Agenda and minutes

Sutton Local Committee
Thursday, 7th June, 2018 7.00 pm

Venue: Salvation Army, 45 Benhill Avenue, Sutton, SM1 4DD

Contact: Davena Palmer, Committee Services Officer  Tel: 020 8770 4990, Email:

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No. Item


Welcome and Introductions


The Chair welcomed all those present.


Apologies for absence


There were no apologies for absence.


Declarations of Interest


There were no declarations of interest.


Minutes of the previous meeting pdf icon PDF 91 KB

To approve as a correct record the Minutes of the meeting held on 5 December 2017.


RESOLVED: that the minutes of the meeting held on 5 December 2017 were agreed and signed as a correct record.


Community Action Sutton

Presentation on Community Action Sutton, what they do and the benefits to the community.


Indicative timing: 20 minutes


Alison Navarro, Chief Executive of Community Action Sutton (CAS), delivered a presentation outlining the work of CAS and considering how they could support the local committee through developing projects, representing views at a range of partnerships and boards, inspiring communities to get involved, promoting committee’s work and aiding implementation of its ideas.


It was explained that CAS is an infrastructure organisation which means that it does not deliver frontline services but supports the voluntary and community sector to do so. There exist a number of theme-based forums for local groups to come together and focus on issues such as children and young people, health and social care and BME communities.


Local residents enquired whether CAS had any involvement with Sutton Health and Care. Alison Navarro explained that CAS is not directly involved with Sutton Health and Care and advised that any concerns could be raised by contacting Healthwatch Sutton.


Local resident, Emily Brothers, questioned the independence of CAS from the Local Borough of Sutton as an organisation and asked whether CAS would be addressing the collapse of Disability Action Sutton. The resident also enquired if CAS was taking coordinated action with the police in regards to hate crime.


The Chief Executive of CAS responded that there is future work planned to train police officers on hate crime and explained that CAS was not aware of Disability Action Sutton and could not act on their behalf.


Sutton Council's New Local Plan pdf icon PDF 12 MB

A short presentation followed by questions on the council’s new Local Plan, which was adopted in February 2018 and sets out the council’s town planning priorities and policies.


Indicative timing: 30 minutes


Duncan Clarke, Strategic Planning Manager, and Dean James, Senior Planner, gave a presentation on Sutton’s new Local Plan.


The Chair referred to public question 2 and asked officers to comment. The officers explained that the new local plan strengthens the protection of back garden developments.


A local resident raised concerns about the tram proposals for Sutton, which include a route along Rosehill, and asked whether the tram would actually be delivered. The Strategic Planning Manager explained that TfL was confident the tram proposal would go ahead and were planning a Transport Works Act in 2019. He added that the routes were safeguarded in the Local Plan to assist the successful passage of the act. Councillor Dombey asked whether the tram routes under consideration included using the current Wimbledon-Sutton train track. The officer confirmed that this route was under consideration by TfL.


Members raised concerns about the London Mayor’s Plan superseding Sutton’s Local Plan on housing targets. The Strategic Planning Manager said that officers were opposed to the suggested housing targets for Sutton in the Mayor’s plan which were unrealistic and undeliverable. The Senior Planner added that the council had submitted a robust representation to the Mayor explaining the council’s position, and will continue to raise its concerns against the proposals.


Local resident, Emily Brothers, enquired about the impact of a new school at Rosehill Recreation Ground. The officers confirmed that none of the green space would be impacted and the boundaries of the intended school are in the Local Plan and there will be extensive consultation as part of the Rosehill school planning application once it is submitted.


Helen John, Burnell & Lewis Residents’ Association, commented that the Local Plan was lacking in planning for community assets and development and requested to look at the s.106 schedule.  Officers responded that the s.106 schedule was available online and that they would share the link.


Local Implementation Plan pdf icon PDF 336 KB

Officer to provide a synopsis of schemes agreed for 2018/19 and ask for a decision on 2019/2020 proposed schemes.


Indicative timing: 30 minutes


Hitesh Wadher, Senior Professional Engineer, presented the report.


