Agenda and minutes

Sutton Local Committee
Tuesday, 24th June, 2014 7.00 pm

Venue: Salvation Army, Benhill Road, Sutton, SM1 4DD

Contact: Roberta Fusco, Locality Lead Officer, tel 020 8770 4849, email 

No. Item



Indicative time 2 minutes



Apologies were received from Community Representatives Val Grant, Paul Nathan, Tish Emburey, Anna Burke and Amanda Munro and from Steve O’Connell Greater London Authority, Assembly Member for Croydon & Sutton.  All Councillors and Community Representatives were given an opportunity to introduce themselves.


The meeting was attended by 42 residents.





To consider and approve the minutes of the meeting held on 25 March 2014.


Indicative time 3 minutes



Minutes of the meeting held on 25 March 2014 were agreed and signed by the Chair.





To receive an update from the Safer Neighbourhoods Team for the Local Committee area


Indicative time 10 minutes



Inspector Richard Hall gave an update on the work of the Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT). The Committee was advised that the recruitment of 30 new probationers is in progress. The following SNT ward priorities and activities were reported:


Sutton West:


·         Whilst there has been a slight increase in burglaries, it was noted that figures show that burglary has dropped by 29% compared to figures this time last year

·         Motor vehicle theft has decreased by 33%

·         SNT are undertaking plain clothes patrols to address violent offences and antisocial behaviour in the area

·         Drug warrants were issued on class A drugs and arrests made

·         A dedicated police surgery took place at St Alban’s Church

·         SNT met with the Muslim community in relation to burglaries targeting Asian families

·         A question and answer session took place at the Sutton Centre for Independent Living and Learning (SCILL) Centre


Sutton North



·         There has been a 7% reduction in total notifiable offences

·         Arrests have been made in relation to common assault, theft and criminal damage

·         Regular patrols at Greenshaw School to respond to parking issues have taken place

·         SNT have attended the Tennis Centre Open Day

·         The West cluster now has its own dedicated speed gun

·         Speeding operation has been undertaken in Angel Hill

·         SNT have been attending local fetes and fairs

·         A slight increase in burglaries by 3-4 offences




Sutton Central


·         There has been a 20% drop in total notifiable offences

·         There has been a reduction by 10% in burglary and theft to motor vehicles

·         Anti social behaviour by youth has been reported in MacDonald’s. SNT are working with staff and MacDonald’s are getting a security guard

·         Drug operation in the Benhill area has resulted in arrests being made

·         There is a reduction in drug dealing,  officers patrolling in plain clothes in the area has resulted in significant drug seizures and arrests

·         Community clean up event was organised in Thicket Crescent on 25 June 2014

·         Whilst there has been a reduction of town centre PCSO’s, town centre footfall has dropped, offences in the high street have gone down 


Councillor Ruth Dombey enquired from Sutton West and Sutton Central Councillors on the level of communication and feedback via ward panels.  She confirmed that Sutton North was receiving adequate communication and feedback. Sutton West confirmed that they were satisfied with the level of communication With SNT Ward panels.  Inspector Richard Hall stated that a monthly update each ward comes out through newsletters and Neighbourhood Watch weekly update.  SNT will ensure that the new Councillors are on their mailing lists


In response to a question, Inspector Richard Hall confirmed that the Safer Transport Team is responsible for public safety in buses.  A member from the Safer Transport Team will be asked to attend the next Local committee meeting.  Inspector Richard Hall also stated that up to date crime figures can be accessed on the SNT website.





The Committee will receive an update on the proposals for development of the North Sutton (former gas works) site from the developers, LXB, and their agents.


Indicative time 15 minutes


Giles Haywood, LXB Properties delivered a verbal update on the Sutton North Development and highlighted the following:


  • Demolition works to Zurich house began in April and are likely to be compete by October
  • Magnet and Fabric World are now vacant and will also be demolished within this time period
  • Once the buildings are demolished, the residential buildings will be constructed. A circa 18 month build period.
  • Southern Gas Networks are currently carrying the offsite diversion works that are necessary to decommission the gas holders. The diversion works along Collingwood road are nearly complete. The next stage is Crown Road
  • Once the gas holders are emptied of gas, they will be dismantled and the site remediated. The construction of the supermarket will then commence in early 2015 with opening for mid 2016
  • A resident’s liaison group has now been set up and will meet on a three monthly basis. The first meeting was held on 10 June at 10 am.


