Agenda and minutes

Cheam and Worcester Park Area Committee
Wednesday, 18th April, 2007 7.30 pm, PROVISIONAL

Venue: St. Dunstan's Primary School

Contact: Andrew Horrod  Senior Area Co-ordinator

No. Item


apologies for absence


Apologies were received from Councillor Richard Butt.


minutes of the last meeting

To approve the Minutes of the meeting held on 21 February 2007.   The Minutes have already been circulated and members are asked to bring their copies to the meeting.


The Minutes of the meeting held on 21 February 2007 were agreed as a correct record, and signed by the Chair.


The Chair said, with reference to Minute 187/07, that he had now written to Surrey County Council and copies of his letter would be circulated to members by Andrew Horrod.


questions from members of the public

Fifteen minutes are allowed, if required, at this point in the agenda for questions from Sutton residents on relevant matters other than those, which appear on this agenda.


Questions must be submitted in writing to the Chief Executive in advance or to the Area Co-ordinator at least 10 minutes before the meeting begins.


The detailed rules regarding questions are set out on the back of the covering sheet to this agenda.


The questions received and answers given are set out in the Appendix to these Minutes.


The Chair and Councillor Misdaq Zaidi each declared a personal interest in the question from Mr Hyslop as they were respectively Secretary and Treasurer of the Friends of Cheam Park.



Report of the Executive Head of Planning and Transportation 


A question relating to this item had been received from a member of the public.  The question, and answer that was given, are set out in the Appendix to these Minutes.


Further to Minute 182/07, Alan Carroll presented his report on the experimental closure of Kimpton Road at its junction with Willow Walk.   At the previous meeting a limited opening of the barrier to light vehicles and buses had been suggested, and a short public consultation had subsequently been carried out.  The report now before members proposed the opening of the barrier for three hours both in the morning and early evening on an experimental basis (the time shown in the report for the latter period was corrected to read 1600 – 1900 hours).   Alan Carroll suggested nine months for the experiment as this would allow for a proper assessment of traffic flows into and out of the Kimpton Road Industrial Estate; the hours of opening could be amended following further analysis if necessary.  Options for the automatic opening of the barrier would require further work and investment so it was proposed that, for the duration of the experimental period, it would be opened and closed manually.


Mr Carroll apologised for the fact that the consultation results had not been collated in time for this meeting.  It was noted however that officers and some members had held recent discussions with residents and employees of the Industrial Estate.  The Chair reported that he had met with representatives of the Kimpton Road Action Group (KRAG) and the Kimpton Industrial Park Proprietors Association (KIPPA).  Councillor Brendan Hudson said he had undertaken his own consultation with residents of Kimpton Road and Gander Green Lane.  Councillor Tony Brett Young read out a statement from a KRAG representative which indicated that residents would be happy in principle with time limited opening of the barrier but the proposed hours were too long, and one and a half hours was suggested.  Some members supported that option.


Concern was expressed that:


-         TESCO customers would become familiar with the barrier’s longer opening hours and use Kimpton Road to access the store; on the other hand three hours per open period should help to spread out traffic flow.


-         Some lorry drivers were relying on satellite navigation systems and still entering Kimpton Road from Gander Green Lane, only to find that they could not access the Estate due to the barrier.


-         The barrier might not be opened and closed on time without fail.


Alan Carroll said that officers were pursuing with Ordnance Survey the registering of the road closure, to overcome the satellite navigation problem.  However the warning signs on site were very clear and there was no reason why drivers should miss them.  The barrier would be opened and closed by parking attendants from NCP, not by any one individual, and at present there was no reason as to why problems should arise.


A vote was taken on a proposal to open the barrier between the hours of  ...  view the full minutes text for item 375.




The Chair brought forward this item from the Committee’s work plan so that it could be taken early in the meeting.  Vanessa Cooper, Solicitor, reported the outcome of the three day Public Inquiry conducted by the Secretary of State’s Inspector, which was that the bridleway should be re-opened.  All of the Stonecot Ward Councillors, and the Police, preferred the bridleway to remain closed as anti-social behaviour had reduced considerably during the time that it had been stopped-up.


There followed a discussion of the Inspector’s decision and how unsatisfactory in some respects the Inquiry hearing had been.  Residents had the option to complain to the Secretary of State or Parliamentary Ombudsman.   Vanessa Cooper outlined the options open to the Council.  It could apply for a judicial review but this might be very costly and not necessarily lead to a change of decision.  An alternative was to pursue a ‘gating order’ whereby the gates would be locked at certain times, possibly in conjunction with the locking of gates at Fairlands Park, should they be installed; this was currently under consideration.


            Resolved:  That Vanessa Cooper seek Counsel’s opinion on the options available to the Council, and report back in due course.



Report of the Executive Head of Street Scene Services


Peter O’Connell introduced his detailed report on issues relating to the operation of the Reuse and Recycling Centre since its opening in April 2006. 


