Agenda and draft minutes

Carshalton and Clockhouse Area Committee
Wednesday, 15th February, 2006 7.30 pm

Venue: Civic Offices, St Nicholas Way, Sutton SM1 1EA. View directions

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Appointment of Chair

Following the resignation of Councillor Sheila Siggins, members are asked to appoint a new chair for the remainder of the municipal year.


Peter O’Connell, Executive Head of Waste Management and Transport, announced that Sheila Siggins had resigned from the Council.  Accordingly, a new Chair need to be voted in for the remainder of the municipal year. Councillor Hussain nominated Councillor Court and this was seconded by Councillor Pennington. Councillor Court accepted the nomination and was unanimously voted in as Chair for the remainder of the municipal year.

            Resolved: Councillor Court be voted Chair of the Carshalton and Clockhouse Area Committee for the remainder of the municipal year.


Apologies for Absence


Apologies were received from Councillors Andrews, Baughan, Mansell, Reynolds and Stears. 


Minutes of the Last Meeting


The minutes of the meeting held on 14 December 2005 were agreed as a correct record and signed by the Chair.




Five questions were asked by the public. These are set out in Appendix A. 



Woodmansterne Road Results of the Road Safety and Environmental Impact Audits

Report of the Head of Transport Planning & Works


Alan Carroll, Interim Head of Traffic and Transport, presented the report.  He also corrected paragraph to say that a large body of research has been carried out by the TRL.  The conclusion of this research was that noise is directly attributed to speed.  It says that the reduction in noise arising from cushions for example, were –4dB , but that changes in noise level of less than 3dB are imperceptible to the human ear under normal conditions.  This research was based on properties 7.5 m from the roadway.  As far as the rumble strips are concerned it is concluded that these are less than the recommended distance from properties, but notes that these will require relocation to meet the safety audit requirement to reduce speeds before the gateway.


Members welcomed the report and the assurance from Alan Carroll that consultation with residents adjacent to the present traffic calming measures on Woodmansterne Road would take place prior to the finalisation of the proposals outlined in the Audit Report.


As agreed to by members, questions that were not able to be asked by residents on this issue would be responded to in writing by Alan Carroll and be included in Appendix A.


            Resolved: (i) To note the results of the Audit Report;

(ii) Subject to design consultation with adjacent owners, agree to the improvements as outlined in paragraph 2.2; and

(iii) Instruct officers to seek funding from Transport for London to carry out remedial works as identified.



Woodmansterne Road Safety Audit


Alan Carroll, Traffic and Transport, presented the report.


Members enquired as to whether consultation had taken place with the Oaks Sports Centre on this report. Alan responded that it hadn’t but would take place. Consultation had taken place with the Friends of Oaks Park, the Ramblers Association and the Diamond Riders Sports Club.


Disabled access and access for cyclists and horse riders was also discussed. Alan responded that the exact nature of the crossing – whether it would be a Zebra (uncontrolled), Toucan (Pedestrians and Cyclists) or a Pegasus (Horse Crossing) –  was not the remit of the Council but rather that of Transport for London (TfL). The Council was in the process of pressing the TfL Traffic Signals section for a resolution on the crossing.


            Resolved: To note the report. 




The Committee heard one application, on which a decision was deferred.


Resolved: That in respect of application C2005/55137/FUL - 94 Waltham Road, Carshalton - a motion to defer a decision on the application to allow for a members inspection, is carried. 


Exclusion of Press and Public


Following discussion on Planning Application C2005/55137/FUL, 94 Waltham Road, Carshalton, it was:


Resolved: That under Section 100(A)(4) of the Local Government Act 1972, the press and public be excluded from the meeting during consideration of this item of business on the grounds that it involves the likely disclosure of exempt information as defined in paragraph 7 of Part 1 of Schedule 12A of the Act. 


Members of the public left the room.



Borough Spending Plan 2006/07 Transport Settlement

Report of the Principal Engineer (Transport and Projects)


A draft report was incorrectly dispatched on 3 February 2006. Please delete all previous copies and insert attached final report.

Presented By: Peter Wardill


Alan Carroll, Traffic and Transport, presented the report.


