Agenda and minutes

Sutton Local Committee
Tuesday, 24th September, 2013 7.00 pm

Venue: Salvation Army, Benhill Avenue, Sutton, SM1 4DD

Contact: Bill Reed, Community Development Officer, Tel. 020 8770 4391; Email 

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Apologies were received from Councillor Sean Brennan, Councillor Janet Lowne, Councillor Lester Holloway, Dr Adi Cooper, Inspector Richard Hall, Gabrielle Andrews (Friends of Sutton Green), Tish Emburey (Chaucer Estate Residents Association), Peter Scouse (Friends of Sutton green), and Julie Monteith (Collingwood residents Association).



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To receive the minutes of the meeting held on 4 June 2013


The minutes of the meeting held on 4 June 2013 were agreed as a correct record.




A report from the Safer Neighbourhoods teams for the Committee area.


Indicative time 15 minutes


Sergeant Alexander presented on behalf of the Safer Neighbourhoods Teams (SNT).


The Local Policing Model had been introduced since the last meeting, resulting in more importance and a greater role for the SNTs.


Ward reports were as follows:


Sutton North. There were issues around a scam from bogus traders and a warning had been issued. Junior school visits had been arranged. Theft of vans was an issue.


Sutton West. The SNT were hosting a football event with Sutton United. There had been 14 arrests since the last meeting, with a particular emphasis on drug warrants. ASB in Collingwood had been prevented. A dog chipping event had been held.


Sutton Central. More officers were available to police the night time economy resulting in a reduction in crime and anti social behaviour (ASB). The team worked closely with licensed premises. Daytime activity focussed on ‘dipping’ with more patrols and use of CCTV.


A question was asked about traveller incursion into Seears Park and it was noted that this was being monitored.




To receive a report from the Project Manager on proposals to improve the Sutton Station frontage. A display of proposals will be available at the meeting.


Indicative time 10 minutes


Peter Boddy, Project Manager spoke to the meeting about this project.


Six million people use Sutton Station annually and it is the gateway to the Borough for many people. The Council has sought improvements and has now secured £746,000 from TFL £465,000 from Network Rail and £84,000 from Southern Rail to carry out this project. The scheme contains five elements:

·         Expansion of capacity including introducing a side access

·         Improved public transport usage

·         Linkages and wayfinding to the station

·         Improved public realm

·         Reducing crime and ASB


The first phase, comprising improvements to the station, would be in place by March 2014. Works were being overseen by a Stakeholder group including Councillors for the Committee.


Public consultation would commence with leaflets being distributed in the next few days. There would be four public meetings. Comments could be circulated via Peter Boddy or Bill Reed. Formal consultation on proposals would follow in February.


A resident asked about the impact of parking in the area, relating this issue to the closure of Brighton Road car park. Mr Boddy stated that Brighton Road was a separate issue. However the improvements to the station may increase public transport usage, resulting in less private transport need. Councillor Dombey referred to proposals in the past to increase parking capacity at the station car park through the introduction of another storey to the car park. She also noted Council car parks in the town centre were below 50% usage.



(i)To note the current status of the Sutton Station Gateway Scheme

(ii) To agree that regular progress updates are provide to the committee throughout the duration of the scheme.





The Council has been responsible for Public Health since April. The Local Committee will receive a report and presentation about these responsibilities and how the Council is meeting them.


This item will also allow a short update on the ‘Better Services, Better Value’ proposals for hospitals in South West London and Epsom.


Indicative time 20 minutes


Dr Ellis Friedman, Director of Public Health, addressed the meeting. Public health became a Local Authority function from April 2013 and he and his team were developing and promoting the service. Public health was about prevention and well being.


Health in Sutton was generally good, but life expectancy inequalities, lack of exercise, obesity applied to Sutton as elsewhere in the Country.


The aims of the Public Health team were to reduce inequalities, and to promote well being. The Budget was £8.5 million, the majority of which was used to commission services around sexual health, stop smoking, school nurses, alcohol and substance misuse, NHS health check programme, LiveWell Sutton and falls prevention.


The Health and Well Being Strategy set out SMART targets whereby we could know if our work was achieving better results and was cost effective. Feedback on activity and issues was welcome.


Residents asked questions about GP appointments, hospital choice and Better Services Better Value reviews.


Councillor Wallace asked why there was a longer life expectancy for females. It appears to be not as a result of lifestyle or working practices, but is genetic.


Dr Friedman was thanked for his report, which was noted.




A number of community events and fairs have been held at public venues over the summer. Community Representatives will be invited to report on these events. A display of photographs will be available before the meeting and fort this agenda item.


Indicative time 15 minutes


A slideshow of pictures from Summer events was displayed, and Community Representatives reported on the Summer events in their locality.


