Agenda and minutes

Carshalton and Clockhouse Local Committee
Tuesday, 19th November, 2013 7.30 pm

Venue: Carshalton Beeches Baptist Church, Banstead Road, Carshalton Beeches, SM5 3NL

Contact: Tamary Tabeni, Community Development Officer Tel 020 8770 6003 Email 

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Introductions and Apologies

Indicative time 2 minutes


The Chair, Councillor Hamish Pollock opened the meeting by welcoming everyone to Carshalton Beeches Baptist Church. Council Officers and Councillors were introduced to the meeting. Apologies for absence were recorded from Tolis Vouyioukas, Janice Funnell, Barry Todman and Claire Shearer.



Minutes and Matters Arising pdf icon PDF 102 KB

Minutes of the meeting held on 11 June 2013 and 10 September 2013 to be agreed and signed by the Chair.


Indicative time 3 minutes



The minutes of the meeting held on 11 June 2013 were agreed as a correct record and signed by the Chair.


Minutes of the meeting held on10 September to be amended as follows:

Item 775 Traffic and Parking Schemes, amend to read: “Councillor Moira Butt requested for officers to review the Controlled Parking Zone for the Royal Marsden.”


Matters Arising:


Ray Liffen, Community Representative of Carshalton on the Hill Resident’s Association gave feedback on the Community Representative Event that was held on 17 October 2013, which he attended. The event was held at the Trinity Centre in Wallington.


The aims of the event were to:

·         Recognise the achievements of Community Representatives and acknowledge the value of their contribution

·         Re-define the role of Community Representatives to strengthen their effectiveness, and prepare them to contribute to the future commissioning agenda

·         Launch the local committee Community Representative Network: to provide an opportunity for peer support

·         Update the Community Representatives on the results of a survey (undertaken over the summer)  and on proposals for meeting their identified development needs

·         Re-invigorate commitment and enthusiasm for the role


He said that 14 Councillors, 31 Community Reps and 12 officers attended. Speeches were given by the Leader of the Council Councillor Ruth Dombey, Chair of Carshalton and Clockhouse Local Committee Councillor Hamish Pollock and three Community Representatives – Jean Knight, Ray Liffen and Paul Nathan.


There were displays:

         Showcasing Community Representative Successes

         Seminars offered by the Community Development Officers

         Solve it Corner

         Ideas for a Welcome Pack for Community Reps

         Community Mapping exercise maps and database


A presentation showing highlights of the event were shown during Ray Liffen’s presentation.  It was noted this event was well run. The Chair, Councillor Hamish Pollock a guest speaker at the event also gave positive feedback of the event. 


Penny Spirling pointed out that the Free Grit poster, distributed at the event had last year’s dates on it. The Chair acknowledged that this was a genuine error and Councillor Peter Fosdike informed residents that there is more free grit available on Therapia Lane. The Committee thanked Ray Liffen for giving feedback on the event.




Safer Neighbourhood Team pdf icon PDF 705 KB

To receive a report setting out the new Local Policing Model (LPM), priorities and work of the Safer Neighbourhoods Team for the local area.

Indicative time 15 minutes


Additional documents:


Inspector Ian Hicks delivered a presentation on the New Policing Model and the work of the Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) in the Local Committee area.


a)            New Policing Model


It was reported that the new model for policing came about as a result of Mayor's Office for Policing & Crime (MOPAC) setting the Commissioner three challenges:

·         To cut key neighbourhood crime by 20%

·         To boost public confidence by 20%

·         Reduce to budget by 20%


The key features of the plan (by 2015) would include:

·         Keep Police numbers as high as possible at 32000 with record   number of constables

·         Increase visibility and availability of patrolling officers by rolling out new Local Policing Model (enhanced neighbourhood teams + 2600)

·         Reduction in "specialist" roles; move away from squad mentality

·         Designed to multi skill officers but is causing issues e.g. ASBOs

·         Innovative approach to improving public access introducing Contact Points


He talked about the vision and the leadership structure which would include a Borough Commander, Safer Neighbourhood Inspector, a Sergeant accountable for a geographic area a Neighbourhood Team. The five steps of Neighbourhood Policing would constitute:


·         One Inspector per Neighbourhood

·         One named Sergeant per Ward 

·         One dedicated Ward PC and  PCSO per Ward

·         Three Promises and Priorities

·         Five Teams for each Neighbourhood


The new Safer Neighbourhoods Team structure would include at Ward level one Inspector, one Police Sergeant, one Dedicated PC and one Dedicated PCSO.  They would be Supported by five larger, flexible  Safer Neighbourhood Teams working across the Neighbourhood on a five week shift pattern providing coverage from 0700hrs - 2300hrs from Sun to Wed and 0700hrs -0200hrs (with variations) from Thu to Sat.The Ward meetings would be conducted as Ward Panels, delivering- 'You said – we did' with a system of promises. 