Resolved: (i) To note the 2006/2007 BSP settlement and programme and that the Strategy Committee have been recommended to release financial provision for the schemes identified in the settlement;

(ii) Agree the list of schemes relevant to this Area Committee; and

(iii) Delegate to the Executive Head Planning & Transportation, in consultation with the Chair and ward councillors, to agree details of individual schemes.



Report by Metropolitan Police

Update from Sergeant Nicholls, St Helier & Sutton North Safer Neighbourhood Team

Presented By: Sergeant Jim Nicholls, St Helier & Sutton North Safer Neighbourhood Team


PC Colin McDonald, on behalf of Sergeant Jim Nichols, St Helier and Sutton North Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT), introduced himself and presented a verbal update on issues for Carshalton and Clockhouse.


PC McDonald identified 4 community priorities that his SNT was targeting: anti-social behaviour by youths; anti social behaviour as a result of alcohol and the illegal selling of alcohol to minors; graffiti; and fly-tipping.  PC McDonald provided an overview of how the SNT had tackled these problems since its remit had started.


The role and whereabouts of the Mobile Re-assurance Unit was discussed and members were also informed that a St Helier SNT, with PC McDonald as the Sergeant, would begin its remit in April 2006.


Resolved: That the police be thanked for their efforts and to invite Sergeant Wood, Carshalton Central & Carshalton South & Clockhouse Safer Neighbourhood Team, to the next meeting of the Area Committee.



St Helier Open Spaces Improvement in Partnership with Groundwork Merton - Final Masterplan Proposal

Report of the Executive Head of Leisure Management and Parks


Mark Dalzell, Parks Manager, presented the final master plan with Sioned Williams of Groundwork Merton. 


Resolved: (i) To approve the final masterplan;

(ii) Agree the programme of works needed to implement the masterplan; and

(iii) Agree for the Parks Service to prepare a management plan for the St Helier chain of open spaces including Poulter Park by March 2007. 


Future Management of Trees in Carshalton Park Road

Report of the Executive Head of Leisure Management and Parks

Presented By: Bill Wyatt, Assistant Parks Manager


Bill Wyatt, Assistant Parks Manager, presented the report with Ben Morris, Parks Department.


Members welcomed the programme and noted the difficulty in gaining unanimous approval for any particular course of action. Although discussed, the suggestion of allowing residents to pay for the removal of certain trees if they chose to do so, was not recommended due to the risk of creating a two-tier system favouring those who could afford to pay and those who could not.


Resolved: (i) To continue with the cyclical programme, which is due to be issued for the Carshalton Central ward in January 2006. Following an inspection, it is planned that the majority of the Lime trees in Carshalton Park Road will have the lower canopy lifted to a height of 7 meters and a part crown reduction, cutting back from the properties whilst maintaining the balance of the canopy and the aesthetic value of the trees;


(ii) Conduct a phased removal programme of the mature trees, felling up to 20% of the lime trees over ten years as part of the Council’s ongoing inspection and pruning schedules.  Trees for removal will be subject to the criteria set out in the body of this report; and


(iii) Replant more appropriate species to replace any felled trees.



Provisional Planned Highways Maintenence Works Programme 2006/07

Report of the Executive Head of Planning, Transport and Highways

Presented By: Steve Shew


Alan Carroll, Traffic and Transport, presented the report.


Resolved: (i) To agree the provisional list of roads in their Area for inclusion in the final Planned Highway Maintenance Works Programme for 2006/2007; and

(ii) To note that the roads on the final list, which will be prioritised according to need, will be dependent on the budget allocation for next year.



Hackbridge Station Railway Bridge Reconstruction

Report of the Executive Head of Construction and Property

Presented By: Tim Dungate, Principal Structure Engineer


Tamby Skanda, Senior Bridge Engineer, presented the report.


Members welcomed the update and asked what was being done with regards to providing alternative routes when the work commences. Tamby responded that the Council had plans in place to cater for the disruption to road users when the work commences. However, delays on behalf of Network Rail had resulted in the Council not being able to finalise the necessary publicity forewarning of disruptions.


