Agenda and minutes

Sutton Local Committee
Tuesday, 13th December, 2016 7.00 pm

Venue: Europa Gallery - Civic Offices, St Nicholas Way, Sutton. View directions

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Welcome and Introductions


The Chair welcomed all those there present to the meeting.


Apologies for absence


Apologies were received from Councillor Simon Wales.


Declarations of Interest


No declarations of interest were made.


Minutes of the last meeting pdf icon PDF 240 KB

To approve as a correct record the Minutes of the meeting held on 6 September 2016.



RESOLVED: that the minutes of the meeting held on 6 September 2016 were agreed and signed as a correct record.


Christmas Carols


Carols were sung by children from Westbourne Primary School and All Saints Benhilton.


Order of Items


Item 7 (Update from Safer Neighbourhood Team) was moved to be heard prior to Item 6.


Update from the Safer Neighbourhood Team

An update on the three ward priorities in the area and community safety issues.


Inspector Kathy Morteo gave an update on the three ward priorities in the area and community safety issues. The following local concerns and updates were mentioned:


·         The recent serious incidents in the town centre as mentioned in local press;

·         Anti-social behaviour in relation to parking near Greenshaw school (Sutton North);

·         Work with trading standards on banks (Sutton Central).


Councillor David Bartolucci questioned a recent spike in motorcycle thefts in the Borough. Inspector Morteo confirmed the increase but noted that the past fortnight had seen a decline in incidences, elaborating further on police strategy to tackle this.


Rob Hilson, Vernon Road, asked for further information on the serious incidents in the town centre in relation to motivation and CCTV evidence.


Any concerns or questions could be addressed to


Heritage in the Sutton Local Committee Area pdf icon PDF 41 MB

Presentation on heritage in the Sutton Local area from Sally Blomfield, Area Renewal Programme Manager, and Kath Shawcross, Borough Archivist and Local Studies Manager.



Sally Blomfield, Area Renewal Programme Manager, and Kath Shawcross, Borough Archivist and Local Studies Manager gave a presentation on heritage in the Sutton Local area. This focussed on:


·         Sutton as a staging post

·         Early Sutton and the Importance of Sutton Green

·         The Growth of Sutton

·         Manor Park


The Community Representative of Manor Park Friends Group asked if the slides could be made available online, this was confirmed by the Committee Services Team Leader, Fiona Bywaters.


Emily Brothers asked about the impact of cuts to the heritage service. Councillor Steve Penneck responded with details of the restructure and impact of budget cuts. An objection was raised by Andy Cook in relation to sums mentioned under the public realm item and the Chair responded that many of these were in response to resident requests.


A resident of Blenheim Road questioned where the drinking fountain of Manor Park could be found, which was confirmed to be near the cafe. A further resident question sought clarification of the Sutton Town Centre Conservation Area and its relation to planning applications.


Helen John, Burnell and Lewis Residents’ Association, sought further information on the Prince Regent Development and what could be done to preserve heritage. The Area Renewal Programme Manager responded with information on a recent heritage bid of the Council and efforts to liaise with owners for Historic England grant funding to maintain their buildings.


Update on the Westbourne Primary School Expansion pdf icon PDF 631 KB

Jim Pierce from BuiltOffSite to provide the committee with a 3D walkthrough of the new building at Westbourne Primary, programme of works to completion and processes undertaken through the Pre-Contract Services Agreement.



Kay Ritchie, Headteacher, provided the committee with an update on the Westbourne Primary School Expansion.


Councillor Steve Penneck asked the Headteacher to elaborate further on child safety and how the children were being informed of the expansion. Health and safety was outlined as key by the Headteacher who expanded on efforts by BuiltOffSite to educate the children as to the construction activities.


Councillor Wendy Mathys, Chair of the Children, Family and Education Committee expressed her thanks with regards to the project.


Update on the Belmont Secondary school pdf icon PDF 2 MB

Kieran Holliday, Head of Pupil Based Commissioning, to provide the committee with a progress update on the new secondary school provision in Belmont.



Adam Whiteley, Senior Project Manager, gave a progress update on the new secondary school provision in Belmont. The presentation focussed on:


·         The need for two new secondary schools in the Borough;

·         The first Passivhaus Secondary School in the country;

·         The school catchment analysis;

·         The location plan and the London Cancer Hub.

·         Landscaping;

·         Transport and Access;

·         Next Steps.


Residents asked if students had access to any green space. The Project Manager responded that, as with many other London schools, there would not be playing fields on site, but discussions were being held with other schools in the Borough as to potential sharing arrangements. Adam Whiteley noted that all other external PE and sports space would be provided on site in line with DFE guidance. Councillor Wendy Mathys confirmed an offer to share playing fields, based in Clockhouse.


Emily Brothers expressed her support for the project but wanted to know why more land had not been purchased for playing fields or to negate the need for a second school in Rosehill. The Chair advised that the latter part of this question would be better suited to the Local Plan item later in the agenda. Councillor Ruth Dombey confirmed that the maximum amount of land possible had been purchased from Epsom and St Helier NHS Trust.


Requests were made by residents that further information be provided on the Rosehill secondary school site at a future local committee.


Further questions could be addressed to


Public Realm Projects and Priorities pdf icon PDF 151 KB

The Locality Lead Officer will present a report to the Committee, which outlines  new public realm schemes for approval and gives an update on the progress of current schemes.


