Agenda and minutes

Sutton Local Committee
Tuesday, 6th September, 2016 7.00 pm

Venue: Sutton Grammar School, Manor Lane, SM1 4AS

Contact: Aimee Wittams-Smith, Senior Business Support Officer  Tel: 020 8770 4171 | Email:

No. Item


Welcome and Introductions


The Chair welcomed those present to the meeting and indicated where the fire exits could be found.


Apologies for absence


Apologies were received from Councillors Vincent Galligan, David Bartolucci, Kevin Burke and Ali Mirasham.


Apologies were also received from Gabrielle Andrews, Paul Nathan, Rob Hardy, Val Grant, and Maggie Sheppard who was substituted by Mark Brewer.


Declarations of Interest


There were no declarations of interest.


Minutes of the last meeting pdf icon PDF 219 KB

To approve as a correct record the Minutes of the meeting held on 7 June 2016.


The minutes of the meeting held on 7 June 2016 were agreed and signed as a correct record, subject to two amendments under Item 2 of the minute papers:


·         To correct the spelling of Gabrielle Andrews’ name

·         To note that David Browne was a representative from Collingwood Residents’ Association and that the name “Colin Wood” was an error due to a mishearing.


Order of Items


The Chair swapped items 5 and 7 on the agenda, as such the items were taken as follows in these minutes.


Public Question time

An opportunity for members of the public to raise points or questions about local issues that are not already on the agenda for this meeting.  If it is not possible to answer the question at the meeting, a written response will be issued.  Please submit your questions to .


Brenda Crook asked if the council were able to do anything about precarious scaffolding that was piled up on Rectory Road. Councillor Heron undertook to take the matter forward as a Member Enquiry, and Councillor Dombey suggested that it may be helpful for Mrs Crook to take photographs.


A resident raised concerns about the traffic island and parking around Benhill Road/Oliver Road, he felt that the council was taking a long time to review the situation and that it was a dangerous area for pedestrians. Ian Price, Highways Team Leader, responded that it had not been established as a priority during the extensive research into areas of concern for Highways to address. He undertook to explore why it was not taken forward as a priority following public engagement.


The resident also highlighted some issues regarding Sutton High Street, which were followed by concerns raised by Emily Brothers about the developers of the Times Square shopping centre going into administration and the Prince Regent pub being under threat. Residents were informed that the topic of the Town Centre would be covered later in the agenda under item 11. Councillor Ruth Dombey highlighted efforts that ward Councillors had made to save the listing of the Prince Regents pub and noted that the decision was in the hands of Historic England in consultation with the Secretary of State. Councillor Marlene Heron responded that the Times Square development was not in the gift of the council to resolve as it was not land owned by the council.


Neighbourhood Watch

Heather Shaw, representative from the local Neighbourhood Watch, to discuss local level issues and provide safety advice for the community.


Heather Shaw attended from Sutton Neighbourhood Watch. She informed the committee that the scheme was the biggest Neighbourhood Watch in London with 5430 members across the borough. She outlined that Neighbourhood Watch members were vital to the safety of some of the more vulnerable residents’ in the borough and welcomed new members. Members and Street Reps would give their neighbours somewhere to turn to for help in times of need. Neighbourhood Watch had been working closely with the Safer Sutton Partnership and the Metropolitan Police to make the borough a safer place. Joining information can be found at the following web link:


Update from the Safer Neighbourhood Teams

Inspector Kathy Morteo to provide an update on the three ward priorities in the area and community safety issues.


Inspector Kathy Morteo gave a brief update to the committee regarding developments in the “West Cluster” of the borough, including:


·         There was a new Borough Commander, Dave Stringer.

·         £25,000 had been spent on new radio equipment, improving communications across security staff at entertainment venues and those concerned with safety in the borough.

·         The town centre teams had been re-established and each of them were producing a newsletter every 5 weeks.

·         Any concerns or questions could be emailed to


Nomination of Community Representatives

To discuss changes to the membership of the Community Representatives for Sutton Local Committee, to be approved by full Council.


