Agenda and minutes

Carshalton and Clockhouse Local Committee
Tuesday, 18th October, 2016 7.30 pm

Venue: Carshalton Beeches Baptist Church, Banstead Road, Carshalton Beeches, SM5 3NL

Contact: Amy Dumitrescu, Senior Business Support Officer (Democratic Services). Tel 020 8770 5833 Email 

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Welcome and Introductions


The Chair, Councillor Hamish Pollock welcomed all present, included the new Vice-Chair, Councillor Chris Williams, who was elected at the by-election in July 2016, and introduced all council officers present at the meeting.



Apologies for absence


Apologies were received from Arthur and Penny Spirling, Pamela Lyne, Barry Todman and Steve O’Connell.


Declarations of Interest


There were no declarations of interest.


Minutes of last meeting pdf icon PDF 142 KB

To approve as a correct record the Minutes of the meeting held on 12 April 2016.



The minutes of the last meeting on 12 April 2016 were agreed and signed by the chair as a correct record.


Update from the Safer Neighbourhood Team

A written update on the three ward priorities in the area and community safety issues from Inspector Ian Hicks to be provided at the meeting.


There was no representative available for the meeting, and no written update provided due to other commitments.


Public Realm Projects pdf icon PDF 206 KB

The Locality Lead Officer will present a report to the Committee, which outlines new public realm schemes for approval and gives an update on the progress of current schemes.


Indicative timing: 15 minutes


Additional documents:


Claire Smith, Lead Locality Officer gave a brief presentation on recently completed public realm projects which can be found on the website within the document pack.


  The Committee were informed that there was a new recommendation to approve further funding for the Friends of Oaks Park for a site survey and risk assessment and an illustrative map. This was proposed by Councillor Hamish Pollock, and seconded by Councillor Amy Haldane, and subsequently agreed by all councillors. It was therefore:


RESOLVED: that the Carshalton and Clockhouse Committee:


1.    Approved £248.40 from Capital, for the Friends of Oaks Park, for a site survey and risk assessment and an A1 size illustrative map of Oaks Park.


A further vote was taken on the recommendation within the report regarding Queen Mary’s Park, and it was


RESOLVED: that the Carshalton and Clockhouse Committee:


1.   Approved £380 of Public Realm capital for a 90 litre bin to be supplied and fitted in Queen Mary’s Park.    


The Lead Locality Officer reminded the Committee that they could contact her with any queries they had regarding the public realm projects.


Councillor Tim Crowley requested an update on the progress on the Oakhurst Rise scheme, and the Senior Professional Engineer informed the Committee a decision had now been made, and undertook to provide a further update to Councillors.


Councillor Chris Williams declared an interest in the item as a resident of Mill Lane Carshalton, and asked for further information on the scope of the consultation, which the Senior Professional Engineer would provide following the meeting.


Councillor Tim Crowley raised the lack of progress at the Damson Way and Diamond Jubilee Way sites and asked for urgent progression on the schemes.


Carshalton Council Buildings Update pdf icon PDF 210 KB

A written update on Carshalton Council Buildings is included within this pack. A verbal update will also be given.


Indicative Timing: 10 Minutes

Additional documents:


Ade Adebayo, Executive Head ofAsset Planning, Management and Capital Delivery, presented an update on the current status of each of the council owned buildings in the locality, highlighting in particular:


-       The Lodge: Progress had been delayed due to legal issues and funding, hopefully there would be progress soon.

-       Old Rectory – Two options were being discussed, with a decision being taken at the council’sStrategy and Resources Committee on 31 October 2016.  


The Executive Head of Asset Planning, Management and Capital Delivery advised the Committee that he understood there was concern regarding empty buildings, and wanted to assure the Committee that the Council were working hard on ensuring that buildings were protected. All buildings are within the Carshalton Conservation area and therefore received a level of protection.


John Phillips, Chairman of CORA, outlined their proposal for the Old Rectory, and stressed the importance of preserving the building, re-iterating that they wished to keep the ground floor as a public space.


Ray Liffen asked for an update on the Charles Cryer Theatre, and it was advised that the keys had now been returned to the council, and the council would be formally requesting offers for the use of the building from groups and individuals to see if there were any viable options within the next few months.


Susan Kelsall, Friends of Honeywood Museum spoke about her concern regarding the staffing review of heritage and libraries staff and asked for a public consultation to take place.