In response to questions Inspector Ian Hicks said that:

·         SNT will not be under reporting of crime in Sutton;

·         The Safer Neighbourhoods Team structure would be dedicated to the wards. It was noted that if, however, there was a situation in another Ward or borough that needed addressing, the Borough Commander would redeploy Officers;

·         If Councillors wanted to know about incidents in their Wards they could send their requests to him and he would provide the information;

·         He would like to get residents involved in speed initiatives. He declared that in his view the perception of speed in the Ward is more than it is in reality and

·         The Police’s Public Relations department will continue to send out monthly newsletters.




Traffic and Parking Schemes pdf icon PDF 2 MB

To receive reports/updates on Traffic and Parking Schemes being promoted by the Local Committee.


a)    Grosvenor Avenue Traffic Calming Measures Report

b)    Grove Park New Cycle Route Report

c)    Belmont CPZ Update

d)    Bandon Hill Primary, Woodfield School Signal Controlled Crossing Update

e)    Park Lane/Ruskin Road Signals Update

f)     Butter Hill Traffic Management and Junction Improvement Works Update

g)    Woodmansterne Road Proposed Pedestrian Zebra Crossing Update

h)   Woodcote Green Area Traffic Management and Junction Improvement Scheme Update

Indicative time 40 minutes


Additional documents:


a)            Grosvenor Avenue-Proposed Traffic Calming


Paul Blunt, Transport Planning and Programme Manager gave a report on Grosvenor Avenue- Proposed Traffic Calming.


He said that residents had previously raised concerns about the speed of traffic and road safety on Grosvenor Avenue for several years. He indicated that a proposal to introduce a 20mph zone with two entry treatments and a series of 20mph roundel road markings was considered at the last Local Committee meeting - Minute 775a. However, it was decided to hold a public meeting before making a decision on the proposal.


The public meeting was held on 7 October 2013 it was attended by about 30 residents, Ward Councillors, the local committee chair and officers. Options for traffic calming were discussed at this meeting and it was agreed that the three options be submitted to the Committee meeting on 19 November.


The Committee considered the three options proposed at the public meeting. 


Option 1 was the Do nothing option. Option 2, was a 20mph zone with entry treatments and roundel road markings with two speed tables, one at its junction with Park Lane and the other at Glebe Road, together with a series of 20mph roundel markings painted on the carriageway. Option 3 was a 20mph zone with three speed tables.  Two speed tables placed within 100m of either ends of the road to meet the legal requirements for a 20mph zone and the third table would be installed in Grosvenor Avenue at its junction with Park Avenue. PowerPoint slides of the Bute Road Flat top hump with 1:12 ramp and Ruskin Road speed table with 1:20 ramp were shown as examples of flat top ramps. It was emphasised that the 1:20 was smoother and less steep than the 1:12. In response to residents questions Paul Blunt indicated that 1:20 speed tables would still reduce speed.


During the debate, two residents expressed concern that the proposed 1:20 speed tables would be less effective in reducing the speed of traffic. Paul Blunt said that the residents who attended the public meeting held on 7 October had raised concerns about noise pollution caused by deceleration and acceleration of vehicles between tables, hence the proposal to introduce the 1:20 speed tables.


Referring to the earlier presentation by Inspector Ian Hicks in which he stated that there were no speeding problems in Grosvenor Avenue, a resident said that implementing a scheme is not a good use of resources. A resident seconded that stance and added that during a consultation about the islands; speeding was not perceived as a problem. People wanted to maintain the character of the street and his understanding was that a number of the respondents’ objected. In his view the perception of speed in Grosvenor Avenue is more than reality. He said that another consultation would result in the respondents’ objecting to the scheme.


