Agenda and minutes

Carshalton and Clockhouse Local Committee
Tuesday, 4th November, 2014 7.30 pm

Venue: All Saints Church, High Street, Carshalton, SM5 3AQ

Contact: Victoria Lower, Senior Business Support Officer  020 8770 4640 or Email:

No. Item


Apologies for Absence


Apologies for absence were received from Steve O’Connell (GLA Member), John Faulkner, Ashley Dickenson, Barry Todman, Peter Talboys, Susanna Bennett and Inspector Ian Hicks.


Mr Ray Liffen informed the Committee that there was a map of the London Greenbelt on display at the meeting which was due to be shown at the Palace of Westminster on 5 November 2014. The map showed how the greenbelt had protected the area from further urbanisation from London.


Declarations of Interest


Councillor Moira Butt declared that she was a governor at Stanley Park Junior School; however she was not when the Public Realm item was being proposed.


There were no further declarations of interest.


Minutes pdf icon PDF 108 KB

To agree the minutes of the meeting on 8 July 2014.


Indicative time 2 minutes.


The minutes of the meeting held on 8 July 2014 were agreed as a correct record and signed with the following amendment to Item 3 (Safer Neighbourhood Team):


Inspector Ian Hicks requested that members of the public volunteered to take part in the Community Speedwatch scheme and attended Ward Panel meetings so that Metropolitan Police Service would be able to listen the views of the whole community. The Committee further noted that it would be beneficial for representatives from Carshalton South and Clockhouse to attend Neighbourhood Watch meetings which took place quarterly. Details of these schemes and meetings were available on the Metropolitan Police Service website.



Safer Neighbourhoods Teams Update - Information Item

To receive an update outlining the priorities and work of the Safer Neighbourhood Team in the local area.


Indicative time 10 minutes.


This item was deferred as Inspector Ian Hicks was unable to attend the meeting.


Resolved: To receive an update from the Safer Neighbourhood Team at the next meeting of the Carshalton and Clockhouse Local Committee.


South West London and St George's Mental Health Trust Consultation - Information Item

A presentation by the Trust Service Director on proposals for the future location of inpatient mental health facilities for people in Kingston, Merton, Sutton, Richmond and Wandsworth; and for a range of specialist mental health services in south west London which serve a wider catchment area.


A formal consultation started on 29 September and is due to last for 12 weeks. The consultation will be run by the NHS clinical commissioning groups for Kingston, Merton, Sutton, Richmond and Wandsworth (who commission the local services); NHS England (who commission the specialist services); and South West London and St George’s Mental Health NHS Trust (who provide these services).


Indicative time 20 minutes.


Mark Clenaghan, Trust Service Director, and Dr Chris Keers, Mental Health Clinical Lead at Sutton CCG, reported that the treatment of mental health had changed dramatically and in the majority of cases that treatment was now provided in the community. However, the physical state of the Trust’s buildings used to provide in-patient treatment was not fit for the 21st century. A formal consultation on where and to what standard in-patient services should be provided had started in September 2014 and would be run by the NHS clinical commissioning groups for Kingston, Merton, Richmond, Sutton and Wandsworth; NHS England; and South West London and St George’s Mental Health NHS Trust until 21 December 2014.


In-patient services were currently provided from three sites, namely Springfield Hospital, St Mary’s Hospital, Roehampton and Tolworth Hospital.  It was proposed that the St Mary’s Hospital site be sold and for the remaining two sites be redeveloped to provide modern services. The Springfield Hospital site would also be reduced but would continue to provide in-patient and residential services, alongside maintaining the green open spaces.


In response to questions Mr Clenaghan stated that inpatient services for children and adolescents would predominantly be provided at Tolworth Hospital though specialist services such as eating disorders would be provided at Sprinfield Hospital due to close working with St Georges Hospital. Beds for these services would be commissioned by NHS England so the Trust would be unable to confirm the number of beds which would be available.


Mr Clenaghan and Dr Keers confirmed that they were committed to ensure beds were available when required. Flexibility had been built into the proposal to take into consideration population growth estimates across the five boroughs; however the proposals were for five to ten years time and so it was difficult to be accurate predict patient numbers.


