Agenda and minutes

Beddington and Wallington Area Committee
Wednesday, 2nd May, 2007 7.30 pm

Venue: Bandon Hill Primary School, Sandy Lane South, Wallington

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Apologies were received from Councillors Colin Hall, John Keys and John Leach. 



Minutes of the meeting held on 7 March 2007.


The minutes of the meeting of 7March 2007 were agreed as a correct record and signed by the Chair.





One member of public asked questions and answers were given as set out in the appendix to these minutes. 


Wallington Library - Update report one year on from refurbishment

Report of the Executive Head of Leisure Management and Libraries.


Graham Fudge, Chair of Friends of Wallington Library and Gardens, Angela Fletcher, Head of Libraries and Heritage, and Jon Ward, Library Manager attended to make presentations to the committee.


Angela Fletcher explained the changes that had occurred and highlighted the increased usage of the library.  Following a member query she explained that the project had cost £250,000 from the Capital Programme and that whilst no targets were set as part of the financial plan, there was a conviction of belief that usage would increase.  Graham Fudge explained that the Friends group had been fully involved in the process from the start and that they were very supportive of the changes.  Jon Ward explained his role as project manager for the scheme and in response to a member query explained that the lift had undergone refurbishment and was now more compliant with the Disability Discrimination Act.


Members expressed their congratulations to the staff and to the Friends group for their good work.


Resolved: To note the report and to pass on congratulations to all staff and members of the Friends of Wallington Library for their good work.


Guy Road youth shelter

Report of the Head of Parks Service.  (Minutes 13/07 and 244/07 refers)


Mr Kellaway, local resident, attended to ask a question regarding what the council were doing to curb anti-social behaviour as residents were expecting an increase due to the improving weather.  Mr Kellaway, at the invitation of the Chair, stayed at the table and took part in the discussion of the report.


Further to Minutes 13/07 and 244/07 Mark Dalzell, Head of Parks, explained the various options and recommendations as given in the report.  Inspector John Pendleton, Met Police, broadly supported the recommendation to take the shelter away for a minimum of three months in order to gain some statistics and have an informed discussion and ultimately an informed decision.  Apologies were given to Mr Kellaway for the problems which residents are experiencing.


It was pointed out that residents in the ward had benefited from the installation of the shelter as statistics had shown.


Members discussed other options of moving the shelter as well as whether or not to have a shelter at all.  Following a vote the recommendation to remove the shelter and wait for the statistics to have an informed discussion was carried. 


Resolved: (i) To agree to dismantle the shelter and put it in temporary storage.


(ii) To allow the Safer Neighbourhood Teams (SNT) to undertake a full audit over three months of all the anti-social behaviour incidents related to youth disturbance and identify the locations of any such incidents and report back to committee on their findings.


(iii) To note that following the SNT’s report area committee will be able to make an informed decision about whether there is still a need for a youth shelter in the ward and the location most likely to meet any need.


Consulting with residents on traffic proposals

Verbal report - deferred from the meeting of 10 January 2007 (Minute 07/07 and 244/07).


Further to Minute 07/07 and 244/07 where members had requested that residents associations might be included in consultation on traffic calming proposals Alan Carroll explained the statutory process and Sutton’s consultation policy and that any changes to policy would need to be referred to the Strategy Committee. 


It was explained that frontage properties are consulted along with those that may be affected by displacement.  Whilst including residents associations may lead to wider community engagement, diverse views and diverse approaches, the negative aspects would include; dilution of solution for those affected, increased costs and delay in implementation, possible community division and residents associations are not always being identifiable.


There was much debate about the representation of residents association as there were some that are registered with the council and others not.  Some consisted of few members for many households and it was not always clear how they gain views from members or households and whether or not they provided feedback.  There had been examples of members representing self-interest rather than those of the whole. 


Resolved: (i) To not make a reference to Strategy Committee.


(ii) To request a report for information on the regulations for residents associations registering with the council.


Air Quality Report

Report of the Executive Head of Environmental Sustainability.


Martin Easton, Environmental Protection Manager, presented his report, which highlighted failed air quality objectives for the Beddington Lane area.  Blame for this failure could not be attributed specifically to any of the businesses operating in the area, of which many were big dust producers.  Officers were working with the Environment Agency (EA) with regard to enforcement as part of EA waste management licenses to operate.  They were also working with businesses with an aim to educate and are considering enforcement action where appropriate.


Councillor Jenny Slark requested to meet with Martin Easton outside of the meeting to discuss concerns of residents of Oakmead Road, and others, and how to increase the involvement of the Environment Agency.


There was much discussion about enforcement and the inclusion of planning officers.  It was explained that all are working to capacity and there was a need for additional resources.


            Resolved: (i) To note the report and thanks to Martin Easton.


            (ii) To note the need for additional resources.


            (iii) That an annual report come to committee.


Safer Neighbourhood Team

Verbal report from Inspector John Pendleton – Safer Neighbourhood Team.


