Agenda and minutes

Beddington and Wallington Local Committee
Tuesday, 1st December, 2015 7.00 pm

Venue: Wallington County Grammar School, Croydon Road, Wallington, SM6 7PH

Contact: Susanne Wicks, Committee Support Team Leader. Tel 020 8770 6540 Email 

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Welcome and introductions


The Chair opened the meeting and welcomed everyone present.


Apologies for absence


Apologies were received from Councillors Sunita Gordon, Nighat Piracha, Jayne McCoy, and Muhammad Sadiq.


Apologies were also received from Anne Eade, Jim Simms and Paul Lane.


Apologies for lateness were received from Councillor Pat Ali.



Declarations of interest


There were no declarations of interest.


Minutes of previous meeting pdf icon PDF 161 KB

To approve as a correct record the minutes of the meeting held on 20 October 2015.


RESOLVED:  That the minutes of the meeting held on 20 October were agreed as an accurate record of the meeting.


It was noted that there was nothing displayed on the noticeboard at Highview and the Head of Local Place and Engagement undertook to investigate.


Sandy Goodwin advised that she had not received information on the dates of the survey that had taken place.  In response, the Head of Local Place and Engagement gave an update on the possibility of enforcement cameras on Beddington Lane to monitor lorry speed, as detailed in the recommendation tracker (item 5 on the agenda). 


The Head of Local Place and Engagement advised that the Christmas Lights on Plough Lane had not been installed as they were on a red route, so permission from TfL must be given.  Whilst an application has been made, TfL have not issued the permit, despite regular contact from officers.  A resident suggested some lamp columns could be used that would not require permission from TfL as they were used last year and the Head of Local Place and Engagement undertook to discuss the suggestion with the Town Centre Manager.


John Dodwell noted his dissatisfaction with the delay in installing the Christmas lights, and that the sub-group that had been established only met once.  Councillor Joyce Melican advised she was liaising with the chair of the sub-group in order to establish why it had not met more than once, and the Head of Local Place and Engagement advised that work will be done to ensure that it is more effective next year. 


Councillor Joyce Melican gave details of some community events taking place in the near future. 



Recommendations Tracker pdf icon PDF 132 KB

To review the recommendations tracker.


Indicative time: 5 minutes


Councillor Nick Mattey raised his concerns about the loading and disabled parking bays in Woodcote Road and noted the likelihood of an accident taking place.


RESOLVED:  To note the Recommendation Tracker.


Update from the Safer Neighbourhood Team

An update on the four ward priorities in the area, and community safety issues.


Indicative time: 10 minutes



Inspector Ian Hicks gave a very detailed update on police and safety issues in the area.  The main points were as follows:


In a recent survey, residents of Sutton advised that 98% of them felt safe on the streets during the day, and 75% at night-time, which is an improvement on 2013 responses.


A man was arrested in Kent in September and was found guilty of a variety of drug offences.  His home on Roundshaw was raided and drugs seized to a value of approximately £80,000.  Inspector Hicks noted that the arrest was made following information supplied by a member of the public, and encouraged all present to notify the Police if they were aware of any criminal activity.


Met Trace has been rolled out across London and some 550 homes in LB Sutton have been given Smart Water which has a dramatic impact on burglary rates. 


Inspector Hicks is a member of the Beddington North BID steering group, and the BID will be going live in 2016.  He outlined the positive impacts on the community of the BID.


Two specific residential premises in the borough have been a focus for anti-social behaviour and Inspector Hicks outlined the measures that have been taken to improve the behaviour of residents. 


A letter to around 16,000 homes in the wards in the area has been sent regarding safety.  Those who would like information leaflets should email:


Speed Watch operations have been carried out in Elgin Road. Inspector Hicks invited all present to email him with further suggested locations.


The Chair invited questions, as follows:


Councillor Marian Radford asked who benefits from assets and money seized from offenders, and Inspector Hicks advised that they go into the Police budget.


Councillor Joyce Melican asked Inspector Hicks to action her request for a vehicle speed survey on Park Lane.


John Dodwell asked if residents had to pay a fee for Smart Water.  Inspector Hicks explained that the registration is free for the first year, and residents must pay a discounted rate thereafter, but noted that cost is likely to be offset against reduced insurance premiums. 


Councillor Pat Ali asked if there was to be any change to the number of PSCOs in the Metropolitan Police.  Inspector Hicks advised that no firm decision had been made, but it seems less likely that funding is to be reduced following last week’s Comprehensive Spending Review. 



Public Question Time

An opportunity for members of the public to raise points or questions about local issues that are not already on the agenda for this meeting.  If it is not possible to answer the question at the meeting, a written response will be issued.  Please submit your questions to:


Indicative time: 10 minutes



No questions were raised.


Beddington Park HLF Project Update

To receive a presentation on progress on the Beddington Park Heritage Lottery Fund project.


Indicative time: 10 minutes



The Assistant Parks Manager delivered a detailed presentation on the bid to the Heritage Lottery Fund’s ‘Parks for People’ grant programme.  The bid is for the identification, restoration, improvement and interpretation of Beddington Park and the Grange. 


The presentation covered what’s included in the bid, detailed proposals for the park, the activity plan and next steps.  The bid is to be submitted by the end of February 2016, with the outcome being announced in June. 


The Assistant Parks Manager invited comments and questions, as follows.


A resident asked if more parking could be provided in the park.  The Assistant Parks Manager advised that the HLF have been clear that they will not fund any parking, so some education is planned to encourage those visiting the park to use other modes of transport. 


It was suggested that toilets be provided in the park and the Assistant Parks Manager responded that there are loos in the pavilion and park users are also welcome to use the Grange toilets.


