Agenda and draft minutes

Sutton Area Committee
Wednesday, 25th July, 2007 7.30 pm

Venue: Civic Offices, St Nicholas Way, Sutton SM1 1EA. View directions

Contact: Angela Guest 

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The minutes of the meeting of 16 May 2007 were agreed as a correct record and signed by the Chair.





Apologies were received from Councillor Pamela Picknett.




Fifteen minutes are allowed at this point, if required, for questions from members of the public about items that are not on the agenda.  The detailed rules regarding questions are set out on a preceding page.


Two members of the public asked questions.  These, and replies given, are set out in the Appendix to these Minutes.


clensham lane accoustic barrier

Beverley Hall, Head of Surface Transport Communications, Transport for London will be attending the meeting to discuss survey results.


Further to Minute 500/07 Beverley Hall, Head of Surface Transport Communications, Transport for London (TfL), attended the meeting to discuss the noise impact assessment, requested by the Council as a response to residents asking for the removal of the acoustic barrier at Clensham Lane.  It was reported that TfL, subject to consultation, would remove the barrier but asked that councillors and residents thought about this option very carefully as TfL would not put it back unless the Council could fund it.  Replacing the barrier would be very costly and whilst the residents asking for the barrier removal may be willing to put up with the increased noise, future residents may not.


Marlene Heron, local resident, was invited to speak on behalf of residents.  It was reported that it had taken so much time to get to this stage of the process and residents were concerned that action would be taken swiftly, that residents were willing to put up with increased noise in order that the anti social behaviour improved.  The problem appeared to be one of sightlines in that youths would use the barrier to hide from the police and residents were now despondent about complaining.  A few errors were pointed out in Beverley Hall’s report, for which she apologised and said she would have them corrected. 


Angela Guest, Area Co-ordinator, was requested to read out an email report from Inspector Martin Collins, Metropolitan Police, who was unable to attend in person.  The report suggested that over the last six months only two reports were related to the barrier or rowdy behaviour.  Inspector Collins had received a report on the site and had requested the removal of some old graffiti and increased patrols from the Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT).  He would also be talking to the Crime Prevention Design Advisor to carry out a crime prevention survey.  The Community Ward Panel had not deemed it necessary to record this issue as a ward priority and Inspector Collins has concerns about the removal of the barrier.


Marlene Heron stated that this issue is a very localised problem, which is why it is not a ward priority, and was upset by the police stance on the removal of the barrier.  It was also reiterated that residents were apathetic about reporting incidents because of previous inaction.  Councillor Carter reported that he had requested extra lighting in this area and that Peter Williams from TfL had said it would be put forward for next year.


Alan Carroll, Interim Head of Transport Planning and Works, requested that when TfL do consult with residents that residents are given real examples of what the difference of a few decibels means.  A few decibels may not seem to be much on paper but in reality may increase the noise level by as much as 50%.  Members also asked about the possibility of a legal agreement with the affected residents to which Beverley Hall responded that she would make enquiries about this.  Members also requested input from previous police  ...  view the full minutes text for item 700.


town centre report

Corrine Stewart, Head of Economic Renewal and Regeneration will attend with Peter Dickinson, Hazel McLean Consultancy, to give a verbal report.


Mr Peter Dickinson, Hazel McLean Consultancy, gave a PowerPoint presentation on a proposed vision for the town centre.  The emphasis was on spaces for people and not cars.  It was noted that there are a lack of cross routes from St Nicholas Way and Throwley Way.  More emphasis needed to be put on the arrival points to the town to make it a welcoming place and there is a need to understand the system of interactions between people, transport and spaces.


The benefits of Sutton were described as being vibrant, activity, mixed uses, with much potential and good townscape.  Ideas put forward for capital projects a boulevard from the Civic Offices underpass through to Manor Park, removal of street clutter, a review of cycling provision and improving arrival points.   There would be short, medium and long-term interventions to realise goals.  Some of the potential costs of these plans were compared against potential future and existing funding available.


            Resolved: To thank Mr Dickinson for an informative presentation.


Oakhill Road - Zebra crossing

Report from Lyn Robinson


Alan Carroll introduced the report and following a member question confirmed that he would be talking with the manager of Granfers Community Centre about consulting the users of the centre.


Resolved: (i) To approve, subject to receiving the necessary additional funding from Transport for London, the introduction of a humped Zebra crossing as shown on drawing no. T13004_FD_01, be approved, subject to no material objection being received during the consultation period under Section 23 of Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 for the pedestrian crossing and Section 90C of the Highways Act 1980 for the road hump;


(ii) To authorise the Executive Head of Planning, Transport and Highways to make the traffic orders subject to no material objections being received during the consultation period under Section 6 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 to remove 4 number parking bays from the northern side of Oakhill Road and provide 3 new parking bays on the southern side of Oakhill Road, east of Brunswick Road and to introduce double yellow lines ‘no parking at any time’ to replace the single yellow line around the junction of Oakhill Road and Brunswick Road, as shown on drawing number T13004_FD_01;


(iii) To approve the following Statement of Reasons “ The relocation of the parking bays are necessary to facilitate the provision of a zebra crossing outside Granfers Hall Community Centre.” “The ‘At any time’ restrictions at the junction of Oakhill Road and Brunswick Road are necessary to stop obstructive parking at the junction at all times.”


