Agenda and minutes

Sutton Local Committee
Tuesday, 12th November, 2013 7.00 pm

Venue: Salvation Army, Benhill Avenue, Sutton SM1 4DD

Contact: Bill Reed, Community Development Officer, Tel. 020 8770 4391; Email 

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David Bundfuss, Councillor Sean Brennan, Councillor Lester Holloway, Gabrielle Andrews (Friends of Sutton Green) – substitute George Potter, Chris Carter (Sutton Garden Suburb Residents Association), Maggie Sheppard (Friends of Quarry Park) – substitute Tony Wallace, Julie Monteith (Collingwood Residents Association) – substitute David Browne, Mike Sampson


Councillor Heron opened the meeting and welcomed people.



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To receive the minutes of the meeting held on 24 September 2013.


Indicative time 5 minutes


These were signed as a correct record.


It was noted that an officer report on the Monksdene Avenue petition would be received by the Committee on 14 January 2014.




To receive an update on the work of the Safer Neighbourhoods Teams for the Borough


Indicative time 10 minutes


A report was given by Inspector Hall, Sutton West Cluster Inspector. He drew attention to ‘courier fraud’. There have been 9 or 10 victims, mainly targeting elderly people. They receive a phone call from someone purporting to be from their bank. Their bank card is then picked up by a mini cab, taken to an address and defrauded. Average loss is £4,000 to £5,000. Inspector Hall stated that no bank will telephone to ask to collect your bank card Please warn your relatives about this. The operation is ‘Operation Sterling’ and there have been a number of arrests.


Sutton West: There had been several arrests relating to drugs and anti social behaviour (ASB). Plain clothed patrols have been engaging with the Asian community as they are targeted at this time of year during festivals. Thieves are particularly targeting gold and jewellery.


Sutton North: There was a focus on criminal damage and arson around the Chaucer Estate and a number of arrests have been made. These were non residents. Also been an increase in allotment crime with damage to vegetation and burglary on a number of sheds. The advice is - do not keep anything of value in your sheds. Extra patrols around allotments have lead to a decline.


Sutton Central: There has been an increase in ‘distraction offences’. For example a lady exchanging currency was followed by a couple to her car. The offender suggested she remove the pins from near her tyre to avoid a puncture. When she leaned down to remove them, her purse was stolen. The couple have been identified and arrested and they are awaiting sentencing.


A number of arsons have been reported in Thicket Crescent, including rubbish and an empty pram. Police are investigating and working with Sutton Housing Partnership to enhance security, possibly install some cameras and have a greater police presence.


Operation Holly has begun which will result in high visibility patrols, particularly around the high street. Jingle bells (to attach to purses) will be distributed which is a simple but effective method of reducing dipping. There will also be an increase in plain clothed patrols.


Councillor Wallace asked for the telephone number for Operation Sterling. Inspector Hall advised that 101 could be used.




To receive a presentation including lessons learned; protocol; law enforcement; the role of the Council and security.


Indicative time 30 minutes


Mark Dalzell, Head of Parks, attended the meeting to set out the processes which the Council and other agencies should follow in the event of Traveller incursions. In particular Mr Dalzell set out the circumstances of Rosehill Park East on 10 October.

The incident is one of 28 this year and it is the second worst experienced in Sutton in terms of related flytipping . The Council and Police have an agreed protocol which works as follows:  Once an incursion in reported, the Police attend to take the details of people and vehicles on the park.  This is reported to the Parks Service, who arrange for Welfare and Education checks to be made.   Provided no issues are found, the Parks Service instructs Legal Services to produce legal notices. The Legal notices are served on the Travellers usually for infringement of Council Parks By laws. The notice requires the occupants to vacate in a fixed time period. Enforcement through bailiffs follows if the notice is not complied with. A site cleanup follows. If contact details can be found in any tipped material, the Council will seek recovery of costs from the owners of the rubbish.  Note that residents who use the excuse of Travellers to dispose of their rubbish may find themselves with a fine or costs for cleanup of the park. Any employers of Travellers identified will be notified and fined as it is their responsibility to ensure that all rubbish is disposed of by a licensed operator.


