Agenda and minutes

Sutton Local Committee
Tuesday, 25th March, 2014 7.00 pm

Venue: Holy Family Church, Sorrento Road, Sutton, SM1 1QT

Contact: Bill Reed, Community Development Officer, Tel. 020 8770 4391; Email 

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MINUTES pdf icon PDF 78 KB

To receive and agree the minutes of the meeting held on 14th January 2014.


These were signed as a correct record.





Councillor Sean Brennan, Councillor Lester Holloway, Val Grant (Friends of Collingwood, Gabrielle Andrews (Friends of Sutton Green), Tish Emburey, (Chaucer Estate Residents Association), Rob Hardy (Sutton United FC),


Councillor Heron opened the meeting and welcomed people.




To receive a report from the Safer Neighbourhoods Teams for the three Wards


Indicative time10 minutes


Inspector Hall reported on behalf of the Safer Neighbourhoods Teams for the three Wards.


Sutton Central – there had been a spate of burglaries in February, and an increase in drug offences. Robberies had remained constant, but there was a rise in the number of thefts from motor vehicles. There had been seven arrests for drugs work in the last week. Phones stolen in the High Street had been recovered. Together with Trading Standards, three palm reading establishments had been closed down. Enforcement of litter and parking continued. Fraudulent use of blue badges was on the increase. Crime in the town centre had fallen and the night time economy was thriving. Dog chipping was taking place in the High Street in April.


Sutton North – burglaries had decreased but there was an unexpected rise in thefts from motor vehicles. At Elgin Road, this had decreased as a result of patrols; however there was concern at the number of unlocked cars. The CCTV van was patrolling. Anti Social Behaviour at Chaucer Gardens was being addressed and a pirate radio station had been closed down. Shoplifting had occurred at Tesco. Astroturf was being sold door to door but this had been stolen from the tennis centre.


Sutton West. Burglaries had risen before Christmas particularly around Sutton West station. These had fallen after Christmas as a result of an arrest. A number of drugs warrants had been served. Plain clothed patrols continue. A fun day had been held at Sutton United FC.


A number of new Police officers were joining the teams locally.


In response to questions, Inspector Hall explained about the pirate radio seizure, discussed twitter as a police resource and referred a complaint of fly tipping in the former Burger King site to the Council.


Councillor Heron passed on her thanks to PCSO Jamie Cliffe for the clean-up event at Rosehill Park East/Greenshaw Woods on 22 March.




A chance for residents to ask questions about issues that are not otherwise on the agenda.


Indicative time 20 minutes


Mr Farley of Bushey Road was concerned at changes to parking in Deans Road which affected him. Cllr Heron confirmed that there were a number of changes proposed after the measures had been in place for six months. This would be included in that list.


Mr Hedges of Benhilton Gardens felt that the yellow lines in his road and surrounding roads were in poor repair and asked for them to be repainted. Mr Brockwell, manager of the Environmental Improvement Programme undertook to ensure this would be done.


Mr Hedges also asked about a tree in Benhilton Gardens which was affecting the pavement and was now growing lopsided. He asked if any action could be taken. It was agreed that a response would be provided.


Margaret Sheppard of Friends of Quarry Park asked about lines which had been overpainted and were a danger to pedestrians as they were so pronounced. Red crosses had now appeared. What was happening? Mr Brockwell recalled this being raised previously and would take it up with the contractor and advise Mrs Sheppard of the proposed course of action.


Mr Lever asked about lorries which were reversing in Elm Grove and overrunning the pavement. Could measures be taken to prevent this? A response would be provided.


A resident asked about subsidence caused by a repair to a water main at Gander Green Lane and Hilldale Road junction. Additionally the repair was unsightly with paved blocks being replaced by tarmac. A response would be provided.



Sutton Station Gateway

To receive an update on this project


Indicative time 10 minutes


Peter Boddy, Project Manager, updated the meeting. Consultation on the proposals had taken place up to 5 March and there had been almost 300 responses. A majority had supported the proposals and the Project Board had determined to proceed to implementation. This would commence on 31 March, although the bulk of the work to the rear entrance would commence on 7 April and public realm works would be undertaken in the period from June to March 2015.


A discussion took place about cycling routes and Mr Boddy explained that, with a narrow roadway, it had not been possible to introduce a cycle lane or advance stop sign for cyclists at the Sutton Court Road junction. It was suggested that cyclists should have priority and that signage should be improved.



Local Implementation Plan 2014/15 pdf icon PDF 155 KB

To inform the Committee of the content of the Local Implementation Plan for 2014/15


Indicative time 5 minutes


Lynn Robinson, Senior Traffic Engineer introduced a report which set out the programme for 2014/15 and identified proposals for a future three year rolling programme of schemes for the Local Transport Fund.


