Agenda and minutes

Cheam North and Worcester Park Local Committee
Thursday, 3rd September, 2015 7.00 pm

Venue: Sutton Life Centre, Alcorn Close, Sutton, SM3 9PX

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Apologies were received from Steve O’Connell, GLA Member, Simon Densley and Hugh Byrne.  Reverend Andy Cain attended as substitute for Hugh Byrne.  Tony Brett-Young gave an apology for lateness.





There were no declarations of interest.




To approve as a correct record the Minutes of the meeting held on 9 July 2015.



The Minutes of the meeting held on 9 July 2015 were approved as a correct record and signed by the Chair.




An update on the three ward priorities in the area, and community safety issues.


Indicative timing: 15 minutes


Inspector Neil Tyre gave an update on the work of the Safer Neighbourhood Teams across all three wards.  There had been a sharp rise in non residential burglaries across all three wards and extra officers had been brought in.  Whilst the numbers of incidents were still low the rise had been of concern.


Operation Hermes was being rolled out with the Neighbourhood Watch and this was a scheme whereby barcoded property could be recorded.  Damage or ‘tooling’ of cars was also on the increase.  Drugs were of concern around the Daisyfield area with nitrous oxide canisters being present at that site. 


The police were also to conduct a borough wide presentation on sexting and this would be advertised soon.  There would be a showing at the Life Centre.


In response to public questions Inspector Tyre responded that:


·         The ownership of high priced bicycles was commonplace and therefore attracted more thefts.

·         The camera at Forest Road had been moved to a higher priority area and that the residents/councillors should increase their pressure on the Council to increase security and design out crime at the Daisyfield explaining that the gates should be locked and that the fencing was too low.

·         He would ensure that there was SNT presence at the next meeting of the Friends of Daisyfield to talk about designing out crime.




An opportunity for members of the public to raise points or questions about local issues that are not already on the agenda for this meeting.  If it is not possible to answer the question at the meeting, a written response will be issued.  Please submit your questions to:


Indicative time: 30 minutes



There was one written question submitted prior to the meeting that had received a written response.


1.    Written question from Elizabeth Bennett, local resident

Asked why she had not heard anything from the Council about planning application for McMillan House, 54 Cheam Common Road as she was a close neighbour.  Why was Lingfield Road not included when it was closer to the premises that others that were included such as the HG Wells pub?


A Senior Planning Officer had responded that all neighbour notifications were carried out in accordance with Statutory Regulations and the Council's adopted Statement of Community Involvement, which specify the size and scope of neighbour consultation and whether a site notice was required. The Statement of Community Involvement can be viewed on-line at


Ms Bennett resolved to take up the offer to contact the planning officer following the meeting.


2.    Edna Rowland, resident of Beckett House requested an update on Victoria House as she believed that rats were now coming from that site.


Councillor Broadbent responded that he had asked council officers and Home Group to investigate if the rats were coming from Victoria House.  There had also been a recent traveller incursion and the rubbish left behind should be cleared this week.  Home Group were still working on revising their scheme, taking into account comments from the public consultation.


3.    Ambrose Sullivan requested that pressure be put on Home Group to block off the stairwell on the Victoria House site as it was dangerous.  He had recently had to call the police regarding youths on the roof of the building.


Councillor Broadbent reported that he had raised this issue with Home Group and with Church Hill, Abbotts and Priory Residents’ Association.   Alan Plant reported that Home Group had told him they would review their security but felt they would be reactive rather than proactive.  Councillor Broadbent undertook to raise the issue again with Home Group.


4.    Graham Jones asked about compensation to businesses that were losing trade due to the extended road works at Church Hill Road.


Councillor Bourne stated that there had been a problem with unmapped services which only became apparent when the road was dug up.  Councillor Broadbent explained that the speed ramps put in were not high enough and were now waiting for an officer from Kingston to survey the works.  Councillor Javelot pointed out that everyone using the area had been affected and not just the shops.


5.    Ken Haagman pointed out that the waste recycling was closing at Tesco’s site and that Kimpton site was far too slow because of waiting traffic.


There was various advice given on this topic which included looking at the traffic camera online before making a journey.  It was also reiterated that most residents were able to recycle mixed materials at home rather than travel.  Fly-tipping would also need to be monitored.




There will be a presentation to raise awareness of the Local Plan engagement which will be taking place in early 2016 and explaining to the public what participating in the engagement will involve 


Indicative time 45 minutes


Councillor Bourne gave a Powerpoint presentation regarding the Local Plan and encouraging residents to get involved.  The Local Plan is the Council’s core planning document that contains planning policies which the Council considers planning applications against.


As part of the preparation of this new Local Plan the council wishes to engage in early discussions with residents and businesses. Whilst there are ‘formal’ stages of consultations the council will engage with residents throughout.

The Local Plan covers a period of 15 years and could take up to two years to complete.  It is needed to meet changing demands and trends and ensure that growth is controlled and directed to appropriate areas to protect the quality and suburban nature of Sutton.  It should set out a clear vision and be user friendly.

If residents would like to get involved or receive Local Plan notifications please email


Councillor Davey pointed out that that Council do have many conversations with health, Transport for London and other agencies regarding infrastructure as the Council could not do it alone. 


