Agenda and minutes

Monday, 12th November, 2018 7.00 pm

Venue: Wallington County Grammar School, Croydon Road, Wallington, SM6 7PH

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The minutes of the meeting held on 10 September 2018 were approved as a correct record and signed by the Mayor.


Mayor's Announcements


Apologies for absence had been received from Councillors Joyce Melican and Hanna Zuchowska.


The Mayor made the following announcements:


It was the Chief Executive’s last Full Council meeting before he joined the London Borough of Hounslow; the Mayor thanked the Chief Executive for his service to the borough. The Mayor and Mayoress had attended several events since the last meeting, including Remembrance services at: Worcester Park, Wallington, Sutton New Town and The Wrythe.


The Mayor informed the Council of the sad passing of former council officer Richard Shortman, who was Head of Democratic Services for many years. Councillors had been sent details of his funeral which would be taking place on 27 November.


The Mayor allowed Cllr Geiringer to make a short announcement about an illness of a former Councillor.



Declarations of Interest

Councillors to declare any personal or prejudicial interests that they have on matters to be discussed at this evening’s Council meeting.


There were no declarations of interest.


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Questions from Members of the Public


There were no public questions.


Questions from Councillors


There were nineteen questions from nine Councillors; the supplementary questions and answers are set out at Appendix A to the minutes.



To receive any petitions which will either be dealt with at this Council meeting or stand referred for consideration by appropriate Committees of the Council.


Councillor Jane Pascoe submitted a petition on behalf of residents which was referred to the Environment and Neighbourhood Committee for consideration.


Committee Recommendations and Notices of Motion pdf icon PDF 68 KB

To receive and consider the following notices of motion and recommendations of Committees.

Additional documents:


Motion - Transparency for Veolia performance pdf icon PDF 57 KB


Councillor Neil Garratt moved the motion which was seconded by Councillor Ryan Stoneman.


Councillor Manuel Abellan moved an amendment which was seconded by Councillor Richard Clare.


Following debate the amendment was put to the vote and carried. The substantive motion was put to the vote and carried.




Council notes that in the face of unprecedented government cuts to local government budgets, Sutton Council is working with Croydon, Kingston and Merton through the South London Waste Partnership to deliver more cost effective and environmentally friendly services while retaining high quality services for our residents and local businesses.


Council welcomes the huge effort from residents to help us increase our recycling rate from 36.5% in 2016/17 to 50% in 2017/18 and that Sutton is on course to be one of the top best recycling borough in London.


Council also welcomes the significant financial savings that will be achieved over the life of the contract.


Council further welcomes the DEFRA figures revealing that the overall amount of waste generated per person (per year) in Sutton has dropped by 23kg (from 375kg to 352kg).


Council notes that the contract for waste collection, winter maintenance, street cleaning and related activities in Sutton is a joint contract between South London Waste Partnership (SLWP) and Veolia, and that this contract includes 29 Service Performance Indicators (SPIs).


Council further notes that 29 SPIs set out clearly the service performance expected of Veolia, and that each SPI carries a financial deduction, such that Sutton will reduce the monthly payment to Veolia where SPIs have been missed.


Council confirms its commitment to transparency and openness.


That Sutton Council is in the process of refreshing its digital platform to improve customer experience and provide a more transparent and user friendly service to residents.


The Council therefore agrees to take the following actions:


- Publish on the Council’s website the table of SPIs from the redacted Veolia contract, so that residents can see the level of service they should receive.


- Publish on the Council’s website Veolia’s monthly performance for each SPI against the contractual target, so that residents can see the actual performance being delivered.  


- Publish on the Council’s websitethe number (though not the financial value) of deductions per month for each SPI, so that residents can see that the Council is holding Veolia accountable where its performance fails to meet the contracted standard.


- Report back to every future meeting of the Environment and Neighbourhood Committee on progress to date in achieving these actions, until they have been completed.



Motion - Anti-Bullying Week 2018 pdf icon PDF 86 KB


(b)          Motion - Anti-Bullying Week 2018


Councillor Chris Williams moved the motion which was seconded by Councillor Jenny Batt.


Following debate the motion was put the vote and carried.




Council expresses deep concern that:

  1. Counselling service Childline held over 19,000 counselling sessions with children about bullying during 2017/18.
  2. Nearly half of lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans young people have been bullied at school for being LGBT.
  3. Disabled children and those with special educational needs are around twice as likely to be bullied.
  4. Children eligible for free school meals are more likely to be victims of frequent bullying.
  5. Trades Union Congress (TUC) research revealed nearly a third of people have been bullied at their workplace.
  6. Female employees are more likely to be victims of bullying than males.
  7. Of those bullied, half said it had an adverse impact on their performance at work.
  8. People of all ages are also bullied because of their race, culture, faith, appearance, identity, socioeconomic status, interests/hobbies, academic ability, mannerisms, and whether they are young carers or looked after children. This bullying can take place in person or online.
  9. Dame Laura Cox’s report into the Bullying and Harassment of House of Commons staff revealed a dysfunctional workplace- particularly faced by women- where bullying and sexual harassment have long been "tolerated and concealed”.


Council notes that:

10.          12th-16th November 2018 is Anti-Bullying Week, organised by the Anti-Bullying Alliance.

11.          The theme of this year’s Anti-Bullying Week is ‘Choose Respect’.

12.          The Anti-Bullying Alliance’s definition of bullying is: “the repetitive, intentional hurting of one person or group by another person or group, where the relationship involves an imbalance of power. It can happen face to face or online”.

