Agenda and minutes

Sutton Local Committee
Tuesday, 14th March, 2017 7.00 pm

Venue: Sutton Salvation Army Church, 45 Benhill Ave, Sutton, SM1 4DD

Contact: Davena Palmer, Democratic Services Officer  Tel: 020 8770 4990 | Email:

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Welcome and Introductions


The Chair welcomed all those there present to the meeting.



Apologies for absence


Apologies were received from, Gabrielle Andrews, Rob Hardy and Mandy Munroe.


Councillor Mirhashem apologised for lateness.



Declarations of Interest


No declarations of interest were made.



Minutes of the last meeting pdf icon PDF 147 KB

To approve as a correct record the Minutes of the meeting held on 13 December 2016.


RESOLVED: that the minutes of meeting held on 13 December 2016 were agreed and signed as a correct record.

A petition was submitted by Alice McFadden of the Chaucer Estate Resident’s Association requesting a children's play area on the estate.


Sutton Plan pdf icon PDF 194 KB

Victoria Jeffrey, Head of Local Place and Engagement to provide an introduction to the committee on the proposed Sutton Plan collaborative working.


Indicative Timing: 15 minutes


The Head of Local Place and Engagement, Victoria Jeffrey, gave a presentation to the committee on the proposed Sutton Plan collaborative working. The presentation focussed on:


  • What approach the partners in Sutton, in conjunction with local residents and businesses could take looking at priorities of working over next 15 years.
  • How the local community can work together differently to improve and make areas a better place
  • Key findings of what makes Sutton an attractive place to live and what areas need improvement, such as affordable housing.
  • The next steps of proposed Sutton plan following its launch on the 3 April 2017 and participating in the discussion both online and through continued resident consultation.


Helen John of the Burnell & Lewis Resident’s Association asked for clarification on the Sutton Plan, what the 3 April Launch will entail, and what forms of outreach to residents had been done. Councillor Ruth Dombey explained that the launch was just the beginning of the conversation around collaborative working of the Council, residents, police, fire brigade and other partners to make all services better. She also stated that there was no documented plan yet, just ideas.


Local resident Henry Harris questioned how much affordable housing there would be and how would it be funded. The Head of Local Place and Engagement explained that there were no plans as of yet and there would be further discussions to understand what residents mean when they say affordable. Local resident Mary Edwards commented that the flats currently being built in the borough don’t look affordable. The Head of Local Place and Engagement said that they had received similar feedback,


Local resident Emily Brothers commented that the Sutton Plan would be better described as a strategy and more clarity was needed on the process beyond 3 April. She further questioned whether there would be open meetings around the borough and why services other than the Council were not being consulted with. The Head of Local Place and Engagement responded that post 3 April they will look into open meetings, written submission questions and continue looking at the best way to get feedback. It was explained that there had been consultation with   Carshalton College and the Sutton Housing Partnership amongst other partners.



ALPS (Advice Link Partnership Sutton) pdf icon PDF 391 KB

Steve Triner to present on the Advice Link Partnership Sutton (ALPS) which is the new information and advice service for the borough.


Indicative Timing: 30 minutes


Steve Triner Chief Executive of the Advice Link Partnership and Rachael MacLeod Chief Executive of Sutton Carers, gave a presentation on the Advice Link Partnership (ALPS) which is the new information and advice service for the borough. The presentation gave an overview on:


  • The free informal and impartial advice given by the service on a wide variety of topics including housing and finance.
  • The use of paid staff and volunteers by the service
  • The other agencies ALPS works closely with including Age UK, Sutton Carers, and Citizens Advice Sutton
  • The value of client feedback


Rachael MacLeod, Chief Executive of Sutton Carers Centre shared a case study of a young carer to illustrate the breadth of work ALPS do in giving information and advice and their expertise in health and social care issues.


Alexander McLeish of Greenshaw Residents’ Engagement Group asked how ALPS was funded and if they were under any threat from Local Government cuts. Steve Triner responded that they received some funding from the Council and the Lottery.


Councillor Simon Wales suggested that more information regarding ALPS needed to put be out in the public domain perhaps through posters. This view was shared by Helen John who suggested that local contacts and numbers could be emailed to residents groups to be put on noticeboards. Steve Triner responded that he would take the points on board and a lot was being done to promote ALPS as an integrated service. Chair of the committee Councillor Marlene Heron confirmed that she would provide posters and links to the residents groups.



Café Opportunity for Sutton Green

Alison Boote to provide an update on the proposal for a café in Sutton Green.


