Agenda and minutes

Sutton South, Cheam and Belmont Local Committee
Thursday, 11th March, 2021 7.00 pm

Venue: Virtual Meeting

Contact: Paul Brockwell, Locality Lead Officer, Tel: 020 8770 6020 | Email:  Benjamin Kiang, Committee Services Officer, Tel: 020 8770 4990 | Email:


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Welcome and introductions


The Chair, Councillor Tony Shields, welcomed those present.


Apologies for absence


Apologies for lateness were received from Councillor Elliot Colburn.


Declarations of interest


There were no declarations of interest.


Minutes of the previous meeting pdf icon PDF 83 KB

To approve as a correct record the minutes of the meeting held on 26 November 2020.


RESOLVED: that the minutes of the meeting held on 26 November 2020 be agreed as an accurate record.


Any urgent business

To consider any items which, in the view of the Chair, should be dealt with as a matter of urgency because of special circumstances (in accordance with S100B(4) of the Local Government Act 1972).


There was no urgent business.


COVID-19 Public Health Message

Presentation from Dr Imran Choudhury, Director of Public Health, to raise awareness of the pandemic.


Indicative timing: 20 minutes


Dr Imran Choudhury, Director of Public Health, provided a verbal update on the latest COVID-19 messages. His presentation included an overview of the local rates of COVID-19 cases, hospital admissions and vaccinations. Mr Choudhury emphasised the importance of continuing to adhere to government guidelines to further drive down the rate of infection. It was also noted that a new mass vaccination centre would be opening in the St Nicholas Centre and that work was ongoing to engage with communities groups where the takeup of vaccinations tended to be lower.


Dr Choudhury confirmed that the ‘R’ number, i.e. the average number of people that one infected person will pass the virus on to, for London continues to fall.


The committee discussed the opening of the new vaccination centre located in the St Nicholas Centre due to open on 18 March. Dr Choudhury confirmed that residents had already begun to book slots at the site. It was clarified that the Epsom and St Nicholas sites would remain open for the next stage of the vaccination rollout but that the site located in Nonsuch would be closed, but not before residents who received their first dose there had returned for their second.


Public Questions

This item is an opportunity for members of the public to raise points or questions about local issues.

As the meeting is being held online, questions must be submitted prior to the meeting using the form available on the council’s website at least five working days in advance.

Where possible, written responses will be provided before the meeting. The Chair has also allocated 15 minutes during the meeting to hear supplementary questions.

Please be aware your question and name will be published in the minutes of the meeting.

Indicative timing: 15 minutes





As no public questions were submitted prior to the meeting, the Chair advised that he would allow any questions from those in the meeting.


Councillor Eric Allen asked a question regarding the volume of traffic going through Cheam Village. He asked what the Council was planning to do to mitigate traffic in the area caused by the closure of the A217.


Ian Price, Team Leader Strategy & Commissioning, responded that the closure of the A217 was being arranged by Transport for London (TfL) and confirmed that the council continued to be in contact with them on the issues raised by residents and members.


The committee discussed the potential for better signage to provide motorists with more warning about closures so that they would be able to plan their routes to avoid heavy traffic through Cheam Village.


South Sutton LTA Update pdf icon PDF 164 KB

A short presentation to update on the Sutton South Low Traffic Area (LTA).


Indicative timing: 20 minutes



Alex Constantinides, Interim Assistant Director, Highways, Transport and Regulatory Services, presented an update on the South Sutton low traffic neighbourhood scheme implemented in September 2020 consisting of the closure of King’s Lane and an experiential 20mph speed limit.


Mr Constantinides notified the committee that Sutton’s Streetspace schemes, introduced initially under an experimental order, had been removed as a result of the high court judgement on the Bishopsgate scheme in the City of London. He stated that the council was committed to reducing traffic problems in the area and that the council would bring back future schemes with full and meaningful consultation with stakeholders.


Mr Constantinides shared an overview of the monitoring data collected from the South Sutton scheme before its removal.


The committee debated the problem of speeding in the King’s Lane Bridge area, the risk to pedestrians, and the merits of having a permanent 20mph zone. Mr Constantinides confirmed that investigative work into the King’s Lane Bridge area, as well as a traffic order to maintain the 20 mph zone had been included in the project list for inclusion in the 2021/22 LIP programme which is subject to approval at the March meeting of the Environment and Sustainable Transport Committee. A suggestion was made to consider different measures to mitigate danger to pedestrians including traffic lights or a pedestrian footbridge.


The committee debated the merits of the School Streets schemes. Mr Constantinides confirmed that plans were being made for future schemes and that these would be subject to full public consultation.


Cheam Village Conservation Area pdf icon PDF 10 MB

The Council is consulting on a draft Character Appraisal and Management Plan for the Cheam Village Conservation Area. As part of the consultation, a short presentation will be provided and residents are encouraged to take part and have their say on the future of the conservation area.