Mr Potter, Sutton Green Fayre. This event had been successful for the third year running with  more activities for children, including a bouncy castle. He thanked all involved.


Mandy Munro, Manor Park. 700 people attended which was good for the first event, despite poor weather. Councillor Heron gave her thanks and congratulations to the work of the Friends group and staff who had won a London in Bloom award. Mulled wine and mince pies would be served at Christmas in the straw café as part of the Mayor’s charity – Sutton Mental health Foundation.


Maggie Sheppard, Quarry Park. The tea party on 6 July had been very successful. It had been a hot day, about 60 people played football, enjoyed the tea and refreshments and welcomed the Police Team B. The event will run again next year.


Councillor Wales, Collingwood Fun Day. A well attended day in May alongside Sutton United FC and Lionel Blair. Very successful, despite poor weather. There is to be a picnic next year.


Councillor Dombey, Chaucer Fun Day. The event had brought the community together, whether from flats or sheltered housing. Thanks to Sutton Housing Partnership, the Police and Cllr. Heron. Good attendance and numbers of residents involved improving year on year.  Intend holding another event next year.


David Bundfuss, Benhill Big Lunch. A very good event and well appreciated.


Councillor Heron gave thanks to all concerned and looked forward to events through the winter and into 2014.




To receive a petition from residents of these roads relating to parking issues.


Indicative time 5 minutes


A petition was received from 58 residents of Monksdene Gardens, Angel Hill Drive and All Saints Road.


“We, the undersigned, request that the London Borough of Sutton addresses the issue of safety and commuter parking in Monksdene Gardens; nos. 2-16 (evens) Angel Hill Drive and 1, 3, 5 and 7 (Margaret House) All Saints Road.


“The implementation of parking restrictions for one hour morning and afternoon will prevent commuter parking. This has increased dramatically since the parking restrictions in Angel Hill were introduced and has caused safety concerns in the area especially for children attending All Saints Benhilton School.”


Mr Finnegan, the Lead petitioner, was not present. The petition was received and a response will be prepared for the next meeting.




To receive a presentation from LXB, the developers of the North Sutton site, relating to their amended proposals.


Indicative time 20 minutes


Giles Hayward (LXB), Shirley Karat (Firstplan) and Gavin Stollar (Templar Strategies) gave a presentation about the revised proposals for the North Sutton Development site. Andy Webber, Area Planning Manager was in attendance for this item.


Since presenting to the Local Committee and hosting their consultation event in November 2012, LXB had been revising their proposals to meet the responses and the needs of Planners and clients. As a result, the hotel was no longer part of the proposals, additional open space and residential units were proposed and the design of the supermarket and other buildings had been revised. It was now proposed to submit the revised scheme for planning approval in October and it was hoped to commence work on site in January 2014.


A number of residents commented on issues relating to traffic circulation and the congestion in the area. Mr Hayward was in discussion with consultants, the Council and Transport for London.  Residents also asked questions relating to the gas pressures in pipes following the removal of the gasholders, natural light in residential buildings, and the affordable nature of the residential properties.


Councillor Heron thanked the Mr Hayward and his colleagues and gave her view that the scheme was much improved from last year.


Residents were invited to submit ideas and suggestions for the public square to Andy Webber. Andy can be reached on .




To note the recent decision by Strategy and Resources Committee to approve an additional Environmental Improvement Programme.


Indicative time 10 minutes

Additional documents:


Brendon Hills, Interim Executive Head of Commissioning introduced a report on the Council Environmental Improvements Programme.


The programme of improvements totalled £2 million and residents’ suggestions were invited for repairs to potholes, to heritage buildings, for parking schemes, for trees and shrub planting, and for cleansing.


Paul Brockwell had been appointed as Programme manager and his contact details were circulated. Suggestions for projects were welcomed, but Mr Hills stressed that not all schemes could be funded from this limited pot.


A question was asked about Angel Hill Drive and it was suggested that a sign would improve pedestrian safety. Mr Hills would investigate.


The Chair asked if the work requested by petitioners at Monksdean Gardens, Angel Hill Drive and All Saints Road could be included. Mr Hills would investigate.


Councillor Dombey asked whether trees removed would automatically be replaced or would they need to be identified. Mr Hills asked for them to be identified.


Councillor Dombey had been asked for grit bins to be increased. Mr Hills would investigate and respond.


A question was asked about rat running in Quarry Park Road. Mr Hills noted that the schemes in Appendix A represented only some of those requested; others would be put on a longer list. It was suggested that this project should be raised through Ward Councillors and referred to Caroline Stanyon, Traffic Engineer.


Councillor Mathys asked about white lines and was informed that a routine repaint of lines would take place in Autumn. Yellow lines would be done in February, when a check had been done on their legality. Mr Hills asked for locations to be suggested to him. Maggie Sheppard noted that in some places lines had been repainted on several occasions and were now a hazard because they were proud of the road surface.