LXB Properties were asked to consider the following residents concerns:


  • Complaints of noise levels and vehicle movement at night- residents were reassured that there would be no movement of vehicles at night time
  • Consider the effect of demolition vibrations on housing structure Vale Road- residents were informed that mini diggers will be used to undertake the demolition works this will help to minimize dust, noise and vibrations. A separate meeting will be held with these residents.
  • A request was made for residents meetings to be scheduled a time that is suitable for all residents to attend- this was noted
  • Residents were concerned about the likelihood of structural damage to their houses due to the demolition works- this was noted
  • Ensure that the new properties will have adequate parking spaces


Officers were asked to look into addressing the issue of overgrown trees in Wilcox Road. Residents were advised that a socio-economic impact assessment is available to view. The Committee asked to be kept updated on the development and to be informed when residents’ meetings are taking place.





To update the meeting on the progress of this project.


Indicative time 5 minutes


Peter Boddy, Project Manager gave an update on the Sutton Gateway Scheme project.  It was reported that 300 residents participated in the consultation, of which 75% were in favour of the proposals. The Project Board has approved the project to go to implementation. The works at the rear of the station will commence end of July, work will discontinue during the festive season and is scheduled for completion March 2015.


In response to questions Mr Boddy explained that the station crossing is being relocated because the bus stop will be located southwards towards the rear entrance of the station.The Committee was advised that concerns raised during the consultation have been addressed.  Councillor Simon Wales, Chair of the Sutton Station Gateway Project Board stated that Sutton Association for the Blind was happy with the proposal to relocate the crossing and emphasised that assistance will be available on street when the scheme is completed for a period of time. It was noted that issues raised during the consultation in relation to street furniture were addressed.





Local Implementation Plan 2015/16

To update the meeting on the proposed process for developing the Local Implementation Plan (LIP) bid for 2015/16, and to include a breakout session where schemes can be suggested and prioritised.


Indicative time 30 minutes



Following a break out session where all attendees had an opportunity to make suggestions for the reserve list of proposals for the Local area, Paul Blunt, Transport Planning and Programme Manager delivered a report outlining Transport for London’s (TfL) transport-related programmes for investment in 2015/16.


An initial allocation of £1.267m has been made to the Council under TfL’s Corridor, Neighbourhoods and Supporting Measures programme of transport measures for 2015/16. A draft list of proposals for the submission has been produced, by rolling forward the current Local Implementation Plan programme taking account of ongoing work, completed schemes and any new proposals including Ward Councillor’s suggestions.


Site visits and initial investigations have been carried out to ensure proposals are practicable and a needs assessment has been carried as was detailed in the appendix C of the report. Ward Councillors had been contacted for comments on new proposals. In the Sutton Local Committee area it was proposed to bid for funding under the Maintenance Programme to improve the advance height warning signs to the railway bridge in Collingwood Road, and carry out some repairs to the St Nicholas Way/Civic Offices subway.


Under the Corridor programme it is proposed to bid for funding to investigate a proposal to provide pedestrian facilities at the junction of All Saints Road with the High Street and Angel Hill to create a contra flow cycle lane in Manor Lane, which is one way to allow cyclists to cycle in both directions. The reserve list will be used to identify alternative schemes should a scheme not progress for any reason.


The Committee was asked to note residents concerns that the junction near Tesco Local by Waverley Avenue is unsafe.


Resolved: (i) To consider and agree the needs assessment of the schemes contained within the Project Mandates and summarised in Appendix A of the report

(ii) To agree that the Environment and Neighbourhood Committee, as the Highways Authority for the London Borough of Sutton, include the list of schemes in Appendix A of the report in its submission to TfL for LIP funding for 2015/16





The Research and Intelligence Team will deliver a presentation and lead a discussion on the proposed profile for the Local Committee area.


Indicative time 20 minutes


Additional documents:


Shona Harris, Research Officer gave a report on the Locality Needs Profile for the Sutton Locality. The following points were highlighted from the power point presentation:


·         Community Cohesion could be improved- What could be done to improve the relationships between residents?

·         High levels of households privately renting and living in flats- What could this mean for the local area?

·         Lower car ownership and variation travelled in distance- Public transport could be important to residents Road and pavements repairs are important to residents

·         Improving fitness and exercise levels- Could fitness and exercise be limited due to travel times and limited access to space


The Research Team was asked to consider factoring in rise in population in the Sutton locality and its impact on school expansion, domestic violence and change in demographics. A query was raised on the housing figures that were presented. It was noted that future analysis of travel to work and use of public transport in relation to analysis on means of transport will be of interest to the Committee as well as how the report might influence the development of transport policies.



