Agenda and minutes

Sutton Local Committee
Tuesday, 4th June, 2013 7.00 pm

Venue: Holy Family Church, Sorrento Road, Sutton, SM1 1QT

Contact: Bill Reed, Community Development Officer, Tel 020 8770 4391, Email: 

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To receive the minutes of the meeting held on 5 March 2013.


The minutes of the meeting held on 5 March 2013 were agreed as a correct record. There were no matters arising.





Apologies were received from Dr Adi Cooper, Steve O’Connell, Gabrielle Andrews and David Bundfuss Councillor Tope’s apologies for a late arrival were noted.




To receive a report from the Safer Neighbourhoods Teams for the three Wards.


Indicative time 10 minutes


Inspector Hall gave an update on the work of the Safer Neighbourhoods Teams for the area


Sutton North – Operation Bigwing had led to seventeen search warrants and a number of arrests. The SNT was working with Trading Standards and there had been arrests relating to metal theft.


Sutton West – Crime was decreasing although there was a slight increase in theft from motor vehicles. High visibility patrols and newsletters were combating this. Anti Social behaviour was down arising from recent arrests. A drug warrant had led to a cannabis factory being discovered.


Sutton Central – Theft from the person, or ‘dipping’, had increased with elderly victims being targeted. Publicity was addressing this as were notable arrests. Police were working with banks and supermarkets. Anti Social Behaviour at Collingwood was being tackled through a strategy working with Sutton Housing Partnership and local residents. The application for a Licence for Wonderland was pending.


A successful Open day had been held at the Police Station.




Ross Feeney, Chief Executive of Successful Sutton, the Business Improvement District (BID) for Sutton Town Centre, will make a presentation and lead a discussion about the work of the BID.


Indicative time 15 minutes


Ross Feeney, Chief Executive of Successful Sutton, the Business Improvement District (BID) for Sutton High Street, spoke to the meeting.


Following a successful ballot of traders in 2012, the BID was set up funded by a levy on businesses. The BID, business led, was a company with a Board of Directors from among the traders. The BID prided itself on a good relationship with Sutton Council and were working with the Local Committee to improve the North End of the High Street.


The BID focussed on four areas of activity:

- Promotion and perception

- Protection

- Business services

- Cleaning and greening.


A number of successful events had been held and were planned for the summer. These included the Easter Egg hunt, and the proposed Sunset Cinema.


More information could be obtained from the Successful Sutton website, from Twitter or via the newsletter


Mr Feeney answered questions. It was established that the levy on traders applied to tenants or, where vacant or partially vacant, to the landlord. The volume of music played by buskers could be controlled through the Town Centre Manager. Buskers do need a street licence and this was overseen by the Council.




The consultation period for the Better Services, Better Value review of hospital provision in South West London and Epsom has now commenced. There will be a presentation on the consultation exercise, together with a chance to ask questions.


Indicative time 20 minutes


Dr Agatha Nortley-Meshe a GP representing the Better Services Better Value (BSBV) review, spoke to the meeting.


The BSBV review grew out of an examination into standards of care and variations in this at weekends and in the evenings. It was established that insufficient consultants existed to provide adequate standards of care across the range of Hospital settings. 500 preventable deaths had occurred as a result in London. Acute emergency care, maternity care and children’s services were affected.


The BSBV Review looked at how standards could be achieved in these services in South West London and Surrey, concluding that some services would have to be withdrawn from some hospitals. The Review was to make proposals for public comment Four drivers of change had been identified:

- achieving the highest possible standards of care

- the rising demand for healthcare

- shortage of skilled health professionals

- financial pressures.


The Review concluded that three hospitals of the five in the review area would continue to provide Accident and Emergency services, maternity services and children’s services. One of the other two would provide elective surgery services and, possibly, a midwifery centre. All five would provide urgent care (meeting 60% of the current A+E usage), diagnostics, outpatients and minor surgery.


A number of options had been generated and tested and were to go to the BSBV Programme Board prior to consultation. The preferred option was to remove A+E and maternity services from St Helier Hospital.


Should that happen, Dr Nortley-Meshe indicated that analysis suggested that travel times would increase on average by 5 minutes for those travelling by blue light ambulance, 7-8 minutes for those travelling by car and 13-14 minutes for those travelling by public transport.


It was stressed that no decisions had been made to date and that all views would be considered in the consultation process. The BSBV team were keen to get feedback.