Residents noted that the distance from Clockhouse to Springfield or Tolworth Hospitals was over one and half hours in the car. It was felt that there needed to be better provision for Clockhouse residents and that there should be a link with Croydon. Mr Clenaghan stated that a previous consultation had made specific provision for carers to ensure they would be able to travel to the sites. Councillor Alan Salter informed the Committee that he was Vice-Chair of South West London Joint Health Scrutiny Committee sub-committee, and that currently the consultation did not have any link with Croydon but he would however raise the issue of cross-boundary movement within the sub-committee. It was noted that the majority of services were now provided within the community and patients within Clockhouse would still receive same level of care and there was an opportunity to choose a neighbouring Trust for the provision of care if they did not fall under the Mental Health Act.


Concern was raised that selling public land was for short-term benefit only; however Mr Clenaghan stated though many buildings at the Shotfield site were beautiful they were listed which limited what could be done with them  ...  view the full minutes text for item 20.


Sutton's Future - Information Item pdf icon PDF 116 KB

A presentation by the Strategic Director of Children, Young People & Learning Directorate on the Sutton’s Future programmes with an overview on council priorities and financial challenges in the future.


Indicative time 20 minutes.



Tolis Vouyioukas, Strategic Director of Children, Young People and Learning, gave a presentation on Sutton Council’s priorities and values, and outlined the difficult financial position it faced.  It was predicted that the Council would have to find £40 million of savings by 2018/19, or just over 25% of its budget, in addition to the £32 million of savings already made in recent years.  The Council was carrying out a consultation to ascertain which services residents considered a priority and how the Council and residents could respond collectively to the priorities and financial challenges.  It was explained how residents could contribute to the consultation through the Sutton’s Future website.


Residents expressed concern that if they took part in the consultations that the council would not take notice of their comments. The Strategic Director assured residents that the consultations were not meaningless and that the council wanted to hear the thoughts of its residents, furthermore it was planned that all comments would be published once the project was completed.


In response to questions the Strategic Director stated that education had been an area of success for the council and that feasibility studies were currently underway on two potential sites, Belmont and Rosehill. He further stated that as part of the expansion programme new grammar school places would be for Sutton pupils.


It was noted that the council was required to provide a range of statutory services and that it was important that the council was able to prioritise services. Residents suggested that the council should place an additional charge on the council tax which was for specific services which residents could be made aware of which was an idea which idea that a Think Tank was looking into.


Councillors stated that the council needed to think differently about how to deliver services and was moving to having fewer buildings and staff by sharing services with neighbouring councils. Concern was raised by some residents that a move to combine adult and children services opened the council to greater risk; however the Strategic Director stated that assurances had been provided to Councillors that the statutory roles would be complied with under the new structure.


The Committee noted that it may be necessary in future for smaller London councils to merge, however it would be a decision for Government to make.


Resolved: To note.



The Mount Neighbourhood Recycling Centre pdf icon PDF 118 KB

Report of the Executive Head of Commissioning – Environment & Neighbourhoods.


The Waste Strategy and Community Engagement Manager to provide an overview of the actions taken to review the use of The Mount Neighbourhood Recycling Centre (NRC) and the options for the future provision of this facility.


Indicative time 15 minutes.


Amy Harris, the Waste Strategy and Community Engagement Manager presented a report to the Committee on the Mount Neighbourhood Recycling Centre. In 2011 there had been a Smarter Sutton review of all Neighbourhood Recycling Centres as it was recognised that the sites were often experienced fly-tipping and contamination. From August to December 2013 this site was reviewed and it was noted that there had been two complaints and across four days of surveying 23 residents had used the facility.


The Waste Strategy and Community Engagement Manager stated that currently Hillcrest Parade did not have secure recycling facilities and any changes to the Mount Neighbourhood Recycling Centre would not take place until this had been arranged with Sutton Housing Partnership. In addition, it was noted that a Flat Recycling scheme was being set up to increase recycling by residents in flats.