Resolved: (i) To agree note the contents of the report

(ii) To agree that officers undertake to work with ward Councillors, community representatives and other stakeholders to validate and understand the implications of the needs assessment on the priorities for the committee area going forward and provide a further report at a future local committee meeting





Roberta Fusco, Locality Lead Officer will deliver a progress report on Public Realm Projects.


Indicative time 15 minutes


Roberta Fusco, Locality Lead Officer gave a report and which highlighted on the following:


·         Public Realm spending since 25 March 2014

·         Confirmation of budgets available for 2014/5

·         New requests for project funding support


World War I Commemoration Steering Group proposal for ‘giant’ poppy display was discussed.  The Committee was informed that the British Legion had changed their supplier since the time of writing the report and that the cost of one poppy had increased from £2.50 to £3.50. The Committee agreed to have the poppies installed in two trees near the War Memorial in Manor Park.


It was agreed to add to the list of unfunded schemes solar lighting for Manor Park.


Under list of unfunded scheme the Committee highlighted a number of corrections.


Resolved: (i) To agree to note progress made on current Public Realm schemes

(ii) To agree to note the current financial position of this Committee’s Public Realm schemes

(iii) To agree to allocate up to £1,500 from 2014/5 Capital funds (to convert to revenue) for the purchase and display of ‘giant’ 18 inch poppy displays in the local area to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the start of World War I

(iv) To agree to add to the list of unfunded schemes solar lights for Manor Park





Roberta Fusco, Locality Lead Officer will advise the Local Committee about the proposals for 2014 festive lighting schemes.


Indicative time 10 minutes


Roberta Fusco, Locality Lead Officer presented a report on the suggested approach to a co-ordinated procurement and management of festive lighting schemes across the Borough for 2014 and for a subsequent three years up to 2017.


The Local Committee was asked to agree which areas it would like to include in the exercise and consider options for lighting schemes in the desired locations. Financial commitment for agreed lighting schemes in 2014 will be sought at the next Local Committee meetings in the autumn.


Resolved: (i) To reject all proposals in the report and to confirm that the Local Committee will not allocate funds to the provision of festive lighting in the local area





To report on decisions taken on behalf of the Committee.


Indicative time 5 minutes


Tamary Tabeni, Community Development Officer, gave a report on Neighbourhood Grants. The report notified the Committee of decisions taken on its behalf since the last meeting; Chaucer Estate Residents Association was awarded £500 to hold a Funday and Trinity Church was awarded £300 for poppy planting.


The Committee currently has £5,000 to allocate for Neighbourhood Grants in 2014-2015. The full budget for 2014-5, including any carry forwards, is to be confirmed following the Strategy and Resources meeting on 7 July 2014.


Resolved:(i)  To note that two applications have been determined on its behalf.

(ii) To determine to ask the Strategic Director, Environment and Neighbourhoods, to determine applications on its behalf, having sought the views of the Chair, Vice Chair, Councillor Wales and a Community Representative.





An opportunity for Community Representatives to introduce themselves and their organisations.


Indicative time 15 minutes


Community Representatives from introduced themselves and their groups’ current and future activities, events and projects. The Committee agreed with Councillor Ruth Dombey’s request for a preview of Benhill Social Club’s Christmas Pantomime.  The Chair, Councillor Marlene Heron thanked all the Groups who participated in this session.






·         In response to a question it was noted that the double yellow lines will not be implemented as a measure in a certain area in Monksdene Gardens scheme

·         Officers were asked to look into inconsiderate parking issues in Mill Road

·         Officers were requested to look at residents concerns that bus drivers and residents from other roads may be parking their cars in the Vale Road resident’s parking area

·         Councillor Simon Wales agreed to meet resident Peter Morgan to address issues relating to a the length of a barrier in Worcester Road which may be causing traffic problems

·          Environmental Improvement Programme Officers were asked to look into the need to refresh fading yellow lines in Sutton North

·         The need to retain countdown features on the bus shelters being replaced was noted

·         Officers to look into addressing parking issues in Benhill Road in the Danescourt Crescent vicinity- a suggestion for cars to park only on one side was made

·         It was confirmed that the railings that were removed in Benhill Recreational Ground will be replaced











The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 16 September 2014, commencing at 7.00 pm, at the Salvation Army, Benhill Avenue, Sutton.


The next meeting will be held on 16 September 2014, 7.00 pm at the Salvation Army, Benhill Road, Sutton, SM1 4DD.