Councillor Nick Mattey asked if any further enforcement could be carried out to prevent people using gas barbecues in the park.  The Assistant Parks Manager confirmed that people should only barbecue on the stands provided and the Parks Police increased patrols in the summer. 


The Assistant Parks Manager advised that there are no plans to improve cycle routes through the park, although there may be improvements to the signage. 


The Committee and all presented noted their thanks to the Assistant Parks Manager and his team and gave a round of applause.


Proposed Cycle Facilities on the Transport for London Highway Network pdf icon PDF 162 KB

A report from the Senior Engineer, Highways and Transport, outlining suggested cycling infrastructure schemes on the TfL highway network within the local area.  With support from Councillors, these schemes will be presented to TfL for consideration.


Indicative time: 10 minutes

Additional documents:


This report was introduced by the Head of Highways and Transport who highlighted the recommendations contained within the report and noted that if the suggested schemes are agreed, they will be presented to TfL for further consideration and consultation.  If the proposals go through, they will be designed, implemented and funded by TfL, not by LB Sutton.


A local resident noted his concern that some roads in the area are too narrow to accommodate a cycle lane, and cited some examples of cycle lanes that are under-used or cannot be used because cars park over them. 


Councillor Manuel Abellan, who was appointed Cycling Champion in the summer noted his support for the recommendations, reiterating the points made by the Head of Highways and Transport.  He advised that LB Sutton has some of the highest rates of car ownership in London, and residents are encouraged to use other modes of transport. 


Councillor Nick Mattey supported Councillor Abellan’s comments, advising that Sutton’s population is estimated to increase by 56,000 in coming years, which will mean an increase in cars. 


Councillor Neil Garratt advised that the population density in Sutton, and in this local committee area is very high, and the public transport is not adequate.  He noted that the majority of cycle facilities on offer are inadequate, do not assist cyclists and impede parking for motorists. 


RESOLVED:  That the Beddington and Wallington Local Committee

1.         Agrees the list of cycling infrastructure schemes for this local committee, as shown on Appendix A.

2.         Agrees that the list of schemes for this local committee be presented to Transport for London for consideration.



Parking engagement session

Highways and Parking Officers to lead a community engagement exercise in order to gather public concerns and issues related to traffic and parking in the local area


Indicative time: 60 minutes



Local Committee members, alongside attendees of the meeting took part in an engagement session led by the Head of Highways and Transport. They were asked to discuss parking and traffic in their wards and note concerns, and to suggest solutions.


The Head of Highways and Transport undertook to review all issues and suggested solutions and to report back to the next meeting of this Local Committee. 



Public Realm Projects pdf icon PDF 390 KB

The Head of Local Place and Engagement to give an update on Public Realm Projects.


Indicative time: 15 minutes



The Head of Local Place and Engagement presented this report and gave a short presentation on completed schemes, as well as detailing progress on some current schemes. 


Mr Dodwell asked for progress on the replacement of a derelict bench on Manor Road, and improvement to lighting in Ross Parade alley.


With regard to the lighting issue, Councillor Steve Cook explained that a site meeting had taken place, but the Council cannot act as the alleyway is on private land and the improvements to the lighting must be carried out by the landlord.  The scheme will therefore be progressed no further.


The Head of Local Place and Engagement explained that officers are in contact with a property management company acting on behalf of the owner of the land on which the bench is situated, and works will be carried out when consent is given by the owner. 


RESOLVED:  That the Beddington and Wallington Local Committee


1.            Agrees to earmark funds of £21,750 for hanging baskets and approve the locations, to be funded from Public Realm capital budget (converted to revenue), subject to budgets being made available within the 2016/17 budget cycle that will be approved in March 2016.

2.            Notes the progress on the current Public Realm schemes.

3.            Notes the recycling of £3,000 from the Manor Road shopping area (BW15/16.13) which Councillors have chosen not to progress following a meeting with shop owners.



Neighbourhood Grants pdf icon PDF 180 KB

The Head of Local Place and Engagement to present a report on Neighbourhood Grant applications.


Indicative time: 5 minutes


The Head of Local Place and Engagement presented this report, and welcomed grant applications from groups in the area.


RESOLVED: That the Beddington and Wallington Local Committee notes that they have funded ‘All in Wallington’ £925 for a Christmas light switch on event.



Community Representative

An application for the appointment of a Community Representative has been received from the Onslow Gardens Residents’ Association.


It is RECOMMENDED that the Council be recommended to appoint Glenise Coxon to represent the Onslow Gardens Residents’ Association on the Local Committee.


Indicative time: 5 minutes



RESOLVED:  That Council be recommended to appoint Glenise Coxon to represent the Onslow Gardens Residents Association on the local committee.


Ward Councillors update

To receive an update from ward councillors.


Indicative time: 5 minutes



The Chair welcomed updates from ward councillors present at the meeting.


Councillor Steve Cook reported that he, the Mayor and Councillor Jayne McCoy had removed graffiti from Wallington Public Hall. 


Councillor Nick Mattey advised that a 350,000 ton per year waste transfer station is likely to be opened in Beddington Lane, and that a decision on the Old County Skips site will be made soon.


Any Urgent Business

Brought forward at the discretion of the Chair who has approved the reason for the urgency.


No items were raised.


Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting of the Beddington and Wallington Local Committee will take place on 2 February 2016 at 7 pm at Beddington Park Primary School, Mallinson Road, Croydon, CR0 4UL.



The next meeting will take place on 2 February 2016, at 7 pm, at Beddington Park Primary School, Mallinson Road, CR0 4UL.