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Monday, 28th January, 2019 7.00 pm

Venue: Carshalton College, Nightingale Road, Carshalton, SM5 2EJ

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Questions from Members of the Public pdf icon PDF 76 KB

Additional documents:



Due to the high number of public attendees the Mayor announced that he would be taking public questions first followed by the motion on the Impact of Council parking policy.


There were seventeen questions from twelve members of the public; the supplementary questions and answers are set out at Appendix A to the minutes.


Motion - Impact of Council Parking Policy on the local community pdf icon PDF 66 KB


Councillor Shields moved the motion which was seconded by Councillor Crowley.


Following debate, in accordance with Council procedure rule 15.2 a roll call vote was taken (see below) and the motion was lost.



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Motion - Impact of Council Parking Policy on the local community Motion Rejected
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    Mayor's Announcements


    Apologies for absence were received from Councillors Joyce Melican and Jill Whitehead.


    The Mayor made the following announcements:


    The Mayor congratulated Christine Lindsay and her team for winning the London New Year Day Parade competition on behalf of the London Borough of Sutton and invited Christine to address the meeting. The Mayor had attended numerous events within the borough and throughout London since the last Council meeting, these included amongst others, Citizenship and Holocaust Memorial Ceremonies.  


    The Mayor informed the Council of the sad passing of former Councillor Janet Lowne who had died on the 19 January. She had supported the Mayor’s charity committee for many years. The meeting observed a one minute silence.


    Minutes pdf icon PDF 565 KB

    To confirm as a correct record the minutes of the meeting held on 12 November 2018.


    The minutes of the meeting held on 12 November 2018 were agreed as a correct record and signed by the Mayor.


    Boundary Commission Review


    The Mayor announced that this item had been withdrawn.


    Declarations of Interest

    Councillors to declare any personal or prejudicial interests that they have on matters to be discussed at this evening’s Council meeting.



    There were no declarations of interest.


    Questions from Councillors pdf icon PDF 55 KB

    Additional documents:


    There were seven questions from five Councillors, the supplementary questions and responses are set out at Appendix B to the minutes.



    To receive any petitions which will either be dealt with at this Council meeting or stand referred for consideration by appropriate Committees of the Council.


    There were no petitions.


    Committee Recommendations and Notices of Motion pdf icon PDF 91 KB

    To receive and consider the following notices of motion and recommendations of Committees.

    Additional documents:


    Motion - Schools funding in Sutton pdf icon PDF 70 KB


    Councillor Batt moved the motion which was seconded by Councillor Heffernan. Following debate the motion was put to the vote and carried.




    Council notes that Sutton’s young people have a proud record of educational achievement with some of the best schools in the country in our borough.


    Council therefore expresses its grave concern about the new funding formula introduced by the Government which will mean schools face cuts of £3bn nationally, according to the National Audit Office, and its potential impact on Sutton schools.  This is equivalent to an 8.0% reduction in per pupil funding for mainstream schools in real terms between 2014-15 and 2019-20.


    Council further notes that Sutton has historically been a low-funded borough - as identified by successive funding reviews.  Sutton’s schools now face new inflationary pressures, such as the National Living Wage, National Insurance contributions and the Apprenticeship Levy.


    Council is deeply concerned that, when combined with pressures in the high needs block for pupils with Special Educational Needs, with all London boroughs forecasting a deficit budget next year, funding in our schools is close to breaking point. 


    Council welcomes the Government’s recent announcement of additional SEND funding over the next two years but recognises that is not a long-term solution given rising levels of demand and supports the cross-party initiative through the Societies of London Treasurers and County Treasurers and the Local Government Association for a review of how SEND services are currently funded by the Government.


    Council therefore calls on the Leader of the Council and Leader of the Conservative Opposition to write to both the Prime Minister and the Secretary of State for Education calling for changes to the Government’s funding formula to ensure continuing excellent education for all pupils in Sutton schools.


    Motion - Hindu and Buddhist New Year Celebration pdf icon PDF 61 KB


    In accordance with Council procedure rule 11.15 Councillor Nandha sought consent of Council to alter the motion which was given. Councillor Nandha moved the motion which was seconded by Councillor Drummond.




    This Council values the New Years’ day celebration for Hindus and Buddhists that takes place on April 14th. The Hindu/Singala New year falls on April 14th. This is an important festival for Hindus as well as Buddhists all over the world. The festival has religious and cultural significance for them and gives a lot of importance to maintaining and transmitting cultural values to future generation.


    By the Council celebrating this day, it helps brings communities together and gives an opportunity to showcase our culture and also help to integrate society to live in peace and harmony.


    Celebration of this day adds value to the community, especially young people who can enjoy and participate in various cultural activities which reflects the Hindu and Buddhist tradition. Above all Britain is a multicultural society and by embracing this celebration, our borough could lead the way in enhancing understanding between different communities.


    The Council therefore agrees to:

    ·         Promote the Hindu and Buddhist New Year celebrations through the Council’s media channels along with the major festivals of other main religions as notified to us;

    ·         Contact local schools and local community groups to promote this event.


    Closure Motion


    Councillor Ruth Dombey, moved the closure motion which was seconded by Councillor Tim Crowley. The Mayor advised the Constitutional Review Report had been withdrawn.




    That, in accordance with Standing Order 12.8, all items remaining to be dealt with at this Council meeting be approved or noted as set out in their recommendations, subject to the leaders of the opposition groups being able to express dissent on them.


    The following items were adopted or noted:


    ·         Review of the Licensing Policy

    ·         Appointment of Committee Chair

    ·         Scrutiny Powers to refer

    ·         Reappointment of Independent Persons

    ·         Code of Conduct Investigation

    ·         Committee Calendar