Agenda and minutes

Cheam North and Worcester Park Local Committee
Thursday, 5th July, 2018 7.00 pm

Venue: North Cheam Sports and Social Club, 658 London Road, North Cheam, Sutton SM3 9BY

Contact: Cathy Hayward, Committee Services Officer  Tel: 020 8770 4990, Email:

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Welcome and Introductions

Opening of the Local Committee meeting.


Councillor Tom Drummond welcomed those present to the meeting, particularly those who had been newly-elected. Committee expressed their gratitude to those members who had served for the previous four years.


Apologies for Absence


Apologies for absence were received from Councillor Param Nandha.


Declarations of interest


There were no declarations of interest.


Minutes of Previous Meeting pdf icon PDF 104 KB

To approve as a correct record the Minutes of the meeting held on 22 February 2018.


RESOLVED: that the minutes of the meeting held on 22 February 2018 be signed and agreed as a correct record.


Update from the Safer Neighbourhood Team pdf icon PDF 3 MB

An update on the three ward priorities in the area, and community safety issues.


Indicative timing: 10 minutes


PCSO Steve Higgins presented an update from the Safer Neighbourhood Team, with apologies from Police Sergeant Andy De’Voreaux. The Officer provided an update on:

·         The borough merger - Sutton, Croydon and Bromley (South Area).

·         Ward priorities, including prevention of burglary, theft of motor vehicles and theft from.

·         An ‘anti-theft from vehicle’ sticker scheme.


Residents discussed with the officer the ‘Sutton town centre late shifts,’ where officers from the local area patrolled in Sutton, and the impact on the three wards. Further discussion focussed on the borough mergers and the level of uncertainty this raised. Warren Shadbolt, Assistant Director - Safer and Stronger Communities explained that the new arrangements were under scrutiny and discussion at the moment.


Members suggested that year-on-year comparative figures might be provided in future in order to assess changes in crime over time.


Public Question Time

This item is an opportunity for members of the public to raise points or questions about local issues that are not already on the agenda.


If you wish to submit a question prior to the meeting, please send it to at least 5 working days in advance and we will endeavour to obtain a written response for the meeting. 


Please be aware your question and name will be published in the minutes of the meeting.


Indicative time: 20 minutes


The Chair referred to the published addendum of public questions.


Alan Plant, CHAPRA Residents’ Association, asked a supplementary question as to whether the design of the hydrant (London Road) was agreed and whether the remaining coils would be removed as a safety concern. Paul Brockwell, Lead Locality Officer, explained that responsibility for the location on a red route falls to TfL who had acknowledged the issue.


Alan Plant, CHAPRA Residents’ Association, provided an update to his second question (the 93 bus stand), expressing a preference for buses waiting on Church Hill Road itself, rather than at the Priory Road location.


Andrew Behan, local resident, updated the committee in reference to his question, that the defective road traffic warning sign had been repaired as promised but reiterated his question about the original delay. Warren Shadbolt, Assistant Director - Safer and Stronger Communities, referred to performance issues with the contractor and that this was being retendered. The exception was any road under the responsibility of TfL.


With regards to a question on christmas lights asked by Richard Johnson, local resident, the Lead Locality Officer responded that previous failures were not related to the contractor. The officer explained that issues had been related to timers and rain water and a project team was in place for this year, with installation foreseen for October and switch-on around early December to coincide with local festive events.


Local Implementation Plan - Traffic Schemes for 2019/20 pdf icon PDF 134 KB

This report outlines the proposed schemes to be considered for inclusion in the 2019/20 bid to Transport for London (TfL). The report also indicates the programme for the development and submission of the Local Implementation Plan (LIP) 3 document, for which a draft paper needs to be prepared by 2 November 2018, and is being developed in parallel with the Annual Spending Submission.


Indicative time: 30 minutes


Lynn Robinson, Highways & Transport Senior Engineer, presented the report and explained what the local implementation plan was.


Members further suggested:

·         Increased signage of speed limits.


Community representatives and local residents suggested:

·         A review of traffic light synchronisation schemes.

·         Consultation on parking spaces and amendments to parking bays on Central Road.

·         Removing speed humps and repairing potholes in the local area.

·         Greenery to tackle air pollution on Central Road.

·         Speeding measures on Kingsmead Avenue following a recent accident.


The Senior Engineer referred to the ‘healthy streets’ approach and referred to collaboration with Kingston colleagues in regards to the Worcester Park ward in her responses.


Members asked the Senior Engineer to explain to the local committee how the public could be involved in consultation of schemes.


