Agenda and minutes

St. Helier, The Wrythe and Wandle Valley Local Committee
Thursday, 6th July, 2017 7.00 pm

Venue: All Saints Centre, New Road, Mitcham, CR4 4JN

Contact: Aimee Wittams-Smith, Committee Services Officer  Tel: 020 8770 4990 Email:

No. Item


Welcome and introductions


The Chair welcomed those present to the committee and introduced herself and Councillor Colin Stears as the new Chair and Vice Chair of the committee.


Apologies for absence


There were apologies received from Councillors Margaret Court and Nali Patel, and from Niall Bolger, Chief Executive. Matt Clubb Assistant Director, EHR Directorate (Environmental Commissioning), attended in his place. Apologies for lateness were received from Councillor Jason Reynolds.


Minutes of the last meeting pdf icon PDF 181 KB

To approve as a correct record the Minutes of the meeting held on 27 April 2017.


The minutes of the meeting held on 27 April 2017 were agreed and signed as a correct record, subject to the following amendments:


  • Minute 52: Correction of Rachael Macleod’s name, clarification that the presentation covered the Advice Link Partnership in Sutton (ALPS), and clarification that Rachael Macleod left some case examples of local residents who had used the ALPS service.



Declarations of interest


There were no declarations of interest.


Order of Items


The Chair announced that Item 6 would be brought forward to the beginning of the agenda. As such the items were considered as follows in the minutes.


Update from the safer neighbourhood teams

An update on the three ward priorities in the area, and community safety issues.


Indicative time: 10 minutes


A sergeant from attended and provided the committee with the following updates on the three ward areas:

  • A drugs raid had resulted in uncovering thousands of pounds worth of drugs, an entire family was arrested and it is likely they will be convicted and evicted from the property.
  • St Helier had a successful drugs warrant, and had been working with KFC in Rose Hill to tackle anti-social behaviour in the area.
  • Issues with speeding in Wandle Valley was being addressed with a focus on speeding tickets.
  • Issues with fraud against the elderly was being addressed in the area.
  • Operation Venice in co-operation with Merton, targeting vehicle theft, has been successful.

Judith Smith, Horizon Church, asked whether there had been any progress in investigating a recent instance of graffiti on the church. The sergeant confirmed that he would seek an update from his team.


David Tchilingirian asked for an update on the broken fence in Hackbridge that he had asked a question about at the previous meeting, causing problems with motocross bikes. The sergeant confirmed that they had asked for the fence to be fixed however when it is fixed it gets cut open again. Another resident asked if the area was patrolled, and the sergeant confirmed that it was however there was a limit on how much time and enforcement could be contributed to the issue. The Chair added that ward Councillors had been investigating the possibility of introducing a kissingate which may deter the problem behaviour.


Councillor Zuchowska sought clarification on Officer allocation in the three ward areas, and asked whether there had been any consultation with Councillors and residents. The sergeant responded that there would be 2 dedicated ward Officers and a dedicated PCSO per ward, with one sergeant covering the local committee area. Councillor Stears asked how much police time was being lost on the front line in the ward, and it was confirmed that one of the Officers would have less responsibilities away from the ward.


Update on the new refuse collection service

Matt Clubb, Assistant Director, EHR Directorate (Environmental Commissioning) and a representative from Veolia to present a verbal update on the new refuse collection service.

Indicative time: 20 minutes


Matt Clubb, Assistant Director, EHR Directorate (Environmental Commissioning) and Scott Edgell Scott Edgell (General Manager for the South London Waste Partnership - Veolia Environmental Services UK) attended to update the committee on the new waste service.


Residents took the opportunity to ask questions regarding their experiences of the new waste service since it was introduced in April. Scott Edgell confirmed that he would be happy to take addresses from residents and personally investigate their concerns. He apologised for the teething problems that had been experienced, and confirmed that they were aware of a number of issues which they were working to address. It was intended for the education and outreach team to attend in communities which still have concerns about the process for disposing of waste under the new service.


Councillor Stears asked whether Veolia had obtained the correct vehicles for the narrow roads in the committee area, and asked if there would be back up if one vehicle encountered problems on the day. Scott Edgell confirmed that they had recently spent £185k on vehicles with one lift to trial on the narrow roads, where the collection vehicles on wider roads had three lifts.



Citizen's Advice Bureau - Advice Link Partnership

Steve Triner of Citizens Advice Sutton to present an item on the Advice Link partnership Sutton (ALPS) following the presentation that came to the committee in April.

Indicative time: 30 minutes



Steve Triner, Chief Executive of Citizen’s Advice Sutton, and Karen Page, Adult Carers Services Manager, Sutton Carers Centre,  presented on the Advice Link Partnership Sutton (ALPS) service. The presentation covered:

  • The service assists unpaid carers and gives advice on topics such as health and benefits.
  • The service has a number of partners, which allows the ALPS service to reach out to many different communities in Sutton and ensure that their advice can be communicated with anybody that contacts them for help.
  • Positive outcomes from the service in 2016/17, both in terms of feedback from service users and in terms of quantifiable successes.
  • Statistical comparisons between issues raised with the service nationally, in the borough of Sutton, and in the local committee area.

