Agenda and minutes

Beddington and Wallington Local Committee
Tuesday, 11th October, 2016 7.00 pm

Venue: Orchard Hill College, Old Town Hall, Woodcote Rd, Wallington SM6 0NB

Contact: Amy Dumitrescu, Senior Business Support Officer (Democratic Services) Tel 020 8770 5833 Email 

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Wallington Community Wellbeing Group

A representative from the group to provide information to the committee on local groups and activities as a way of helping to overcome loneliness and social isolation among over 50’s in their local Wallington community.


Indicative Timing: 15 Minutes


Christine Lyndsey from Wallington Community Wellbeing Group introduced herself to the Committee and discussed the background of the group. The group includes all Wallington residents and the group provide a calendar with a list of events and activities that are happening in the area for residents to attend. Christine informed the Committee that there would be a new calendar out shortly, and that the group had been set up following a grant which the group were very grateful for. Over 200 people attending the launch event in March, and local GP practices amongst others had shown their support.


Because of the groups success, Councillor Moira Butt from Carshalton South & Clockhouse contacted the group to look at setting up Beeches Community Wellbeing Group, with a launch event planned for 23 November 2016.


Councillors thanked Christine for all she and the group do for the community.


Welcome and Introductions


The Chair, Councillor Joyce Melican welcomed everyone to the meeting.


Councillor Joyce Melican informed the meeting that sadly John Dodwell had passed away in August 2016. Following a few words about John, a minutes silence was held by the Committee.


Councillor Joyce Melican advised that she had received some communication from Lord Tope regarding a Victoria Cross winner memorial, and asked anyone who wanted to get involved to contact her.


Councillor Joyce Melican introduced Claire Smith, the new Locality Lead Officer for the Committee, and thanked Victoria Jeffrey for all her hard work.


Apologies for absence


Apologies were received from Councillors Sunita Gordon and Pat Ali, and from community representative Colin Wadeson. Apologies had also been received from Penny and Arthur Spirling and Steve O’Connell.


Apologies for lateness were received from Councillor Manuel Abellan.


Declarations of interest


There were no declarations of interest.


Minutes of previous meeting pdf icon PDF 149 KB

To approve as a correct record the Minutes of the meeting held on 28 June 2016.


The minutes of the meeting held on 28 June 2016 were agreed and signed by the chair as a correct record.


There were a number of issues arising from the minutes:


·         Victoria Jeffrey, Head of Local Place and Engagement, advised the Committee that she had met with TFL on Friday 7 October 2016 and discussed with them the issues raised around the road junction near Wilsons School, as mentioned at the previous Committee meeting. TFL would look to meet with staff from Highways to look at potential improvements.

·         Councillor Nick Mattey requested if there had been any further update on information on the business rates paid by Woodcote Green Nursery. The Head of Local Place and Engagement advised that as per an email sent to Councillor Mattey, the advice had been that they were paying the correct rate. Councillor Mattey advised that he was not satisfied that this was the case, and was informed to contact the valuation office with a formal request to discuss this.

·         A number of Community Representatives’ names needed to be removed from the papers.


Recommendations Tracker pdf icon PDF 123 KB

To review the recommendations tracker.


The Head of Local Place and Engagement outlined the reasons for the recommendation tracker, and advised the Committee that the main schemes would be picked up later in the main agenda.


Update from the Safer Neighbourhood Team

An update on the ward priorities in the area, and community safety issues.


Indicative timing: 10 minutes


Inspector Ian Hicks informed the Committee that the children’s home in Bridges Lane which had been the source of many issues, had, following extensive work with Ofsted, Sutton council and others, now been closed.


A question was raised as to how the building would be used. Inspector Hicks advised this was unknown at this stage but that he would keep residents posted.


Another question was asked as to what had happened to the children who had been in the home. Inspector Hicks answered that they had been rehomed in other facilities, though noted that there had been no London Borough of Sutton children there.


Inspector Hicks spoke about operation Kono in Roundshaw and advised there had been a successful operation there in relation to drugs and dealing.


In relation to quad bikes/motorcycles, Inspector Hicks advised that the police had been working with Croydon Council and he was confident that a reduction would happen.


Inspector Hicks advised that all crime statistics are now recorded.


A positive update was that in the 20/20 challenge set by Boris Johnson, the east side wards had outperformed the others, with a reduction in crime of almost 30%. The new mayor Sadiq Khan was yet to set any targets, but had given his commitment to increasing ward officer numbers.


The priorities set for the area were vehicle crime, anti-social behaviour and residential burglary. 


