Agenda and minutes

Carshalton and Clockhouse Local Committee
Tuesday, 10th February, 2015 7.30 pm

Venue: All Saints Church, High Street, Carshalton

Contact: Victoria Lower, Senior Business Support Officer (Democratic Services) Tel 020 8770 4640 Email 

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Apologies for Absence


Apologies for lateness were received from Councillor Jill Whitehead and Penny Spirling.


Declarations of Interest


There were no declarations of interest.


Minutes of last meeting pdf icon PDF 75 KB

To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 6 January 2015.

Additional documents:


The minutes of the meeting held on 6 January 2015 were agreed as a correct record and signed by the Chair. The attached minute was agreed as a revised minute for minute number 33. The Grove Consultation – Information Item.


Licensing Presentation

Presentation explaining how the Police and Sutton Council licensing teams are working closely with licensed premises to ensure they are complying with the conditions of their licence and are aware of the impact on their local community of issues like underage sales, noise and anti-social behaviour generally.


Indicative time: 15 minutes.


The Licensing Manager provided the Committee with details of how an alcohol licence application is processed. The Committee were informed that once an application was received the council would circulate the details to responsible authorities and the applicant would place an advert in the local paper and a blue notice at the premises. If no representations were received from responsible authorities or members of the public then the application is approved as long as the application relates to one of the four licensing objectives. If representations are received then a Licensing Sub-Committee would be convened to consider the application and suggested conditions of the license.


Within the borough there was a successful Pub Watch scheme and many premises were part of the BOB scheme which could lead to customers being banned to licensed premises across the scheme for up to two years. If a premises was found to not be abiding by the law or the conditions of the license then officers were required to work with the premises to rectify issues, however if issues continued then the license would be reviewed by a Licensing Sub-Committee. Residents evidence was the most effective for a license to be reviewed and the Licensing Manager stressed that if residents had any concerns they should raise this with licensing officers or the Police.


In response to questions the Licensing Manager confirmed there were over 400 licensed premises within the borough and that within the last year one licensed premises had been revoked and a number had been surrendered. The Licensing Manager informed the Committee that the Licensing Act had been introduced to liberalise licensing and that it was important that representations addressed one of the four licensing objectives. Guidance on submitting representations was available on the website. While all licensing hearings were held in public only those which had submitted representations were able to address the Sub-Committee. The Licensing Manager further confirmed that there were no restrictions under the Licensing Act on the proximity of licensed premises to schools; however relevant representations could be submitted.


Resolved: To note.



Future Use of the Old Rectory (the Ecology Centre Building) pdf icon PDF 68 KB

A update report on the future use of The Old Rectory (the Ecology Centre), Carshalton.


Indicative time: 20 minutes.


The Executive Head of Asset Planning, Management and Capital Delivery informed the Committee that officers were reviewing and engaging with Friends of Groups on the future of the Old Rectory in Carshalton with further engagement planned once the preferred option was established. It was stated that it was important that any future use of the Old Rectory was financially sustainable and would not require the council to continue to finance long-term.


In response to questions the Executive Head of Asset Planning, Management and Capital Delivery informed the Committee that there were six options currently being considered for the future use of the Old Rectory which included; do nothing, sell the building, convert the building into a community arts centre which had two estimated costs associated with it, create a building preservation trust and refurbish and open the building with a visitor space, or lease the building to developers on a long term lease for residential units on the upper floors and a community studio on the ground and basement floors.


It was confirmed that at present there was not a preferred option for the future of the building, however once a preferred option was established finance, legal and English Heritage would be fully consulted on plans as the building was listed. The Executive Head of Asset Planning, Management and Capital Delivery confirmed that the weighting for assessing the options was 40% finance and 60% community benefit as it was important for the council that the asset remained a community asset and within the ownership of the council. However, a commercial aspect to a proposal was important to ensure the long-term financial sustainability of the building. While it was conceded that it would be ideal to have a local organisation take over management of the building, as had happened with the theatres and was hoped to happen with The Lodge and The Grove, and that the council would be delighted, it may not be possible.


Councillor Simon Wales, Lead Councillor for Finance, Assets and the Voluntary Sector stressed that the council was committed that the building would have a sustainable future for the community.


Resolved: To note.



B278 Carshalton Road - Woodmansterne School Proposed Footway pdf icon PDF 1 MB

An update report on the proposal to implement a new footway on Carshalton Road to the Borough Boundary.


Indicative time: 20 minutes.

Additional documents:


The Traffic and Highway Works Manager presented a report to the committee on a proposed footway on Carshalton Road following a number of requests for a safe passage from parents of children who attend Woodmansterne School. The Children, Young People and Learning Directorate (CYPLD) had agreed to fund the footway through the London Borough of Sutton’s Basic Needs budget as there was a requirement to ensure safe walking routes to schools for Sutton pupils. Initial investigations had concluded that it was possible to construct the footpath which was 1.5 metres wide. However, the contractor had raised concerns regarding the roots of the trees which ran close to the proposed footpath. Officers were seeking a second opinion as to whether the trees could be retained and would consult the CYPLD over the results of the report. If the results of the report were favourable then it was hoped construction would begin by the end of the 2014/15 financial year.


In response to questions the Traffic and Highway Works Manager informed the committee that the land on the western side of the road was council land and would provide a continuity of footway although most families lived on the eastern side of the road. Furthermore, there was an existing crossing for families to use to reach the footpath. The Traffic and Highway Works Manager confirmed that officers had not discussed the current plan with the school to-date as it was outside the borough; however an initial discussion had taken place over proposals a number of years ago.


Resolved: To note.



