Agenda and minutes

Cheam North and Worcester Park Local Committee
Thursday, 9th July, 2015 7.00 pm

Venue: Christ Church with St Philip, Ruskin Drive, Worcester Park.

Contact: Angela Guest, Senior Business Support Officer (Democratic Services), Tel:020 8770 5122, Email: 

No. Item


apologies for absence


Apologies were received from Colin Newton, Community Representative and Steve O’Connell, GLA Member.


Miguel Javelot arrived at 7.25pm during public question time.



minutes of last meeting pdf icon PDF 176 KB

To approve as a correct record the Minutes of the meeting held on 30 April 2015.



The Minutes of the meeting held on 30 April 2015 were approved as a correct record and signed by the Chair.



safer neighbourhood teams - update

An update on the three ward priorities in the area, and community safety issues.


Indicative time: 10 minutes



Sergeant DeVoreaux gave a verbal update on the work of the Safer Neighbourhood Teams across the three wards since the last meeting.  In Worcester Park and Nonsuch wards there had been a spate of motor vehicle thefts, some of which were where cars had been left open.  There had been shift changes to accommodate the monitoring and prevention of this in these wards. 


In Stonecot ward the priorities were burglary, motor vehicle crime and anti social behaviour at the Daisyfield.  It was reported that squatters had been removed from the Woodstock pub.


A couple of residents raised issues about speeding police cars and the dangers they posed.  Sergeant DeVoreaux explained that 999 calls were graded at the contact centre.  Blue light calls had a target to reach a location in 15 minutes.  He also reported that drivers had to take a three week enhanced driving skills training.  If a road had a speed limit of say 30mph then a responding vehicle would stay under 60mph.


The Chair thanked Sergeant DeVoreaux for attending.



public question time

An opportunity for members of the public to raise points or questions about local issues that are not already on the agenda for this meeting.  If it is not possible to answer the question at the meeting, a written response will be issued.  Please submit your questions to:


Indicative time: 15 minutes



1.    Elizabeth Bennett reported a problem with reporting a pothole on the Council’s website.  She asked if the requirement for a postcode location could be changed as residents did not always know a postcode.  She also had password problems and was unable to change it.  Councillor Bourne undertook to take this forward and also explained that residents could report such things through their ward councillors.


2.    Sheila Hillman stated that whilst it was good to have Church Hill Road open again the road humps were non-existent and speeding had increased.  The Transport Planning and Programme Manager undertook to have the humps measured to make sure they were the correct dimensions given to the contractor.


3.    A resident from D’Arcy Road explained that D’Arcy Road was the preferred cut through from traffic from the A217 and Malden Road when Church Hill Road was closed and that there had been many scrapes due to the narrowness of the road.  He said that all feeder roads to Church Hill Road should also be considered for 20mph limit.    The Transport Planning and Programme Manager explained that there were diversion signs to Priory Road and that the Council could not be held responsible for drivers ignoring these signs and causing damage to cars in D’Arcy Road.  Councillor Broadbent also pointed out that 20mph for feeder roads to Church Hill Road was on the Local Implementation Plan reserve list.


4.    Chris Price asked why there was a limit of six bags at the waste and recycling centre.  Councillor Bourne explained that this was to prevent small tradesmen, who could also be residents, from dodging paying for their waste.


There were three written questions submitted prior to the meeting that had received responses:


5.    Richard Johnson had requested that more bins be located in the area around Green Lane as the two that had been provided were not sufficient.  The Chair requested that Mr Johnson give details of locations to him and he would arrange for their delivery.


6.    Chris Price had asked if the barrier in Ridge Road should be removed as it would take some traffic off Gander Green Lane? 


Highways officers responded that Ridge Road was closed to all traffic except emergency vehicles in July 1989. The road was closed only after a statutory consultation had been successfully undertaken and a traffic management order had been made, a locked gate and bollards were then introduced. To remove the closure a statutory consultation would have to be undertaken and the traffic management order would have to be revoked.  Only after this process had been successfully completed could the locked gate and bollards be removed. 


I?t? would be very surpris?ing?  if the majority of residents along Ridge Road would back the removal of the closure, it would also be highly likely that the Council c?ould receive considerable objections to the proposals on grounds of an increased probability of a road traffic incident. This would mean that the traffic management order could not be  ...  view the full minutes text for item 4.


Library Digital Programme

The Committee will receive a verbal presentation from Ms Shelley Kemp, Librarian, on ICT learning course offerings throughout the borough.


Indicative time: 10 minutes


Shelley Kemp, Librarian, explained an initiative of free IT courses for those over 50 years of age and run at Sutton Library.  The course consisted of four modules of one hour each. 


In response to resident questions it was reported that:

·         Age UK and SCILL provide a service to those that were housebound.

·         The library still purchased as many fiction and non-fiction books as before ebooks.


Resolved:  To thank Shelley Kemp for her informative report on a good project.



Dr Bike - Update

The Travel Awareness Officer will provide the Committee with a verbal update on the Doctor Bike programme.


Indicative time 10 minutes


The Travel Awareness Officer explained that there were Dr Bike events being held around the borough.   Leaflets were made available that gave locations and dates of events.  Dr Bike events were where one could get their bikes health checked, receive advice and get free bike marking from the police.


One resident suggested that there should be more tethering spots available for bikes.  Residents were encouraged to let their ward councillors know where tethering spots were needed.


Resolved: To note.



20mph Zone in Worcester Park

20mph Zone in Worcester Park

This update report was removed from the agenda prior to the meeting.


This update report was removed from the agenda prior to the meeting.



Local Implementation Plan pdf icon PDF 136 KB

Highways officers to present a report on the 2016/17 Local Implementation Plan (LIP) bids to Transport for London.  Highways officers will then facilitate a breakout session. Maps will be laid out on each table for groups to discuss their wish list for future LIP related schemes.


