Agenda and minutes

Sutton Local Committee
Tuesday, 14th January, 2014 7.00 pm

Venue: Salvation Army, Benhill Avenue, Sutton SM1 4DD

Contact: Bill Reed, Community Development Officer, Tel. 020 8770 4391; Email 

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Councillor Sean Brennan, Maggie Sheppard (Friends of Quarry Park) – substitute Tony Wallace, Val Grant (Friends of Collingwood), Paul Nathan (Benhill Residents Association), Amanda Munro (Manor Park Friends Group) - substitute Anna Burke.



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Additional documents:


These were signed as a correct record.


Councillor Heron announced that a meeting was to take place around the issues discussed at the last meeting relating to Rosehill Park East and Travellers. The meeting would be on Tuesday 4 February, 7.00 pm at Greenshaw School. The intention was to promote and understand the process for dealing with Traveller incursions and establish a Friends Group.


Confirmation of community representatives. It was announced that Shailesh Jani was appointed as Community Representatives to this Committee for Seears Park. Rob Suggit was appointed as the substitute.





Inspector Hall reported on behalf of the Safer Neighbourhoods Teams for the area.


Sutton North

·         There had been a conviction for arson at Chaucer Gardens

·         A spate of criminal damage to motor vehicles in Stayton Road was being addressed with a  CCTV mobile van.

·         A ‘Lebanese loop’ – an installation designed to read debit cards – had been put into  a cash machine in the area. The machine would retain cards and record a PIN number. Residents should feel the cashpoint slot before inserting their card, the slot should not move.

·         There had been an arrest for shoplifting and a number of arrests for drug offences.

Sutton West

·         Crime is down in Sutton West

·         There is to be a ‘funday’ at Sutton Utd Football Club on Saturday 18 January.

·         Operation Holly had led to a 26% reduction in shoplifting and a 33% reduction in ‘dipping’ – pickpocketing.

·         Assault and injury arrests were down 23%

·         New years eve and Christmas Eve had been relatively quiet.

·         The Police ‘drugs dog’ had been in High Street on Saturday resulting in seven arrest for possession and several warnings.


Across the whole Local Committee area crime and Anti Social Behaviour were reduced.


There were no questions.





Mrs Hooper of St James’ Avenue asked about cleaning of an alleyway that runs from Sutton West Station to the Town Centre via St James’ Road. Councillor Heron quoted from a response she had received. The path was not on a regular schedule but was cleaned around every two months. It had been cleared on 27 December following the original complaint. Mrs Hooper felt this was inadequate given the amount of litter dropped on the path. Councillor Heron referred to the intent to organise an Anti-litter campaign and the hope that residents would become more involved in volunteering to help.  Councillor Wallace noted the path was narrow and that litter accrued rapidly. Councillor Holloway hoped that a bin could be installed. In the course of the meeting a commitment to install a bin was made to Mrs Hooper’s satisfaction.


A member of the public thanked Councillor Lowne for changing five pay and display machines at the Victory Public House. Mr Wallace also thanked the meeting for the trees and benches in Quarry Park.



Sutton Healthwatch

To receive a presentation from Doris Richards, about the work of Sutton Healthwatch.


Indicative time 20 minutes


The meeting received a presentation about Healthwatch from Doris Richards of Healthwatch, together with Nicky Davies from Sutton Centre for Independent Living and Learning (SCILL).


A presentation including a short video was played. Healthwatch had come into existence in June 2012, and are a Company Limited by Guarantee and a Charity.


The presentation highlighted that Healthwatch Sutton:

·         Is the first local Healthwatch to achieve charity status in England

·         Is a local champion for Health and Social Care that works to listen and represent customer views

·         Makes reports and recommendations to the Council

·         Provides Information and Signposting to help people access and choose services through their agents SCILL

·         Provides a Complaints Advocacy for health and social care

·         Liaises with Healthwatch England

·         Working to develop Patient Participation Groups (PPG) - Commissioned work with the Sutton Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)


Nicky Davies spoke about the Information and Advice service provided for Healthwatch from SCILL. The service operates 9.00 – 5.00 Monday to Friday and on Saturday mornings as well as in community settings.