Jan Underhill, Executive Head of Wellbeing, advised that the service was currently in the third phase of an internal restructure across Libraries, Heritage and Arts Services. There were no plans to cut opening hours, and they would be looking at job roles, but there had been no decisions as yet. The Executive Head of Wellbeing answered that officers would be looking at better use of technology and staff being more flexible and mobile, but that an internal staff restructure was not a matter for public consultation. An internal staff consultation was in progress, ending on 30 October 2016.


Many residents expressed their concern at the potential loss of skills, and the Executive Head of Wellbeing assured residents that the service would retain professional expertise and experience, where required and staff would receive training and development.


Councillor Moira Butt thanked the friends groups for the work that they do, and expressed concern about staff losing their jobs. The Executive Head of Wellbeing advised that some posts would be deleted, and some created, with all employees covered by the usual employment rights. The structure would be published by December.


Councillor Tim Crowley asked what the situation was in regards to The Grove and The Lodge, and The Executive Head of Asset Planning, Management and Capital Delivery advised that whilst some council staff had moved from The Grove to Civic Offices, others still remained at The Grove and therefore the building was being used by education staff. In regards to The Lodge, the  ...  view the full minutes text for item 20.


Update on Traffic Schemes pdf icon PDF 161 KB

This report provides a number of updates in relation to specific Local Committee projects, and the Local Implementation Plan (LIP) funded schemes for the Local Committee area.


Indicative Timing: 20 Minutes



Additional documents:


Kevin Williams, Senior Professional Engineer, presented a report on the current schemes proposed for the Transport for London (TFL) bid for 2016/17 and 2017/18. The Senior Professional Engineer advised the committee that due to there being a new mayor of London, the allocation of funding was currently unknown. A brief update on smaller schemes would be regularly fed back to the Committee.


Robert Davies, resident of Rotherfield Road, asked when there would be any update on the consultation for the proposed restriction in the road, and it was answered that the formal consultation would begin on 3 November 2016.


Following a question from Bernard Jacobs regarding Orchard Hill, the Committee undertook to raise Orchard Hill as an agenda item at the next meeting, and the Highways team would provide updates in the interim to Mr Jacobs and Ward Councillors.


The following questions were asked which the Senior Professional Engineer undertook to investigate:


·         Lynn Smithard, Beeches Avenue – what is the update on the change to restrictions in Beeches Avenue?

·         John Faulkner – please consider that the proposed times for Rotherfield Road restrictions may impact on the Muslim community and therefore the times should be moved to the morning.

·         Councillor Jill Whitehead – what is the progress with St Philomenas School? The planned expansion is now complete and there are now more pupils attending the school.

·         Councillor Tim Crowley – what can be done/investigated in regards to road safety issues near local primary schools at Stanley Park Road

·         Councillor Amy Haldane – why is the Carshalton Road, Woodmansterne footpath still listed as a scheme when this was refused by councillors previously?

·         Jackie Cooksey, Carshalton Road, Woodmansterne – the road requires further measures to reduce speeding, could this be looked into?

·         John Faulkner – Could further information be sent on the proposed traffic crossing in Ruskin Road?


Councillor Chris Williams asked if roads were visited when consultation plans were drawn up, and the Senior Professional Engineer confirmed that every site was visited by officers.


RESOLVED: that the Carshalton & Clockhouse Local Committee:


1.      Noted the progress made towards implementing the Local Committee and LIP traffic schemes as set out in the report, subject to the changes discussed in regards to Carshalton Road, Woodmansterne and Rotherfield Road.

2.      Agree the delegated authority to the Strategic Director of Environment, Housing and Regeneration or the Executive Head of Safer and Stronger Communities for the resolution of any objections arising from a formal consultation.



New Sutton Secondary School (Sutton Hospital Site)

Kieran Holliday, Head of Pupil Based Commissioning to present on the new proposed secondary school on the Sutton Hospital Site.


Indicative Timing: 10 Minutes


Kieran Holliday, Head of Pupil Based Commissioning, gave a presentation on the new Secondary School proposed for the Sutton Hospital Site. The Head of Pupil Based Commissioning gave details on the background, explaining that 10 secondary schools had already been expanded in 2015-16 but that this was not sufficient, and the borough required an additional two secondary schools to accommodate the level of growth seen in the borough in recent years.


Further to the decision to approve Harris Federation as the provider for the school in September 2016, the council was now preparing a planning application for the school, which would have a PAN (published admission number) of 195 pupils per year, 1275 total pupils across the school, including the sixth form.


