Agenda and draft minutes

Beddington and Wallington Area Committee
Wednesday, 11th July, 2007 7.30 pm

Venue: Phoenix Centre, Mollison Drive, Wallington

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Apologies were received from Councillor Colin Hall and Councillor Joan Hartfield.




Minutes of the meeting of 2 May 2007.


The minutes of the meeting of 2 May 2007 were agreed as a correct record and signed by the Chair.




Fifteen minutes are allowed, at this point, if required, for questions from members of the public about items that are not on the agenda.  The detailed rules regarding questions are set out on a preceding page.


There were two questions from members of the public, which are set out, with responses, in the appendix to these minutes.




Reference from Strategic Asset Management Group – to be taken under the item for Shotfield.  



Shotfield Health Centre - Land Exchange 


This was referred from the Strategic Asset Management Group for comments to be passed to the Executive.


The report requested agreement for the exchange of land between the Council and the Sutton and Merton PCT.  The land exchange was needed in order to save a tree during demolition and to provide a rear access to the proposed new building. 


Resolved: To inform the Executive that the committee approve in principle the proposed land swap between the Council and the Sutton and Merton Primary Care trust, subject to:


a.     Prior advertisement of the disposal in the local press for 2 weeks in advance, and representations received from the public; and

b.     Agreement on formal heads of terms with the PCT;


petition - traffic calming, queenswood avenue, Wallington

A petition of more than 50 signatures has been received from residents of Queenswood Avenue.


The Prayer reads:

"Traffic on this road has not been reduced or been able to slow the vehicles down to a reasonable speed regardless of the speed humps installed on the road.  There have been numerous cars speeding at all hours from young drivers to lorries with heavy loads.  When lorries go over the speeding humps the dwellings shake with the severity of the speed.  The road is used as a cut through every day particularly during peak periods and increases when Croydon Road and Beddington Lane are undertaking road works.


In addition, the parking from patrons of the Plough Pub in Plough Lane and the customers of nearby restaurants take up road space in Queenswood Avenue at the Plough Lane entrance and this poses a hazard with speeding traffic.


It is a major concern to the residents that there has been countless near misses of collision and especially when taking children out of the car.  The through traffic do not appear to have due regard for this matter.  The danger for someone being killed is very serious and cannot be underestimated as the volume is increasing.


We the undersigned hereby petition to have a more suitable method to mitigate the traffic on this road, either by installing width restrictions, a no through road sign, or a similar scheme."


A representative will be given four minutes to present the petition.


Mrs Barnett, resident of Queenswood Avenue, was given four minutes to present the petition to the committee.  Mrs Barnett raised issues of high volume of traffic, failing road surface and unacceptable noise/fumes from traffic and how these were affecting the residents of Queenswood Avenue. There were also problems with parking because of the users of The Plough pub.  


Residents requested the introduction of a no-entry sign prior to Queen Elizabeth Walk, to prevent rat running, and requested a weight limit for the road.  


Members who knew, or used, this road had sympathy with the residents and requested that speed/volume tests were done after the school holidays to get a true picture.


Alan Carroll, Interim Head of Transport Planning and Works, and Sgt Waddington would work together to get the surveys done and to report back on their findings at the next meeting.  The results would also be put on the Council website.  Mr Carroll would also ensure that this road was down on the list of repairs to be done. 


Mr Carroll explained that if a no entry sign were considered there would need to be wide consultation with residents affected by the displacement of traffic.  The only option to ease the parking problem would be to restrict parking.  Residents may not wish to pay to park outside their home and again would need to be consulted on an area basis.


Resolved: (i) That Alan Carroll and Sgt Waddington arrange for speed/volume tests to be undertaken, in Queenswood Avenue, after the school holidays.


(ii) That results of the speed/volume tests come back to this committee in October and be posted on the Council’s website.


(iii) That Alan Carroll would ensure that Queenswood Avenue was on the list for repairs.


Councillor Jenny Slark declared a personal and prejudicial interest, in that she lives in Queenswood Avenue, and left the room.


petition - request for CCTV at the broadway, beddington

A petition containing more than 50 signatures has been received from Beddington Traders and Residents. 


The Prayer reads:

"In the interests of safety and security, we the undersigned, request the introduction of security cameras in the area of The Broadway, Beddington.”


A representative will be given four minutes to present the petition.


Mr Naresh Singh was given four minutes in which to present the petition on behalf of residents and traders at The Broadway, Beddington.


Mr Singh described the effect on traders and residents from the ongoing and increasing incidents of crime, especially robberies in which several traders and staff have been threatened with knives.  Traders and residents requested that CCTV be installed in Beddington as a matter of urgency.


Sgt Waddington explained that there is a borough wide upgrade of the present system and the whole of this year’s budget was allocated to that.  The upgrade would take another 18 months to complete then the whole borough would be reviewed and new sites chosen for new installations.  For the time being a list is being drawn up, of potential new sites for CCTV and this site would go on that list.  However, it may be possible to install a temporary rapid deployment camera but were all in use at the moment and the lead officer for this was on leave.  The Safer Neighbourhood Team would arrange increased patrols and police would increase patrols around The Plough.


