Agenda and minutes

St. Helier, The Wrythe and Wandle Valley Local Committee
Thursday, 7th January, 2021 7.00 pm

Venue: Virtual Meeting

Contact: Claire Smith, Locality Lead Officer, Tel: 020 8770 5937 | Email:  Ben Kiang, Committee Services Officer, Email:

Note: Send us your comments and ideas on Rosehill renewal - 


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Welcome and introductions


The Chair, Councillor Annie Moral, welcomed those present.


Apologies for absence


Apologies for absence were received from Councillor Jean Crossby, Councillor Vincent Galligan and Councillor Nali Patel.


Declarations of interest


There were no declarations of interest.


Minutes of the previous meeting pdf icon PDF 61 KB

To approve as a correct record the minutes of the meeting held on 8 October 2020.


RESOLVED: that the minutes of the meeting held on 8 October 2020 be agreed as an accurate record.


Update from the Safer Neighbourhood Team


In a slight change to the order of agenda items, the Chair announced that Sergeant Greg Rainey would deliver a verbal update on the local area before moving into public questions.


Sergeant Greg Rainey addressed the committee with an update on the priorities of each ward.


St Helier:


Theft from motor vehicles, particularly catalytic converters

Anti-social behaviour

Violent Crime


The Wrythe:

Anti-social behaviour


Theft from motor vehicles


Wandle Valley:

Anti-social behaviour


Theft from motor vehicles


Sergeant Rainey spoke about the impact of lockdown on mental health particularly for vulnerable residents who have become more isolated. He also shared measures about protecting motor vehicles from theft, discussed the use of cannabis in the local area and confirmed that the Police had completed a number of drug warrants recently.


Public question time pdf icon PDF 71 KB

(Indicative timing: 15 minutes)


This item is an opportunity for members of the public to raise points or

questions about local issues.


As the meeting is being held online questions must be submitted prior to the

meeting, using the form available here at least 5 workings days in advance of

the meeting. The Chair has indicated the time for questions will be limited to

fifteen minutes. Questions will be taken in the order of receipt, if you have

asked more than one question only one will be taken at the meeting. If your

question is accepted you will be invited to ask a follow-up question at the



Please be aware that if you submit a question your name will appear in the

minutes of the meeting.


Residents at the meeting who had submitted, and received a response to, a question outside of the meeting (published as an addendum to the agenda) were invited to ask a supplementary question.


As a supplementary question, Sheldon Vestey, Chair of the New Mill Quarter Residents’ Association, asked what residents should do with no recourse to complain and no information coming from SDEN about the risk of electrical fire from defects in their equipment.


Kathryn Carr, Interim Assistant Director Regeneration, responded that SDEN had received the official report of the incident at New Mill Quarter which made no mention of the concern raised by Mr Vestey and confirmed that the fire brigade was called out to a false alarm.


As a supplementary question to his other question, Mr Vestey asked about how residents should complain given that there is no current recourse to escalate complaints, particularly with OfGEM offering no jurisdiction.


Kathryn Carr confirmed that registered customers can complain to SDEN. She also confirmed that SDEN is a registered member of the energy ombudsman, through which customers can escalate their complaints. She clarified that SDEN has not and does not refer any customers to OfGEM.


As a supplementary question, David Tchilingarian, from the BedZeds Resident Association, asked why the Liberal Democrats failed to stipulate that no more waste could be burned in the local area and asked about how rising levels of emissions from burning relates to their vote for a climate emergency.


Councillor Hanna Zuchowska clarified that Sutton councillors opposed the increase to the waste permit during the South London Waste Partnership meeting. She also confirmed that, in this instance, the decision making is not with councillors but with the Environment Agency.


As a supplementary to his other question, Mr Tchilingarian asked for assurances that any political literature would not misrepresent the work and achievements of local people and local organisations.


Councillor Ben Andrew welcomed the residents’ intervention in reference to a petition about Beddington farmland. He also gave full credit to the work and action of local organisations and expressed that he would continue to support local action.


