Agenda and minutes

Sutton Local Committee
Tuesday, 10th March, 2015 7.00 pm

Venue: Holy Family Catholic Church, Sorrento Road, Sutton

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No. Item


Apologies for absence


Apologies were received from Councillor Ali Marhashem, Gabrielle Andrews, Brenda Crook, Paula Gowing, Paul Nathan and Maggie Sheppard.  Apologies for lateness were received from Councillor David Bartolucci.



To approve as a correct record the Minutes of the meeting held on 20 January 2015.



The minutes of the meeting held on 20 January 2015 were agreed as an accurate record and signed by the Chair.


Update from the Safer Sutton Partnership

Update by Inspector Kathy Morteo.


10 minutes



Inspector Kathy Morteo delivered a short report on policing and crime in the area, as follows:


·                Changes to the town centre teams were implemented on 1 March 2015 but the levels of policing remain unchanged or extended at weekends, and Police visibility has improved.


·                There has been an increase in anti-social behaviour around the lower end of Sutton High Street.  Police have been using a measure similar to a dispersal order to good effect.


·                High visibility patrols have been in the High Street to target pickpockets and to advise the public. 


·                There have been ten burglaries in the last four weeks; five residential and five non-residential.


·                Some excellent work has been done to target drug dealers and arrests made. 


·                The Community Action Day was very successful with over 1000 visitors. 


In response to questions Inspector Morteo:


·                Advised that the town centre SNTs wear body cameras, and response teams have access to them;


·                Described the work carried out to keep the public informed about issues such as distraction burglaries, and highlighted the need to ensure vulnerable people are aware.


Alcohol and Entertainment Licensing

Presentation by Richard Winch, Licensing Manager


15 minutes



Richard Winch, the Licensing Manager delivered a short presentation to the Committee.  The presentation covered how an application is dealt with, decision making by licensing sub-committees, the Pubwatch and BOBB (Behave or Be Banned) scheme, and work carried out with other agencies.


In response to questions, Richard Winch confirmed that the Sutton CIZ includes Sutton Green.





Public Question Time

Members of the public, at the Chair’s discretion, may ask questions about local issues that are not on the agenda for this meeting.  If it is not possible to answer the question at the meeting the questioner will receive a written response.


15 minutes



No public questions were raised.


Community Representatives report on recent events and planned activities for Spring and Summer 2015

Community Representatives will report orally on events.


15 minutes



The following reports were given:


Amanda Munro (Friends of Manor Park) advised that the Midsummer Fair will take place again in 2015, and there have been eleven expressions of interest so far from potential stallholders or activity organisers.


Rob Hardy (Sutton United FC) highlighted some forthcoming events, a community day with the Police on 21 March, and the launch of a pan-disability football team on 11 April. 


Rob Hardy advised that the club is currently seeking planning permission for a  3G artificial grass pitch.  He reported that a Football Academy will be launched with NESCOT, for twenty five 16-18 year olds, to include a BTEC qualification as well as sports coaching.  He also announced the club’s campaign to encourage fans to buy season tickets. 


Chris Carter (Sutton Garden Suburb Residents’ Association) explained that it is providing difficult to recruit a social secretary.  He advised that he recently participated in a Police speed check operation at Rosehill.


Speaking on behalf of Maggie Sheppard (Friends of Quarry Park), Councillor Wendy Mathys announced that the annual tea party will take place on 11 July at 2 pm.


Community Clear Up Day

Locality Lead Officer to provide information on the 21 March 2015 Community Clear Up Day nationwide event


5 minutes


Chantelle Swaby gave details of Community Clear Up Day, a national event to take place on 21 March 2015.  She pointed the Committee to the request for £1000 from the public realm budget to fund the cost of litter bags, jackets, gloves and pickers for volunteers. 


Councillor Steve Penneck encouraged officers to issue information as soon as possible to community and Friends groups, so that they could organise clear ups in specific areas.  Victoria Jeffrey confirmed that a flyer will be issued, and information posted on Sutton’s website.  Information will be sent directly to groups and help will be given to organise them.


Councillor Ruth Dombey sought reassurance that, given the date of the event, there was sufficient time to order, receive and distribute the equipment.  She supported the scheme, noting the cost to LB Sutton is £4m per year to pick up litter, but encouraged ward councillors to identify particular locations to be targeted and co-ordinate resources appropriately.  Victoria Jeffery confirmed the equipment will arrive on time and undertook to provide information to ward councillors seeking to be involved in the project. 


Safe Routes to School: Robin Hood Infants School

Verbal update from Faran Forghani, Traffic and Highway Works Manager


5 minutes



The Traffic and Highways Works Manager, Faran Forghani, delivered an update on the works undertaken to improve road safety around Robin Hood Infants School.   The crossing has been designed to be more prominent, using a raised speed table with coloured surfacing and the pinch point narrowed. Also four flashing signs will be installed on the roads around the school.  The works, including the resurfacing of Robin Hood Lane will be carried out using a road closure during school Easter holidays.


There were no comments or questions from the Committee or public.



Elgin Road: Response to petition pdf icon PDF 91 KB

Response to the petition brought to the committee on 25 November 2014.



15 minutes


Caroline Stanyon, Senior Parking Engineer responded to the petition, as outlined in her report contained within the agenda.