Members urged Sgt Waddington to ensure that a rapid deployment camera was installed as a matter of urgency.


Resolved: (i) That Sgt Waddington be requested to treat this as a matter of urgency and push for a rapid deployment camera at The Broadway, Beddington.


(ii) That The Broadway, Beddington be put on the list of potential sites for new CCTV installation as soon as possible.


Councillor Jenny Slark declared a personal interest in that she uses the shops in Beddington on a daily basis.



Report from Strategic Planning for comments.


Matthew Robson, Strategic Planning, reported that the Draft Management Plan had been previously distributed to members and that leaflets had been delivered to residents and traders.  The consultation period ends on the 17 July 2007 and asked for members’ comments on the Plan.


Resolved:  That members forward any comments to Matthew Robson before the 17 July.


shotfield health centre

a)     Andrew Grimes, Project Manager, Sutton & Merton PCT, will present plans to the meeting.                                                            (TO FOLLOW)


b)     Report referred from Strategic Asset Management Group for comments from the Area Committee to be forwarded to The Executive.



c)      Briefing Paper from the Area Planning Manager.



The Chair explained that this item was to discuss the broader issues surrounding the Shotfield Health Centre and not to make any decisions.


a)        Andrew Grimes, Project Manager, Sutton and Merton PCT, tabled a set of plans for the proposed new build.  He explained that the current premises were too small and a larger building was needed to re-provide current services as well as include other services under phase 2 of the Better Healthcare Closer to Home (BHCH) Programme.  These new services would include dentistry, podiatry, outpatients and diagnostics.  It was confirmed that when the full range of acute services are installed at Shotfield it will constitute as a Local Care Centre.


Mr Grimes gave an overview of the planned building, which had taken conservation, sustainability and environmental issues into account.  If the land swap is approved a rear access was envisaged which would also open up the Jubilee Gardens which would also be improved.  A large Beech tree would also be preserved and a play area would be built at the tree area.  It was explained that a zinc room would be used to reflect heat and therefore less cooling would be necessary inside the building.  Current services would be continued at Mint House, Wallington, whilst the rebuild is going on.


Members raised several issues around funding, lack of consultation, responsibility for maintenance and open space deficit in Wallington.


Mr Grimes explained that if the scheme were not approved at Development Control that another plan would be drawn up and submitted.  However, the architects had been working with planning officers for a year discussing pre-planning.


It was reported that only when the PCT were confident that this was the scheme it wanted they then held a public consultation meeting.  Mr Grimes was not aware of any request to consult before this period.


Mr Grimes acknowledged the lack of open space in Wallington, and explained that planning officers had said that three floors were the limit to which the new building could go.  Therefore a larger footprint was needed.  The only parking at the front of the building is to be for disabled parking and ambulances. 


The PCT will be paying for the Jubilee Garden improvements but maintenance thereafter would be down to the Council.


b)        Although discussed under this item the minute is under the minute References From Other Committees. - See above.


c)        Further to the briefing note supplied by John Rawlinson, Area Planning Manager, it was noted that agreement had now been reached.


The Chair opened up the meeting to accept questions and comments from the public.  It was accepted that residents would welcome the new facilities. There was concern that the Friends of Wallington Library had not been consulted on proposals, especially those for Jubilee Gardens.  Mr Grimes reported that consultation would take place once planning permission was granted.


There were questions regarding the fabric of the building to which Mr Grimes responded.


Resolved:  (i) To thank Andrew Grimes and Steve Grant for attending the  ...  view the full minutes text for item 663.


down your street

The will be a presentation, followed by a discussion open to the public, about how the London Borough of Sutton and the Police are working together to tackle anti social behaviour, graffiti, littering and other related issues whilst making improvements to the streets, parks and public spaces in the Beddington and Wallington area.


Indicative Time:  15 minutes for presentation, 30 minutes for groupwork and 15 minutes for feedback.

Total time: 1 hour


This was a community engagement item to which local resident groups, churches, and Friends groups were invited to participate.


Councillor John Keys explained that the subject of this item i.e. street scene issues and Safer Sutton Partnership was part of the councillor induction programme and thought it would work well on a local level.


Dan Jones, Head of Street Scene Strategy, gave a presentation on the various services that deal with street scene issues, and how they work in partnership to give a better, more cost effective service.


The committee members, officers and members of the public broke into smaller groups to look at a case study and suggest potential solutions to problems given i.e. dog fouling, vandalism and graffiti etc.


The Chair apologised for the lack of time left for this item.


Resolved:  (i) To thank Dan Jones for organising this item and to the participating officers.


(ii) That any issues arising from this item be passed to Dan Jones or Sgt Waddington.


(iii) To thank members of the public for attending and participating.



Minutes of the meeting of 5 June 2007.


Resolved: To note the minutes of the Wallington Forum on 5 June 2007. 



The next meeting will be held on 31 October 2007 at Bandon Hill Primary School, Sandy Lane South, Wallington.


Resolved: To note the date of the next meeting has been changed to 17 October 2007 and will be held at Bandon Hill Primary School, Sandy Lane South, Wallington.  

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