Councillor Muhammad Sadiq asked how many officers were currently in Wallington South, and Inspector Hicks advised that there had been no reduction, and all fitted in with the model they should have.


Councillor Jayne McCoy raised a recent incident of flytipping in Ross Road. Inspector Hicks undertook to look into the issue and feedback through the Head of Local Place and Engagement.




Public Question Time

An opportunity for members of the public to raise points or questions about local issues that are not already on the agenda for this meeting. If it is not possible to answer the question at the meeting, a written response will be issued.  Please submit your questions to:


There were three questions received in advance of the Committee, and these would be responded to directly in due course and included within the recommendations tracker.


Questions were raised by residents regarding noticeboards, charges for recycling bins, and the recent planning application for felnex, all of which would be investigated and responded to by officers.


Councillor Nick Mattey requested further information on the contractors removing shrubs and plants from the Richmond Green site, and the Head of Local Place and Engagement undertook to investigate this.


A resident asked if there was anything that could be done regarding the issues with parking and traffic in Mollison Drive, particularly between 3 and 3:30pm. The Head of Local Place and Engagement responded that there had been changes, but to let officers know of any issues so they could be investigated in more detail. It was noted that CCTV can no longer be used for parking enforcement following a change in legislation.


Petition - Highview Primary School, The Chase, Wallington

A petition has been received from Highview Primary School, which reads “we petition the London Borough of Sutton to install a pedestrian crossing outside Highview Primary School, which is located on The Chase, Wallington.”


Indicative Timing: 10 Minutes


Elaine McCarthy presented a petition to the Committee requesting a pedestrian crossing in The Chase, Wallington, outside Highview Primary School. Elaine advised the Committee that she had been using the road for 32 years, and there had not been any crossing patrol present since April 2016. Following the recent use of the nearby Amazon warehouse by vans, and the regular use of the road as a rat run, residents and school contacts were concerned about the safety of the road. It was noted that there was a courtesy crossing in place, but as there was no legal requirement to stop this was not a safe alternative. The Headteacher of Highview Primary School, Elizabeth Brailsford, advised that she had seen many near misses, and that as there was no green space on the school site, the children use the area on Sheen Way, leading to the children regularly needing to cross the Chase.


The Committee received the petition, and advised that there would be a response brought by officers to the January 2017 meeting. Officers undertook to keep the petitioner informed of any progress.


Recommendations Tracker pdf icon PDF 154 KB

This report provides an update in relation to the progress on issues raised in a petition proposing to change Tharp Road into a ‘one way’ traffic system.


Indicative Timing 10 Minutes




Kevin Williams, Senior Professional Engineer, gave a presentation on the results from the traffic data which was undertaken after the summer holidays. The Senior Professional Engineer advised that there were 3 options being investigated:

1.    Westbound one-way system

2.    Eastbound one-way system

3.    Do Nothing


The Senior Professional Engineer summarised the findings, and recommended that the results be considered and a further meeting be held with the petitioners and ward councillors.




1.   The allocation of funds of £2,500 from the 2016/17 Local Transport Fund allocation be approved, to allow the necessary traffic surveys to be completed for the development of preferred options.



Local Needs Assessment pdf icon PDF 166 KB

This report details the further work undertaken by officers to look at additional data sets, building on the locality needs profile, to identify a series of priorities for the local area. 


Indicative Timing: 25 Minutes

Additional documents:


Victoria Jeffrey, Head of Local Place and Engagement advised that officers had drawn on various data to look at areas to be focused on within the wards, and advised on the 3 priorities suggested for the area. If adopted, the Committee would look at projects positively impacting those priorities.

A short breakout session was held for all present to discuss the priorities suggested.


Following this, the recommended areas listed were agreed by the Committee.




1.    The following priorities be agreed:


·         Health and wellbeing of residents

·         Focus on engagement with young people

·         Address the issue of environmental anti-social behaviour



Update on Traffic Schemes pdf icon PDF 190 KB

This report provides an update in relation to traffic schemes:


·         From the 2015/16 programme, scheduled to be completed in 2016/17

·         From the 2016/17 programme, scheduled to be completed in 2016/17

·         The list of 2017/18.schemes included in the LIP report approved by Environment & Neighbourhoods Committee on 15 September 2016.


Indicative Timing: 10 Minutes




Kevin Williams, Senior Professional Engineer, advised the Committee that they could not confirm the level of funding as yet, and expected this to be at the end of the calendar year, but advised officers would keep ward councillors informed.


Concern was raised by residents and councillors regarding the Roundshaw Downs paths – the Senior Professional Engineer undertook to involve them in the discussions on the subject.