Members heard that the protracted length of time it was taking Network Rail to have land on the southern approach to the bridge transferred to the Council, was risking the successful completion of the project. Members resolved to request Paul Martin, Chief Executive, write to the Chief Executive of Network Rail and copy in Tom Brake, MP, about the length of time Network Rail are taking to transfer the required land to the Council. 


Resolved: (i)To note the report and ongoing progress of this project; and

(ii) To request Paul Martin, Chief Executive, write to the Chief Executive of Network Rail and request that Network Rail provide an immediate response to the Council’s request to transfer the required land.


Councillor Roger Thistle declared a personal interest as he was employed by Tom Brake, MP.


Draft Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) on Affordable Housing

Report of the Executive Head of Planning, Transport and Highways

Presented By: Karen Fosset


Keith Fraser presented the report.


Resolved: To agreethe contents of the Affordable Housing SPD and the arrangements for public consultation.



Draft Residential Extensions SPD - Approval for Purposes of Public Consultation

Report of the Executive Head of Planning, Transport and Highways

Presented By: Keith Fraser


John Rawlinson presented the report.


            Resolved: To agree the contents of the Draft SPD on Residential Extensions and the arrangements for public consultation between 30 January and 13 March.


Matters Raised by Members

Councillor Mansell has raised the matter of a St Helier Area Supplementary Planning Document (SPD). Under standing order 23.1, he shall be allowed to speak at the meeting for no longer than three minutes with the view to convincing the committee that the matter is worthy of a report.  If the committee agrees, then a report will be included on the agenda of the next meeting of that committee.


Councillor Andrew Theobald presented the issue on behalf of the absent Councillor Charlie Mansell.


Members discussed the proposal to create a specific St Helier Area Supplementary Planning Document. Officers explained that the Council's Local Development Scheme sets out all the Development Plan and Supplementary Planning Documents that the Council had agreed should be prepared in the next 3 years, which did not include any specific guidance for the St. Helier Area. Furthermore, that it was considered that there were sufficient policies in the Built Environment chapter of the UDP to ensure that development respects and enhances the character/identity of an area.


However, members maintained that the ward would suffer under a borough wide supplementary planning document because the St Helier Estate is split between Sutton and Merton and the two councils did not have uniform planning guidelines.


Resolved: Peter O’Connell to present the request for a St Helier Supplementary Planning Document to Tom Jeffrey, Strategic Director of Environment & Leisure, with a response to this request presented at the next meeting of the Area Committee.



Any Urgent Business




Minutes of the Northern Wards Forum 1 December 2005

The Area Committee is notified of the following changes to the Northern Wards Forum Terms of Reference suggested and agreed to at the meeting held 1 December 2005.


It is recommended that the Committee approve the following changes:

          1.      Under the heading of ‘Membership’, insertion of, ‘Representatives of political parties not elected onto the Sutton Council are excluded from the membership of the Northern Wards Forum.’; and

          2.      Under the heading of ‘Membership’, insertion of, ‘After one meeting is attended in an observer capacity, membership will be decided at the second meeting that the community group attends.’


The Northern Wards Forum is one of the Council’s area forums and any changes to its Terms of Reference  need to be agreed by the Carshalton and Clockhouse Area Committee.


Please refer to Appendix A of the minutes for the amended Northern Wards Terms of Reference.


            Resolved: To note the report including the revisions to the Terms of Reference. 


St Benets Grove Footpath Closure - Outcome of Public Enquiry

Report of the Executive Head of Service, Housing and Regeneration


            Resolved: To note the report. 


Take Part, Take Pride: Working Together for Sutton

5-11 June 2006

Diary Date Announcement and Briefing


            Resolved: To note the report. 


Planning Appeals Summary


            Resolved: To note the report. 


Next Meeting

Please note: The next meeting is due to be held at 7.30pm on 12 April 2006, at Civic Offices, St Nicholas Way, Sutton


Resolved: To note the next meeting of the Carshalton and Clockhouse Area Committee will be held on 12 April 2006 at 7.30pm in the Civic Offices, St Nicholas Way, Sutton.