Agenda and minutes

Sutton Area Committee
Wednesday, 16th May, 2007 7.30 pm

Venue: Civic Offices, St Nicholas Way, Sutton SM1 1EA. View directions

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The Minutes of the meeting held on 21 March 2007 were agreed as a correct record and signed by the Chair.


Further to Minute 292/07 the Chair reported that feedback from the informal parks item had been very positive and that as a result three residents associations were taking steps to start up Friends groups.


Further to Minute 294/07 the Chair explained that Alanna Coombes had looked into pigeon deterrents, before she left the council, and the Chair requested that an update be gained from her colleagues.  It was agreed that this item be put on the workplan.


Further to Minute 297/07 the Chair reported that Alan Carroll would be reporting back on findings regarding 20mph zones.


Further to Minute 298/07 the Chair informed the committee that Councillor Pickles had discussions with Alan Carroll and that, as Councillor Pickles was not in attendance, this item be kept on the workplan.




Apologies were received from Councillors Myfanwy Wallace, Paul Newman, Sean Brennan, Ian Chapman, David Pickles and Cliff Carter. 


Apologies for lateness were received from Councillors Graham Tope and Barry Russell and both were present for items 6-11 of the agenda.



Fifteen minutes are allowed at this point, if required, for questions from members of the public about items that are not on the agenda.  The detailed rules regarding questions are set out on a preceding page.


A member of the public asked three questions and answers were given as set out in the Appendix to these minutes.



ANY URGENT BUSINESS, including that of Members, brought forward at the direction of the Chair who has approved the reason(s) for urgency


a) Council properties, 6-12 Dorset Road

Councillor Pamela Picknett raised the issue of safety and neglect of the empty council properties, numbers 6 to 12 Dorset Road.  There were repeated break-ins and vandalism and the houses were in such a state of disrepair they were considered dangerous especially as they were situated near a school.  Councillor Picknett requested that rubbish and glass be cleared and that trespasser signs be erected. 


Inspector Martin Collins reported that extra hoardings had been arranged and that, according to police call logs, there had not been a significant amount for this site.  There were regular visits by the Safer Neighbourhood Team to this site and with this and the hoarding it washoped these would alleviate some of the problems.


There was some discussion about the selling off of these properties and it was suggested that the committee request a covenant to keep these houses as individual dwellings and not blocks of flats.


Mr Peter Mattey, Belmont and South Cheam Residents’ Association, was invited to give his opinion as Chair of the Association.  He raised the concern that the footway may be sold off along with the houses and stated that up to one third of the pupils at the local school used this pathway.  He also suggested that one of these houses could be used to improve the entrance to the school and the council could reclaim the land of the present entrance. 


Resolved: (i) That members make a site visit and find out the council’s intentions before taking this matter any further.


(ii) That this issue be an item on the next agenda.


(iii) To request that these houses are boarded up to increase security and safety.


b) Empty Tree Pits – Belmont Ward

Councillor Geiringer raised the issue of empty tree pits in Belmont Ward stating that 14% of tree pits were empty and requested that trees are replaced.  He also requested information on how many empty tree pits there were in the whole borough.


Resolved: That this issue can be part of the ‘Down Your Street’ item planned for a future meeting.


festival of cycling weekend

Verbal report from Steve Wright, Chief Cycling Officer.


Steve Wright, Chief Cycling Officer, gave a verbal report on the cycling event arranged for Sunday 29 July.  It was originally planned to have an all weekend event but this was too problematic.  Steve described the various races that will take place, one of which was a championship race therefore making it a very prestigious event.  It was linked to the Tour de France and being funded by Transport for London.


Steve explained that there was an issue of parking and shower facilities but that he would be contacting nearby schools to see if they could help.


Councillors offered to pass on leaflets or flyers to schools at which they are Governors.


Resolved: (i) To note the report and to thank Steve Wright.


(ii) To request that Steve Wright provide councillors with flyers or leaflets for distribution at schools.


update on town centre issues

Presentation to be given by the Economic Renewal Manager.


a) The report of the Economic Renewal Manager was withdrawn.


b) Inspector Martin Collins tabled an SNT briefing paper, which gave an update on each wards priorities and some actions taken, for information.


Councillor Barry Russell raised the issue of the car park under Sutherland House which was dark, used by drug takers and was used as a cut-through.  He had spoken with Criterion to at least leave lights on and the response was that they would be boarding it up soon.


Inspector Martin Collins explained the criteria for Community Payback.  That events took place every Tuesday with up to 16 offenders and that councillors and safer neighbourhood teams could put forward ideas for events.  There was an application form used and once completed an environmental and visual audit would be conducted to look at long term crime prevention and whether the work would affect a significant number of people.


Councillor Dombey requested that Sutton North councillors were kept informed of what was going on at Collingwood Recreation Ground and the Health Centre as well the Sutton West Councillors.


            Resolved: (i) To note the tabled SNT briefing.


(ii) To request that Inspector Collins ensure that Sutton North councillors were kept informed of what was going on at Collingwood Recreation Ground and the Health Centre as well the Sutton West Councillors.


Clensham lane - accoustic barrier

Feedback from visit by Transport for London – The Chair to give a verbal update.


The Chair explained that she had raised this issue with Beverley Hall, from Transport for London.  The sound survey took place on 27 April and it was hoped that Beverley could provide some results for tonight’s meeting but it would not be ready for another two weeks.


Resolved: (i) That the Chair invite Beverley Hall to the next meeting to discuss the issue.


(ii) That the Chair would distribute the information when she has received it.


(iii) That this item remains on the workplan.



take part take pride - for information

Sutton Council is again launching its annual Take Part Take Pride campaign (TPTP).


This year’s theme is ‘Community Cohesion’.  TPTP 2007 brings together various departments, partners, community groups, local councillors and residents to promote a shared sense of purpose, participation and pride in Sutton.  The campaign will culminate in a week of activities from 3-10 June 2007.


Last year’s TPTP event was a great success with hundreds of residents turning out during the week to participate in a range of events across Sutton. Activities ranged from celebrating diversity and promoting community safety at the Safer Sutton Partnership’s ‘Wandle Carnival’ to clearing the River Wandle.  In fact, the campaign was such a huge success that other councils across the country are considering adopting it.


This year, we would like to encourage as many council departments, partners, community groups, local councillors and residents to join us in promoting this initiative. If you have an event, project or would like to create one that chimes with the Take Part Take Pride theme then we urge you to get involved.


With your help we can make this year’s event even better.


Should you require further information or want to get involved, please contact Katherine Hudson on 020 8770 5330 or email For additional information, visit


The Chair urged members to contact Katherine Hudson, as given on the agenda, with their ideas and comments.


            Resolved: To note the agenda item. 




Resolved: (i) To link the Avenue Road item with Dorset Road for the next agenda.


(ii) To take off the Festival of Cycling and keep all other items.


(iii) To add the following issues to the workplan:

Ÿ        Millennium Gardens – pigeon deterrent

Ÿ        Blue Badge holders – Cllr Pickles

Ÿ        Funding for a parking survey in Belmont Village with a view to introducing a controlled parking zone

Ÿ        Report on the food waste trial taken place in Sutton South ward.


(iv) That the following ideas for informal agenda sessions to enhance community engagement be developed:

Ÿ        Allotments – to gain public interest, security issues and advertising

Ÿ        Recycling – fun educational session on what can be recycled and what cannot

Ÿ        Down Your Street – which was being developed for Beddington and Wallington Area Committee.



The next meeting will take place on 25 July 2007.


            Resolved: To note that the next meeting will be on 25 July 2007.


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