Mr Carter asked whether, if there was overwhelming opposition from Sutton residents, the BSBV team could still close services at St Helier. Dr Nortley-Meshe said that if something happened which showed that there would be disproportionate harm to patients, the review would stop, even through the implementation of proposals. She pointed out that local opposition would be likely whichever hospital was affected. Opposition itself was insufficient to prevent this process which was driven by the need to prevent poor care and untimely deaths. If the BSBV team was not persuaded by local people, the changes would happen.


Councillor Dombey noted that in eleven years of changes and proposals for improved health services, the only positive change for Sutton residents was the Jubilee Health Centre at Wallington. She asked about travel times, noting that the Council’s analysis of the BSBV claims was that they were not possible. In particular the public transport time was estimated by the Council to be 48 minutes. Dr Nortley-Meshe noted that 60% of patients would still be assisted in St Helier, the remainder would go to GPs or Community Services. When it  ...  view the full minutes text for item 522.



To note that the following matter has been dealt with under the Urgency Procedure since the last meeting of the Local Committee:


Progression of Parking Control Schemes (15 May 2013)

Decision: To agree to progress the parking control schemes in Hilldale Road, Mulgrave Road and Salisbury Road (together with adjoining roads).  In each case an allocation from the Local Committee will be required to proceed with this work.


Indicative time 5 minutes


Joanne Cavey, Locality Lead Officer notified the Committee of an ‘Urgency procedure’ decision, taken in the period between the 5 March and 4 June Committee in line with Standing Order 47 of Section 4 of the Council Constitution. This was to ensure that work could proceed on parking schemes. This had replaced the proposal to hold a special meeting in April.


Noted that the Council had agreed to progress the parking control schemes in Hilldale Road, Mulgrave Road and Salisbury Road(together with adjoining roads). In each case an allocation from the Local Committee will be required to proceed with this work.


Maggie Sheppard noted that the names of some roads were recorded incorrectly and Mrs Cavey agreed to check.




To receive an update on current and outstanding parking schemes.


Indicative time 20 minutes


Caroline Stanyon, Senior Parking Engineer, updated the meeting on the progress of parking schemes planned in the area.


Vicarage Road. Statutory consultation had led to a number of objections which were outlined in the report. The Committee were advised they could either accept the proposals as they had been advertised or undertake further consultation.


Residents from the Vicarage Road area indicated their desire for an alteration to the scheme as advertised and thus wanted further consultation.


Councillor Dombey had been persuaded of the desirability of re-advertising and wanted to know timescales. Councillor Dombey also asked whether agreed elements of the scheme – dual usage bays, removal of motorcycle bays and reduction in size of passing areas – could proceed independently of further consultation. Caroline Stanyon agreed that these elements were not contentious but they could not be implemented independently.


Concern about the nature of the yellow lines and enforcement of existing restrictions were also aired, with one resident in particular concerned about the availability of parking for disabled drivers on single yellow lines outside his property. Caroline Stanyon confirmed that Disabled drivers could park on single yellow lines during the day, and that the lines were not operative at night. However matters of enforcement were for the Parking Services Department of the Council.


A resident understood that there were proposals to change the number of permits available to a single house. Councillor Tope confirmed that this was to be examined by the Council’s Environment and Neighbourhoods Committee at its next meeting on 13 June. However there were very few households with four permits, but one of these was in Vicarage Road where there was considerable parking pressure. Councillor Tope undertook to take back to the Environment and Neighbourhoods Committee the views of the Committee that this reduction should be pursued.



It was noted that two petitions against the proposals had been received; these had been treated as part of the response to the consultation. The lead petitioners understood and accepted this approach.


Resolved: i) To note the results of the consultation

ii) After careful consideration, resolve to

a)            undertake further consultation on a reduction in the current operational hours of the bays from 8.00 am to 6.30 pm to 9.00 am to 6.00 pm, Monday to Saturday, offering consultees the opportunity for making further representation

b)            advise consultees, as part of this further consultation, that the existing single yellow line waiting restrictions will be retained and continue to operate 8.00 am – 6.30 pm, Monday to Saturday.


Vermont Road


Caroline Stanyon reported that a meeting of residents and local people had been held on 8 May at Dorothy Pettingell House where the majority had asked for double yellow lines. A scheme had been drawn up to reflect this and a plan and letter would be circulated shortly. Around 34 spaces would be provided for 36 properties. There was no impact on verges.


In response to a question, Councillor Dombey indicated that there was no desire on  ...  view the full minutes text for item 524.



A ‘breakout’ session to consider and propose possible transport schemes for inclusion in the Council’s Local Investment Plan for 2014/15. The session will also look at other public and private transport projects that might be needed in the area and how we can identify funding for each of them.