Steve Triner confirmed that he would be happy to share a detailed breakdown of the statistics on request following the committee meeting and that he hoped to complete a more detailed report on the statistics from all of the localities and using data from all of the ALPS partners.



Recommendations Tracker pdf icon PDF 82 KB

The recommendations tracker allows Committee Members to monitor responses, actions and outcomes against their recommendations or requests for further actions. This is updated following each Committee. Once an item is completed it will be removed from the tracker.

Indicative time: 5 minutes


Hitesh Wadher, Senior Professional Engineer, took the committee through the recommendations tracker document provided as part of the agenda pack.


Highways & Parking



Hitesh Wadher (Senior Professional Engineer) to give an update on Highways projects in the ward areas and Mehmet Mazhar to lead an engagement session on the Parking Strategy, following public engagement carried out at previous meetings of the committee.

Indicative time: 30 minutes


Hitesh Wadher presented a report on the Local Implementation Plan Spending Plan submission for 2018/19. He detailed the schemes relevant to the local committee area that were proposed to be included in the submission. The committee and residents considered how they would prioritise the schemes set out in the report and agreed that they would consider the below schemes as top priorities:


  • London Road/Goat Road Junction Improvement
  • Green Wrythe Lane - Between Groveside Road and Culvers Avenue
  • Rosehill/Rosehill Avenue - Extend the one-way all the way up to Rosehill


RESOLVED: That the St Helier, The Wrythe and Wandle Valley Local Committee considered the proposed schemes within the report and agreed that they be considered for inclusion in the submission to TfL in October 2017 for the 2018/19 programme



Local Implementation Plan report pdf icon PDF 114 KB

This report outlines the proposed schemes to be considered for inclusion in the 2018/19 bid to Transport for London (TfL).

Indicative time: 15 minutes

Additional documents:


Mehmet Mazhar (Strategic Management Support, Shared Kingston and Sutton Highways & Transport Service) and Ben Murphy (job title?) gave a presentation to update the committee on the Parking Strategy following ongoing engagement with residents at local committee meetings.


Following questions from residents, Mehmet Mazhar confirmed that the strategy aimed to encourage the use of low emission vehicles, and that parking provision for new-builds was considered as part of each planning application.


Councillor Zuchowska highlighted that there did not appear to be a focus on the area around Hackbridge station and Mehmet Mazhar confirmed that the area was on their radar for review. Councillor Reynolds informed the committee that he had noticed a number of issues on his ward walks and Mehmet Mazhar welcomed them for consideration.



Public realm projects and priorities pdf icon PDF 124 KB

The Locality Lead Officer will present a report to the Committee that gives an update on the progress of current schemes and will undertake a powerpoint presentation on any new applications for neighbourhood grant consideration.


Indicative time: 5 minutes


Claire Smith, Lead Locality Officer, presented a report to update the committee on Public Realm projects and the budget position for St Helier, The Wrythe and Wandle Valley Local Committee.


She updated the committee on the Men of the Wrythe war memorial which had been installed, and invited residents to the unveiling of the memorial on 15 July 2017 at 11am, followed by a community event.



Public questions

An opportunity for members of the public to raise points or questions about local issues that are not already on the agenda for this meeting.  If it is not possible to answer the question at the meeting, a written response will be issued.  


Please submit your questions at least five days in advance (for an answer by the meeting) to:

Indicative time: 5 minutes


A resident raised concerns about the appearance of a dropped curb beside a field on London Road, and officers confirmed that they would investigate the matter and respond to her.


David Tchilingirian asked who he could contact about results of air quality measures put in place, and Councillor Zuchowska confirmed that she had access to what was available so far and would share the links with him.


Ken Fish asked why the yellow lines by Sutton Hospital were retained in spite of the hospital being closed. Mehmet Mazhar responded that the Parking Strategy intended to review whether features such as the aforementioned yellow lines were still necessary across the borough, and Councillor Jason Reynolds added that a planning application for a secondary school had recently been approved on that site and there would be an extensive review of traffic measures in that area.


Another resident raised concern about street lights on Hackbridge Road and towards Culvers Avenue which were not working or removed, and could increase danger at night time. Councillor Zuchowska responded that there had been issues with vandalism on the street lights in that area and that she would raise the concerns with the relevant service area.


The same resident went on to raise concerns about public bins (now also used for dog waste) on Culvers Avenue that were not being emptied properly. Councillor Zuchowska confirmed that she would raise the matter with the relevant service and Claire Smith, Lead Locality Officer, referred residents to the council’s ‘report it’ service.


Another resident highlighted that there were street signs due to be replaced that had not been replaced for 6-7 weeks. Mehmet Mazhar informed him that the expected timeframe for replacement is 3-4 weeks and that it was likely to be due as part of a batch.



Any urgent business brought forward at the direction of the chair

The Chair must approve the reason for the urgency.



There was no urgent business.


Date of next meeting

The next meeting of the St Helier, The Wrythe and Wandle Valley Local Committee will take place on 12 October 2017 at 7pm at a venue to be confirmed.


Appendix the theThe next meeting will be held on 12 October 2017 at the Horizon Church.

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