Additional documents:


Chantelle Swaby, Locality Lead Officer, gave a verbal update on recently awarded Neighbourhood Grants. Residents were reminded that they could apply for start-up funding in establishing a residents’ association or community group. Further information could be found at


The Chair informed residents that the Successful Sutton High Street Buggy, which had received a neighbourhood grant, was recently awarded a Business Improvement District award.


The Locality Lead Officer then outlined the public realm projects and priorities as contained in the report. Further detail on specific highways schemes was provided by Hitesh Wadher, Senior Professional engineer. Residents requested further information on the Borough Parking Strategy. In response, Councillor Steve Penneck confirmed that this was available online as a decision of the Environment and Neighbourhood Committee, and that this would be discussed at a future local committee in greater detail. Further detail on the strategy and consultation was provided by Councillor Ruth Dombey.


Emily Brothers raised a question in relation to the Northern Gateway Project and specifically safety issues around crossing Burnell Road. The Chair responded that examination of this proposed scheme was in progress. Concerns relating to this crossing were supported by Helen John, Burnell and Lewis Residents’ Association.


Residents also sought further information as to the number of parking permits issued against the number of spaces available. The Chair clarified how the provision of parking permits operates in the Borough.


Helen John, Burnell and Lewis Residents’ Association, suggested that use of car clubs be encouraged across the borough, and those who used public transport incentivised.



1.    The sum of £7,215 for the supply and installation of hanging baskets, barrier baskets and planters be earmarked as a request for funding from the 2017/18 Public Realm revenue (subject to such sums being made available within the 2017/18 budget cycle due for approval by Full Council in March 2017).

2.    £3,000 for the supply and installation of two illuminated warning signs showing ‘elderly pedestrians crossing’ on Oakhill Road, to be funded from Public Realm Capital, be approved.

3.    £500 for the supply and installation of a directional sign on Ashton Close to alert drivers of the correct entrance for the Sutton United football club, to be funded from Public Realm Capital, be approved.

4.    The recycling of £16,777 back to unallocated balances for the capital schemes shown under Appendix A, Section 5, be approved.

5.    £500 for the annual maintenance of gym equipment in Collingwood Recreation Ground, Manor Park and Rosehill Park, totalling £1,500, from Public Realm revenue, be approved.

6.    The progress on current schemes be noted.


Local Plan Update pdf icon PDF 4 MB

Senior Planners, Duncan Clarke and Keith Fraser to provide an update to the committee on the progress of the ‘Local Plan.’



Dean James and Keith Fraser, Strategic Planning, provided an update on the progress of the Local Plan. The presentation focussed on:


1.    What the local plan is and the story so far;

2.    What was learnt from the last consultation and what was changed;

3.    The ‘Big Ticket’ items;

4.    Primary and secondary school provision;

5.    Transport proposals.

6.    Areas of taller building potential;

7.    Estates and Potential Renewal Areas;

8.    How to make your voice heard.


Questions were raised by residents as to what safeguarding a site meant. The Strategic Planner explained that this means land is protected for a particular purpose should it be required. In the meantime, existing uses on site can continue.


Helen John, Burnell and Lewis Residents’ Association asked a question in relation to the potential route of tramlink and the Strategic Planner responded that the route proposed was to follow the gyratory. The impact of the tram on traffic movement would be a matter for detailed consideration in the future. The representative asked if consultation stands would be outside Asda again, to which the Strategic Planner responded in the negative and referred to the wide range of ways in which the Local Plan would be publicised. The request was reiterated by the representative and supported by another resident, Chris White.


Emily Brothers sought clarification on the decision-making process as well as green spaces, and affordable housing. The Strategic Planner explained that following consultation, responses would be analysed. Authority had been given at the last meeting of the Housing, Economy and Business Committee to submit the draft Local Plan to the Planning Inspectorate for an Examination in Public. With regards to green space, additional areas had been identified in the plan and in terms of affordable housing, the plan has an overall target of 50% on a borough wide basis.


It was further questioned by Emily Brothers as to whether the Council would facilitate independent advice and support local residents in the local plan process. The Strategic Planner responded that attempts had been made to make the local plan much more user friendly and more understandable than other planning documents.


Public Question time

An opportunity for members of the public to raise points or questions about local issues that are not already on the agenda for this meeting.  If it is not possible to answer the question at the meeting, a written response will be issued.  Please submit your questions to .


Andy Cook, local resident, asked whether the new parking meters would give change, take all coins and have a payment-by-card option. The Chair committed to provide the resident with a written answer.


Chris White, local resident, commented on the traffic light sequence at Throwley Way and its safety.


Helen John, Burnell and Lewis Residents’ Association, asked how the Wandle Valley Trust was included in the Local Plan process. Councillor Ruth Dombey clarified that they had responded to the consultation.


Appointment of Community Representative

Helen John to be appointed community representative for Burnell and Lewis Residents’ Association.



1.    Helen John be appointed community representative of Burnell and Lewis Residents’ Association.

2.    Alexander McLeish be appointed community representative of the Greenshaw Residents’ Engagement Group (GREG) with Janet Ford as substitute.


Any urgent items brought forward at the discretion of the Chair

The Chair must approve the reason for urgency.


No urgent items were raised.


Date of next meeting

The next meeting of the Sutton Local Committee will take place on 14 March 2017 at 7 pm at Sutton Salvation Army Church, 45 Benhill Ave, Sutton, SM1 4DD.


The next meeting of the Committee was confirmed to take place on 14 March 2017 at 7pm at the Sutton Salvation Army Church.