Inspector Ian Hicks reported that a community speed road check was undertaken on 18 November in Grosvenor Avenue. Out of the 82 vehicles  ...  view the full minutes text for item 1067.


Environmental Improvement Programme (EIP)

Paul Brockwell, Project Manager, to deliver a presentation on environmental improvements for the local area, including minor parking schemes.


Indicative time 10 minutes



Paul Brockwell, Environmental Improvement Programme (EIP) Project Manager gave an update on the progress of local area minor works programme to enhance the integrity of community assets and infrastructure across the Borough. The programme included an allocation of funds for the implementation of minor parking schemes.


An overview of the activity being implemented in the Local Committee area was provided. This included a summary of the proposed parking schemes.


The EIP had made progress in the following:

·         Planned works to implement improvements and address access issues / restrictions

·         Procured bulbs and working with friends of parks groups planting across the borough

·         Over the past 2 months have repaired an additional £37k of potholes

·         Planted almost 200 trees as requested

·         Procured 300 bins in total that will be placed in and around the local districts.


It was noted that while there is a deep street cleansing scheme that forms part of the EIP that will target hard effected roads, the day to day street cleaning activities including leaf fall form part of the Street Cleansing team’s seasonal duties and are not part of the EIP. Residents’ were advised to contact Paul Brockwell if they wanted to foster a tree and they were advised not to park were leaves are covering yellow lines.




Amy Harris, Waste Strategy and Community Engagement Manager, to report on the provision of Fountain Drive Neighbourhood Recycling Centre.


Indicative time 10 minutes



Amy Harris Waste Strategy and Community Engagement Manager reported that in 1 of 30 sites,

-          Residents could recycle items like paper, glass, card, cans, cartons, etc.

-          At Fountain Drive residents could also recycle textiles and shoes


During Smarter Services Sutton review of the Waste Management Service in 2011 to achieve a saving of £1 million, the decision was made to review the provision of the Neighbourhood Recycling Centres (NRC) on an individual basis. Fountain Drive NRC is located on Diamond Jubilee Way opposite the Bellway Homes Site Office. Fountain Drive NRC was the third to be reviewed because:


·         It was a flytipping hotspot

·         There were a number of complaints relating to this site

·         It was originally installed to because there were no recycling facilities for the new residents moving into the area. The developers have now provided all new homes with green bins or communal recycling bins.

Complaints were monitored between March and September 2013. Surveys of the users of the site were undertaken in September 2013 and surveys of residents surrounding the site were undertaken.


The results were reviewed and options identified were to keep the NRC remove the Council’s mixed dry recycling bins but keep the banks for materials that cannot be recycled at home or remove Fountain Drive NRC. Costs associated with option 2 and 3 were for communicating the change – letters, signs is £750 this would be met by Waste Management.


Amy Harris was thanked for the review.  It was confirmed that the sum of £750 was for marketing and communications.  It was noted that Amy Harris would contact a representative from Queen Mary’s Park Residence Association who offered the use of their website to assist with marketing and communications. It was confirmed that the bins would be moved to Stanley Park High School and would not be accessible at the weekends. Residents were informed that contamination levels of bins are considered



Resolved: (i) To agree to note the review of the Fountain Drive NRC

(ii) To agree to remove the Council’s Mixed Dry Recycling banks but keep the banks for materials that cannot be recycled at home and maintain the area as a grass verge,

(iii) To agree to continue to monitor the Fountain Drive NRC and review the implementation of Option 2 in six months and

(iv) To agree to relocate the textiles recycling bin to Clockhouse. Suggestions for a new location would be welcomed from both residents and elected members.




Hendryk Jurk, Biodiversity Manager, to present a report to Committee on the future maintenance of Queen Mary's Woodland.


Indicative time 10 minutes.



Hendryk Jurk Biodiversity Manager reported on the proposals for the future site management of Queen Mary’s Woodland. It was proposed to carry out tree safety works, access improvements and woodland habitat management. Initial works to develop the site will be funded through a S106 agreement for the Orchard Hill development. Photographs displaying the current state of the site were shown.


In response to a question raised by Mr Ray Liffen it was noted that the plans to improve and maintain it the woodland would provide access to for nature to nature and for local residents to experience nature. It was agreed that a newer version of Queen Mary’s Woodland location map would be made available to residents.