Inspector John Pendleton gave a verbal update, and tabled a paper, from the four Safer Neighbourhood Teams.  The priorities for each of the four wards were: 


Beddington North: anti social behaviour involving vehicles, speeding, and increased police visibility.


Beddington South: anti social behaviour, increased police visibility and youth diversion.


Wallington North: high police visibility, speeding vehicles in Parkgate and Springfield Roads and graffiti.  It was explained that speed checks had taken place and, from the results, it would appear that there is a perception issue as most of the cars were not speeding.


Wallington South: increased police visibility, anti social behaviour of youths and anti social behaviour involving vehicles.  It was explained that speed checks had taken place in Woodcote and Stafford Roads as well as some minor roads.  From the results it would appear that there is a perception issue as most of the cars were not going above 30mph.


There was some discussion about setting up of youth panels as a means of engagement with young people and members were very interested in getting involved.  Panels have been set up in the Northern Wards area and Cheam so far.


Resolved: (i) To thank Inspector Pendleton for the written information and for looking after The Grange, especially with no parks police.


(ii) To request that Inspector Pendleton enquire about councillors assisting with youth panels as they are set up.


take part take pride - for information

Sutton Council is again launching its annual Take Part Take Pride campaign (TPTP).


This year’s theme is ‘Community Cohesion’.  TPTP 2007 brings together various departments, partners, community groups, local councillors and residents to promote a shared sense of purpose, participation and pride in Sutton.  The campaign will culminate in a week of activities from 3-10 June 2007.


Last year’s TPTP event was a great success with hundreds of residents turning out during the week to participate in a range of events across Sutton. Activities ranged from celebrating diversity and promoting community safety at the Safer Sutton Partnership’s ‘Wandle Carnival’ to clearing the River Wandle.  In fact, the campaign was such a huge success that other councils across the country are considering adopting it.


This year, we would like to encourage as many council departments, partners, community groups, local councillors and residents to join us in promoting this initiative. If you have an event, project or would like to create one that chimes with the Take Part Take Pride theme then we urge you to get involved.


With your help we can make this year’s event even better.


Should you require further information or want to get involved, please contact Katherine Hudson on 020 8770 5330 or email For additional information, visit


The Chair requested that members’ ideas and initiatives be passed on to Katherine Hudson as given on the agenda.


            Resolved: To note.



Minutes of the meeting held on 11 April 2007.


            Resolved: To note the minutes of the meeting of 11 April 2007. 



STEP ZONE 36 HACKBRIDGE AREA - Proposed traffic calming measures


The Chair has agreed the urgency of this report to allow for a timely decision to be made.


This report was allowed as an urgent item to allow for a timely decision to be made.  Alan Carroll, Interim Head of Transport, Planning and Works, explained that whilst a small part of Step Zone 36 came over to the Beddington and Wallington Area, the works to be carried out were in the Carshalton and Clockhouse Area.


Resolved: (i) To note the results of public consultation, as shown on Appendices 2 and 3 of the report.


(ii) To approve the proposed packages of traffic calming measures for the purpose of public consultation.


(iii) To agree that the content and arrangements for public consultation be delegated to the Executive Head of Planning, Transport & Highways in consultation with the ward councillors.


(iv) To agree that the Executive Head of Planning, Transport & Highways in consultation with the ward councillors be given delegated authority to:


§        Proceed with those elements of the packages that receive a favourable outcome from the consultation and prioritize the measures for implementation in the year 2007/08 that can be contained with the agreed budget of £56,000,


§        to vary the packages to take account of any further issues arising from the ongoing consultation with residents and be mindful of the need to remain within the stated budget, and


§        to make the relevant Traffic Management Orders under Section 6 of the Road Traffic Act 1984 and agree the associated Statement of Reasons to implement measures which result from varying the packages for the reasons mentioned above.


(v) To authorise the Executive Head of Planning, Transport & Highways in consultation with the ward councillors to agree the making of the relevant Orders under Section 6 of the Road Traffic Act 1984 to introduce the proposed 20mph speed limit zones and the following Statement of reasons be agreed “the 20mph speed limit will reduce traffic speeds and improve road safety in the area and provide a safe environment for all road users”


(vi) To agree the implementation of the proposed anti-skid surface materials in both Goat Road and Hackbridge Road as stated in 2.2 (a) and (b) of the report.


Councillor Bruce Glithero declared a personal interest in that he lives within the Step Zone boundary.



The next meeting will be held on 11 July 2007.


It was noted that the next meeting would be held on 11 July 2007 at Civic Offices, Sutton.  The Chair explained that an informal session would take place at the next meeting entitled ‘Down Your Street’ to which local community groups would be invited to take part.  There was some concern about whether the Civic Offices would be a good venue for this item as it may hinder attendance.


Resolved: That following a meeting with officers the Chair would decide whether or not to defer ‘Down Your Street’ to the October meeting.


Subsequent to the meeting the venue has been changed.  The next meeting on 11 July will now take place at the Phoenix Centre, Mollison Drive, Wallington.

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