Members made various points to which Mr O’Connell responded.  He acknowledged that most complaints received had been about the noise from the mechanical grab.  As a result the grab did not now compact metal.  It was made clear that when material was being moved or compacted in one half of the site, residents were only allowed into the other half.  Staff were always on hand to help residents put items into the various containers and this included encouraging them to leave bulky items at the foot of the steps by the containers.  The Council was looking into the provision of some ‘walk in’ containers.  Peter O’Connell added that complaints should be logged with the Council’s call management system.


            Resolved:  To note the report and Peter O’Connell submit a progress report to this Committee in a year’s time.



Report of the Executive Head of Parent, Pupil and Student Services            (ENCLOSURE)


Sharman Lawson, Executive Head of Parent, Pupil and Student Services, submitted a report further to Minute 195/07.  She introduced Neil Sewell, Acting Youth Service Manager, and together they presented the report on action to be taken by the Youth Service following the closure of Club Constellation.  The report included an action plan that aimed to engage young people in activities and offer services that would motivate them to attend.  It was noted that the Youth Service was still consulting with schools by questionnaire and that to date about 50 replies from pupils of Cheam High school had been received.  The questionnaire was in addition to meetings with young people on the street and at other venues.  Currently the Youth Service was also negotiating with head teachers on the possibility of youth workers going into schools.


In response to a request from councillors for a practical example of activity, Durand Close personal safety project was given as an example of a specific activity that might work in the local area, but firstly the Council needed to find out what young people wanted and why many would not go to somewhere like Club Constellation. 


            Resolved:  To thank Sharman Lawson and Neil Sewell for their report and request a further paper in one year’s time.



Report of the Executive Head of Planning and Transportation


Alan Carroll presented a report on a proposal to introduce double yellow lines at the junction of Woodstock Avenue and Midway, and tabled a plan showing the detail of the scheme.  Normally this issue would be delegated to officers but it had been brought to committee as there was some disagreement regarding the extent of the yellow lines.   The objection raised by a local resident who did not have off-street parking was included in the report.  The Stonecot Ward Councillors felt that the lines need not be so long and a shortened version had worked at certain other junctions nearby.  Officers stood by the proposal shown on the tabled plan. 


Arising, it was noted that during the recent Stonecot Ward visit members had requested investigation of improvements to the phasing of the traffic lights at the Stonecot Hill/ Sutton Common Road/ Tudor Drive junction so that traffic turning right into Sutton Common Road benefited from a clear path (as per traffic turning right into Stonecot Hill).


            Resolved: To agree the proposal as shown on plan T10024_03 and the Executive Head of Planning, Transport and highways be authorised to make a traffic regulation order concerning the introduction of  ‘at any time’ waiting restrictions at the junction of Woodstock Avenue and Midway.



Report of the Traffic and Highway Works Manager  (ENCLOSURE)





Alan Carroll presented his report that was being submitted to all area committees.  He responded to a number of questions regarding the schemes affecting Stonecot Ward and confirmed that the consultation on STEP Zone 32 proposals would not be carried out during the height of summer; members noted that the identified monies had to be spent by the end of March 2008.

            Resolved: (i) To note the 2007/08 LIP funding settlement and the programme for which Transport for London has agreed the grant;

            (ii) To agree the list of schemes relevant to this Area Committee;

(iii) To delegate authority to the Executive Head Planning & Transportation, in consultation with the Chair and Ward Councillors, to agree details of individual schemes.



Report of the Head of Parks  (ENCLOSURE)


The Committee received a written summary from the Head of Parks, the key points being:


  • Currently the Parks Service did not have an agreed tree planting policy but it was preparing a Tree Strategy that would be available in draft form for discussion by August 2007.  This strategy would cover all aspects of tree management and provide a number of draft policies for Strategy Committee to consider, including a tree planting policy.


  • During the period 1 April 2002 to 31 October 2006 the Council had paid £870,906 in claims related to tree damage, representing 35% of the costs of claims paid by Environment and Leisure.  The Parks Service and Insurance Section were working closely to identify ways to reduce both the number and cost of claims. The Tree Strategy would present options for minimizing the number of future claims by recommending changes in the planting locations and species of tree planted.  Options for phased removal of high-risk tree species would also be given.


  • Generally tree stumps in streets should be removed within one month of trees being felled.  However in the early years of the arboricultural contract there had been disagreement over the interpretation of the specifications which had resulted in larger stumps being left.  This problem had now been resolved and progress was being made to remove the backlog of stumps.  The Arboricultural Officers were reassessing each ward during the cyclical programmed inspections but if ward councillors had specific concerns they would be pleased to deal with them.


