Agenda and minutes

Sutton Local Committee
Tuesday, 7th June, 2016 7.00 pm

Venue: Holy Family Catholic Church, Sorrento Road, Sutton

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Welcome and Introductions


Apologies for absence


Apologies were received from Councillor Kevin Burke.


Apologies were also received from community representatives Gabrielle Andrews and David Browne.



Declarations of Interest


There were no declarations of interest.



Minutes of the last meeting pdf icon PDF 128 KB

To approve as a correct record the Minutes of the meeting held on 15 March 2016.


The minutes of the meeting held 15 March 2016 were agreed and signed as a correct record.



Public Question time

An opportunity for members of the public to raise points or questions about local issues that are not already on the agenda for this meeting.  If it is not possible to answer the question at the meeting, a written response will be issued.  Please submit your questions to .


Members of the public in attendance were invited to put questions to the Committee. The questions and answers are attached in an appendix to the minutes.



Update from the Safer Neighbourhood Team

An update on the three ward priorities in the area and community safety issues.


Inspector Kathy Morteo was unable to attend the meeting and no substitute was sent in her absence.


Updates from Community Representatives


Updates were given by:


·         Valerie Grant - Friends of Collingwood

·         Maggie Sheppard - Friends of Quarry Park

·         Chris Carter - Sutton Garden Suburb Residents’ Association

·         Paul Nathan - Benhill Residents’ Association


The Chair also invited Heather McMechan, a volunteer of Sutton Soup to report back on their first event held in April. Those present were also invited to the next event, to be held on 7 July 2016.



Update on the Northern Gateway Project

Manmohan Dayal, Area Renewal Projects Manager, has invited Project Centre and JK Architects to give a presentation on the Northern Gateway Project.


Manmohan Dayal, Area Renewal Projects Manager, introduced JK Architects who gave a presentation on the Northern Gateway Project. The main points of the presentation included:


·         The wider vision and journey for reinventing the high street.

·         A series of events foreseen for the summer.

·         The need to change the perception of the area as a place and take ownership.

·         The historical and physical contexts of the High Street.


Members of the public and of the Committee were then invited to ask questions of the JK Architect representatives. Concerns raised included:


·         Inclusive design and recommendations of an access audit.

·         Previous incidents of vandalism to street furniture.

·         The geographical remit of the project.

·         Whether this was merely a repeat of previous projects.

·         Vehicular access.

·         The timescale of the project.

·         Whether funding would be impacted by the recent election of a new London Mayor.


The Area Renewal Projects Manager, representatives of JK Architects and Sally Blomfield, Area Renewal Programme Manager, responded that:


·         The recommendations of the access audit had been accepted.

·         Durability of street furniture is a key part of the brief and many robust counter-measures against vandalism have been incorporated.

·         Funding for the project is geographically specific and cannot be extended but that some of these concerns are likely covered by the Sutton Town Centre Masterplan.

·         The objective of the exercise is to find the best solutions and the events programmed for the summer will consult on various options.

·         A fire path has to be retained as well as limited delivery access.

·         A detailed design is to be prepared for the Autumn, with onsite work next year with the aim for completion in Spring 2017.

·         The aim is to achieve a sustainable process working with the Council and community groups to create a legacy.

·         It was confirmed that funding was not impacted by the change in London Mayor.



Councillor Wendy Mathys was interested in the mention of youth-specific events and asked the representatives to pass details to her for inclusion in a youth diary.


LIP for the 17/18 budget pdf icon PDF 416 KB

Ian Price, Team Leader Strategy & Commissioning, Highways & Transport, to present proposals for the Local Implementation Plan (LIP) budget.


Ian Price, Team Leader Strategy & Commissioning, Highways & Transport, presented a report on the Local Implementation Plan (LIP) 2017/18 budget. It was emphasised that no final guidance had yet been received due to the recent change in London Mayor.


In response to questions from the Committee and Members of the Public, it was clarified by the Officer that:


·         A discussion could be had outside the LIP with regards to 20mph zones.

·         This funding did not cover parking schemes.

·         There was no intention for ‘Boris Bikes’ in the outer boroughs.

·         The Quietways route was still under consideration and testing.


Resolved: That the Sutton Local Committee:


1.    Considers and agrees the proposed schemes for this local committee as contained in Appendix A of the report.

2.    Recommends that the Environment and Neighbourhood Committee, as the Highways Authority for the London Borough of Sutton, includes the list of schemes in Appendix A in its submission to TfL for LIP funding for 2017/18.


Parking and Traffic Schemes pdf icon PDF 174 KB

Ian Price, Highways and Traffic, to present a report covering the old gas works site, updates on the 2015/16 traffic engagement schemes, and schemes at Greenshaw School, Grenell Road and surrounding areas.