Members of the public felt that the report did not fully represent the situation at the Mount Recycling Centre as the surveys did not take place at the weekend or evenings when the site was used most. It was felt that leaving bins for textiles and books would not solve the issue of flytipping within the area and that more consultation with residents was needed before a decision was made.


The Waste Strategy and Community Engagement Manager confirmed that the council had received funding from the Department for Communities and Local Government to hire six Waste Recycling Advisors to make residents aware of recycling options within the borough.


Councillors requested that information was provided to Members regarding footage recorded on a CCTV camera which had been placed at the Neighbourhood Recycling Centre, where the road sweeper would place full bin bags, the expenditure on Awareness Officers and whether there were any plans for Neighbourhood Composting site within Clockhouse. The Waste Strategy and Community Engagement Manager agreed to review these concerns.


The Committee resolved to vote against the recommendation within the report as they felt that further investigation was required at the site, regarding usage, residents views and how the council would address flytipping within the area.


Resolved: For the report to be deferred until further investigation of the site and consultation with residents and Ward Councillors has taken place.



The Grove Consultation - Information Item pdf icon PDF 140 KB

A presentation by Sutton CVS Chief Executive on the Grove consultation project.


Indicative time 20 minutes


This item was deferred as Susanna Bennett from the Sutton Centre for the Voluntary Sector was unable to attend the meeting.


Councillor Whitehead informed the Committee that during the Strategy and Resources Committee on 13 October 2014 it was agreed that proposals for the Lodge and Grove could be progressed. A Heritage Lottery Fund bid was being prepared for the Grove while EcoLocal, who was looking to take over the Lodge was preparing a planning application for the building. The bids were only going to proceed if they were financially viable.


Resolved: To receive an update from Sutton Centre for the Voluntary Sector on the proposals for the Grove at the next meeting of the Carshalton and Clockhouse Local Committee.


Minor Parking Programme pdf icon PDF 156 KB

Report of the Executive Head of Commissioning – Environment & Neighbourhoods.


The Senior Parking Engineer to provide an outline of the process used to identify requests for parking restrictions and ask for funding for schemes selected.


Indicative time 15 minutes.


Caroline Stanyon, Senior Parking Engineer, informed the Committee that over 426 requests were currently live across the Borough, with 64 requests within Carshalton Central and Carshalton South and Clockhouse. Each request was assessed against a set of criteria and those which scored highly were reviewed in depth. Several schemes were being put forward for approved funding and some were recommended to be placed on a reserve list.


Members requested clarification regarding the location of yellow lines on Beeches Avenue and were informed that the restrictions would be around 31 Beeches Avenue. These would extend existing restrictions so as to improve sight lines on the road. Concern was raised that in autumn leaves often obscured yellow lines on the road though it was hoped that enforcement officers would use their discretion in these cases.


The Senior Parking Engineer also clarified that restrictions on Ruskin Road would be around the bollards to ensure there is clear access to the road.



(i)            That the Committee approved a total of £9,500 financed from the Local Committee Local Transport Fund of £5,392 and Public Realm Capital Funding of £4,108 and for this funding to cover the investigation, Traffic Management Order and implementation costs for the following schemes:


Carshalton Central

Carshalton Park Road (closure at Ruskin Road) – amendment and refurbishment of carriageway markings to prevent obstructive parking on both sides of fire path.


Oxford Road – introduction of yellow line waiting restrictions to prevent obstructive parking and improve access adjacent to termination of Red Route restrictions.


Carshalton Park Road (junction with Blakehall Road) – introduction of ‘at any time’ waiting restrictions on bend outside Nos. 138-142 Carshalton Park to remove obstructive parking and improve sightlines.


Carshalton South and Clockhouse

Beeches Avenue – introduction of additional yellow line waiting restrictions to remove obstructive parking and improve sightlines for access for residential properties.


(ii)          That the Committee approve a ‘reserve’ scheme that would replace the funded ‘priority’ scheme for that particular ward should that ‘priority’ scheme fail to proceed following initial investigation:


Carshalton Central

Honeywood Walk – amendment to supporting Traffic Order to finalise current parking arrangements.