To discourage future incursions, deterrent measures have been installed in some locations. On the incursion at Rosehill Park East, these processes were followed and Travellers left the site after five days. Lessons learned included:

·        the need for better information flows between agencies

·        better information for residents, so they know what the various organisations can do to resolve problems and who they need to report illegal issues to

·        possible temporary CCTV provision,

·        upgrading ofgates and protection of lock

·        Improvement to Police teams coordination of roles and information gathering.

Residents questioned the processes and the actions of the Council and the Police and expressed their difficulties in contacting Police and others with up to date and live information. Those who wanted to inform the Police of relevant information were frustrated at their inability to do so and questioned what else they could have done in these circumstances. Response times were inadequate and there was concern that agencies had no clear processes when instances occurred. Residents failed to see why agencies could not prevent flytipping, why criminal offences were not being pursued and why there was in a delay in any kind of response from the police and the council. Residents felt that, as tax payers, they should not be picking up the bill for the tidy up if the police were at fault.

Inspector Hall and Sergeant Dolan addressed the meeting. Sgt. Dolan is the Police Traveller Liaison Officer. They acknowledged that there had been operational failure on this occasion, and that officers receiving  ...  view the full minutes text for item 1027.



To receive an update on this project


Indicative time 10 minutes


Peter Boddy, Project Manager gave a short verbal update. A written reort was circulated as part of the papers for this Committee meeting. He is confident that phase 1 of the scheme will be completed by March 2014. He advised that the next Stakeholder meeting will be held on 20 November, Sutton Housing

Partnership, Top Floor, Sutton Gate, 1 Carshalton Road, Sutton, SM1 4LE and encouraged residents and community groups to participate.


Mr Boddy was thanked for his report.




To receive a presentation on the progress of the Environment Improvement Programme


Indicative time 15 minutes


Paul Brockwell, Project Manager, presented an update on progress of agreed EIP schemes. A power point presentation was provided.


A resident asked about clearing leaves. Paul stated that this is not part of the programme but the Borough has a regular leaf clearance service with four vehicles working full time on this. Bags can be provided for residents who wanted to collect leaves.

The following advice has been provided by Councillor Lowne following the Local Committee meeting. Councillor Janet Lowne has some garden waste bags for street leaves only. If you would like some to help clear the leaves on pavements and street gullies outside your home, please let her know on 8642 3471. Once the bags are full, please contact Customer Services on 020 8770 5070 and report that your bag of leaves is awaiting collection and inform them of the location.


Concern about grit bins was raised and Councillor Tope suggested that residents should check that bins have sufficient salt and report any problems to customer services.


Councillor Heron noted that over the past few weeks Friends Groups, Residents and Councillors planted bulbs at Benhill Recreation Ground, Quarry Park and Sutton Green.  The planting that took place at Manor Park was carried out by Ann Stead and Zoltan Herczeg, the gardener, as they thought the 'official' planting date had been cancelled.  The Scout Group at Stayton Road has been supplied with 100 bulbs to plant in their new flower bed.


A resident asked about the Council’s vision for itself over the coming years and Councillor Dombey gave a short summary of upcoming and ongoing work, noting the proactive work around Opportunity Sutton. The North Sutton site was proceeding, subject to planning permission, and a business case was being prepared for the tramlink project but a key issue is funding.


Mr Brockwell was thanked for his report.




Part a) To receive an update on Minor Parking Schemes.


Part b) To receive an update on Public Realm Projects.


Indicative time 15 minutes

Additional documents:


Joanne Cavey introduced the report which was in two parts. The first part looked at parking schemes. The Committee were invited to comment on the minor parking schemes report for noting which was circulated with the papers for this Committee meeting.


Mr Tebbutt asked when the second survey on Salisbury Avenue and adjoining streets would be undertaken and when the results would be reported back to this Committee. Caroline Stanyon, Traffic Engineer, indicated that a final date for the survey had not yet been secured but she hoped it would be in the first week in December. Ms Stanyon advised that Committee that it is unlikely that the survey results would be available for the 14 January Committee meeting.


The Chair asked that thanks be recorded to Ms Stanyon for her work over the past few months in progressing the Committee’s traffic schemes.


Mrs Cavey introduced Part (B) of the Public Realm Report.