The Chair accepted the reasons for lateness and urgency as outlined in the report and permitted Ian Price, Team Leader Strategy & Commissioning,

Highways & Transport, to present on parking and traffic schemes.


Following questions from the Committee and Members of the Public, it was clarified that:


·         Enforcement of the proposed measures is a key issue.

·         Parking problems on Grennell Road had been exacerbated by the Greenshaw High School car park being temporarily out of action.

·         Proposed measures are on waiting restrictions and cannot cover problems of dropping off pupils at the school. The Council is trying to work with the school to counter this problem.

·         The proposed timescale is tight and does depend somewhat upon the nature of responses in the consultation process.

·         Resident parking near the gas works site would be extended both in the morning and evening, from 7am to 10pm.

·         Time restrictions on Grennell Road would stretch between Rosewood Gardens and Elgin Road.

·         A borough-wide parking strategy, with consultation, would take into account concerns of displacement across a wider area, with a report to the Environment and Neighbourhood Committee later in the year.

·         Parking is a consideration in granting planning permission.

·         The aim is for a sustainable neighbourhood with use of public transport.


Resolved: as amended, that the Sutton Local Committee:


1.    Notes the progress made on the minor parking schemes previously approved by the Committee.

2.    Approves the proposed changes around the Old Gas Works site regarding the extension of the operational hours to cover the morning and evening period from 7am to 10pm.

3.    Agrees to the consultation of the proposed measures subject to discussions with Greenshaw School and Greenshaw School Expansion Project.

4.    Agrees to delegate authority to process, consider and resolve any objections received to the Traffic Management Orders, and informal consultation, to the Executive Head of Safer and Stronger Communities, in consultation with Ward Councillors and the Local Committee Chair.


Public Realm Projects and Priorities pdf icon PDF 363 KB

Chantelle Swaby, Locality Lead Officer, to present a report to the Committee, which outlines new public realm schemes for approval and gives an update on the progress of current schemes.



The Locality Lead Officer, Chantelle Swaby, presented a report to the Committee, outlining new public realm schemes for approval and giving an update on the progress of current schemes.


Community representatives, local residents and Councillors discussed schemes under the public realm budget with the main concerns highlighted as:


·         The Planters: Councillor Wendy Mathys confirmed that spaces were now ready for the remaining planters to be moved into position in Gander Green Lane.

·         Request for bins in Grennell Road: A local resident wanted to know the reason for delay, with Councillor Marlene Heron responding that consultation with residents of Aultone Way was due to take place first.

·         Land opposite All Saints Church: Councillor Steve Penneck asked what was behind the delays to works in this area. The Highways and Transport Officer explained that the estimates were significantly higher than the funding allocation and Officers are working on a solution which is value for money.


Resolved: With the addition of two further recommendations, that the Sutton Local Committee:

1.    Approves 2 lockable noticeboards, one for Rosehill Park East and the other for Rosehill Park West to be funded from Public Realm capital for £3,800.

2.    Approves 2 street litter bins to be sited on the street-side of Rosehill Park East, and to be funded from Public Realm capital for £340.

3.    Approves the recycling of £6,590 of public realm capital back into the unallocated budget.

4.    Approves funding of £5,000 for festive lighting for the High Street to be funded from Public Realm capital converted to revenue.

5.    Approves funding of £300 for planting various flowers in Quarry Park adjacent to Cheam Road from Public Realm revenue.

6.    Approves the replacement of a dilapidated bench that is located near to the skate bowl in Collingwood recreation ground, for £820 from Public Realm capital.

7.    Approves funding a contribution of £10,000 from Public Realm capital towards the costs of further highways consultation, involving local committees in the implementation of the Parking Strategy.


Neighbourhood Grants

Chantelle Swaby, Locality Lead Officer, to give a presentation on grant applications approved under delegated authority since the last meeting of this Committee.


Chantelle Swaby, Locality Lead Officer, gave a presentation on grant applications approved under delegated authority since the last meeting of this Committee.


Following the presentation, a community representative asked if in future it would be possible for such an important item to be discussed further up the agenda as many people who would be interested in funding may have left by this point of the evening.


Any urgent items,

Brought forward at the discretion of the Chair.


No urgent items were brought forward by the Chair.


Date of next meeting

The next meeting of the Sutton Local Committee will take place on 6 September 2016 at 7 pm at a location to be confirmed.


The next meeting of the Sutton Local Committee will take place on 6 September 2016 at 7 pm at Sutton Grammar School, Manor Lane, Sutton SM1 4AS.

Appendix to the Minutes: Public Questions and Answers pdf icon PDF 172 KB