Indicative Timing: 10 minutes


Investment & Development Manager, Alison Boote, updated the committee on the proposal for a café in Sutton Green. The proposal focused on:


  • Bringing the Sutton Green toilet block back to use
  • Marketing the premises for let with an idea for a café, but not limiting to other functions
  • Looking for new applicants to put forward some money and their input.
  • Going out to the market through newspapers and on the website for a short term lease
  • Continued discussions with the  Lady of the Manor


Local resident Mary Edwards asked who will renovate the toilet block. The Investment & Development Manager explained that there would be some money from public realm, the operator will put in their own money, and the Council will also give a licence fee free period to the operator in the first year. Mary Edwards commented that this would prove expensive for the operator. The Investment & Development Manager said that the foregoing fee should improve their business plan.


Local resident Henry Harris asked could the premises be turned back into a loo. The Investment & Development Manager said that toilets in the premises have to be made publicly available as part of the agreement.


Anna Burke of Manor Park Friends Group commented that it can be hard for a café to operate and lessons should be taken from Manor Park. Investment & Development Manager said that she could provide an update on Manor Park following the meeting.


Helen John questioned what the lease or license duration would be. The Investment & Development Manager confirmed that currently a licence can only be granted for 6 months at a time, and they were still liaising with and putting forward a full plan to the Lady of the Manor.


Local resident Ian Lambert questioned whether the footprint of the toilet block will remain. The Investment & Development Manager confirmed that the building footprint will remain the same, but the outside space can be used.



Community Representatives Update

An update on recent or upcoming events and activities within the local area.


Indicative Timing: 10 minutes


Maggie Shepherd of Friends of Quarry Parkupdated the committee that the first tidy up of 2017 had been completed and future dates were planned. The Friends of Quarry Park will be holding their annual tea party on the 8 July 2017, 2pm-4pm.


Councillor Wales gave an update to the committee on behalf of Rob Hardy of Sutton United FC (SUFC). Following the FA cup run the £1,000,000 revenue generated will be used to make improvements to club as will the £50,000 gift made by Arsenal football club. Two teams of walking football are now playing, people are still welcome to join and it’s held on Wednesdays.

SUFC are supporting Friends of Collingwood Rec. to encourage a girls team and there have been key developments with the pavilion and a trail for healthy walks.


Anna Burke of Manor Park Friends Group reported they had a successful mulled wine evening in December, raising £150 for Mayor's charity. Their summer fete is planned to take place on the 2 July 2017 and musicians are welcomed to get in touch.


Jeff Richards of the Friends of St Nicholas Church updated the committee on the use of their awarded neighbourhood grant. They received funds of £263 from Neighbourhood Grants and on 5 March 40 people volunteered in the churchyard clearing 40 bags of rubbish.


Helen John of Burnell & Lewis Residents Association reported that they had nominated the Prince Regent pub as an asset of community value and they were offering help to any other groups with process. Their street party is scheduled to take place on 1 July 2017, 2pm-7pm.


Alice McFadden of the Chaucer Estate Residents Association updated the committee that their Easter event is scheduled to take place 15 April 2017 with an Easter Egg Hunt competition for children, books, sewing and tea/coffee.



Public Realm Projects and Neighbourhood Grants pdf icon PDF 112 KB

The Locality Lead officer to present a report to the Committee outlining new neighbourhood grants approved through the delegation process, the latest public realm schemes for approval and updates on the progress of current schemes.


Indicative Timing: 20 minutes

Additional documents:


Chantelle Swaby, Locality Lead Officer, gave a verbal update on recently awarded Neighbourhood Grants. Residents were reminded that they could apply for start-up funding in establishing a residents’ association or community group. Further information could be found at


The Locality Lead Officer then outlined the public realm projects and priorities as contained in the report.


Alexander McLeish of Greenshaw Residents’ Engagement Group asked when consultation will begin in relation to project i.d. 1617.6 of the report. Locality Lead Officer Chantelle Swaby confirmed that the consultation will start in June not April and this will be updated in the next report.


Councillor Steve Penneck questioned when the Greenshaw litter bins will be in place. The Locality Lead Officer responded that there was no date as of yet and officers were still working on this. Alexander McLeish questioned further why there was a delay. The Locality Lead Officer said that the consultation caused the delay and this had now been completed. The Chair confirmed that locations for these bins had been identified and Councillor Steve Penneck asked for clarification once the bins have been installed.


Ron Faithful local resident asked in relation to project i.d. 1617.7 why a decision was due to be  made in June instead of March as minuted at the last meeting, and which residents are being consulted with.


The Lead officer for Neighbourhood Engineering Ian Price said that the area being looked at was Vale Road and the surrounding streets. Consultation with residents on the potential extension of the hours of the controlled parking is imminent.