Mr Carter asked about programmed maintenance and the relation this had with the Environmental Improvements Programme. It was confirmed that the £2 million was a one off opportunity to undertake things that could not be met from planned maintenance. Normal reporting mechanisms were unchanged.


A request for improvement to Rose Hill roundabout, as a gateway to Sutton, was made. However this is a Transport for London responsibility.


Resolved: (i) To acknowledge and agree the overview of activities set out in this report

(ii) To note the proposed management arrangements set out in 3.8

(iii) To agree the list of minor parking schemes set out in Appendix A

(iv) To agree the recommendations set out for delegation of authority set out in 3.7.




An opportunity for members of the public to ask questions on items not otherwise on the agenda.


Indicative time 10 minutes


A resident asked about a table sale and Christmas activities she wanted to organise on a public highway. Would permission be required and would public liability insurance be needed? Councillor Dombey stated that there was no need for public liability insurance and permission was easily obtained.  Joanne Cavey, Locality Lead Officer would respond.


A resident asked about security of Seears Park, where travellers had made a recent incursion. This was to be discussed in the Public realm report.


A resident raised an issue regarding the issue of Neighbourhood Watch newsletters. He was advised to contact the Ward Co-ordinator.


A resident asked about the future of the Park keepers house at Seears Park. This is owned by a charity and a viable scheme for its use has yet to be found. It cannot be demolished and the Council has no funds to repair it.




To receive a report from the Locality Lead Officer on Public Realm projects and expenditure. To consider proposals for additional projects.


Indicative time 10 minutes


Joanne Cavey, Locality Lead Officer introduced a report on the Public Realm budget.


There were two proposed schemes:

·         To allocate £3,000 for outdoor equipment at Crown Road sheltered accomodation.

·         To allocate £2,500 for lighting columns at Chaucer Gardens.


There is a balance of £40,709 in the budget, boosted by underspend on various projects.


A suggestion was made to introduce a bandstand in Manor Park.


An update was provided on a number of projects:


Salisbury Avenue and adjoining roads. A survey was undertaken in early July. This demonstrated that there was a limited problem of commuter parking, and it was clear from public discussions that residents had not a single idea of how they wanted to proceed. Design is underway. A suggestion that a further survey be undertaken in November, when the problem might be more acute was made. It was agreed this would be discussed between Caroline Stanyon, Ward Councillors and the questioner.


Vermont Road. The whole scheme would now go ahead. The initial funding for phase 1 was £10,500 plus £2,000 for the feasibility study, from the Public Realm Budget, and phase 2 at £25,000 will be funded from the Environmental Improvements Programme. The scheme is to be completed by March 2014.


Vicarage Road. The scheme would be in place by 28 October 2013.


Rosebery Gardens. The works were progressing.


A request to see pictures of finished schemes was agreed.


Councillor Wales suggested that the Public Realm Budget could fund gates and ditches/bunds at Seears Park to prevent traveller incursion, at a cost of £5,000.

This was agreed. A Friends of Seears Park Group was established on 23rd September and three members of the Group were present.


Additional suggestions should be forwarded to Joanne Cavey.


Resolved: (i) Note the progress made on existing Public Realm schemes

(ii)           Note the financial position of this Committee’s Public Realm Schemes

(iii)         Allocate an amount of £3,000 from Public Realm capital funding towards the       cost of outdoor equipment at Crown Road Sheltered Accommodation

(iv)         Allocate an amount of £2,500 from Public Realm capital funding towards the cost of installing two lighting columns along the footpath at Chaucer Gardens

(v)          Allocate an amount of £5,000 from Public Realm capital funding towards the cost of works to prevent traveller incursion at Seears Park.

(vi)         Increase the unallocated balance by £2,177 from the under spend identified under Appendix B




To consider proposals for Neighbourhood Grants.


Indicative time 5 minutes


Mr Reed, Community Development Officer, introduced a report which set out the options for taking decisions on neighbourhood grants.


Resolved: to delegate the power to take the decision to the Strategic Director of Environment and Neighbourhoods in consultation with Councillors, in this case the Chair and Vice Chair of the Local Committee, and a community representative.


Maggie Sheppard was agreed as the Community Representative who would be consulted on applications.


A table showing expenditure was requested for future meetings and it was agreed that this would be provided.




To consider items for future meetings.


Suggestions for future meetings included a request for an update on the Burger King site development. This would be sought. Other suggestions to Mr Reed or Mrs Cavey.


Councillor Mathys asked whether a future meeting could be held at Sutton United Football Club and it was agreed Mr Reed would explore this.








The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 12 November, commencing at 7.00 pm, at the Salvation Army.


12 November, commencing at 7.00 pm, at Salvation Army.