Councillor Marlene Heron welcomed new representatives and informed the committee that the following nominations would be taken to the meeting of Full Council on 12 September 2016:

·         Barry Brunton to replace Chris Carter (Sutton Garden Suburb Residents Association)

·         Simon Wood (Burnell and Lewis Residents Association)


Community Representatives updates

An update from the Committee’s Community Representatives.


The following updates were received from Community representatives:


Amanda Munro (Manor Park Friends Group) – The Manor Park Summer Fair was cancelled due to a clash with a bigger fair. There will be a “mince pies and mulled wine” event on 10 December 2016 from 7-9pm


Barry Brunton (Sutton Garden Suburb Residents Association) – The R.A would update the next Local Committee meeting on progress.


Mark Brewer (Substituting for Maggie Sheppard, Friends of Quarry Park) – Quarry Park had hosted a very successful tea party with approximately 100 attendees and wished to thank the Parks department for a new bench in the park.


Councillor Simon Wales passed on updates from the Friends of Collingwood Recreation Ground thanking the Committee for the many improvements to Collingwood Rec from the public realm funding. Councillor Wales also gave an update from Rob Hardy on Sutton United FC who had been promoted to the National League.


Public Realm and Neighbourhood Grants pdf icon PDF 154 KB

Chantelle Swaby, Locality Lead Officer, to present a report to the committee giving an update on the progress of current schemes, budget and any neighbourhood grants recently approved.

Additional documents:


Chantelle Swaby, Locality Lead Officer, took the Committee through the public realm schemes as per the appendices to the report in the agenda pack.


Councillor Steve Penneck asked why the Land opposite All Saints Church scheme was taking longer than expected and Mehmet Mazhar undertook to ensure that an inspector visited the site, confirming that the work would now be highways maintenance work rather than a public realm scheme.


Chantelle Swaby gave a presentation displaying the completed schemes and the Chair confirmed that the Toilet Block at Sutton Green was a priority and should be moved to new funded schemes. The sum of £20,000 would be match-funding from the Mayor of London’s Spacehive Funding.


The Committee discussed whether to agree funding for recommendation 2.2 (Ranfurly Road) over two years or all in one go. Ian Price confirmed that work would not be able to commence until Spring 2017, as such it was:


RESOLVED that the Sutton Local Committee:


  1. Approved the cost of £2,000 for a lockable noticeboard installation costs for the Burnell and Lewis Residents Association funded from Public Realm Capital.
  2. Earmarked £40,000 Public Realm Capital, spread across two years, towards footway parking on Ranfurly Road, subject to agreement within a separate highways report.
  3. Approved the recycling of £7,000 back to the unallocated balance for the revenue scheme shown under Appendix A section 5 and convert back to capital.
  4. Noted the progress on current schemes.
  5. Earmarked up to £20,000 for works on the toilet block on Sutton Green.

This was followed by a presentation on Neighbourhood Grants that had been previously awarded through the delegation process.


Sutton Town Centre (STC) Masterplan update

Sally Blomfield, Area Renewal Programme Manager, to update the committee on the results of the public consultation earlier in the year, and how these have informed changes to the Masterplan.


Sally Blomfield, Area Renewal Programme Manager, gave a presentation to outline the goals of the Sutton Town Centre (STC) Masterplan, the reasons for it, the consultation process and how Sutton council planned to deliver it. She addressed common concerns that had emerged from the consultation process so far and informed the Committee that some concerns were issues that would fall under the remit of the Local Plan (such as building heights and the gyratory) which was to be further consulted on in Spring 2017.


A representative from Sutton Team Ministry asked for clarification on the “arts hub” mentioned as part of the scheme and Sally Blomfield responded that the aim was to foster a “cultural offer” and that there were ongoing discussions with a receptive freeholder at the cinema site. Another resident asked whether there were plans to repair the high street following reccurring problems with potholes, and Sally Blomfield confirmed that Highways Engineers had inspected the high street and were aware of the issues. She also responded to questions clarifying that the most immediate projects would be improving the arrival experiences into the town centre, the parapet of the train station, and cleaning up the high street.