The Committee resolved to:


·        To allocate an amount of £1,500 towards the cost of purchasing notice boards for Sutton Local Committee displays

·        To earmark a sum of £8,950 for planters and barrier baskets, as set out in paragraph 4.2 to 4.5, to be funded from the Local Committee 2014/15 Public Realm revenue budget, subject to budgets being made available within the 2014/15 budget cycle that will be approved in March 2014.

A late request was received relating to security measures at Seears Park, for which the Committee had previously allocated £5,000. The reason for this late request was due to a rise in the cost of this work to £10,480. Councillor Heron proposed to allocate funding from the remaining revenue funding. An amount of £1,050 was agreed to investigate how the other measures could be funded.


The Committee resolved to:


·        To allocate £1,050 from the Public Realm revenue budget from 2013/14 to security measures at Seears Park.

Councillors discussed whether security measures to deter incursions should be funded from the Public Realm and Councillor Wales informed the Committee that a meeting was planned with senior officers the following day and this item would be discussed then.


A late request was received from Chris Carter, on behalf of Sutton Garden Suburb, for additional heritage lighting (phase 3 of the scheme). Mrs Cavey suggested that given the large number of unfunded projects, that this project should be added to the unfunded projects list. Ms Cavey suggested a meeting with the Chair and Vice Chair over the next few weeks to prioritise these projects and make recommendations to the next Local Committee meeting on 14 January 2014. Councillor Wales offered to attend this meeting.


Mr Rob Hardy requested that the Committee consider allocating £3,000 to fund a feasibility study for Sutton Churches Lawn Tennis Club pavilion improvements. The Committee agreed to consider this at the finance meeting.


Mrs Cavey presented a number of photos of completed schemes including; Avon Close; William Road; Collingwood Road; Hilldale Road and; Crown Road Sheltered Accommodation.

Mrs Cavey also informed the Committee that the London  ...  view the full minutes text for item 1030.



To report on the decisions taken by the Strategic Director, Environment and Neighbourhoods on behalf of the Local Committee.


To receive a statement on the distribution of Neighbourhood Grant awards to date.


Indicative time 5 minutes

Additional documents:


Mr Reed, Community Development Officer, notified the Committee of decisions made on their behalf regarding grant applications.


Mrs Turner thanked the meeting for the funds to hold a pantomime at Benhill Social Club.


An analysis of grants made was provided in the papers circulated to the Committee.


A query was raised by Veronica Fritzen, on behalf of the Sutton Black History Group, questioning why an application was not acknowledged and successful.  The Group was commended by Councillors for their work and Councillor Wales explained that Neighbourhood Grants are for small localised projects within the geographical boundaries of the relevant Local Committee. For a larger project he suggested that Ms Fritzen consider the Community Fund through SCVS.


Councillor Wales commended the Sutton Compact, an agreement between the Council and the Voluntary Sector, which had won an award.




To consider any written or verbal questions submitted.


Indicative time 15 minutes


New Community Representatives were noted. Mr Rob Hardy was approved at the last Full Council meeting on 4 November to represent Sutton United FC, and Val Grant will go forward to the next Full Council on 13 January 2014 to replace David Harris. A reminder to Friends of Seears Park to nominate a representative was given.


A resident asked whether a tree could be replaced at 6 Orchard Road. Councillor Tope indicated that he had sought a response.


Green recycling bins had been removed from flats at 26 Brunswick Road. Mrs Cavey agreed to follow this up.


A resident was concerned about parking too close to central refuge traffic islands and asked for the Council to survey the issue. Mrs Cavey agreed to feed this back to Parking colleagues.








To consider items for discussion at future Committee meetings


Indicative time 5 minutes


The following items will be considered for future meetings


·        Results of Monksdene Petition

·        Results of the residents survey (January)

·        Sutton Shares, the Timebank for Sutton (March)

·        Healthwatch (January)

·        Sutton Station gateway (January)

·        Environmental Improvements Programme (January)


An update will be sought on the North Sutton Development Site for the March meeting.




The next meeting will be held on 14th January 2014, commencing at 7.00 pm at the Salvation Army, Benhill Avenue, Sutton.


14 January 2014, 7.00 pm, Salvation Army.