Councillor Steve Penneck explained that two separate issues have been raised by residents:  the extension of restrictions in Elgin Road and concerns about safety at the junction of Elgin Road and Benhill Wood Road.  He noted that consultation undertaken among residents generated a low response, and also described work undertaken by Police and traffic engineers to look into safety in the junction, which led them to conclude there was no great concern.  He agreed that the wider area should be considered, and suggested consideration be given to extending the yellow lines to the end of Elgin Road. 




1.         To note that although an extension of the existing parking restrictions along the length of Elgin Road would deal with long term parking on weekdays it would not tackle weekend parking


2.         To note that extending the existing restrictions to 8pm weekdays could cause concerns from residents, as it would restrict parking for visitors during these hours, and further consultation would be required.


3.         To continue to investigate the impact of parking more generally in this part of Sutton and include the concerns in Elgin Road in those wider investigations.



Lower Road Petition

A petition bearing 28 names has been received from residents of Lower Road, Sutton calling on the Council:


1.            To keep existing permit bays

2.            To install bollards from Palmerston Road to William Road, 9 feet apart, to stop parking from shoppers in Tesco

3.            To place double yellow lines on either side of Lower Road where single lines are at present.

4.            To remove single yellow line in Palmerston Road in order that Tesco can unload.

5.            To keep permit parking within the metered bays but change it to a maximum 20 minute stay with no return in an hour.

6.            To install traffic lights at the roundabout.            


The Chair has agreed that the organiser of the petition, Mr George Major, may address the meeting for a maximum of five minutes.                                                      


10 minutes



At the invitation of the Chair, Mr George Major to addressed the Committee. 


In response, Councillor Vincent Galligan advised that ward councillors are aware of the situation in Lower Road and have visited the site, and agreed safety measures were needed for pedestrians crossing the road.  He reminded the Committee that the proposal is currently out for consultation. 


A Lower Road resident noted her concern that Tesco’s operations are having a detrimental impact on local people.  Another resident suggested that Palmerston Road could be made a one-way street. 


Cllr Vincent Galligan undertook to liaise with officers to ascertain whether a site visit would be of use, to which residents, ward councillors and officers could attend.  Given the concerns raised, he suggested it may be useful if a representative from Tesco could also attend.  Cllr Galligan asked those present who had raised concerns to leave contact details so they can be kept updated on this issue.




To note the petition.





Sutton Station Gateway Update pdf icon PDF 114 KB

To report the present contract position.


10 minutes



Councillor Simon Wales gave a short update on the works to the Sutton Gateway.   All works are progressing well and look on track for completion by the end of May, with street furniture, signs and trees to be installed in April. 


Councillor Simon Wales advised that he has met users of mobility scooters and Sutton Vision representatives at the site who gave positive feedback. 


Councillor Marlene Heron noted her thanks to officers who have worked so hard to negotiate with businesses and other agencies. 


Emily Brothers asked how the Council will resolve the concerns of the owners of Casa Nostra restaurant, as reported in the Local Guardian.  Councillor Simon Wales confirmed that three meetings have taken place with the owner, and the matter is now resolved.


Old Gasworks site, North Sutton - update

To provide an update on the development of the gasworks site.


15 minutes



Richard Green, the Planning Manager, delivered a short presentation updating the Committee on the former Gasholder site.  He invited comments and questions.


Richard Green confirmed that the site is likely to be completed by late 2016. He confirmed that no amendments to the planning application have been submitted. 


When asked if Sainsbury’s intend to commence construction of a store, Richard Green stated that they have a 25 year lease contract for build and occupation.  However, he added the caveat that this was not his specialism.


Councillor Steve Penneck outlined resident concerns about parking that were raised at a recent residents’ meeting and suggested that parking restrictions be reviewed when the development is complete and occupied.


Richard Green reported that, in response to resident complaints, vibration monitoring equipment is installed on site and is being monitored by an Environmental Health Officer. 


Update on the Burger King site

To provide an update on the development of the site.


15 minutes



Mr Joe Cunnane delivered a short update on the Burger King site.  He reported that planning permission has been granted for a mixed development with commercial use on the ground floor and flats above.  There will be 40 flats in total with 26 parking spaces.  When questioned, Joe Cunnane confirmed that some interest had been expressed in the retail units but no contracts have been signed at this stage. 


Mr Cunnane also noted that Mizen Properties have acquired the Prince Regent Public House and will be making planning applications for that property in the next few weeks.  Mizen Properties have also been offered the adjoining office block for redevelopment or refurbishment. 


Progress Report - Area Improvements and Public Realm Programme pdf icon PDF 166 KB

Update on existing projects and report on proposed projects.


15 minutes



Chantelle Swaby presented this report. She went through each of the current schemes and detailed progress made on each one.  She then detailed the new schemes.


With regard to SL/1415.8 (Land opposite All Saints Church), Councillor Vincent Galligan moved that an additional £3000 be allocated to purchase black resin posts.  Councillor Marlene Heron seconded the amendment and it was:




1.         To approve an additional expenditure of £3000 project SL/1415.8


2.         To approve the sum of £8400 for new schemes, as set out in Appendix A.


Neighbourhood Grants

To decide on any new applications for Neighbourhood Grant.         


5 minutes



There were no applications for consideration.


Any urgent items brought forward by the Chair


There were no urgent items brought forward.


Forward Plan

To consider items for inclusion in the Local Committee’s Forward Plan.



No items were suggested for the forward plan.


Date of next meeting

The next meeting of the Local Committee will be advised once agreed by Council.


The next meeting will take place on 2 June 2015.