Resolved:  That an update from the consultation be brought to the March 2016 meeting of this Committee to ensure local conversation continues.




A petition bearing 11 names has been received from residents of Priory Court, Priory Road, Cheam that proposes a residents permit parking for the bay on the Priory Court side of Priory Road for which they would willingly pay an annual fee.  Under Standing Order 10.1 Mr Egan, the organiser of the deputation will be given a maximum of four minutes to speak.  An officer will respond to the petition.


Indicative time: 10 minutes



A petition bearing 11 names has been received from residents of Priory Court, Priory Road, Cheam that proposed residents permit parking for the bay on the Priory Court side of Priory Road for which they would willingly pay an annual fee.  A representative was given four minutes to present the petition.


Peter Matthews, Highways, responded to the petition to say that it would not be economically viable to put in a permit controlled area for so few properties.  However, there was to be report to be presented to the Environment and Neighbourhood (E&N) committee on 17 September which would look at the wider area.


Councillor Bourne stated that she had received emails from residents and that she would be happy to arrange a public forum to discuss the issue following the E&N Committee.


Resolved: 1) That an update would be brought to the next meeting of this Committee in December 2015.


2)  To note that Councillor Bourne would arrange a public forum to discuss the parking issues for Priory Road area after 17 September.




To receive a report from the Head of Highways and Transport on the recommendations for the current list of minor parking schemes in the area for committee decision.


Indicative time 15 minutes


The Committee were presented with a report of minor parking schemes to be agreed however, there were several schemes missing from the list which were considered to be of higher priority than those given in the report.


Resolved: 1) That officers and councillors agree a definitive list of minor parking schemes to be taken forward outside of the Committee meeting.


2) To delegate authority to the Strategic Director of Environment, Housing and Regeneration, in consultation with ward councillors and the Chair, on which minor parking schemes are approved for financing and taken forward.



Community Representative Group to report orally on their Recent Events and Planned Activities for Summer and/or Autumn 2015.


Indicative time 15 minutes



Community Representatives were given the opportunity to report on activities of their respective groups.


It was noted that:

a)    The Friends of Sutton Life Centre had had a successful Summer Funday with 1500 people attending and they continued to have events and activities to attract visitors to the Centre.

b)    Alan Plant had been on a course called Citizen Commissioning run by the Volunteer Centre.  He now had an understanding of commissioning and could be a voice for residents.  There was to be a Neighbourhood Watch meeting on 17 September.  The WWI Group had £20k to which community groups could apply for grants.

c)    Ken Haagman thanked the Committee for the push given to complete the works in Sutton Common Park.

d)    The Hampton’s Estate Company were to hold a free fireworks display to which all were invited.  There would also be a 25ft Christmas tree and ceremony on 20 December to which all Worcester Park residents were invited to attend.

e)    KIPPABid Ltd were paying £20k to BT Openreach to bring fastspeed broadband to Kimpton Park.  Residents in the area could also benefit and requested that people promoted it in the area.

f)     The Chair reported that there was to be a business network event on 16 September, 6-8pm at the British Legion in Worcester Park.  Tickets were free and anyone could email the Chair for further information.

g)    Changes were announced for Worcester Park Residents’ Association in that Hugh Byrne had stood down as Chair and Simon Densley was the new Chair.




The Locality Lead Officer will present a report to the Committee, which outlines new public realm schemes for approval and gives an update on the progress of current schemes.


Indicative time: 10 minutes



The Committee considered a report which contained information on Public Realm spending since 9 July 2015, details any new requests for Public Realm Funding and confirmed available budgets for 2015/16.


It was reported that Sutton Film Makers would be coming to the next meeting of this Committee to present a short film.


There was some discussion about the cost and design of the bench for the library pocket park.  Attendees were informed that the bench formed part of the design which was approved for funding, of which most came from the Mayor for London and smaller amounts from Waitrose and the Council.


Resolved:  1) To approve resurfacing and defining the pathway to service multi use sports area/tennis courts in Sutton Common Park for £2,500.


2) To approve £950 for works to remove existing shrubs (retaining the best shrubs) along either side of main entrance, plant 2000 new bulbs as well as grass down these areas to enhance front entrance of Sutton Common Park (Sutton Common Road).


3) To approve the installation of a bespoke bench at Worcester Park Library Pocket Park for £2,931.


4) To note the scheme for 18 trees to be planted on streets across the wards for £2,790 (£155/tree) is not a new scheme. This is to be funded from a previous under spend balance on tree planting for the committee.


5) To approve the recycling of net balances of £4,078 back to capital, as detailed under Appendix A, section 5 of the report, back to unallocated balances for completed schemes.




The Locality Lead Officer to present a report on grant applications approved under delegated authority since the last meeting of this Committee.


Indicative time: 5 minutes



There were no new grant applications for noting.




The next meeting of the Cheam North and Worcester Park Local Committee will take place on 3 December 2015 at 7 pm at St Bede's Conference Centre, St Anthony's Hospital, London Road, North Cheam, Surrey SM3 9DX.



To note that the next meeting would be held on 3 December 2015 at 7 pm at St Bede's Conference Centre, St Anthony's Hospital, London Road, North Cheam, Surrey SM3 9DX.