Following questions from members and local residents the Senior Professional engineer provided the following updates:-


·         Gander Green Lane - currently reviewing speed calming measures and officers will be speaking to ward councillors and consulting with residents at the appropriate time.

·         Oakfield Road - traffic lights are being considered however other options are being explored this year, looking at implementation for next year.

·         Collingwood Road/Bushey Road - looking to complete all surveys and feasibility studies this year and next year go straight to implementation.

·         Burnell Road - has been added to the list of future schemes but due to priority and funding, should hopefully be looked at in the next few years.

Consideration is being given to the Healthy Streets programme and ‘20 is Plenty’ following the roll out in London Borough of Greenwich

Members asked whether it was expected for LIP funding to continue in the long term. The Senior Professional engineer explained that LIP funding had been reducing year on year, but expects there to still be funding made available for the next 5-10 years.



1.    The proposed schemes as listed in the table in item 3.11 be agreed for

consideration and inclusion in the submission to Transport for London in November 2018 for the 2019/20 programme.

2.    Schemes 1 to 3 in item 3.11 be noted as continuations of schemes agreed previously at the 7 July 2017 Sutton Local Committee.

3.    The inclusion of scheme 4 in item 3.11 as a new scheme for the 2019/20 LIP programme be agreed.


Public Realm Projects and Neighbourhood Grants pdf icon PDF 140 KB

Locality Lead Officer, Paul Brockwell, to deliver a report on the Public Realm budget, introduce new schemes for consideration by the Committee and remind committee members of new Neighbourhood Grant Schemes agreed through delegated decision.


Indicative timing: 15 minutes


Additional documents:


Paul Brockwell, Locality Lead Officer, presented the report and a short video, showcasing some the completed schemes that received Public Realm or Neighbourhood Grant funding.


The Chair highlighted that s.106 money had funded a scheme in Sutton North including the Chaucer Gardens/Stayton Road outdoor gym area and the Rosehill Park trim trail.


Local residents asked how to go about nominating schemes and the Locality Lead Officer responded that residents or group contact either himself or their local ward councillors. 


Residents raised concerns about fox proof bins and parks maintenance.  The Locality Lead Officer explained that insufficient bins could be replaced with those in cages and that any parks issues could be reported to neighbourhood services team.


Emily Brothers, local resident, commented that it would have been helpful if an audio voice over had accompanied the earlier video as it would make the film more inclusive and requested more information in regards to the Sutton Garden Suburb.



1.    £930 for additional replacement trees on Sutton Green from Public Realm Revenue be approved.

2.    £475 for a park litter bin to be installed in Rosehill Park East next to the new trim trail from Public Realm Capital be approved.

3.    £310 for a cherry tree to be planted in Woodend Sutton from Public Realm Revenue be approved.

4.    £5,355 for two additional fitness stations for Chaucer /Stayton Road outdoor gym from Public Realm Capital be approved.


Public Question Time

This item is an opportunity for members of the public to raise points or questions about local issues that are not already on the agenda.


If you wish to submit a question prior to the meeting, please send it to at least 5 working days in advance and we will endeavour to obtain a written response for the meeting. 


Please be aware your question and name will be published in the minutes of the meeting.


Indicative timing: 15 minutes



Andrew Beham, local resident, raised a question in regards to a defective roadbridge sign on Collingwood Road Bridge.


The Chair referred Andrew Beham to the addendum of public questions and the officer response given by Chris Smith.


Mark Bednarczyk, local resident, raised concerns in regards to parking on Marlborough Road and asked what was being done to alleviate the problems there. The Chair responded that all parking issues are being looked at as part of the parking strategy, to ensure there is a holistic approach. The resident asked why crossovers were allowed on some roads and not on others. Members advised that this committee was not in a position to comment on dropped kerbs.


Maggie Shepherd, Friends of Quarry Park, brought to the committee’s attention that they were holding a free tea party on 30 June 2018, 2pm-4pm, and that all were invited.  


Any urgent items brought forward at the discretion of the Chair

The Chair must approve the reason for urgency.


There were no urgent items.