Resolved: (i) To agree to the proposed works to improve and maintain Queen Mary’s Woodland and

(ii) To agree to the use of S106 funding from the Queen Mary’s site to implement the works subject to agreement to (a) above




Colette Makambila, Locality Lead Officer, to give an update on Public Realm Projects and consider new proposals. Applications for Neighbourhood Grants will also be considered.

Indicative time 10 minutes



Colette Makambila, Locality Lead Officer gave a report on:

·         Public Realm spending since September 2013

·         Feedback on progress made to date on outstanding Public Realm projects

·         Proposals for funding of Public Realm projects in 2013/14.


It was noted that the following schemes were complete:


·         The installation of LED street lights in Woodmansterne Road

·         The environmental improvements in Westmead Road – jet washing of the pavement and repairs to the slabs and tarmac surround tree

·         The replacement of doors at Hillcrest Halls – three photos showing finished doors in the large hall as seen from outside, the inside view of the kitchen door and the inside view of the lounge door.


It was reported that the Switch on event organised by Carshalton Traders’ Association would take place on Friday 29 November. The Committee was asked to agree the preferred naming options in order to progress the scheme.  She indicated that The World War II War Memorial Special Working Party unanimously agreed to select option 2 – surname, one forename, initials and titles as their preferred option at a meeting in August 2013 The Committee agreed to progress with option 2.


It was noted that indicate that the Christmas lights will be around the Ponds in Carshalton High Street and not Pound Street/Pond Street as stated in the Public Realm report. In response to a question residents were informed that the allocation of the sum of £5k of Public Realm funds towards the development Grosvenor Avenue Traffic Calming Measures scheme was an appropriate use of Public Realm funding and it has been done in the past.


Councillor Moira Butt was informed that there would be no Christmas lights in Banstead Road because the lamp posts are made of concrete and that most had switches missing. Colette Makambila stated advice sought from colleagues confirmed that drilling on the lampposts could lead to structural failure and also the lamp posts in Banstead Road were not designed to take additional weight.


Councillor Jill Whitehead requested that the allocation of hanging baskets be increased by four for Carshalton Central.  It was agreed that Carshalton Central will receive 12 and Carshalton South 13 in lieu of the current ward allocations of 8 and 9 respectively. The locations will be agreed between the Locality Lead Officer and Ward Councillors.


Resolved: (i) To agree to note progress works on current Public Realm schemes;

(ii) To agree to note the current financial position of Public Realm schemes;

(iii) To agree that all other Public Realm proposals remain on a reserve list for future consideration by the Committee;

(iv) To agree to increase the unallocated balance by £266 from the small net under spend identified under Appendix B;

(v) To agree to convert the budget for Christmas Lights hire of £9,000 from Capital to Revenue;

(vi) To agree to allocate £5,000 from Public Realm capital funding towards the development of Grosvenor Avenue scheme Traffic Calming Measures scheme;

(vii)To agree to allocate £2,350 from 2014/15 Public Realm revenue funding towards  ...  view the full minutes text for item 1071.


Public Question Time

An opportunity for members of the public to ask questions about issues not otherwise considered on the agenda.


Indicative time 10 minutes



The following questions relating to Sutton Countryside Walk were submitted by Mr John Pickup and were read out by Councillor Moira Butt:


1.    When will leaflets on the Sutton Countryside Walk and the Nature Trail be reprinted? They have been out of print for some time.


Answer: The Sutton Countryside Walk leaflets were originally produced by a team in planning who used to have a budget to promote the walk, the budget no longer exists. Bill Wyatt has been liaising with the Chair of the friends of Oaks Park over updating the leaflet and is awaiting his comments. However, funding has still not been identified to produce them. I have suggested to Carl Brown in the past that public realm money could be used. Is this possible?


2.    Why does a signpost near the cafe direct pedestrians to the dangerous crossing of Croydon Lane at the south?


Answer: The issue of signing in this area has been discussed in the past and I thought it had been sorted out. However, I have not visited this area for a while so I will go and check the signing. I can confirm that the issue of closing the public right of way has been discussed and it was agreed that we would not close the public right of way that leads to Croydon Lane but will have signs in place to direct pedestrians to the Pegasus crossing.