Emily Brothers, a resident, asked whether there was an accessible document outlining the outcome of the consultation and Sally Blomfield highlighted that the full document containing responses to the consultation, as well as a report summarising the responses was available at the following link


Market Place Sutton (Northern Gateway)

Manmohan Dayal, Area Renewal Projects Manager to provide an update on schemes which have taken place.


Manmohan Dayal, Area Renewal Projects Manager, gave a presentation to update the Committee on the schemes that had taken place and were upcoming in the Market Place Sutton (Northern Gateway), in particular:

·         Sutton staff present on the high street at the weekend to talk about the project

·         Big Dance Bus

·         Crafternoon and Pop Up library

·         Upcoming DJ workshops and Entrepreneurs Pop-up Market on 1-2 October 2016

He directed the Committee to the full listings on the website (available at the following link:


Parking and Traffic Schemes pdf icon PDF 156 KB

Ian Price, Team Leader Strategy & Commissioning, and Hitesh Wadher, Senior Professional Engineer (Highways) to provide a verbal update on the status of schemes agreed at the public engagement session in November 2015.

Additional documents:


Ian Price presented a report on Parking and Traffic engagement schemes, in particular the projects listed in the report document, and outlined the consultation process that had been ongoing since 2015.


Councillor Steve Penneck thanked officers for their work and asked about the Parking Strategy, which Ian Price confirmed was to be considered at the meeting on Environment and Neighbourhood Committee on 15 September 2016.


RESOLVED that the Sutton Local Committee:


  1. Noted the progress made on the minor parking schemes previously approved by the Committee and since the last meeting on the 7 June 2016, as indicated in the report.
  2. Noted the progress made towards implementing the measures agreed with the local residents through the Greenshaw School Expansion Project, as set out in the report.



Ranfurly Road pdf icon PDF 153 KB

A report from Hitesh Wadher containing details of a proposed scheme to provide footway parking in sections of Ranfurly Road, that have been developed to address access issues for large vehicles.

Additional documents:


The committee considered a report containing details of a proposed scheme to provide footway parking in sections of Ranfurly Road to address access issues for emergency and refuse collection vehicles.


Councillor Steve Penneck informed the Committee that it is not usual policy to harden grass verges however in this particular case it was necessary.


RESOLVED that the Sutton Local Committee:


1.    Agreed the funding of £40,000 of public realm capital to progress the scheme through concept and detailed design followed by implementation funded from Public Realm Capital.

2.    Agreed that any valid objections to the statutory Traffic Management Order consultation be referred to the Strategic Director of Environment, Housing & Regeneration or their delegated Officers to consider under their delegated authority.


Residents Parking re Old Gas Works site pdf icon PDF 151 KB

A report from Hitesh Wadher to provide an update in relation to the Old Gas Works site parking controls.

Additional documents:


Ian Price presented a report providing an update in relation to the Old Gas Works site parking controls. He informed the Committee that a Traffic Management Order (TMO) had been developed in line with the planning application process, which resulted in a loss of parking spaces for surrounding resident permit holders. Members and Officers had met with residents, to discuss the impacts of the new layout, and as a result amended the proposals to include 4 resident permit bays, 2 No shared use bays and a loading bay which reduced the loss of resident bays. Officers were also exploring options for creating permit specific bays to replace generic disabled bays, where the use of the bay would be limited to a certain type of permit or to a person. Specific permit holder number and that Vale Road would be used as a pilot scheme.


Karin Lane, a resident, noted that the minutes of the previous meeting stated that the extended hours (7 June 2016) had already been approved. She also thanked the Officers for their hard work as the amendments were life-changing for one of her neighbours.


RESOLVED that Sutton Local Committee noted the proposed changes around the Old Gas Works site regarding the Residents Only parking layout and other matters raised by residents.


Any urgent items brought forward at the discretion of the Chair

The Chair must approve the reason for urgency.


There were no urgent items.


Date of next meeting

The next meeting of the Sutton Local Committee will take place on 13 December 2016 in the Europa Gallery, Civic Offices, SM1 1EA.


The next meeting will be held on 13 December in the Europa Gallery, Civic Offices, SM1 1EA.