The decision was unanimous.


Cycle Race and Festival

Further to minute 498/07, a briefing on the Festival is attached for information.


Leslie Hunt, Travel Awareness Officer and Steve Wright, Chief Cycling Officer will be attending to give verbal report.


Further to Minute 498/07 Steve Wright, Chief Cycling Officer, and Leslie Hunt, Travel Awareness Officer, attended to update the committee on the cycle race and festival taking place on Sunday 29 July.


It was reported that pool bike would be available for councillors to borrow if they wished to take part, that it was hoped that some good publicity for Sutton would ensue and approximately 5,000 people were expected to attend.


            Resolved: To thank Steve Wright and Leslie Hunt for their report.


cheam and sutton CPZ Review - Extensions

Report of the Executive Head of Planning and Transportation.


Resolved: To Authorise the Executive Head of Planning, Transport & highways to:


(i) Carry out a Statutory Public Consultation under the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 and successive modifications, concerning the extension of the Cheam CPZ parking controls in Salisbury Avenue and Rosebery Road as detailed in sections 2.6.1 and 2.6.2 respectively.


(ii) Carry out a Statutory Public Consultation under the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 and successive modifications, concerning the extension of the Sutton CPZ parking controls in Grove Road and Sutton Common Road as detailed in sections 2.6.3 and 2.6.4 respectively.


(iii) Subject to receiving no material objections, make the appropriate orders.


Section 106 exclusions in traffic orders for cpzs

Report of the Interim Head of Transport Planning and Works.             (TO FOLLOW)


Alan Carroll tabled a summary paper, the purpose of which was to seek approval to resolve the inconsistencies between the definitions of ‘residents permit bay’ contained in Traffic Management Orders with that of a Section 106 Planning obligation.


Resolved: (i) To approve the making of a general Traffic Management Order, which will contain an article, worded as follows:


‘Notwithstanding the forgoing provisions of Sutton and Belmont CPZ Orders, no permit or voucher shall be issued to a resident of a housing unit subject to a planning obligation made pursuant to Section 106 Town and country Planning Act 1990 (as amended) indicating that such resident will not be entitled to a residents’ parking permit and/or residents’ visitors parking vouchers’.


(ii) To delegate authority to the Executive head of Planning, Transport and Highways to make the necessary Traffic Order.


The decision was unanimous.


6-12 dorset road

Further to Minute 497a/07 a site visit was arranged for 2 July 2007.  Darren Richards, Head of Planning and Transportation, will give a verbal update for information.


Further to Minute 497a/07, Darren Richards, Head of Planning and Transportation, reported that funding raised from the sale of 6-12 Dorset Road would be going towards the Durand Close project.  It was reported that the school were not interested in a new entrance but requested improvements in the pedestrian access to the school – funding from TFL had been requested for lighting.


It was explained that as the properties were already flatted that, in the opinion of planning officers, they would be developed as flats and would not increase from present footprint due to the lack of space.  The properties are due to be auctioned in October and advice is being sought on the potential of selling them separately or together.  


There were differences of opinion on whether or not it would be worth the developer refurbishing the existing properties as opposed to complete re-build and a second opinion was requested on the cost of refurbishment.


Mr Peter Mattey, Chair of Belmont and South Cheam Residents’ Association, was invited to speak on behalf of residents.  Mr Mattey expressed disappointment with the school’s stance and suggested that redress be sought with the pedestrian numbers using Avenue Road and Dorset Road.  It was estimated that Avenue Road takes about 30% of the footfall and Dorset Road 70%.


Resolved: (i) To request that the Head of Transport and Planning bring back further information to the next committee with regard to further options for improving pedestrian access and the cost of refurbishing the properties.




            Resolved: (i) To remove the following from the workplan:

·        Festival of Cycling

·        Blue Badge Holders in CPZs 


(ii) That the Area Co-ordinator request information on pigeon deterrents for the Millenium Gardens and new street furniture that was to be ordered by the previous Town Centre Manager.


(iii) To include street trees/repair of pavements around street trees on the workplans of both new local committees.


(iv) That drainage and replacement of street trees be put on the workplan for Sutton South, Cheam and Belmont Local Committee.



The next meeting will be held on 23 October 2007.


The Chair announced that this was the last Sutton Area Committee before changing over to the new Local Committees.  She wished all members good luck in their prospective new committees and gave thanks to Angela Guest, Alan Carroll and Darren Richards for their assistance.


Councillor Tony Shields thanked the Chair for chairing the committee equitably.


Resolved: To note that the first Sutton Local Committee will be held on 23 October at Civic Offices and that the first Sutton South, Cheam and Belmont Local Committee will be held on 19 September at St Dunstan’s CoE Primary School. 

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