The 2014/15 programme includes three projects, on which the Council will consult prior to implementation. A list of projects, together with a reserve list, will be prepared for the 2015/16 bid, in October.


Councillor Dombey asked about a possible yellow line scheme at Chudleigh and Longford Gardens and asked for this to be put onto the reserve list. While this would not be suitable for the LIP, Lynn Robinson undertook to consider alternative possible funding sources.


Councillor Heron asked about a pedestrian phase for a crossing at All Saints Road, identified on the reserve list. It was confirmed that a response would be provided from Transport for London if this was possible, for the next meeting.


Councillors Wallace and Mathys asked whether a scheme at Robin Hood School was proceeding as part of the Safer Routes to School programme. Lynn Robinson confirmed she would check the programme to ensure it was one of the schools proposed for measures in 2014/15. 




i) Agree to develop a three year ‘Local Transport Funded’ rolling plan of schemes for the committee area.

ii) Note that the schemes and measures detailed in this report will become part of the Highways, Transport and Smarter Travel delivery programme for 2014/15.





Residents Survey pdf icon PDF 2 MB

To receive a presentation on the recent Ipsos MORI Resident’s Survey and the implications for the Local Committee area.


Indicative time 25 minutes


Shona Harris, Research Officer introduced a powerpoint presentation on the findings of the Ipsos Mori residents survey for the Borough. The findings were circulated with the papers and there is an extended version available on the website.


A question was asked about the effectiveness of dog and litter wardens. Would it not be beneficial to have more wardens? A response was provided as part of the next item.


Ms Brothers, who introduced herself as a Labour Party Parliamentary Candidate and Candidate for Sutton Central Ward for the forthcoming Local Government Election,, was concerned about those people who were not satisfied with Council services. Was there any indication why not? She was also concerned about evidence of racial or other hate crime. Shona Harris explained that the research had not asked additional questions, nor had it looked at qualitative data, so it was not possible to address these issues.


Mr. Berry stressed that care was needed with the margins for error in the data given the size of the sample and as such not a good basis for decision making.  It was explained that the Ipsos Mori Survey has been conducted bi-annually since 1987 using similar questions and therefore trends and comparisons could be made with some confidence.


Mr. Nathan felt that an important section of the community had been left out i.e. young people.  Ms Harris said that due to safeguarding issues it would be difficult to interview young people but did refer to the Youth Summit event taking place later in the month.  Views from this event would be fed to the Local Committee.


Thanks were recorded to Shona Harris



Environmental Improvements Programme update

To receive an update on the programme


Indicative time 10 minutes


Paul Brockwell, project Manager, introduced a powerpoint presentation which detailed the work done in this programme. Approximately £2 million had been spent on Public Realm, environmental and traffic items over the past six months. The scheme had been successful and had addressed the issues that residents felt strongly about.


Mr Nathan asked for the whole of the fence at Manor Park to be repainted; currently that part at ground level was being left.


Mr Lever asked if there was CCTV evidence of vandalism of plant containers on the High Street. Mr Brockwell undertook to replant the flowers, hopefully at no cost, and liaise with the Police.


Margaret Sheppard commended the presentation and the way it had been delivered.


Ms Brothers asked about ‘A’ boards and clutter of street furniture at the High Street. Mr Brockwell confirmed this was being looked at.


Mr Carter asked about Fixed Penalty Notices. Mr Brockwell noted there had been 26 issued in the last two months, a significant increase over the previous year. The team had doubled to four people as a result of the Programme.



Monksdene Gardens, Angel Hill Drive and All Saints Road - Proposed Waiting Restrictions pdf icon PDF 567 KB

In response to the petition received at this Committee in January, this report looks at proposed waiting restrictions in this area


Indicative time 10 minutes


Councillor Dombey declared an interest and left the meeting as she is a resident of Waverley Avenue.


David McKibbin, Interim Head of Highways and Transport, introduced a report on proposed waiting restrictions on these roads. He noted that the informal consultation had demonstrated a clear preference for ‘no waiting, for one hour in the morning and one hour in the afternoon’, which would prevent commuter parking. The report recommended that this should proceed to be advertised, with the decision being delegated to officers.


Mr Finnigan, a local resident confirmed that the proposals were acceptable to local people but noted that the proposals also included Double Yellow Lines at junctions and pinch points. He was satisfied that the problem currently was caused by commuter parking and had provided some 1400 photographs demonstrating it was so.