(iii)         Delegate responsibility to process, consider and resolve any objections received to the Traffic Management Orders to the Executive Head of Commissioning (Environment & Neighbourhood Directorate) in consultation with ward councillors and the Local Committee Chair.


Public Realm pdf icon PDF 250 KB

Report of the Strategic Director of Environment & Neighbourhoods.


The Locality Lead Officer to give an update on Public Realm Projects.


Indicative time 15 minutes.


Colette Makambila, Locality Lead Officer, reported on completed public realm schemes, schemes in progress and potential schemes. The Local Committee had a budget of £28,154 from public realm capital funding, an allocation of £10,892 for transport related schemes and £10,000 direct revenue funding available in 2014/15. A number of schemes were submitted for which funding or the approval of allocation was sought to the total of £28,624. If the schemes were approved the Local Committee would have a total remaining budget of £680.


Mr Brian Brockwell requested that the item for the replacement of the Ecology Centre roof be changed to repair the roof as £2,000 would not be sufficient for the replacement of the roof. This was agreed by the Committee.


Mr Jacobs requested that the Orchard Hill item be amended to read “The purpose of this scheme is to investigate issues of congestion on the Orchard Hill estate”. This was agreed by the Committee.


The Committee thanked the Locality Lead Officer for her work and all officers who were involved in the Commemoration event on 3 August 2014.


Resolved: To approve the schemes detailed at Appendix A of the report and fund the required £28,624 from the Public Realm allocations for 2014/15 with the agreed amendments to the Ecology Centre roof and Orchard Hill estate feasibility scheme.


Neighbourhood Grants pdf icon PDF 137 KB

Report of the Strategic Director of Environment & Neighbourhoods.


The Locality Lead Officer to present a report on the Neighbourhood grant allocation for 2014/15 and consider a Neighbourhood Grant application.


Indicative time 5 minutes.


Neighbourhood grants, normally of between £50 and £500, were available to assist local community and voluntary organisations to play an active part in their area.  A sum of £30,000 had been allocated for all Local Committees in 2014/15 and a sum of £7,525 remained unspent from 2013/14.  The total had been allocated equally between the six local committees, giving each £6,254.


The Committee had allocated £1,000 to-date and a further two applications had been received from the Clockhouse Community Association for £500 and the Carshalton Beeches Baptist Free Church for £500.


The Committee were informed that Neighbourhood Grants that the deadline for the next round of applications was 11 November 2014.



(i)            To note the Local Committee’s allocation for neighbourhood grants in 2014/15 is £6,254.

(ii)           To award Clockhouse Community Association £500 to hold fundraising events in order to regenerate and maintain Hillcrest Halls.

(iii)          To award Carshalton Beeches Baptist Free Church £500 towards publicity of the Banstead Road Community Yulefest.


Public Question Time

An opportunity for members of the public to ask questions about issues not otherwise considered on the agenda.


Please be advised that it may not be possible to provide a response on the night, but questions will be noted.


Indicative time 10 minutes.



The public were reminded that the Local Committee were unable to answer questions in relation to planning applications and were advised to contact their Ward Councillors if they had any specific concerns.


Mr Hemingway asked two questions at the Local Committee meeting regarding planned footpath at Metcalfe Avenue and whether there were any plans to extend the 20mph zone on Damson Way to Metcalfe Avenue. Ward Councillors and Mr Carl Brown explained that the woodland was a protected site and they were not aware of any plans to create footpaths in this area. Regarding extending the 20mph zone Ward Councillors stated that there were no plans to extend this zone to local roads.


Mr Brockwell asked the Committee whether CCTV cars were still legal. Councillor Whitehead explained that currently the cars were legal and were in use; however there was a Bill which was being heard in Parliament which may change this.


Next meeting

To note the next meeting of the Carshalton & Clockhouse Local Committee is to take place on 6 January 2015 at Carshalton Beeches Baptist Church, Banstead Road, Carshalton Beeches, SM5 2NL.


The Committee noted that the next meeting of the Carshalton and Clockhouse Local Committee would take place at 7.30pm on 6 January 2015 at Carshalton Beeches Baptist Church, Banstead Road, Carshalton Beeches, SM5 2NL.