Councillor Graham Whitham felt that there had been some progress with tree stump removal but expressed concern at the brevity of the report and the apparent disagreement over the interpretation of specifications in the arboricultural contract at such an early stage.  He suggested that the particular problems with that contract be investigated by the appropriate scrutiny committee, and this was agreed.   Given that the existing Environmental Services Performance Committee had met for the last time, it was left to officers to direct the reference to the appropriate committee in the new structure that was to take effect from 14 May 2007.   As regards the tree strategy, Councillor Whitham said there had been a request at the Environmental Services Performance Committee meeting that it be considered by the appropriate scrutiny committee, and he endorsed that view.


Councillor Whitham also referred to a useful cyclical pruning programme document that had identified where street trees were located.  He suggested that councillors be supplied with an updated version as this would be particularly helpful to newer members when they came to consider the tree strategy and issues within their respective wards.   Councillor Eleanor Pinfold requested a definition of the term ‘standard tree’ and an assurance that this did not include fruit trees.  Councillor Christopher Dunlop suggested that a definition of trees that were appropriate for planting in streets was necessary.


            Resolved: (i) To note the report;


            (ii) To request the appropriate scrutiny committee to carry out an investigation into the problems with the arboricultural contract  ...  view the full minutes text for item 381.



An opportunity for the local safer neighbourhood teams to give a verbal update.


At the invitation of the Chair Sgt. Andy Passingham  gave an update on safer neighbourhood team (SNT) operations in Nonsuch Ward.  Recently there had been an overall reduction of crime across the ward by 23%.  The gathering of youths in the Fairlands Park / Church Hill Road area was being monitored.  Judging by past experience the re-opening of the Carlton Crescent bridleway would not help matters.  As part of a future policing plan the safer neighbourhood team was hoping to close Fairlands Park in the evenings; there were a few legal issues to sort out but the Safer Sutton Partnership had approved funding.


Sgt. Rob Pearce gave a similar update on issues within Worcester Park Ward including in-depth interviews of residents about their concerns for the local area.  The interviews had lasted about 40 minutes and the top three concerns had been congregation of youths, litter and speeding traffic. The results would be submitted to the local Police community panel so they could address priorities.  Similar interviews would conducted throughout the Borough by the other SNTs. 


            Resolved:  To thank the officers for their updates and to wish Sgt. Rob Pearce all the best for the future as this was his last meeting prior to leaving Sutton.



The Property Review Manager reports that the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) had advised that they would cease their interest in the project unless the Council was willing to contribute up to £25,000 to the design fees.  Approval for this was given by Delegated Decision Notice in January.  The MPS’s appointed consultants MACE inspected the property at the beginning of March.  The outcome of this inspection will be reported in due course.


The Committee received a short written update.  It was pleasing to note that the situation regarding refurbishment and re-use of the building was looking more positive.


            Resolved:  To note.  



If there is any further information regarding the air quality monitoring station for Worcester Park, and the consultant’s report on traffic in the Central Road and Green Lane area, then an update will be given at the meeting.


The Chair referred to the consultant's report on traffic conditions in the Central Road area that had been supplied to Area Committee members before Christmas (Minute 1071/06 refers).  Essentially the report said that the capacity of the Central Road / Green Lane junction had already been exceeded and a demographic traffic increase of 28% was projected over the next ten years.  In his view the problems could only get worse, and the issue went beyond the Borough boundary and could not be solved by this Committee alone.


The Chair therefore suggested that the matter be referred to Strategy Committee as the Council may wish to take it up with Central Government.  It was a major issue that must be addressed otherwise there would be significant adverse impact on the road network in Sutton, Epsom and Ewell, Kingston and Merton.


Resolved:  To refer the matter to Strategy Committee for consideration.



The updated work plan is an ENCLOSURE.


Alan Carroll reported that, in respect of Lumley Road, monies for completion of the traffic modelling work had been released by Strategy Committee and he had employed new consultants.  The results of an assessment to be carried out over the next couple of weeks would be forwarded to Traffic for London.


It was agreed by all that traffic often built up at the Cheam Village crossroads and that the flow might be helped by removal of the ‘all red phase’ to the traffic lights; however Alan Carroll said that this would be contrary to the Mayor for London’s Traffic Strategy.  The Committee agreed that that there should be a report back on the Smarter Travel Sutton Project.


            Resolved:  To note the report and to add the Smarter Travel Sutton Project to the work plan.


Worcester Park Forum

Minutes of the meeting of held on 21 March 2007, for information. (ENCLOSURE)


            Resolved: To note the Minutes of the Forum meeting held on 21 March 2007.


next meeting

The next meeting will be held on 27 June 2007 at St Bede’s Conference Centre, St Anthony’s Hospital, London Road, North Cheam starting at 7.30pm.


It was noted that the next meeting would be held on 27 June 2007 at St. Bede’s Conference Centre, St. Anthony’s Hospital, North Cheam, starting at 7.30pm.

appendix to minutes