13.          Bullying behaviour can be done by an individual or by a group, and can be physical, verbal, emotional, sexual or online.

14.          The Equality Act 2010 seeks to protect against harassment on the basis of protected characteristics, which include age, sex, disability, gender (including gender reassignment), marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sexual orientation.


Council resolves:

15.          That bullying in any form, by any group or individual, in any walk of life, is unacceptable.

16.          To join the UK-wide Anti-Bullying Alliance, which already comprises over 140 organisations and individuals.

17.          To adopt the Anti-Bullying Alliance’s definition of bullying.

18.          That Sutton Council staff are encouraged to undertake the Anti-Bullying Alliance’s online training module, so they can feel more confident in identifying and calling out or reporting bullying behaviour.

19.          That as councillors we should lead by example in our actions and interactions, and will support efforts in our communities to highlight and end bullying. We will further demonstrate this by signing a pledge that we will refrain from bullying behaviour and instead ‘Choose Respect’.

20.          That once signed these pledges will be displayed on councillors’ official Council website profiles to show that we take bullying seriously and are determined to stand up for our communities.

21.          That an external anti-bullying training  ...  view the full minutes text for item 19b


Motion - Air Quality pdf icon PDF 63 KB


Councillor Tom Drummond moved the motion which was seconded by Councillor McDermott-Hill.


Councillor Drew Heffernan moved an amendment which was seconded by Councillor Mo Saqib.


Following debate the amendment was put to the vote and carried. The substantive motion was put to the vote and carried.




Council notes:


1. Air quality is an issue of growing public health concern and is associated with a number of adverse health impacts. It particularly affects children and older people and those with heart and respiratory conditions.


2. The Environment Act 1995 requires local authorities to monitor air pollution against national air quality objectives and to take action where it is found that these targets are unlikely to be met.


3. Sutton is meeting its National Air Quality Objectives but our air quality plan sets ambitious targets which are more strict than national targets in terms of nitrogen dioxide, PM 10 and PM 2.5.


4. That the Council is currently undertaking a statutory review of the Air Quality Action Plan and a draft will be presented to the Environment and Neighborhood Committee in November.


5. That the Council has consulted on it's reviewed Sustainability Strategy and plans to publish the final updated version in the Spring 2019.


6. In Sutton, the largest source of emissions is from motor vehicles, and the best way to improve air quality is to move more journeys from cars to journeys made by public transport, cycling and walking.


7. Sutton has one of the highest rates of car ownership in London and simultaneously, a relatively poor public transport infrastructure.


8. The damaging effects of landfill due to greenhouse gases such as methane and our plans to provide local residents and businesses with a cost-effective and environmentally sustainable alternative to landfill that will cut carbon emissions by 128,000 tonnes per year.


9. The innovative Better Points App pilot project which monitors people's journeys and encourages them to make their journeys more sustainable through in-App rewards and also raises awareness to users of the the London Air Quality data.


Council welcomes:


1. Plans to close the Beddington landfill site, deliver the largest London Parkland area in Beddington and a support tree-planting schemes with the aim of achieving over 2,000 new trees across the borough.


2. The ground-breaking decentralised energy network, SDEN,  that will provide low-carbon energy to homes and businesses in Sutton.


3. Plans to deliver a borough Electric Bike scheme and two cycling quietways.


4. The major scheme funding of £3.56m to reduce congestion, improve facilities for pedestrians and cyclists and significantly enhance the appearance in the Beddington Lane area.


5. The last administration's success in reducing greenhouse gas emissions from council buildings and operations by 29%.


6. The high standards of sustainability in the council's new build council homes including solar panels.


7. The awarding of a GLA grant to Sutton for a pilot project to explore a self-funding model for zero-carbon target retrofit of council houses for energy efficiency and affordable warmth technologies.


Council  ...  view the full minutes text for item 19c


Requisition - Review of Beech Tree Place older persons housing scheme pdf icon PDF 232 KB

Additional documents:


Councillor Jayne McCoy moved the draft resolution of the Housing Economy and Business Committee.


Following debate the draft resolution was put to the vote and carried.




  1. Officers be authorised to consult the Council tenants of 5-24 Beech Tree Place and the lessee (Crown Housing) of no.25, on the proposed closure of Beech Tree Place, on the basis that any residents who wish to remain, if the redevelopment takes place, will be guaranteed suitable accommodation for older people in the redevelopment


  1. resident feedback be reported to a future meeting of the Housing, Economy and Business Committee.


  1. in the event of the scheme closing, flats becoming empty be made available on an interim basis as temporary accommodation for compatible homeless households to whom the council owes a duty, subject to a property by property business case and risk assessment.


  1. in the event of the scheme closing, officers commission a report on the range of potential redevelopment options for Beech Tree Place and the wider allocated site for a future HEB Committee.


  1. in the event of proceeding with a decision to close the scheme, existing secure tenants be awarded priority rehousing status, including eligibility for statutory Home Loss and disturbance allowance payments, with the right to return where feasible.


(Note: only resolutions 1 and 5 were subject to the requisition.)



Closure Motion


Councillor Ruth Dombey, moved the closure motion which was seconded by Councillor Tim Crowley.




That, in accordance with Standing Order 12.8, all items remaining to be dealt with at this Council meeting be approved subject to the leaders of the opposition groups being able to express dissent on them.


The following items were adopted:


  • Constitutional Update Report
  • Review of the Gambling Policy
  • Appointment of Acting Head of Paid Service (Chief Executive)
  • Scrutiny Annual Report
  • Dispensation Report