Orchard Hill Feasibility Study pdf icon PDF 141 KB

This report outlines the findings of an investigation into the issues of congestion on the Orchard Hill estate. It asks the Local Committee for authorisation to progress a Traffic Management Order, including statutory consultation, for the provision of waiting restrictions in Diamond Jubilee Way and Damson Way.


Indicative Time: 15 minutes.

Additional documents:


The Transport Planning and Programme Manager presented a report on the introduction of parking restrictions within the Orchard Hill estate in response to concerns raised by residents of traffic congestion within the area. £6,000 Section 106 monies would be used to deliver the restrictions, which would create passing points along the road to help traffic circulation. The Transport Planning and Programme Manager stated that he would confirm the amount of Section 106 money remaining for this area.


Residents suggested that they would not object to the proposals outlined in the report, however they requested that the situation was monitored and that if further restrictions were required that a report was brought to the Local Committee for consideration. Furthermore, it was requested that restrictions be put in Diamond Jubilee Way across the raised table at the junction of East Drive. In response to questions the Transport Planning and Programme Manager confirmed that statutory consultation would be completed as part of the Traffic Order.


Residents raised concerns that the gate at Metcalfe Avenue was not of an appropriate standard and that people were driving within the ditches. Councillor Amy Haldane confirmed that she had requested that the developers implement a permanent solution to stop people driving in the ditches.


The committee discussed the issue that there were a number of roads which had not been adopted within the area which were not in a good state of repair. The Transport Planning and Programme Manager confirmed that the roads would not be adopted unless they were up to standard. The committee suggested that it would assist if a map was circulated at any future meeting held where this matter was to be discussed,showing which roads were adopted and which were unadopted within the estate.


It was noted that the title of the plan within the report should read Orchard Hill estate rather than Church Hill estate.


The committee requested that a report reviewing the effectiveness of the restrictions be presented at the Summer 2015 meeting.




1.    That the implementation of waiting restrictions at the locations shown in Appendix A of the report be approved  to minimise the impact of obstructive parking on traffic flow in Diamond Jubilee Way and Damson Way be approved.


2.    That the following Statement of Reasons, ‘The waiting restrictions are necessary to minimise the impact of obstructive parking on the flow of traffic’ be approved.


3.    The estimated allocation of £6,000 for the scheme from the transport contribution obtained through the Orchard Hill Foundation Drive S.106 agreement (Agreement No. 8596) be approved.


4.    That authority be given to the Executive Head of Commissioning, in consultation with Ward Councillors, to make the relevant Traffic Management Order under the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, to make any modifications as required and to implement the scheme.


5.    That any objections to the proposals that cannot be resolved be reported to the Local Committee for consideration.



Public Realm pdf icon PDF 226 KB

The Locality Lead Officer to give an update on Public Realm Projects.


Indicative time: 10 minutes.


The Locality Lead Officer notified the committee that £680 remained of the Public Realm budget for 2014/15. The committee were informed that the new interpretation board for Oaks Park had been ordered and would be installed within the next two weeks. In addition, the location for the finger sign for Stanley Park Junior had been identified and would be installed by the end of February 2015. The Ecology Centre’s outdoor centre roof had been installed and the Festive Light scheme had been completed. The committee noted that the lighting on Banstead Road had been along the middle of the road and not around the pond as stated within the report.


The committee were informed that the Welcome to Carshalton signs scheme had been progressed however would require a further £4,100 approximately to deliver due to advertising and Transport for London consent, and the requirement to cut back some trees for the implementation of the signs.


The committee requested an update on the Belmont Single Line Park P2 scheme and were informed an update would be provided by the relevant officer.


Resolved: To note the progress work on the current Public Realm schemes and schemes completed since the last meeting.



Public Question Time

An opportunity for members of the public to ask questions about issues not otherwise considered on the agenda.


Please be advised that it may not be possible to provide a response on the night, but questions will be noted.


Indicative time: 10 minutes.


In response to questions the Chair informed those present that Public Realm schemes were put forward by Councillors and Community Representatives for consideration at meetings which took place every three to four months. Recommendations were then made to the Local Committee for a formal decision.


Councillors stated that they were unable to comment on the number of senior officers who had left the council and the effect that this may have on services.


The Head of Commissioning and Contract Performance informed the Committee that officers would be aware which properties had signed up to the Green Garden Waste scheme and if it was found that bins were being used by properties not signed up then this would be addressed by officers. The Head of Commissioning and Contract Performance stated that properties across the borough had been contacted about the charged scheme and that Waste Awareness Officers were door knocking and leafleting within the Clockhouse area to ensure residents were aware of the scheme.


In response to questions the committee informed the Heal Our World organisation that the Century Youth Club did not fall within the locality of the Local Committee and suggested they attend the St Helier, The Wrythe and Wandle Valley Local Committee on 26 February to discuss their plans. The Locality Lead Officer confirmed she would raise this with the Chair of that Local Committee.


The Committee were informed that the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) had been introduced to replace Section 106 and had stricter guidelines attached to its usage. The money from CIL was split between the Greater London Authority and the London Borough of Sutton and was required to be spent with the direct vicinity of the development.



Next meeting

To note the next meeting of the Carshalton & Clockhouse Local Committee is to take place on 28 April 2015 at Carshalton Beeches Baptist Church, Banstead Road, Carshalton Beeches, SM5 2NL.


The Committee noted that the next meeting of the Carshalton and Clockhouse Local Committee would take place at 7.30pm on 28 April 2015 at Beeches Baptist Church, Banstead Road, Carshalton Beeches, SM5 2NL.