


Foran Forghani, Acting Traffic and Highways Manager, presented the report, which gave details of the Local Implementation Funding from Transport for London (TfL).


There were suggestions from some members that the report should include details of schemes not receiving funding.  It was explained that TfL give feedback on why schemes were not funded so that lessons could be learnt. 


There was some discussion on the use of section 106 money on schemes not receiving funding or on schemes that had received funding but where the council felt that TfL were being too prescriptive.  Foran explained that there was an initial need to justify schemes submitted for funding and that TfL also had to meet the Mayor’s targets.  Sometimes LiP funding and section 106 money could be used to compliment each other but any changes to schemes would on be slight changes within the set framework.


Resolved: (i) To thank Alan Carroll and his team for all their hard work in getting our submission presented to TfL on time and getting the majority of the projects the Area Committee wanted on the LIP programme for 2007/08.  Sutton West councillors requested that it should be noted that residents of Village Row would like to thank the officers for resolving their problems at a recent public meeting.



(ii) To note the 2007/08 LIP funding settlement and the programme for which TfL has agreed the grant.


(iii) That the list of schemes relevant to this Area committee be agreed.


(iv) To delegate to the Executive Head Planning & Transportation, in consultation with the Chair and Ward Councillors to agree details of individual schemes.




ANY URGENT BUSINESS, including that of Members, brought forward at the direction of the Chair who has approved the reason(s) for urgency


Cavendish Road, Cedar Road and Christchurch Park - 20mph Limit


Councillor Tony Shields requested that a reference be sent to Strategy Committee for the release of section 106 monies to provide a 20mph limit in the above roads.


Resolved: To delegate authority to the Executive Head of Planning and Transportation, ward councillors and the Chair to agree details of the individual scheme.




Councillor Pickles requested that the issue of Blue Badge holders parking in Controlled Parking Zones (CPZ) be added to the workplan.  He explained that it was his belief that Blue Badge holders would not be allowed to park in CPZs borough wide and not just in Sutton.


Resolved: (i) To request that a report be presented to the next committee on the issue of blue badge holders parking in CPZs.


(ii) To note the contents of the workplan.





Resolved: To note that the next meeting will be held on Wednesday 16 May 2007.


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