Agenda and minutes

Sutton Local Committee
Tuesday, 2nd June, 2015 7.00 pm

Venue: Salvation Army, 45 Benhill Avenue, Sutton, SM1 4DD

Contact: Susanne Wicks, Committee Support Team Leader  Tel: 020 8770 6540 | Email:

No. Item


Apologies for absence


Apologies for absence were received from Councillor Steve Penneck, Rob Hardy, Valerie Grant, Amanda Munro and Maggie Sheppard.



Declarations of Interest


No declarations of interest were made.



Minutes of the meeting held on 10 March 2015 pdf icon PDF 104 KB

To approve as a correct record the Minutes of the meeting held on 10 March 2015.


RESOLVED:  That the minutes of the meeting held on 10 March 2015 are agreed as an accurate record.



Public Question Time

An opportunity for members of the public to ask questions about local issues that are not already on the agenda for the meeting.  The time allowed will be at the discretion of the Chair.


Indicative timing:  15 minutes


Councillor Marlene Heron welcomed questions about local issues not otherwise covered on the agenda.  Where a question could not be answered immediately, a response will be sought and issued after the meeting. 


Peter Scouse (Sutton Resident)


1.    The temporary hoardings erected at the Burger King site restrict the public footpath.  How long will they be in place and can they be moved back?

2.    Developers have purchased the public house next door to the Burger King site and it is currently being used as a site office.  Given it is a listed building, do LBS officers have a view on the future of the building?

Response to be supplied after the meeting.


Mr M Sadiq (Sutton Resident)


1.    Can the bus stop outside the former Burger King site be suspended for health and safety reasons on the pavement and because it causes traffic jams?

2.    Could LB Sutton deploy Environmental Enforcement Officers at Sutton Green in order to prevent litter being dropped?

3.    Can CCTV be installed at the end of Oakhill Road to cover the bus stop and shops at Sutton Green?

Response to be supplied after the meeting.


Chris Carter, (Sutton Garden Suburb Residents’ Association)


At the January meeting of this committee, I asked if public consultation would take place regarding the possible construction of a new school at Rosehill Park West, and I was advised that a meeting would be arranged following the election and the outcome of the feasibility study into both that site and the Sutton Hospital site.  Could I have an update on progress.


Reply from Councillor Ruth Dombey


The application from Greenshaw Learning Trust to open a new secondary school has been accepted by the Education Funding Agency, so the decision on the location of the new school will not be made by LB Sutton.  The Greenshaw Learning Trust will submit a planning application for their preferred site in due course.


Chris Carter


I regret that there will be no consultation with stakeholders about the location of a new school. 


Councillor Marlene Heron noted those comments. 


Mrs Trumble (Sutton Resident)


The trees outside my house are over 10’ high and I would like them to be removed as they look horrible and leave a mess on the street.  The leaves are not cleared from the pavement and people slip on them.


Reply from Councillor Vincent Galligan


The trees to which you refer are on Sutton Housing Partnership land.  They have pruned the trees at our request, but trees are not normally removed unless they are diseased. 


Councillor Marlene Heron undertook to approach Sutton Housing Partnership about the need to clear the leaves on a more regular basis.


Brenda Cook (Sutton Resident)


One resident of Rectory Road is very unhappy about the recent planting of a tree outside her property.  Can the tree be moved to outside 37 Rectory Road? 


Reply from Councillor Ruth Dombey


I am aware of this resident’s concerns.  The trees were planted in response to a petition raised by residents  ...  view the full minutes text for item 4.


Update from the Safer Neighbourhood Team

Update by Inspector Kathy Morteo on the three ward priorities in the area and community safety issues.


Indicative timing:  10 minutes


Sgt Anna Smith offered apologies from Inspector Kathy Morteo, who was unavoidably unable to attend the meeting. 


Sgt Anna Smith advised that general crime in Sutton has reduced, but there has been an increase in criminal damage.  Rates of residential burglary have gone down, but burglaries from sheds and garages have increased.  She also advised that incidents of violence with injury have increased, but this partly due to a change in how these incidents are recorded.


Sgt Anna Smith gave details of the Community Action Day to take place on 16 June, which will include speed checks across the borough.  She also encouraged those present to attend the St Helier Festival, which will host the “Britain’s Got Youth Talent” show. 