Indicative time: 25 minutes



The committee considered a report that outlined Transport for London’s (TfL’s) transport-related programmes for investment from 2011/12 to 2016/17. In order to obtain Local Implementation Plan (LIP) funding for 2016/17, the Council was required to submit a funding submission to TfL in advance. The process for selecting schemes was described in the report together with the proposed list of schemes for submission.


There was a 20 minute breakout session when the public, community groups and councillors were able to discuss and suggest any new schemes they would like to have considered for 2017/18.




1.    The statement of need for the schemes contained in Appendix A of the report was agreed.

2.    That the Environment and Neighbourhood Committee, as the Highways Authority for the London Borough of Sutton, include the list of schemes in Appendix A in its submission to TfL for LIP funding for 2016/17.



Victoria House update

Ward Councillors to provide a verbal update on the development of this project.


Indicative time: 10 minutes


Councillor Samantha Bourne reported that the present situation with Victoria House was that Home Group were looking for planning permission to demolish the existing site by the end of 2015.  Home Group had consulted with residents at Cheam Baths on 27 and 30 May when Home Group and surveyors were available for any questions.


Alan Plant, Community Representative, had emailed several questions to the Chair regarding Victoria House and Home Group.  There were complaints that residents living close to the site were not aware of the consultation events and were very unhappy about the current proposals for the new build.  Residents wanted to know if there would be another consultation so residents could be heard.


Councillor Bourne reported that Alan Plant’s questions had been put to Home Group who responded that:

a)    Home Group had identified issues from the consultation and was reviewing their plans whilst maintaining the robustness;

b)    That they may not be able to address all residents comments

c)    Once their review was complete they would be discussing with ward councillors,

d)    A transport assessment would be provided with the plans,

e)    Parking issues would be reconsidered, and

f)     Residents could submit responses to the Council’s planning officers as part of the planning process.


Following a resident query Councillor Broadbent undertook to chase Home Group to remove the Stonegate advert/sign and to request a hazard sign.


Councillor Bourne undertook to let residents know of any revised scheme before it went to Planning Committee.


Resolved: To note



Community Representatives

Community Representatives are invited to share recent work of their respective groups and to raise any concerns.


Indicative time: 10 minutes


Community Representatives were given the opportunity to report on activities of their respective groups.


It was noted that:

a)    The Hamptons Estate Company was looking to use the parkland for theatrical events and was looking for sponsorship for a fireworks event.

b)    There was to be a Summer Funday at Sutton Life Centre on 30 July.

c)    Alan Plant reported that a Neighbourhood Watch cluster meeting was to be held on 17 September at St Bede’s Conference Centre from 7.30pm and welcomed those that wanted to join.

d)    The Friends of Sutton Common Park had issues with not being able to use the pavilion which the ward councillors would take up outside of the meeting.




The Locality Lead Officer will present a report to the Committee, which outlines  new public realm schemes for approval and gives an update on the progress of current schemes.


Indicative time: 10 minutes



The Committee considered a report which contained information on Public Realm spending since 30 April 2015, showed confirmation of budgets available for 2015/16 and new requests for project funding needing approval.


Two Members requested details on ongoing revenue costs and a commitment was made to include this detail in future reports to Committee.


Resolved: To approve the following projects for funding;


a)    £3,000 capital funding for a composting system in Mayflower Park, to be managed by the Hamptons residents’ association;

b)    £6,500 capital funding and an annual £500 revenue maintenance costs for the provision of 4 pieces of outdoor gym equipment at Cuddington recreational ground;

c)    £130 revenue funding for an Adopt-a-verge scheme in Nonsuch Ward;

d)    £1,200 capital funding for enhancements to the main entrance to Sutton Common Park;

e)    £300 capital funding for 2 new slabbed bases for existing benches near the footpath in Sutton Common Park;

f)     £700 capital funding for enhanced signage at the entrance to Cuddington recreational grounds; and to

g)    earmark £20,840 capital funding for 2015/16 Christmas lights scheme;



Neighbourhood Grants

The Locality Lead Officer to present a report on any new applications for Neighbourhood Grant consideration.


Indicative time: 5 minutes



There were no Neighbourhood Grant applications to report.  It was noted that £7,304 remained in the budget and that decisions were now delegated.



date of next meeting

The next meeting will be held on 3 September 2015 at Sutton Life Centre


It was noted that the next meeting of this Committee would be held on 3 September 2015 at the Sutton Life Centre.



Christmas Lights 2015 pdf icon PDF 106 KB

The Town Centre Manager to present an update report to Committee, detailing the 2015 Christmas lights costs and plans.


Indicative time: 15 minutes


The Committee considered a report which set out the details for the provision of Christmas lights at Stonecot Hill, North Cheam and Worcester Park.  It was reported that any unspent money would go back to the Public Realm budget.  Installation and testing of the lights would take place towards the end of November/early December.


It was reported that the Worcester Park Christmas event was to take place on 11 December 2015.


The Committee thanked the Town Centre Manager and staff for all the work they had done and were happy that this report was brought to Committee much earlier than previous years.


Resolved: That the funding of Christmas lights for Christmas 2015 to the value of £20,840 (£18,830 plus a contingency of £2,010) funded from the Public Realm for 2015/16 in the following locations (subject to confirmed costs from the contractor) was approved:


·         Stonecot Hill (unnumbered columns)

·         Central Road, Worcester Park, (column numbers 1 to 24 and replacement of a known faulty tree light) and Windsor Road, Worcester Park (3 trees lights to be connected).

·         London Road, North Cheam High Street (installation and removal of locally owned column lights)