Appointment of community representatives

(Indicative timing: 5 minutes)


An application for the appointment of substitute Community Representatives has been received.

An application for the appointment of Substitute Community Representatives has been received for Andrew Sargent Bedzed Residents Association and Grace Platt Wandle Valley Neighbourhood Watch and New Mill Quarter Residents Association. 




Andrew Sargent be appointed as a substitute community representative of the local committee on behalf of BedZed Residents Association.


Grace Platt be appointed as a substitute community representative of the local committee on behalf of Wandle Valley Neighbourhood Watch and New Mill Quarter Residents Association.



A brief update on COVID-19 and some key public health messages for the community.

(Indicative timing: 15 minutes)


Officer presentation on COVID-19 updates.


Dr Imran Choudhury, Director of Public Health, presented to the committee. His presentation included an update on: local rates of COVID-19, what is happening locally on the ground and what the community can do to support residents during the next few months.


Members asked about asymptomatic testing procedures, the use of public transport for testing and the uptake of the vaccine, particularly amongst certain demographics. The Director of Public Health expressed the need to counteract misinformation about the vaccine.


A community representative raised the possibility of doing a live meeting, e.g. via Facebook. The Director of Public Health welcomed the suggestion and expressed that he would explore the potential to do so.


Members asked about the new variant of the virus. The Director of Public Health confirmed that the new variant was one of the driving factors in rising rates of COVID-19 due to its transmissibility.


Community conversation pdf icon PDF 88 KB

(Indicative timing: 90 minutes)


Come and join this exciting new online event to hear from and chat to people and organisations who help to improve your local area.


Please join us for this exciting online event to hear from and chat to the people and organisations helping to improve your local area.


The meeting will give you a chance to hear about how St Helier’s open space could develop and how you can become involved in this with Community Action Sutton, as well as discussing the ongoing regeneration of Rosehill.


Partners from the Metropolitan Police and the St Helier 2040 Group will be joining councillors to discuss your community’s current priorities.


This is a great opportunity to find out more about getting involved in decisions affecting your local area, including information on neighbourhood grants and public realm projects.

Additional documents:


Mandar Puranik, Programme Manager for Area Renewal and Regeneration, presented to the committee an update on the council’s activities as part of the Rosehill Area Renewal project.


Daniel Ayeni, St Helier Community Development Lead for Community Action Sutton, spoke to the committee about the work of St Helier 2040 and the Hill House project.


Representing the Sutton Housing Partnership, Mick Lerpiniere, People & Places Lead and Matthew Walker, Assistant Director of Commercial & New Business, presented to the committee.


Attendees in the meeting were then divided into smaller groups to share their thoughts and ideas around the use of St Helier open space. After ten minutes, these ideas were then shared back to the main room.


The key points from discussions about St Helier Open Space were:



Good paths across the space to link residential areas and shops

Residents enjoy the green space

Enjoyed the current backdrop of the hospital

Well used space especially by young people, e.g. the skate park

Good venue for events, e.g. the Black Lives Matter event due to accessibility

Well-loved area


Areas for improvement:

More and better quality equipment, e.g. a children’s play area that is in the open rather than tucked away at one end of the space

Designated area for dogs

Learning spaces, particularly for young people

Zoning the areas based on activity, e.g. into quiet areas

Providing areas of shade

Somewhere for hospital staff to enjoy their lunch break

Do more to support biodiversity and habitat creation

Lacks a bit of character

Issues of litter

Limited seating

Maintenance of grass can be a problem

Lacks a focal point, e.g. a meeting place


Programme Manager for Area Renewal and Regeneration informed the committee that the council would be launching its engagement on the council website.


Tom Bremner, Interim Assistant Director, Housing and Regeneration presented to the committee about the funding opportunities that are available through local committees and how residents can get involved.


Any urgent business

To consider any items which, in the view of the Chair, should be dealt with as a matter of urgency because of special circumstances (in accordance with S100B(4) of the Local Government Act 1972).


There was no urgent business.