Ron Faithful questioned further whether the parking options had really been thought through properly, as the issue has been ongoing for over 2 years and the parking remains abysmal on weekends.


The Lead officer for Neighbourhood Engineering explained that the wider parking strategy has been divided into a number of tranches and phases for the rolling out of the parking strategy, and the first areas where this will happen will be Sutton Local and St, Helier, The Wrythe and Wandle Valley. Further to this officers are looking at existing parking zone areas to learn lessons from issues that were identified and these will be brought back to the June committee meeting.


Helen John commented that too much parking space had be given over to vehicles on Ranfurly Road. Councillor Ruth Dombey explained that Ranfurly Road was a special circumstance as most residents don’t have driveways, the garages and alleyways are not in a good condition, and emergency vehicles could not get down the road.


The Locality Lead Officer confirmed that there was £29,370 remaining in the Sutton Local Committee budget.



South London Waste Partnership pdf icon PDF 1 MB

A presentation on the impact of the implementation of the South London Waste Partnership contract upon waste collection and street cleansing.



Indicative Timing: 45 minutes


The Executive Head of Environment Commissioning, Matt Clubb and Elsie Grace of Veolia, gave a presentation on the impact of the implementation of the South London Waste Partnership contract on waste collection and street cleansing. The presentation highlighted:


  • The changes to waste collection services from 3 April 2017
  • That Sutton along with Kingston, Merton and Croydon councils make up the South London Waste Partnership (SLWP)
  • The SLWP works together on refuse and winter gritting
  • That Sutton works just with Merton on special services, grounds maintenance and trees
  • The objectives  of the procurement process


Elsie Grace of Veolia elaborated on the background and experience of Veolia and the details of the changes to refuse collection which will come into effect from the 3 April 2017. The Executive Head of Environment Commissioning stated the key benefits of the new refuse collection, including contribution to the  £10.3 million savings, increased recycling services with the introduction of Food, Textiles and Batteries from properties and that there would also be no change in the day of collection.


Councillor Wendy Mathys raised that in her road in Cheam the refuse collection would be changing from Tuesday to Wednesday. The Executive Head of Environment Commissioning responded that that is not the case and they will look into it further.


The meeting then broke into a breakout session to discuss any questions or concerns.



Public Question time

An opportunity for members of the public to raise points or questions about local issues that are not already on the agenda for this meeting.  If it is not possible to answer the question at the meeting, a written response will be issued.  Please submit your questions to .


Indicative Timing: 15 minutes



A local resident Anne Hutchinson questioned whether anything could be done about the proposal to move Court House doctors surgery to the Robin Hood site. Councillor Simon Wales explained that the council has no control over GP surgeries and suggested any petitions should go directly to GP’s as they independent businesses.


A local resident questioned when a countdown display at Sutton Station showing the buses would be installed. Councillor Simon Wales reported that according to an email he’d received the countdown display was on wall of the ticket gate on exit from station.


Local resident Mr Lambert asked since the proposed TfL tramlink has been dropped is there any consideration in converting the Wimbledon to Sutton line into a tramlink line. Councillor Simon Wales confirmed that the tramlink proposal is still under discussion with TfL but there is a question of funding, and various options including the Wimbledon loop line and use of existing track to Belmont have also been discussed.


Local resident Emily Brothers questioned where the committee was at in implementing access audit for on the lower part of Sutton High Street and the installation of a crossing at the junction of Benhill Road and High Street. The Chair responded that the audit for access to the lower part of Sutton High Street had taken place and it was work in progress. The Chair also explained that there would be an audit of the crossing once it has been in use for 6 months.


Helen John commented that she would like to see more trees planted in Sutton and more thought given about the landscaping for Sutton. The Chair responded that a lot work had been done on the trees planted on the Sainsbury's site, and if they don’t flourish they will be replaced


Maggie Shepherd commented on the completion of the gas works on Cheam Road saying the contractors were very helpful to the elderly residents, clean with their work and she asked council could feedback that back to them.



Appointment of Community Representative

An application for the appointment of a Community Representative has been received.



The Chair explained that the application due to come to the committee was delayed due to a change in name of the residents association from Chaucer Estate to Chaucer Gardens Residents Association. Dave Cabot and Michael McFadden as the substitute will be put forward as community representatives at the next committee.





Date of next meeting

The next meeting of the Sutton Local Committee will take place on Tuesday 6 June at 7 pm at Sutton Salvation Army, 45 Benhill Avenue, Sutton SM1 4DD.



The next meeting of the Sutton Local Committee will take place on Tuesday 6 June at 7 pm at Sutton Salvation Army, 45 Benhill Avenue, Sutton SM1 4DD.