In response to questions from the public, Sgt Anna Smith was not able to provide the percentage increase of criminal damage but advised that the incidents mostly refer to damage to motor vehicles.


Craig Weston asked if Police had found out who had tipped over the large flowerpots at the bottom of Sutton.  Sgt Anna Smith undertook to take Mr Weston’s details and provide an update after the meeting.  Mr Weston also asked if the pots could be fixed to prevent this happening again.


At the suggestion by Ethan Smith that the Police Cadets may be able to assist with events such as the Community Action Day on 16 June, Sgt Anna Smith undertook to approach the Cadet Leaders.



Community Representatives report

Community representatives will report on recent events and planned activities for Summer 2015.  They will have the opportunity to provide the Committee with any upcoming group activities. 


Indicative timing: 10 minutes


At the invitation of the Chair, the community representatives gave a brief update on recent events and planned forthcoming activities, as follows:


Gabrielle Andrews, Friends of Sutton Green

Unfortunately the annual Summer Fair has been cancelled this year due to the cost of hiring toilets and a generator. 


David Browne, Collingwood Residents’ Association

The Fun Day will take place on 18 July 2015.


Chris Carter, Sutton Garden Suburb Residents’ Association

Two members of the residents’ association joined the Friends of Rosehill Parks on their recent tidy up day.


Paula Gowing, Friends of Rosehill Parks

Regular litter picking sessions are now taking place in the parks on the second Saturday of every month, and all are welcome to help.  An Autumn Fair will be held on 5 September, and all voluntary groups are encouraged to contribute and have a table.


Paul Nathan, Benhill Residents’ Association

The Easter Treasure Hunt was a great success.  A Big Lunch has been organised for 7 June, in which 300-400 people will be involved. 

The Association is working with Sutton Housing Partnership to revamp the children’s play equipment.


Tony Wallace (for Maggie Sheppard), Friends of Quarry Park

The Friends carried out some gardening in the park and will do so again.  A Tea Party will take place on 11 July.


Rob Hardy, Sutton United FC

Mr Hardy was not present but had submitted an update in writing, a summary of which was read by the Chair.


The installation of the 3G pitch started on 18 May and the opening is planned for 14 July. 

400 season tickets have been sold so far, with a target of 1000 to be sold before the start of the new season. 

The club is working with NESCOT to establish its academy.

The Community Team is working to deliver its programme with the Conference League Trust. 

Mr Hardy also made some comments about the impact on Little League Football clubs of the increase in pitch hire costs, which Councillor Marlene Heron noted was already on the agenda for this meeting.


There was no representative present from the Chaucer Estate Residents’ Association, but Councillor Marlene Heron advised that their Easter Bonnet Parade was very successful and a Fun Day is planned in July.  Councillor Marlene Heron introduced Clement Richards, Sutton’s Promoting Independence Officer, who will be working in Sutton North and on the Chaucer Estate to set up some activities, including establishing a Dementia Group.



Doctor Bike

The Head of Local Place and Engagement to provide Councillors with information about on-street bike checks within the community.


Indicative timing:  5 minutes


The Locality Lead Officer, Chantelle Swaby gave some information on the services on offer by Doctor Bike, who will be available in various locations across the borough in the Summer.  She pointed to flyers available and undertook to take details of any groups that would like Doctor Bike to attend their Summer events. 



New Opportunities for the Northern end of Sutton High Street

A presentation by Programme Manager, Sally Blomfield, followed by an interactive session.


Indicative timing:  50 minutes


The Area Renewal Programme Manager, Sally Blomfield, delivered a presentation on the New Homes Bonus grant funding that has been secured by Opportunity Sutton to be used in the northern part of the pedestrianised High Street (between Marshall Road and Benhill Road).


The funding must be used on two projects:


·         the creation of an Entrepreneurs’ Market, (which has been awarded almost £155,000). The Entrepreneurs Market will work in conjunction with the existing market in the High Street and will provide people the opportunity to test the market with a market stall selling their goods/services. 

·         the regeneration of the ‘Northern Gateway’ (which has been awarded £535,000). The objectives of this Project are to ensure improvements which help secure linked trips between the new development at the Old Gasworks site (which will bring new shoppers and residents to the Northern end of the High Street), and the rest of the town centre.