Mr Hillson supported the creation of Healthwatch on balance. Councillor Mathys noted the similarities between Healthwatch and the former Community Health Council. It was noted in response to Mr Carter that the funding for Healthwatch came from Government and that the Council had set the contract. Healthwatch reported to Sutton Council quarterly.


Doris Richards and Nicky Davies were thanked for their presentation.



Sutton Station Gateway Project

To receive a presentation on the progress with the project to improve Sutton Station and its approaches.


Indicative time 10 minutes


Peter Boddy, Project Manager reported on progress to the Committee. Work on the rear entrance was due to start in the Spring with other element following. The work was overseen by a Stakeholder Group which met regularly and for which the next meeting was on 16 January.


It was confirmed that drop off for mini cabs would be at the rear of the station adjoining the new entrance.


Councillor Wallace asked about drainage to the properties in Sutton Court Road and was concerned that they would be affected by the enlarging of the traffic island. A similar situation applied in Mulgrave Road. Mr Boddy undertook to explore these issues.


Mr Scouse was concerned about the egress from The Quadrant and Mr Boddy indicated that this should improve as the pedestrian crossing would be closer to The Quadrant giving greater gaps in traffic for vehicles to exit.


Mr Boddy confirmed that these improvements to the station and adjoining areas were worthwhile notwithstanding possible larger future schemes.



Environmental Improvements Programme

To receive a presentation on the progress of the programme.


Indicative time 15 minutes


Paul Brockwell, Project Manager, gave a presentation detailing progress on the implementation of the Environmental Improvement Programme (EIP).


The presentation looked at planting in parks, notice boards, littering and fly tipping and an anti litter campaign.


Residents asked about plans to work with schools and Mr Brockwell confirmed this was to happen. Mr Scouse asked about the co-operation of fast food outlets but was told that they were not positive about the ideas. They did usually have litter bins, and the Council’s bins were located close to fast food areas. It was reported that around 100 trees had been lost in the recent storms and were to be replaced. Blossom tree maintenance was included in the contract.


Mr Carter asked about how many fixed penalty tickets had been issued for littering but Mr Brockwell was unable to say. He would get back to Mr Carter.



Petition response, Monksdene Gardens Angel Hill Drive and All Saints Road pdf icon PDF 61 KB

To receive a response to the petition received at the meeting on 12 November 2013 from the residents of Monksdene Gardens, Angel Hill Drive and All Saints Road.


Indicative time 10 minutes

Additional documents:


A petition to introduce parking restrictions on these roads was received at the last Local Committee meeting on 12 November. A number of residents attended this Local Committee meeting to hear the response to that petition.


Mr Paul Blunt, Transport Planning and Programme Manager, presented a report which detailed the Council’s proposals. The report sought £5,000 to carry out a Parking Beat Survey and to undertake an informal consultation to inform the scheme design with a view to preparing a report for the March Local Committee meeting with a costed scheme. Officers made a recommendation to include residents from adjoining streets, who might be affected by displacement, in the informal consultation.


A local resident, Mr Finnigan, expressed his frustration with the report. Mr Finnigan stated that 100% of the residents in the area that the petition covered are clear about the problem and also the solution.   They can see no further need to incur any expenditure on further consultation. Their view is that the residents of the other local streets should not be consulted.  Mr Finnigan requested that Councillors proceed directly to the statutory consultation process using the scheme design set out in the petition and without any further informal consultation. Mr Finnigan offered to provide council officers with photographs which detail the cars which are regularly parking along the road. Other residents spoke in support of Mr Finnegan’s statement, of their concerns, and of the need to proceed rapidly.


Councillor Dombey declared an interest as she lived in Waverley Avenue.