Ms Brothers asked about possible impact on Waverley Avenue. Mr McKibbin noted that there was a residual amount in the budget to deal with this if it arose. Councillor Heron noted that the consultation had taken place with residents in Waverley Avenue, Montrose Gardens and the remainder of Angel Hill Drive but this had yet to be analysed. This aspect would be brought back to the Local Committee.




i) Approves the introduction of a yellow line waiting restriction scheme in Monksdene Gardens, Angel Hill Drive and All Saints Road as shown on Plan No T10082/FS/001 in Appendix A.

ii) Delegates authority to the Strategic Director of Environment and Neighbourhoods in consultation with the Chair and Ward Councillors, to agree the final details of the scheme following the analysis of the responses to the consultation.

ii) Agrees to release £12,000 from the Committee’s 2014/15 Public Realm budget (TfL element) funding for processing of the relevant Traffic Management Order and scheme implementation.

iv) Agrees the following the statement of reasons: ‘The waiting restrictions will deter day parking by commuters and improve road safety and sight lines for pedestrians in Monksdene Gardens, Angel Hill Drive, All Saints Road, Montrose Gardens and Waverley Avenue’.




Elmbrook Road and Adjoining Roads - Proposed Waiting Restrictions pdf icon PDF 136 KB

To receive a report looking at proposed waiting restrictions at Elmbrook Road and adjoining roads..


Indicative time 5 minutes


Mr McKibbin introduced this report which sought approval for waiting restrictions on these roads. The current parking problems had not been analysed but were thought to be from commuters using West Sutton Station. Ward Councillors spoke in support of the proposal.




i) Approve the introduction of ‘at any time’ waiting restrictions in Elmbrook Road at its junctions with Ennerdale Close, Sunningdale Road, Westfield Road and Jeffs Road and in Dale Road, subject to no objections being received as part of Traffic Management Order process.(The exact length of the restrictions to be agreed with the Chair and Ward Councillors)

ii) Approve the following statement of reasons ‘The proposed restrictions are necessary to improve road safety and sight lines for pedestrians in Elmbrook Road at its junctions with Ennerdale Close, Sunningdale Road, Westfield Road and Jeffs Road and in Dale Road’.

iii) Agree to release £4,000 from the Committee’s Public Realm TfL Capital Funding budget for 2014/15 to cover both the Traffic Management Order and implementation costs.

iv) Authorise the Strategic Director, Environment and Neighbourhoods in consultation with Ward Councillors, to make the relevant Traffic Management Order under the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, to make any modifications and implement the scheme.




Rosehill Park Friends group update

As discussed at the last meeting, residents in the Rosehill Park area were invited to meetings on 4th and 27th February. A report will be given in this item.


Indicative time 10 minutes


Councillor Heron reported on the positive developments in setting up a Friends group for Rosehill Parks and the litter clean up that took place on 22 March. She congratulated all who had been involved and extended that to those who supported other Friends Groups across the Committee area.


Councillor Heron also congratulated Paul and Pauline Nathan, Benhill Residents’ Association and Gwen Turner, Benhill Social Club, who won Community Awards for working relentlessly to improve the quality of life for residents, raising funds for charity, reducing isolation by promoting friendship and fun filled activities.



Public Realm report pdf icon PDF 195 KB

a)    To report on existing schemes and to consider any new projects for funding


Indicative time 10 minutes


Joanne Cavey, Locality Lead Officer introduced the report on the Public Realm. A number of projects had proceeded and updates were given.


Mrs Cavey asked for approval to spend £400 of revenue funding on support for Friends groups.


She noted that there was a sum of £22,995 being recycled and a possible total of around £70,000 to be allocated in 2014/15.


It was noted that proposals for 2014/15 would be brought to the next Local Committee.




i)     Note the progress made on existing Public Realm schemes

ii)    Note the financial position of this Committee’s Public Realm schemes

iii)   Allocate £400 Public Realm revenue funding from 2013/14 to Friends of Parks Groups for promotional activities, as set out in paragraph 6.5

iv)   Increase the unallocated balance by £22,995 for the under spend identified under Appendix B.



Neighbourhood Grants

To report on decisions taken on behalf of the Committee


Indicative time 5 minutes


It was reported that two approvals had been made on the Committee’s behalf.





Councillor Heron noted this was Joanne Cavey’s last meeting and thanked her for the work she had done on behalf of the Committee.


Councillor Heron thanked retiring Councillors Brennan, Lowne, Tope, Holloway and Wallace, who had between them given, over one hundred years service to the borough and noted that Councillors Brennan (three mayoral years), Lowne and Wallace had all served as Mayors. 


A presentation was made to Councillor Lowne who was standing down after being Chair and Vice Chair of the Committee. Councillor Lowne said a few words of thanks.


Councillor Dombey made a presentation to both Councillor Heron and Lowne for the work they had done over the last four years as Chair and Vice Chair of the Committee.


The Chair thanked everyone for attending and hoped that she and other councillors would see everyone at the June meeting.





To be discussed at a future meeting





24th June 2014