Sally Blomfield led the attendees at the meeting in an interactive session.  Each table had a map of the area in question and were asked to show on the map the positive and negative parts, as well as opportunities for improvement within the project area.  After 10 minutes, each group feedback on their discussion, which was recorded by officers.


Sally Blomfield then asked a range of questions on the views of the meeting on the best ways to improve the area, which were answered with the use of an electronic voting system.  The results of these questions were also collected for future consideration.


At the conclusion of the session, Sally Blomfield outlined the range of consultation to follow and asked those present to contribute as much as possible. Chris Carter and Gabrielle Andrews volunteered to take the lead on ensuring people participate in future consultations around this project.  Sally Blomfield undertook to keep them updated on future consultation events so they may circulate information and encourage attendance. 



Local Implementation Plan Funding 2016/2017, Transport Settlement pdf icon PDF 163 KB

A report from the Transport Planning and Programme Manager followed by a break-out session to gather ideas for future projects.


Indicative timing:  20 minutes


The Transport Planning and Programme Manager presented the report.  He then led a breakout session, where each table was invited to discuss the proposals outlined in the report and to suggest new projects.  Paul Blunt undertook to take away all suggestions made. 




a)    To agree the statement of need for the schemes contained in Appendix A to report.

b)    To agree that the Environment and Neighbourhood Committee, as the Highways Authority for the London Borough of Sutton, include the list of schemes in Appendix A in its submission to TfL for LIP funding for 2016/17.



Progress Report: Area Improvements and Public Realm Programme pdf icon PDF 157 KB

The Locality Lead officer will present a report on existing and proposed projects.


Indicative timing:  15 minutes


The Locality Lead Officer, Chantelle Swaby introduced this report and also delivered a short presentation detailing some of the completed public realm schemes.  She gave an update on current projects, detailed the new schemes for consideration, and outlined the Committee’s budget.


With regard to the completed fence at St Nicholas Churchyard, Cllr Simon Wales advised that two of the new fence chains are already broken, and Chantelle Swaby undertook to report back.



a)    To approve the sum of £1850 for the installation of trees in Vicarage Road.

b)    To approve the sum of £2000 for the implementation of double yellow lines in the turning head portion of Salisbury Road.



Neighbourhood Grants 2015-16 pdf icon PDF 97 KB

The Locality Lead Officer will present a report on neighbourhood grant applications.


Indicative timing:  10 minutes


The Locality Lead Officer, Chantelle Swaby introduced this report, and pointed out that groups and clubs can now apply for up to £1000 per year, through either a single or multiple bid.   She highlighted the decision made under delegated authority to award the Manor Park Friends Group a grant of £400 towards equipment and publicity materials for their Midsummer Fayre.


Councillor Marlene Heron reported that a Youth Group have applied for a grant of £1000 to assist with costs for a residential trip.  This is being decided via authority delegated to the Director of Environment, Housing and Regeneration, pending approval from the committee members.


Report received.



Local Committee's Neighbourhood Grant Funding of the four Sutton Football Little Leagues

A verbal report from the Chair


Indicative timing: 10 minutes


Councillor Marlene Heron explained that LBS Parks Service can no longer subsidise the Little Leagues for pitch costs.  Whilst the Little Leagues have met recently in order to explore ways to reduce costs, Councillor Marlene Heron noted her wish to support them, given that over 1400 children participate in football that they organise, and suggested that each of the six Local Committees award a neighourhood grant of £500 to support them. 


It was moved by Councillor Marlene Heron, seconded by Councillor Vincent Galligan and unanimously




The Sutton Local Committee awards a neighbourhood grant of £500 to the Sutton Little Leagues in order to offset pitch costs.



Any Urgent Items brought forward by the Chair


No urgent items were discussed.


Forward Plan pdf icon PDF 38 KB


The Chair advised that the next meeting will include a presentation on the Local Centres Regeneration Toolkit.


Date of next meeting

The next meeting will take place on 8 September 2015, at the Salvation Army, Sutton.


The next meeting will take place on 8 September 2015 at the Salvation Army, Benhill Road, Sutton.