The Head of Pupil Based Commissioning gave an overview of the school, how it might look, and also highlighted that it would be the first “passivhaus” school in the country.


The construction was planned to be completed in January 2019, with the school opening from September 2018, and the council were currently investigating which would be the preferred option to provide the school from September 2018 until the construction was full completed. One option would be to use a temporary site.


The Chair asked if there was a name for the school as yet, and the Head of Pupil Based Commissioning advised this had not currently been decided.


Lynn Smithard raised as question as to the ownership of the school as it would be run by an academy. The Head of Pupil Based Commissioning advised that the council would own the freehold of the site, but the terms of the lease were yet to be negotiated.


Ray Liffen asked which would be the temporary site that the council would look to use before construction was complete. The Head of Pupil Based Commissioning answered that there was currently a vacant building, Cumbrian House close by to the proposed school site, which could be a suitable option.


Ray Liffen proposed a further question in regards to the use of external sites such as parks, and it was answered that Wallington County Grammar School had offered the use of their facilities should they be required, but there may be other options to investigate as well.


Barry Holman asked where the staff would park, and the Head of Pupil Based Commissioning responded that the current proposal was to build an undercroft under the multi-use games area, and this would provide a total of 80 car parking spaces on site, as officers were aware of the parking issues in that area of the borough.


Councillor Tim Crowley asked if Harris had signed off on the design as yet, and the Head of Pupil Based Commissioning advised that they were broadly happy with the design with the exception of a few internal adjustments.


Councillor Tim Crowley then raised a further question as to the second of the two schools which the borough required. The Head of Pupil Based Commissioning advised the second school  ...  view the full minutes text for item 22.


Community Representative

To elect Barry Holman as Community Representative for Carshalton Beeches Residents Association following the resignation of Tony Brockbank.


Indicative timing: 5 minutes


Barry Holman had been nominated as Community Representative for Carshalton Beeches Residents Association. This was agreed by the Committee and therefore:

RESOLVED: that the Carshalton & Clockhouse Committee approve the nomination of Barry Holman as Community Representative for Carshalton Beeches Residents Association.


The Chair informed the Committee that this nomination would go to be approved at the meeting of the full council on 14 November 2016.



Neighbourhood Grants

The Locality Lead Officer to present a report on grant applications approved under delegated authority since the last meeting of this Committee.


Indicative timing: 5 minutes



The Lead Locality Officer presented a list of recently awarded grants:


         £1000 - Carshalton Fields Residents Association
Newsletter & Street Party

         £635 - The Church of the Good Shepherd
Spring on the Green

         £495 - Eco Local
Environmental Fayre

         £500 - Friends of Honeywood Museum
Summer Festival

         £500 - Friends of Honeywood Museum
Frost Fair

         £1000 - Carshalton Beeches Baptist Church
Yule Fest


and advised the Committee that there was currently £1664 remaining, and encouraged any groups or individuals to apply online at:




Public Question Time

An opportunity for members of the public to raise points or questions about local issues that are not already on the agenda for this meeting. If it is not possible to answer the question at the meeting, a written response will be issued. Please submit your questions to:



Bernard Jacobs advised the Committee that Stanley Park High School had recently been awarded the Secondary School of the Year at the TES schools awards.


Councillor Chris Williams proposed that the Committee offer a note of congratulations and this was seconded by Councillor Hamish Pollock and agreed by all councillors.


RESOLVED: That the Committee offer a note of congratulations to Stanley Park High School.


Post Meeting Note: An email was sent to the school to inform them of this.


There were three questions received in writing prior to the Committee which had all been answered via email and during the Committee meeting.


Councillor Amy Haldane raised that she had recently met a group of year 9 children from Stanley Park High School undertaking their Duke of Edinburgh award and also offered her congratulations on their award and their good form during their meeting.




Any urgent items brought forward at the discretion of the Chair

The Chair must approve the reason for urgency.



There was no urgent business.


Date of next meeting

The next meeting of the Carshalton & Clockhouse Local Committee will take place on 17 January 2017 at 7.30 pm at Hillcrest Halls, Fryston Avenue, CR5 2PT.


The next meeting of the Carshalton & Clockhouse Local Committee will take place on 17 January 2017 at 7.30 pm at Hillcrest Halls, Fryston Avenue, Coulsdon, CR5 2PT.