RESOLVED: that the proposed schemes as listed in the table in paragraph 3.11 be endorsed and agreed that they be considered for inclusion in the submission to Transport for London in November 2018 for the 2019/20 programme.


Appointment of Community Representatives

An application for the appointment of a Community Representative has been received.


It is recommended that the Cheam North and Worcester Park Local Committee appoint Paul Witcher to represent CHAPRA Residents Association on the Local Committee. 


Indicative time: 5 minutes


RESOLVED: that Paul Whitcher representing CHAPRA Residents’ Association be appointed to the Cheam North and Worcester Park Local Committee.


Sutton's New Local Plan pdf icon PDF 8 MB

A short presentation followed by questions on the council's new Local Plan, which was adopted in February 2018 and sets out the council's town planning priorities and policies.


Indicative time: 30 minutes


Duncan Clarke, Strategic Planning Manager, and Dean James, Senior Planner, presented Sutton’s new local plan.


Questions were raised with regards to the gypsy and traveller review requested by the Inspector. Officers responded that need would be reviewed from 2022 and, if the need showed that sites were required  a new site search would be undertaken.


Members asked what would happen in the case of a conflict between the London Plan and the Local Plan. The officers explained that the most recent plan would take precedence and that the greatest conflict between the two plans was in regards to housing targets. Officers explained that the draft small sites target set by the Mayor was unrealistic and undeliverable.


Residents further discussed the policy to protect back garden land, the recent public hearing relating to the Victoria House site, and the viability assessments of affordable housing. Officers explained that Strategic Planning would be producing additional guidance on affordable housing and viability assessments.


Members raised the concerns from residents over insufficient infrastructure and whether it matched development in the borough. The officers reported that the inspection process of the Local Plan takes this into account and explained the Community Infrastructure Levy (‘CIL’) was designed to cover infrastructure provision. Officers also pointed to the Infrastructure Schedule in the Local Plan which identified infrastructure needs to support new development.


Members asked about measures to improve air quality, particularly in respect of Central Road. Officers responded that the Local Plan included a reference for TfL to examine and suggest improvements to the whole A2043 corridor and the council would continue to press TfL to do this. The Assistant Director added that a report on an air quality strategy would be coming to the Environment and Neighbourhood Committee later in the year.


Community Action Sutton pdf icon PDF 221 KB

Presentation on Community Action Sutton, what they do and the benefits to the community.


Indicative time: 20 minutes


Alison Navarro gave a presentation on the work of Community Action Sutton and potential for partnership with local committees and community representatives. It was agreed to circulate Alison’s contact details to the committee members.


Members asked about the group’s relationship with the Council. Alison Navarro responded that the relationship could be described as a ‘critical friend’ and that the group received funding from the Council (as well as other sources). Further explanation was given to how ‘gaps’ in community support are identified and mitigated, as well as the partnership with the Citizens’ Advice Bureau.


The committee also discussed the best ways to tackle loneliness, isolation and fuel/food poverty in the borough, as well as the promotion of good mental health.


Public Realm Projects and Neighbourhood Grants pdf icon PDF 159 KB

Locality Lead Officer, Paul Brockwell, to deliver a report on the Public Realm budget, introduce new schemes for consideration by the Committee and remind committee members of new Neighbourhood Grant Schemes agreed through delegated decision.


Indicative time: 20 minutes

Additional documents:


Paul Brockwell, Lead Locality Officer, gave a presentation on how to apply for neighbourhood grants and an update on local public realm schemes.


Comments were raised by residents with regards to anti-social behaviour in the Mayflower Park area.



1.    £2,000 be approved for the Mayflower Park lake shoreline from Public Realm revenue.


2.    £4,000 be approved to install Rhino Mulch soft surfacing as the base of three key ‘adventure play areas’ in Mayflower Park from Public Realm capital converted to revenue.


3.    £4,310 be approved for a Stoneleigh Avenue Tree planting scheme from Public Realm capital converted to revenue.


4.    £24,340 be approved on an annual basis until January 2022 for the continuation of festive lights from Public Realm capital converted to revenue.


5.    £500 be approved for a dedication plaque in recognition of Councillor Adrian Davey and his contribution to the local community from Public Realm capital.


Particular endorsement was given to recommendation 2.5 and those present shared memories of Councillor Adrian Davey.


Any Urgent Business

The Chair must approve the reason for the urgency.


No urgent business was raised.


Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting of the Cheam North and Worcester Park Local Committee will take place on 4 October 2018 at 7 pm at The North Cheam Sports and Social Club.



The date of the next meeting was confirmed as 4 October 2018.