Agenda and minutes

Venue: St Bede's Conference Centre, St Anthony's Hospital, London Road, Worcester Park

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welcome and introductions


The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting and introduced ward councillors and officers around the table.


The Chair welcomed Sgt Andy Woods, the new sergeant for Nonsuch Ward.



apologies for absence


Apologies were received from Councillor Brendan Hudson and John Frewin, Community Representative.



minutes of last meeting pdf icon PDF 77 KB

Minutes of the meeting held on 18 December 2008.


The Minutes of the meeting held on 18 December 2008 were agreed as a correct record and signed by the Chair.



local roundup

Each ward councillor and community representative will be given the opportunity to share one item of news related to their ward.


Indicative time: 30 minutes


Each Councillor and Community Representative present gave a brief account on their work within their ward or group. 



Grant funding for local traffic schemes 2009/10 (Local Implementation Plan) pdf icon PDF 72 KB

Report of the Traffic and Highways Manager.


Indicative time 10 minutes

Additional documents:


Paul Blunt, Traffic and Highway Works Manager, introduced this report and went through each scheme within this committee’s area.  Sutton had been allocated a grant of £5,275,000 for 2009/10, plus £77,600 through SWELTRAC (Southwest London Transport Conference) towards transport schemes.  In addition, £1,578,000 has been committed for ongoing schemes into 2010/11 and £425,000 for 2011/12. Any LIP (Local Implementation Plan) schemes that have been committed under the 2008/9 programme, but are uncompleted by 31/3/09 will take priority over new schemes.


Resolved: (i) To note the 2009/10 LIP funding settlement and the programme for which Transport for London has agreed the grant.


(ii) To approve the list of schemes relevant to this Local Committee.


(iii) To delegate to the Executive Head Planning & Transportation, in consultation with the Chair and Ward Councillors, to agree details of individual schemes.



Traffic and Transport issues

Officers from Transport for London will attend to discuss local concerns during a question and answer session.


Indicative time 1 hour


Mr Guy Conway, Head of Strategic Relationships for Transport for London (TfL), attended the meeting, at the request of the committee, to respond to various traffic and transport issues.  He had provided a written response to each of the issues raised prior to the meeting and these are attached as appendix A to these minutes.


It was explained that Transport for London had recently undergone a reorganisation and apologies were given that an engineer was not available to attend this meeting.  Mr Conway explained that one of the functions of the new team, of which he was Head, included streamlining communication between TfL and the boroughs.  He needed to look at the most effective ways of dealing with ward councillors and boroughs.


Further issues and comments raised, in addition to those in Appendix A, by councillors and members of the public included:


Central Road

Councillor Roger Roberts asked for confirmation of whether or not the Central Road lights were going to be linked (at Station Approach end of Central Rd)?  Paul Blunt reported that the ducts were in place and linking would take place.


Councillor Richard Butt asked how the Central Road phasing of lights was going to be analysed or evaluated.  Paul Blunt explained that queue lengths would be assessed prior to works and when the works were done a period of ‘settling down’ would be given before more assessments.  CCTV could also be used and TfL were looking at linking in with Sutton’s CCTV monitoring station.  It was envisaged that some tweaking would be necessary over a six month period.  Members requested a report back in six months.


Councillor Helen Senior stated that the lights on the Kingston side of Central Road were a problem and not just the lights past the railway bridge but the set past these were also causing problems.  Paul Blunt reported the TfL had said that they were too far away to link them.


Sally Bignall, Community Representative, requested officers to consider a right hand turn into Worcester Park Station and whether there was scope for widening the road in this area as she felt this would ease some of the traffic situation.  Paul Blunt would write to Kingston Council on this request.


Stonecot Hill

Councillor Kirsty Jerome was pleased that there had been a relaxation of parking policing at Stonecot Hill.  She requested that parking bays be multi functional and not to have dedicated loading bays.  Mr Conway explained that a review was taking place.


Councillor Christopher Dunlop requested that the review of parking bays at Stonecot be done as quickly as possible.  He also requested that differentiation between parking and loading bays be made a lot clearer and not to rely on signage alone.


A resident of Stonecot Hill requested the removal of guardrails which impeded pedestrians unnecessarily.  She also reported empty street light posts which hadn’t been removed for six months and requested to know what was happening with the planters at Stonecot.  Guy Conway  ...  view the full minutes text for item 164.


public question time

15 minutes will be given to questions from the public on issues which are not already on the agenda.


Indicative time 15 minutes


a) Mr Snowdon requested to know when he would receive a written response, agreed at the last meeting, from the Worcester Park ward councillors.


Councillor Stuart Gordon-Bullock replied that the written response was in the post.


b) Mr Haagman referred to a path widening scheme for Elm Way, as listed in the Local Implementation Plan, and stated that he foresaw trouble with cyclists and motorcyclists with this scheme.


Councillor Tony Brett Young said that he would look into this issue and work to ensure that this scheme didn’t cause problems.


c) Mr Reid reported that he had heard there was a DVD on the Life Centre being used at presentations and asked if it would be shown at this committee.


Councillor Abigail Lock said that it would be shown at a future meeting.


d) Mr Weir reported that a sign had been erected at Cuddington Park giving details of locking of the park but the park was not locked.


Sgt Andy Woods was unaware of the park being locked and presumed that the wrong sign may have been put up.  Mark Dalzell agreed with this and would take this issue back to have it corrected.


e) Colin Newton requested that residents from Stonecot attend the next meeting with the local police on Thursday 12 March, 7.30pm, in the Baptist Church at bottom of Ridge Road.



Area improvement projects pdf icon PDF 74 KB

Mark Dalzell, Locality Lead Officer, will give a full update report followed by a break-out session into wards to discuss the next priorities or new projects for funding.


Indicative time 45 minutes

Additional documents:


Mark Dalzell, Locality Lead Officer, showed a PowerPoint presentation on some of the projects completed so far.  He then explained that the meeting would split into working groups by ward and explained what he wanted each group to consider.


The meeting reconvened at 10pm.


It was stated that the lighting of the bridleway in Carlton Crescent could be done for £3K rather than £10K as listed in the report.  However, there may be a revenue cost in which case it may not be able to go ahead.


Resolved: (i) To approve the continuing work needed with key stakeholders, including local councillors, committee representatives, local residents and other interested groups to finalise any outstanding details.


(ii) To note that schemes 7 & 14 cannot be progressed and remove them from the Public Realm Project list.


(iii)  To agree that schemes 5, 6 & 8, currently on hold, are to be fully funded.


(iv) To agree schemes 11, 15 & 17 for Public Realm funding.


(v) To agree scheme 3 subject to any revenue cost and to note that it could be done for £3K.



Consultation on proposed development control policies and sites for future development. pdf icon PDF 87 KB

This is for information only. 


The Chair explained that consultation documents were available for residents to take away and complete.  Councillor Richard Butt urged people to attend one of the workshops as listed in the document and stressed the importance of people taking part in this process.


            Resolved: To note.



draft workplan pdf icon PDF 52 KB


The Chair urged all those present to write their ideas for agenda themes on the feedback forms given out.


            Resolved: To note.


any urgent business brought forward at the direction of the chair


There were no urgent items.



date of next meeting

To note that the next meeting of this committee will be held on Thursday 30 April 2009, 7.30pm, at St Bede’s Conference Centre, London Road, Cheam


Resolved: To note that the next meeting would take place on Thursday 30 April, 7.30pm, at St Bede’s Conference Centre, St Anthony’s Hospital.

Appendix to Minutes pdf icon PDF 86 KB