3.    Why are there any stiles on the Sutton Countryside Walk or the London Loop where it passes through this Borough? Modern policy is that there should be none - to hinder the handicapped.


Answer: Most of the stiles the Sutton Countryside Walk and London Loop are on private land so not the responsibility of the Council. Currently, I am not aware of any initiatives to work towards replacing the stiles or making the walk more accessible.


After the answers were read Mr Pickup emphasised on question two and Mr Carl Brown commented that there are signs to paths that led to Pegasus Crossing.  He highlighted that the problem was that people crossed anywhere.  Councillor Peter Fosdike stated that there was a new crossing at the double roundabouts on Croydon Road and Carshalton Road.




Brought forward at the direction of the Chair who has approved the reason for the urgency in order to progress works to meet an identified need for safer crossing facilities on Woodmansterne Road.”

Woodmansterne Road Proposed Pedestrian Crossing – Alternative Options


To receive a report on the Woodmansterne Road Proposed Pedestrian Crossing – Alternative Options.


Indicative time 15 minutes


Woodmansterne Road Proposed Pedestrian Crossing – Alternative Options


This report was brought forward at the direction of the Chair who approved the reason for the urgency in order to progress works to meet an identified need for safer crossing facilities on Woodmansterne Road.


Faran Forghani, Traffic and Highway Works Manager delivered a report on the Woodmansterne Road Proposed Pedestrian Crossing – Alternative Options. Brendon Hills, Executive Head of Commissioning was also present. Further to Minute 775(e)13, the Committee considered a further report on possible alternative options for a pedestrian crossing in Woodmansterne Road with a view to providing pedestrian refuges in the middle of the road. 


Mr Forghani, the Traffic and Highway Works Manager outlined the contents of the report and drew specific attention to the width of the road which was incorrectly stated in the report as 7.7 metres.  It was 7.1 metres.  However, he stated that did not change the overall conclusions that the report contained.  He also referred to guidance issued on the width of pedestrian refuges and thought that, in this instance, the refuge width should be 1.8 metres and the resultant carriageway width not less than 8.3 metres wide.  It was also proposed to impose parking restrictions in the vicinity of the crossing to improve visibility for pedestrians and to ensure that traffic approached at a safe speed by installing speed cushions or raised table.


The report set out four options for a pedestrian crossing as follows:

Option A – Widen carriageway on Eastern side:

Carriageway widening, approximately 1m, on the eastern side of Woodmansterne Road to enable the provision of a 1.8m wide pedestrian refuge island, 3.15m traffic lanes with a single speed cushion on each approach to the refuge to provide an absolute minimum road width of 8.1m (desirable minimum is 8.3m).


Option B – Widen carriageway on Western side:

As Option A, except the carriageway widening was on the western side of Woodmansterne Road.


Option C – Widen on both sides of carriageway:

Carriageway widening, approximately 0.5m on both sides of Woodmansterne Road to enable the provision of a 1.8m wide pedestrian refuge island, 3.15m traffic lanes with a single speed cushion on each approach to the refuge to provide an absolute minimum road width of 8.1m (desirable minimum is 8.3m).


Option D – No carriageway widening:

The provision of a 0.8m wide central island maintaining absolute minimum 3.15m traffic lanes (desirable minimum 3.25m) and no carriageway widening on either side.


The advantages and disadvantages of each of these options were reported. A sum of £55,665 had previously been agreed to fund whatever solution was finally decided on this matter (Minute 376(a)/13 refers).  The cost of providing a zebra cross was estimated to be £54k; the estimated cost of a zebra crossing with a raised table was £80k.  If approved, the additional monies might be found from underspent LIP schemes.  The cost of providing a pedestrian refuge and associated works was additional £25k to £30k.


Councillor  ...  view the full minutes text for item 1073.



To note the next meeting will be held on 21 January 2014, 7.30pm at the Carshalton Beeches Baptist Church, Banstead Road, Carshalton Beeches, SM5 3NL.



The Chair, Councillor Hamish Pollock asked to note the next meeting will be held on Tuesday 21 January 2013, 7.30pm at the Carshalton Beeches Baptist Church, Banstead Road, Carshalton Beeches, SM5 3NL. He thanked everyone for their contribution to the meeting and invited them to future meeting.  He closed by wishing everybody a Happy Christmas and New Year.