1.      The progress made towards implementing the traffic schemes as set out in the report be noted.



Christmas Switch On

Presentation to the committee on details for this years’ Christmas Light switch on event.


Indicative Timing: 10 Minutes


Councillor Steve Cook, Wallington South Ward Councillor, and Chairman of the Christmas Lights Sub-Committee advised that the sub-committee were meeting regularly, working closely with the Town Centre Manager, and the lights had been ordered earlier in the year. The costs had been approved at the budget meeting on 26 April, and agreed by the Local Committee on 28 June 2016, with the total in the region of £23,000. Councillor Cook advised that they would be speaking to local businesses to sponsor the lights, and that a £200 donation had been received for the Christmas tree. The tree lights would be sponsored by Onslow Gardens Residents Association.


Councillor Steve Cook informed the Committee that the switch on event was planned for Friday 25 November 2016, with timings to be confirmed.


Councillor Joyce Melican thanked Councillor Steve Cook for his work.


Beddington Village Enhancements Proposals

Presentation about emerging project proposals for enhancing the local environment and quality of the Beddington Village area, in the context of the Beddington Programme. The Beddington Programme aims to improve the local environment and transport connections for all in Beddington.


Indicative Timing: 20 Minutes


Hermione Brightwell, Acting Beddington Programme Manager gave a presentation outlining the background and aims of the proposals, advising that there was funding to complete work in the residential area south of the industrial estate, and the long list of potential projects had now been reduced to a final short list for residents to give feedback on to assist officers in making their decisions as to which projects to progress. The Acting Beddington Programme Manager advised that there would not be sufficient funding to complete all the projects, so the feedback received would help shape the plans.


Further information is available at and any feedback should be emailed to


The costings for each project were currently being assessed. It was suggested that there were some aspects such as clearing shrubbery which could be completed by volunteers and therefore would reduce the costings.




Public Realm Projects pdf icon PDF 144 KB

The Locality Lead Officer will present a report to the Committee, which outlines new public realm schemes for approval and gives an update on the progress of current schemes.


Indicative timing:  25 minutes



Additional documents:


Victoria Jeffrey, Head of Local Place and Engagement, gave a presentation highlighting recently completed schemes, and advised the Committee that further to previous discussions, it had now been confirmed that planning permission for the columns on Wallington Green was not required.


Mulberry Mews


The Head of Local Place and Engagement advised the Committee that a request had come through to the Committee regarding resurfacing of a private road, and advised that in liaison with Thames Valley Housing, the amount requested from the Committee was £30,000. The maintenance costs were yet to be agreed.


Councillor Jayne McCoy advised that this was proposed by three ward councillors following the issue being raised by residents, and similar collaborative work had been undertaken previously with fencing on housing association land in the ward. This was a one-off offer to match fund with Thames Valley Housing.


Councillor Neil Garratt expressed his sympathy for the difficulties that the residents in Mulberry Mews were experiencing, but was concerned about spending the bulk of the budget on one scheme, and asked if this could be put under another budget.


The Head of Local Place and Engagement advised that this has been looked at, but funds from other budgets could not be spent on private roads.


A resident raised concern that this would be setting a precedent for others to request similar work, and cited the example of Therapia Lane, a location of one of the council depots, which was used regularly by council vehicles, but was in a poor state of repair due to it being an unadopted road.


An indicative ballot was taken to get a view from the meeting, and whilst this was taking place the recommendations were voted on for the other schemes. It was therefore:




That the Beddington and Wallington Local Committee:


1.   Approved £1,900 revenue funding for a lockable noticeboard in Alcester Court.

2.   Approved £820 revenue funding for a bench on Woodcote Green

3.   Approved £2,500 from the local transport fund for traffic surveys in Tharp Road and the surrounding areas.


The result from the meeting was that they majority were not in favour of the Mulberry Mews scheme, and therefore officers would not progress any further with the proposal.


The Head of Local Place and Engagement reminded the Committee that there were still funds available for neighbourhood grants, with applications to be received by 31 March 2017.


Any urgent items brought forward at the discretion of the Chair

The Chair must approve the reason for the urgency.


Councillor Nick Mattey asked if there was any progress on the parking situation in Woodcote Road particularly in relation to parking outside of the shops. The Head of Local Place and Engagement advised that this had been looked into, and proposals had now been agreed, with more information available in due course.




Date of next meeting

The next meeting of the Beddington and Wallington Local Committee will take place on 10 January 2017 at 7 pm at Wallington County Grammar School, Croydon Road, SM6 7PH.



The next meeting of the Beddington and Wallington Local Committee will take place on 10 January 2017 at 7 pm at Wallington County Grammar School, Croydon Road, SM6 7PH.