Indicative time 25 minutes


Lynn Robinson, Senior Engineer, introduced a ‘break out’ session, where residents and Councillors discussed proposals to be included in the 2014/15 Local Implementation Plan bid to transport For London.


Following this session, Lynn Robinson reported general support for the proposals as follows:
- signs directing to and around the town centre

- Zebra crossing at Lower Road

- Enhanced pedestrian Route, Greenford Road crossing of St Nicholas Way.


Additional suggestions made by the meeting would be explored.




An opportunity for members of the public to ask questions about issues not otherwise on the agenda of the meeting.


Indicative time 10 minutes


No questions were asked.



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To receive an update on Public Realm projects and to consider new proposals.


Indicative time 5 minutes


Joanne Cavey, Lead Locality Officer introduced a report setting out progress on Public Realm Schemes.


Work on the restoration of the overgrown area in Thomas Wall Close was close to being completed and thanks were recorded to Mr George Tippings, resident at Thomas Wall Close, for his initiative.


Councillor Lowne requested officers consider the scope for installing a tap in Benhill Recreation Ground (please check that this in fact the location), near the lavender beds similar to that carried out at Quarry Park, to be paid for from public realm funding


A scheme to provide shared use bays at William Road as previously discussed, at a cost of £2,287 was agreed.


Sums remaining for allocation were £41,303 capital and £4,900 revenue.


Councillor Lowne noted that £700 allocated for a bench at Collingwood was now not required; the bench had been provided by Sutton Housing Partnership.


Councillor Heron noted that repair work at Chaucer estate meant it was not possible to spend the £3,500 allocated and it was agreed to take this into next year.


Mr Carter understood that there was no budget for replacement of trees and asked whether Public realm could be allocated for this. It was agreed that there would be a report with costs at the next meeting.


Councillor Wales made a number of suggestions on behalf of the Friends of Collingwood:- two notice boards on existing signs, outdoor gym equipment, a barbecue and outdoor table tennis tables.


Councillor Lowne sought outdoor gym equipment for Manor Park and Councillor Heron for Rose Hill Recreation ground.


Councillors noted that funding for this might be available from the Marathon Trust. Mrs Cavey noted that successful bids to this trust had been secured with match funding from the Public Realm budget.


Councillor Wallace was concerned about the road surface at Gander Green Lane with particular concern around parking at Sutton United Football Club. Councillor Heron asked for engineers to look at the surface of Gander Green Lane


Resolved: i)Note progress made on existing schemes

ii) Note the financial position of the Committee’s public realm work

iii) Agree £2,287 towards the cost of converting the existing shared -use parking bays in William Road so that permit holders would be permitted to park for the same duration as pay and display users (Monday - Saturday 8am - 6.30pm).

iv) Note the decisions taken under the London Borough of Sutton Urgency Procedure, for funding towards the following schemes; Hilldale Road £6,000; Bridge Road £4,500; Salisbury Avenue, Roseberry Road, Derby Road, York Road and Summerville Road £12,500.

v) Increase the unallocated balance of £3,619 from the net under spend identified under Appendix B.




To receive a report on the decisions of the sub-group determining applications for Neighbourhood Grant on the Committee’s behalf.


Indicative time 5 minutes


Mr Reed, Community Development Officer reported that three grants had been made since the last meeting. These were to Sutton Ramp Events (£500), Friends of Sutton Green (£500), and Manor Park Friends Group (£500).




To identify items for the Committee Forward Plan and to be discussed at future meetings of the Local Committee.


Indicative time 5 minutes


Councillors made suggestions for future meetings as follows:


September – Sutton Station gateway scheme

                        Quadrant Recycling

                        Public Health

                        Review of summer events

                        Parking schemes


Councillor Wallace asked for a review of the use of private shop toilets; many were unsatisfactory. A written report would be provided for the next meeting.


Mr Carter asked about ongoing consultation on the tramlink proposal and Mr Franklin, who had been involved in the presentation prior to the meeting, was asked to attend in September.


Councillor Dombey asked for the Better Services Better Value review to be a standing item at future meetings.


Publicity was given to the following events:


St Helier Festival, 8 June 12.00 Sutton Arena

Sutton Green Fayre, 22 June

Quarry Park tea, 6 July

Social Enterprise network event, High Street, 29 June 10.00









The next meeting of the Local Committee will be on Tuesday 24 September, commencing at 7.00 pm, at the Salvation Army, Benhill Avenue, Sutton.


Tuesday 24 September, 7.00 pm, Salvation Army.