Indicative timing: 10 minutes


Councillor Elliot Colburn joined the meeting at 19:37.


Dean James, Strategic Planning Manager, presented to the committee a presentation on the Cheam Village Conservation Area. Mr James provided a historical background of the area and explained what the council considers during a character appraisal and the creation of a management plan. Mr James encouraged residents to take part in the consultation by visiting the online pages or by sending the team an email ahead of the deadline on 25 March 2021.


The committee discussed car parking charges in the area and the potential impact on local businesses.


The committee also discussed the buildings identified in the appraisal as those that could potentially be enhanced through the introduction of appropriate architectural detail or design features of the wider conservation area. Mr James confirmed that some of the points raised in the meeting would be fed back through the consultation process, including those around the emphasis of mock Tudor design.


The committee discussed the shop-fronts and old windows in the Cheam Village area and the role of the council in proactively addressing the issues highlighted in the appraisal.


The committee discussed the potential boundary changes to the conservation area proposed as part of the consultation process.


The committee discussed recent extensions to permitted development rights and the impact of these changes on the recommendations in the character appraisal.


Sustainable Transport Strategy Consultation pdf icon PDF 8 MB

A new public consultation of the council's Sustainable Transport Strategy started in January 2021. Residents are encouraged to take part and have their say on the future direction of the strategy.


Indicative timing: 15 minutes


Dean James, Senior Strategic Planning Officer, presented to the committee on the consultation process for the new Sustainable Transport Strategy. Mr James outlined the need for an updated strategy to reflect recent local initiatives and borough-wide plans and explained the new features of the draft strategy. Mr James encouraged residents to have their say on the draft strategy by completing the online consultation form, or by sending an email or letter to the council ahead of the deadline on 25 March 2021.


The committee discussed the GoSutton Bus, a scheme that came to an end. Mr James recognised the success of the scheme but clarified that the GoSutton Bus was a trial adopted primarily to test the technology for demand-responsive travel and collect data on how it was used.


The committee also discussed the borough’s target for the number of journey’s taking place by walking, cycling and public transport and how the council intended to meet it. Phil Crockford, Principle Transport Strategy & Policy Officer, emphasised the importance of larger ticket items in meeting the target, such as the reinstatement of twin rail track to Belmont, further bus capacity and the wider regional rail metroisation programme introduced by the Mayor of London.


The committee also discussed traffic movements into and out of the borough by non-residents of Sutton. Members raised the need to engage with major employers in the borough to capture data on those travelling to and through Sutton for work purposes. Phil Crockford, Principle Transport Strategy & Policy Officer, confirmed that the council was considering wider transport corridors and planned to engage with neighbouring areas to improve regional networks.


The committee discussed the importance of promoting the consultation to residents to ensure that the strategy represents all those living and working in Sutton.


Neighbourhood Fund pdf icon PDF 802 KB

An update on what the new Neighbourhood Fund has financed so far and the promotion of the next round of funding available.


Indicative timing: 20 minutes


Gavin Calthorpe, Business Development Manager, presented to the committee on the Neighbourhood Fund, the neighbourhood portion of the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL). Mr Calthorpe outlined where the funding comes from, what it is for, who can apply, and how it is allocated. Mr Calthorpe encouraged residents to apply for funding, provided a timeline for doing so and shared contact details for further information.


The committee discussed the process for ensuring that money generated in the area through the CIL is spent on projects within that area and the categories for which projects are considered. Mr Calthorpe confirmed the approximate levels of funding allocated to the scheme since its inception in 2014, funding allocated in 2020 and funding earmarked for 2021.


The committee discussed the general size and value of projects that are considered for funding. Members emphasised the importance of supporting voluntary and community sector groups to access funding in a timely manner including the promotion of the fund through all relevant communication channels.


Public Realm Projects and Neighbourhood Grants pdf icon PDF 2 MB

Locality Lead Officer, Paul Brockwell, to deliver a report on the public realm budget, introduce new schemes for consideration by the Committee and remind committee members of new Neighbourhood Grant Schemes agreed through delegated decision.


Indicative timing: 10 minutes

Additional documents:


Paul Brockwell, Locality Lead Officer, presented to the committee on the Neighbourhood Grants, funding available to local groups organising events and projects. Mr Brockwell provided an update on funding available, outlined examples of how it has been used in the past and encouraged individuals and groups to apply.


Mr Brockwell also presented on Public Realm funding, money available to support projects aimed at improving the local environment and infrastructure. Mr Brockwell provided an update on funding available, outlined examples of how it has been used in the past and encouraged individuals and groups to apply.


Date of next meeting

The next meeting of the local committee will take place on 10 June.


The date of the next meeting is Thursday, 10 June 2021.