Councillor Dombey indicated her support for residents and stated that she was disappointed with the report. Councillor Dombey recognises that parking would be displaced if the scheme progressed, as had happened in Angel Hill, but this should not be an issue at this point. She suggested that Councillors would undertake a simple survey and draw up a diagrammatic representation of what was required and present this to Officers. She proposed that the scheme will include Double Yellow Lines at the junctions and restrictions for one hour, morning and afternoon, to deter commuter parking.


Mr Blunt noted that the photographs might make the Beat Survey unnecessary and commented that 100% agreement of residents was unusual in his experience.


Councillor Dombey reiterated her offer and suggested that the meeting should proceed on that basis.


            Resolved: Councillors will carry out an informal survey of residents in the three roads with a view to council officers submitting a report with the final scheme design in March 2014.


Councillor Dombey abstained from the vote.



Public Realm Budget pdf icon PDF 1 MB

Joanne Cavey, Locality Lead Officer, to give an update on Public Realm projects.


a)    To receive an update on minor traffic and parking schemes.

b)    To consider any new projects for funding.


Indicative time 20 minutes


Mr Blunt updated the meeting on a number of current highways and traffic schemes:


Vicarage Road and adjoining roads. This had been implemented in 2013 but a number of minor amendments were sought. He asked the Committee for £5,000 to carry these out, but noted that this would not be done for a period of six months to allow other concerns to be aired.


Vermont Road. The scheme was now agreed with Councillors and consultation would commence on 27 January. Subject to this it was hoped to implement in March or April.


Rosebery Gardens. Adoption would take a few weeks. Councillor Lowne expressed her disquiet about the process and asked for a precise date. Mr Blunt undertook to get this.


Salisbury Avenue and adjoining roads. The repeat survey had been undertaken in November. In some roads it showed that there was more parking than the July survey indicated. The results would be discussed with Councillors and a proposal would be developed. Mr Tebbutt had little faith in the survey. In some areas virtually no parking was available and it was clear that this was as a result of commuters. The results of Mr Tebbutt’s analysis were handed to Councillors. An update will be brought to the next Local Committee.


Joanne Cavey, Locality Lead Officer, introduced the Public Realm report which detailed progress on approved schemes and set out proposals for new projects. The last Committee had asked for schemes to be brought forward and Mrs Cavey identified three proposals:

a)    Outdoor gym equipment. This would be located in three parks , Rosehill Park West, Manor Park and Collingwood. A table tennis table would also be located at Collingwood. The proposals were supported by Friends Groups. A sum for maintenance would also be included.

b)    Funding for a feasibility study for Sutton Churches Lawn Tennis Club. The study would establish the means of refurbishing the pavilion. Councillor Wales spoke in support of the proposal.

c)    Installation/replacement of a bench at Angel Hill. Replacement Bench.  Councillor Dombey explained that the bench, which was  in the garden at the old Angel Pub, in memory of a local fallen soldier  had been retained by Tesco at the request of residents.  It was hoped that the bench could be relocated but as the bench is concreted in and in a state of disrepair that the alternative would be to remove the commemorative plaques and put them on a new bench.  Cllr. Dombey said that she would talk to residents to seek approval for the site of the bench and a dedication ceremony would be held for local residents.


Mrs Cavey was exploring possible underspend from approved projects and would provide a full analysis at the next meeting.


Resolved  i) Note the progress made on existing Public Realm schemes

ii) Note the financial position of this Committee’s Public Realm schemes

iii) Allocate an amount of £20,200 towards the cost of purchasing and installing outdoor gym equipment in Collingwood Recreation Ground, Manor Park and Rose Hill  ...  view the full minutes text for item 44.


Neighbourhood Grants

To advise the Committee of any decisions made on its behalf relating to applications for Neighbourhood Grant. There were none at the time of publication of this agenda.


Indicative time 5 minutes


No applications had been received.


It was noted that around £5000 of £15,000 had been allocated and a full breakdown would be provided for the next meeting.








Forward PLAN


Next meeting to consider items relating to Resident’s survey, Sutton Shares, Monksdene Avenue and other traffic schemes.





To be held on Tuesday 25 March, commencing at 7.00 at Salvation Army.